What is going on, ladies and gentlemen, crypto kirby here, your crypto currency expert, back with another edition of the daily live stream, so lets not waste any time and get right down to it. If you are subscribed to this channel, then this breakout should not have come as a surprise to you, because we have been closely following this channel right here. This horizontal ping pong range of resistance along the top and support along the bottom, and i was telling you guys that i was just sitting here waiting like a ninja in the shadows preparing to strike like a cobra out of the grass and potentially get this crypto. When we either broke to the upside or to the downside and folks right here right now, it does appear that we could possibly be seeing this bullish breakout to the upside right now so from here. Where are we going lets? Take a look. We need to pay close attention to what winds up happening here over the next 24 to 48 hours. Bitcoin generally does have a tendency to see a pullback after breaking to a new high. I mean youve seen it time and time again here. Right break up, dump break up dump over here break up, dump im, not saying that has to occur this time, but its at least possible, and the most important area for me to watch is going to be this old resistance range here. Basically, from about 63 000 up to about 64 000, if we do wind up seeing a dump down to this range and the bulls are able to step back in form a base and then look to push up again folks, this could be very, very strong here.

I mean seeing a potential bull flag, breakout which were going to discuss in a moment and then seeing a potential back test of old resistance turned into new support. To then possibly confirm the pattern and break higher would be essentially exactly what all of the bullish speculators. In this market would be looking for, in my opinion, and the reason im saying, that is because, if this is going to wind up playing out as a bull flag pattern formation, the target folks in my opinion, is all the way up here at or around 90 000, usd and if youre new to pattern trading – and you dont understand what this is well, we take the size of the flagpole up. We then clone it right. We just took the size of this. We bring it over to the breakout point and you can see that that does give us an extrapolated potential target up at around 90k. Also in confluence with this is the 1.618 fibonacci extension target you could see. I took the fib tool. I dragged it from that. High to this low – and this does give us a 1.618 fib extension target up at about 88 000. So we do have two very critical potential targets right here, one at 88k and another at 90, 000 usd. If you are appreciating me showing you these targets thus far, if you could just hit the thumbs up button for the youtube algorithm, thanks for that and if youre brand new welcome to the most must see, bitcoin analysis show on youtube period.

Make sure you hit that subscribe button, tick the little bell and select all right now, so you do not miss any more of these important bitcoin updates and with these potential targets up here folks, this is looking pretty nice from a bullish perspective. In my opinion, because this is all uncharted territory up here right, we dont have any prior price data up here. So, in my opinion, what speculators start to look at? Are things like this right? We have a fib extension target. We have the potential measured move of this flagpole right thats, really all we have to go off so if the price does see a springboard jump up into uncharted territory, i mean theres, really blue skies ahead. In my opinion, until we are to reach an area where there at least is some confluence from a technical perspective, of course that doesnt have to happen. That is only a speculative opinion and hypothesis of mine im just stating that if we get up into this range here, the only area of interest that i see from a technical perspective is between 88 000 and 90 000. lets get this crypto, but now just to Cover all the bases here, i would quickly like to talk about what could happen here if we see a dump, what else i would be looking for if this is just a fake out, and if we plunge okay, so were gon na talk about that in just A moment and ill update you with my tentative strategy that im looking to potentially play here to potentially capture the majority of this move if we are to see a break up, etc, etc.

So lets get into that right now and, of course, if you are interested in all of my strategy, ideas, entry ideas, potential, take profit ideas, everything just like that in absolute real time. I do post all of that exclusively for you in vip. So if youre, not already in my vip today, is the day its time to transform yourself from average joe into savage joe lets, get this crypto ill, see you in vip right now. After this video lets go now lets say we dump. Obviously, as i pointed out earlier, we want to see this range here between 64k and 63k hold. That would be super bullish, in my opinion, a back test to that range in a springboard, extremely bullish. But what happens if we drop lower? I mean realistically folks to me anything at this point down to even 60 000 in this whole general vicinity. Here. As long as we dont see the price action drop below this orange line down at about 59 000. I really do think its possible here that this is all bullish consolidation. We havent really seen any type of sharp sell off after re testing, our old prior all time, high right, we tested it. We broke to a new all time, high sure we dumped, but we quickly recovered and now for weeks on end weve just been trading sideways. When you see the price break up so dramatically like this, and then it cools off and all its doing is trading sideways.

