Welcome back to another crypto in this video were going to be going over the daily market update. So if you guys do enjoy that, please continue to support the channel by liking. Commenting subscribing if you also join the discord down below youll, be entered once we have 60 000 subscribers im, giving away a couple hundred xrp make sure to do that down below. But aside from that guys, thank you so much for stopping by. We have some massive news today were talking about. Data were talking about the whole crypto markets in general, deep diving data, so thats. What im most excited about, so we dis every day. So if youre interested stay tuned and consider subscribing so im, not lets hop right into the video, alright so hopping right into it guys pumping on the 24 hour, we dont have really too much there. We have helium pumping weve, got avalanche and ksm samba ksm um a few days ago, but about a while on the channel guys ive been saying that this is gon na, be one of the coins that i believe is going to skyrocket, and you know its just Starting that, right now, on the seven day up 33, which is pretty good, you know lets be honest guys. A lot of these altcoins are really doing well, and that is reflected in the bitcoin dominance, but the bitcoin dominance is starting to bottom out here. So i will expect bitcoin to start picking up the pace here and some of these all coins to slow down just a little bit before we go into the real all coin season later on now, one of the all coins im extremely bullish about, as you guys, Probably already know is data network.

I think theta network and theta can go to the top five one hundred percent currently sitting at a seven billion dollar market cap. Now, if you guys know anything about whats going on right now, you know that the all the trend is about the metaverse and all this stuff, like that and nfts, are doing well well, one of the biggest things about that is streaming platforms and im gon na Get into that in this into this video um, but you guys can see if we go to the theta chart here when just looking at here right now, you guys we only had one explosion in price and then we topped out, and then we came back down When we go over to the actual theta chart, you guys can see here that this reverse head and shoulders is still intact and it was still in play and its its actually going up in price right now, um and thats. What weve been tracking on the channel with this, and what i really want to point out guys is this is a trend reversal pattern that is extremely strong and powerful, and we laid our fibonacci um in confluence, with the reverse, head and shoulders that were getting here And once theta breaks, price um discovery which is about you know, 13 14 here lets say about 15 if theta can get to 15, which i believe that this head and shoulders pattern like look at the like, if you guys, okay ill put in perspective like this, We ended up pumping for 40 days and we stay are now in a massive, almost 200 day accumulation period thats forming one specific pattern when this thing launches and im going to explain fundamental reasons too.

So just wait guys for that. I believe we are going to storm all the way up, re test highs again and if we break that there is no argument on how high this can go, nobody knows because it will be entering its new price discovery. And if you know the fundamentals, you guys know that theres really no cap on how useful this is going to be in the future. So cryptocurrencies are still in a speculative place, but the speculation for theta is so massive because the potential is so high which im going to get into now. Just before i get into that data fuel another one im very bullish on if you missed out on theta. So far, which its still not a terrible price, but if you missed out on it, i think that t fuel is going to be an amazing, buy its hitting the gold area right now um, so it is a little bit higher than when i called it in The patreon at 25 cents saying i was buying it, but its still pretty good here guys, its still pretty good here, um. The reason im saying that is because, if you look at the pattern um, this is something ive been saying for a while. Now we have to pump up come back down with the sideways action pump up to make new highs. Then we have the sidewards action again, which is all massive accumulation range before we actually take out these former highs.

How do i know that this is happening? The exact same thing happened with cardano you come here. We ended up pumping up sideways action in this kind of channel area which, on data fuel, were doing with the fibonacci. Then we make this high. Then we have the sideways action again and then boom. We absolutely destroy the um previous highs there and use the um kind of previous bowl trap area as the support, so that for t fuel we dont have the um. You know well, we kind of do have the low bull trap area. I guess you could say so youre, basically looking at the 0.5 youre, basically looking at 45 cents to be your bottom, your your lowest bottom of uh, how high that can go. So it could go all the way up to a dollar higher than that and then in any quick bottom you wont see it go lower than 45 cents here um. If it continues to follow the same pattern like it has so getting in below 45 cents is still considered early. In my opinion, for t fuel – and i still think theta is going to surprise a lot of people here now. You guys may be wondering what is theta network now theres, so many things that theta does and theres a few specific things that i think people dont talk about enough and put all the pieces together of why um these parts of theta are the most important parts To focus on – and that is if we read it, it says, data network is aimed at kind of the cost of operations for video streaming services like youtube.

