You – are watching crypto king youtube, channel Music that is coming at around eighty seven thousand dollars. So definitely you have a bitcoin is looking very bullish. Your targets, instagram model, predicts a dollar two lakh, eighty eight thousand dollars in eighty eight thousand dollars around january february, foreign foreign definitely 141, to mainly points, but this is a very important supporting happy market. This area. This area is coming at around a 76 q because you have a behavior resistance resistance. You have to support at the dollars or i got ta walk across with that. So you have. A next target is coming at around four point: nine dollars right. So you have a card running happy expecting a four point, nine dollars, but this can reach to three point: seven, five dollars! So definitely a graph ill go, have a big sector 1.96 dollars. It can go to two dollars right, positive update, so definitely seven that is coming.