Pro classical technical analysis, theory thats considered potentially bullish consolidation right if we saw the price go up, drop quite a bit and just consolidate lower in the trend. This would be very different here than it is seeing the consolidation up here where it is in the current day. I hope that makes sense, and one other thing that im going to be looking at here for potential support to come in. If we are to see a dump, is the keltner channels indicator here on the one day time frame if youre not familiar with the keltner channels indicator its something ive followed extensively here on this stream for quite some time so again make sure you subscribe tick. The little bell and select all so you do not miss any more of these. Throughout the entire bitcoin bull run. We saw the majority of the price action testing the upper portion of the band right and when we saw dumps, they generally found support in the lower portion of the bend. Then, when it switched into the bearish decline after our roughly 65k top over. Here it turned and the opposite became true. The majority of the price action was trading in the lower portion of the band and we were seeing resistance in the upper portion of the band. This changed here once again when we got this rounding bottom turn here at about 30k right action once again, trading and testing at the top of the band, with support being found in the lower portion of the band right now, as you can see on this run, All of the action has still been at the top of the van very similar to what we saw over here on our last push up and over here throughout this entire bull rally.

Now were looking at a situation where, if we are to see a drop here, i would tentatively still be looking for support to be found. If this bull run is going to continue right, its possible its always possible that it could turn into a bearish decline right. It could turn there are no certainties or guarantees in trading, but if this is going to be a continued bull rally here right now, the bottom keltner channel line is nearly at about 56 000. So if we are still to see the price action, either move up here or consolidate sideways up above 65k over the next several days, we should still see this keltner channel bottom line continue to climb up here and if we are to see this line get closer And closer to this orange consolidation area folks, this would be very nice in my opinion, as it would further my bullish thesis here that anything down here to about 60 000 is still potentially bullish from a macro perspective for the bitcoin price. Now, if we are to dump below there, could this act as a saving grace sure its possible, but, as i stated earlier, i really would like to see the price action continue to trade above this orange line here at about 59 000 sure technically. At that point, we would be in the bottom portion of the band right, so its not all out the window at that point, if we were to test to the bottom there, it still is within the confines of the bottom band and hey.

If we do continue to see this move up, we should see absolute and utter confluence here with the bottom portion of the band meeting perfectly with this area of old resistance, slash support which hopefully, will continue to act as support if we dump down into it before A possible springboard up towards our potential target region of 88 to 90k. Oh lets get this crypto so folks, right now, as you can tell, i am speculating bullish. Okay right now, i just dont see many indicators in the chart suggesting to me that there is some bearish occurrence happening right now, of course, thats subject to change at any time and thats just my opinion right for all. We know tomorrow it could go whoopsies and dump deep down into the crypto abyss. I just want it to be known that, from my perspective and in my opinion right now, this is looking like we could possibly see another impulse move to the upside, and if this is in fact a play out, i would like to position myself to potentially capture The majority of that potentially life changing move so right now, as i told you earlier folks, i will be posting all of my real time: trade setup ideas, strategy, ideas, entry ideas, potential, take profit ideas where im looking to potentially put my stop loss. Everything just like that in absolute real time, for this very move, as the dawn looks too, potentially strike gold again.

So if you are not already in my vip – and you would like to see all of that real time exclusive content, i will be posting all of that exclusively for you there. So if you are not already in my vip seriously, today is the day its time to transform yourself from average joe into savage joe lets. Get this crypto ill see you in vip right now, after this video do not miss my next important, real time, vip, post and folks, if you did enjoy here today, all i ask for is, if you could just smash that thumbs up button for the youtube algorithm. Thank you for that and, if youre brand new, you see what you get welcome to the most must see. Bitcoin technical analysis show on youtube period. Make sure you hit that subscribe button, tick the little bell and select all as you cannot afford to miss any more of these important bitcoin updates and folks until next time ill see you in vip right now, after this video, the don has spoken be safe, be Happy be healthy, its your boy, crypto, kirby, peace and love. My friends curbs oh and before i forget, dont fall for any of the fake kirby accounts posting down in the comment section. They create fake accounts with a nearly identical, username and logo to mine. Then they reply to your comments with phone numbers and email addresses trying to get you to contact them.

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