It works by reducing the load load of content distribution network by putting some of it on thetas peer to peer network, its a little bit like bittorrent, where people share video content with each other, but it actually pays its users for sharing this content data network isnt. Trying to replace youtube or live streaming platform twitch, instead its trying to provide new infrastructure for such businesses thats only decentralized but far cheaper. So basically, if you guys know anything about the theta platform already, it does a lot. It does have its own little streaming platform, but the biggest part that i like about theta is the way that you can share um. Basically, some of your network ability some of your network power and you can even share your computer resources. So thats really really amazing, because if were talking about this metaverse coming into attack and were having issues with just running youtube during the lockdown period because remember during lockdown, a lot of people were just watching netflix and youtube the whole time. So if we cant even run netflix on youtube, how are we supposed to be able to run um this whole metaverse thing right and then my personal opinion. So i think data with this whole new digital age were entering is going to be one of the biggest players period. Okay, because its going to allow people like when im sleeping, i can share my bandwidth with you or whoever, and that would allow the other side of the world wherever it is to actually be able to access these uh streaming sites without being congested right.

Unless youtube is just going to constantly keep paying to upgrade and upgrade and upgrade – or we start using people to help each other and get paid for doing it right, um, so thats my perspective on it – and this is one potential issue for so. This is what this is like in my opinion, right here is why we need it on a blockchain system, its its to stop people from cheating the system. The one potential issue with the network is the idea. Someone could just use two computers and share video throughout the network to themselves and get paid for doing so. However, there are a few safeguards that prevent this from happening: restart the network doesnt. Let anyone use the same ip address that doesnt matter, because you can use a vpn um. Another key element that uh that those sharing video content they dont get to choose, who theyre sharing to so. If they tried to game the system and share content to themselves, they would naturally be sharing to the content to potentially thousands of other users as a result that actually be doing more good to network than harm. So this is i, this idea of theta needs blockchain. Okay, its really really cool. Yes, you could do it on some of these other sites right already. Yes, this technological idea has already been around, but when you add blockchain right and cryptocurrency to that element of it, it allows you to not be able to game and cheat the system.

It allows you to get paid for sharing. So it adds like a bunch of benefits and it makes it the scalability to be worldwide and thats what we need, especially when were talking about digitalizing everything right, which the worlds in the process of doing right now. So data is going to be one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the future for sure and if you dont believe me, look the co founder youtube. You guys can see it there, enterprise validator notes. You have samsung sony, google finance, you have the biggest companies ever running. Validator nodes and thats, because they all know that data is going to be the future. You guys can see some of the perks here live streaming of today. Poor quality, yup, um skyrocketing data means yeah its terrible um, centralized and inefficient system decentralized. Nature means less revenue flow backs to content, creators and platforms, so theres, just so many perks guys to this, for not just the content creators, not just the people watching and also the businesses so and literally everyone is going to benefit from by using data. So the solution decentralized peer to peer video delivery, a native blockchain powered by users powered by us viewers um, can earn rewards as theta fuel for sharing excess bandwidth and resources. Viewers now rewarded to participate in the network, higher quality, smoother video streaming um reduce costs of delivering video streams, so video platforms no longer need to build expensive infrastructure means more innovation and unique business models guys this is the future okay.

This is the future. You got um a bunch of people on the team here, um great people on the team, as you see, theta investors um a lot of big investors on here as well for sure and then the media advisors, which is what i really like. You got youtube. You got g fuel here. You have twitch here so microsoft, verizon sony, like you, have everybody everybodys on board to make their lives easier, um in this new digital age, and that is what datas gon na do and its so crazy, because, if youre holding some of the state of fuel and When this actually takes off yeah that is gon na, be you know, youre making money with data fuel, which is the more utility token side of it and then theta coin is the more governance side of the token. But data theta, as the government side of token, is gon na be important because theyre gon na add perks to that later on. So this is a really really important cryptocurrency and it looks beautiful on the charts, like it. Couldnt, look better honestly in my opinion, and once it hits price discovery, its going to flock so im very excited for theta. I hope you guys are too and theta fuel as well. Although me personally, i do hold more theta seven that thats theta lets get into some of the crypto news of today, all right. So here we have a tweet from tech dev.

I really like tech devs twitter, make sure to follow me as well at realnody on twitter um, because hes, one of the only other influencers thats, really talking about 2013. thats. How i called the bitcoin bottom, because i knew what the cycle happened july bottom in 2013 – and i went all in on the bottom and so did everybody else who were watching the videos, because we actually knew the correlation between whats happening in 2013. To now – and you guys can see – we are here right, you guys can see where we are. We are literally at the verge of absolutely insane price discovery like we. It could go crazy. You know what im saying i dont know if its gon na go up to 200k but im pretty confident of 100k bitcoin, and that would be a lot of money flow into the alts for sure. I think cryptos 2 trillion dollar asset class. It could go up to 10 by the time this season is over easily easily okay, and that would make it a big big player and thats, where the regulations gon na start to pick up on there. So just so, you guys know if you guys want to know which kryptos is not because a lot of people are talking about crypto descriptor, that when the regulations comes in, people are going to get wrecked. If you guys do not want to get rekt when regulations come make sure to subscribe to this channel thats, why im going over tokens like theta, because these are the ones that are going to be around after this regulation comes in and it could be, it could Get very crazy, so we have this tweet coming here in the last four months, just over 200 000 bitcoin have been moved off of exchanges according to glass note, the equivalent of roughly 2 12.

5 billion at current prices, another regimen of outflows illustrating a broader shift in Dynamics for the bitcoin market after march 2020., look at this guys and – and he says after march 2020 – for a really good reason. I didnt even bring up that one m2 m1 money supply, but you guys know once march came the printing that the government did to hold up. The economy is absolutely insane its like 10 times more dollars in the economy. Its like actually insane, like. I cant even put a number on it because we dont really know, but the chart shows you and its pretty insane ill use ill. Show you guys another video you guys already seen, though, and people are taking their bitcoin and theyre, not leaving it on exchanges, which means theyre very inclined to hold bitcoin for a long time, theyre long on bitcoin, because if your bitcoins in exchanges, its really easy for You to sell – and this is really really good – to see that people are getting them off of exchanges. This means that people understand that crypto may be the only solution. How messed up the economy is then continue on guys. We have this tweet here um. It says coinbase has worked closely with the sec for years. They pride themselves on this. They always tell the sec before they list a new coin. Today, september 2021 genzler said that coinbase may be sending unregistered securities. Only base is about to get rippled so yeah.

This is a older tweet, but im just bringing it up, because its just so clear how scammy the sec is like its a its completely insane what they are doing like its actually insane. They dont they dont care about anything. Aside from, in my opinion, how much money they can make – and the reason i say is because they know theyre not showing their trades im, pretty sure, theyre buying, xrp and theyre, buying coinbase um stock and everything as much as they can and then theyre starting lawsuits, Which they havent yet with client base by the way, but and then thats getting them even cheaper prices, and then they know as soon as the lawsuit drops, then they can. They can just send it. So you know david schwartz says its. The best here kind of makes you wonder if theyre gathering evidence building a case, giving false assurances and setting them up the whole time the sec. Let coinbase go public like if theres a better way to intentionally maximize the harm to us investors. I dont know what would be yeah. The sec, in my opinion, is a criminal organization. Personally, okay cause like theyre. They theyre not theyre, just walking around and theyre just handing out lawsuits, and then you know, in my opinion, entire trading behind that its just insane guys. Its just too insane whats going on with the government nowadays, and my only issue is just the printing guys. I dont really care about anything else.

I just care about like dont wreck the economy, but whatever its gon na boost up crypto were gon na make a ton of money off of it. So just make sure to tell you tell people about crypto because uh, i personally believe the dollar is going to zero, although it probably will take a long time for that to happen, but thats, why i bring it back to this tweet people are getting out of Exchanges people are huddling their bitcoin because they know that this actually has a chance, even though bitcoin sucks right, bitcoin sucks, but bitcoin has a better chance of survival in the big than the us dollar thats a fact so um thats, just how it is. I guess so it says house sends infrastructure bill with crypto tax provision to u.s president man. Every time i get this stuff coming up every time i see guys. I promise you every time you see any news like this. This is, i would say, like wait a day or two, and if crypto falls because of the news um, because its not its not actually confirmed yet, but when it does get passed right, i think they just need the president to sign off on it.