What a guy welcome to another edition of the altcoin bosses. My name is tino welcome to a traders reality, and today we are going to be talking about a few old coins that are showing potential to make some very interesting gains to the upside. Now. Listen to this. This chart, right here in front of you guys, is the crypto bubbles chart and im going to be referring to this quite a lot guys, because it gives me a snapshot of what coins are actively performing very well across the board. Now you can actually set it. So that you can look at the top 100 top 101 to 200, you can see exactly whats going on there, but im going to be referring to the top top coins on finance right now, which could be showing some interest to the upside and, as you can See its predominantly altcoins, which is why were doing this playlist in the youtube channel? You know its about the altcoin bosses all right, so what im going to do is im going to quickly just zoom over to the charts and were going to find out exactly which coin is showing the interest to the upside, but just be mindful. These are what are doing. These coins are what are showing the movements to the upside based on their performance right now. Okay, so in this trading hour of quarter to 11, so far we can see litecoin, helium, bat orion. I believe that is, and loop ring lbt dash sxp are showing some interesting games.

Okay, so were gon na dive into the chart and have a look at whats going on with these coins and see exactly what we can expect moving forward from them. Okay, then, let me just go over to the altcoin buses flip the chart over here. We go now. First things: first, okay! Well, wow! Look at that! Fetch fetch ai! Now i love this coin. Why do i love this coin because the technology behind it is flawless? Okay, when i first got into fetch itself, it was on the basis where the ceo of the company put out a video on crypto.com. It was talking about the utility of this coin and at the time he was talking about how hes effectively fetch ais. In essence, trying to create this was at the time its trying to create a marketplace for wholesalers where wholesalers are effectively able to hedge their exposure via smart contract. So imagine if you are a wholesaler and youve got, i dont know several tons of meat. So lets say: beef youve got several tons of beef and weve just come to the pandemic, and no one is buying beef, for example all right. So what do you do? Youve got thousands and thousands of pounds worth of beef and you cant sell it because of whats going on. So you come to the fetch, a.i marketplace and you try and sell that exposure via a smart contract to another company that wants to hedge any exposure that they may have on their end.

Okay, now you dont need to sell the product youre just selling the value of the smart contract. Okay – and you sell that to someone else who buys your exposure, you then do the same with someone else and you offset your risk. I think that is that is brilliant: okay, creating a marketplace for wholesalers; okay, based on turning their stock into smart contracts; okay, they may have advanced quite a bit since then you can see its actually gone up quite substantially. I was thought that i actually watched this when it was about what 17 cents – okay, 17 cents a coin. So it was very very interesting how the development of fetches actually flourished. Okay, looking at fetch itself, you can see what theyre doing looks like we got a lot of traction to the upside with it, as with every other old coin across the board. As you can see, weve got a winner which is on our actual crypto bubbles, chart which is helium now helium. You can see its done. Two hits the first hit to the upside, as you can see, was quite a massive move to the upside, and now they follow through with this move again, but they havent fully recovered this previous week. Well, youve got to be aware of guys fast move of false moves, so theyre, naturally going to see a fast move up and were going to see a fast move back down to bring things back into.

The fray deviation away from the moving average is one of the main triggers to bring price back down to normality to trigger the same interest. They got from this point in the chart down here as well. Okay, now, if you look at this, fetch is showing the same behavior as alice and theta. So look at this theta itself. Okay, has come away from a zone. All right, you can see. Youve got this spike up. Theyve, come down, sharp move up, came back down again spiked up, but they slowly moved higher and then theyve come again back down. Are we going to see the same behavior by theta? Again? They seem to be hitting hitting a peak and then pulling straight back down. Be mindful coins across the board right now are approaching close to their high adr, so they would have traveled at least the maximum point they can on their average daily range. Okay, the average daily range itself is designed for us to understand the likely move by a coin to the upside or to the downside, and how long its going to last for before. They actually start to pull it back and try and bring things back into the fray when i say bring things back into the fray im talking about bringing it back to normality or bringing it back to the 50.. Go back in the chart and any coin that you pull up challenge me to it any coin that you pull up.

Okay, thats got history in the chart, its gon na be pulling back to the 50 ema. They have to bring it back, because these are the things that we look for. We look for expansions away from the zones. Okay, this is where momentum steps into the chart youre. Looking for these things, you can trade these things in two bases. Okay, you can either make a trade for the move away from the 50 ema or prepare to come back down towards the 50. Ema, however, come on its not always that simple is it. This is trading were talking about what, if the retrace back down to the 50 ema is not going to come down to the 50 ema and it holds between the 5 and the 13 ema, then youre left with another decision. Are you getting ready to get a chance to get back into momentum? Okay, as you can see right here, look what happened here! You can see that the price came up away from the 50. Ema were expecting the retrace back down. We got the retrace, but we didnt get it down towards the 50 okay, but they stayed within the 5 and the 13 ema and they shifted back up again, but they didnt last it too long. Okay. So, when youre looking from retraces away and to the 50 ema, what you want to be aware of is a clean move down to the 50 will only be achieved if there is a clean move away from it.

As you can see, with this move to the upside, a clean break away from the 50 ema and they sharply pull it back down again, theyve tested the 50 ema even went so close to hitting the 200 ema before they regulated and tried to move away from It again, okay, so be mindful of these gaps in the chart. Youre. Looking for this, there are guys out there that exclusively trade. On this basis. They wait for a coin to make or asset. They wait for it to pull away from the 50 ema and they wait for the moment where they believe its going to come back up towards it. They start on the higher time frames they break it down. So if you look, for example, right here, okay, this is the hour time frame price has moved away from the 50 ema and its starting to pull back. That looking like it wants to pull back down, drop down the time frame to see how that breakdown is going to happen. Is it starting to break down on the 5 and 13 ema on the 50 minute time frame, try and work out if thats going to be the case, and if the momentum does start to develop, go on to a smaller time frame to see how they could Actually be formulating and move back down looks like weve got two hits to the high right here, so it could be an m formation pending the 50 ema on the five minute time frame is not the same as the 50 ema on the hourly.

So remember: okay, the five minute time frame, the 50 ema right there would be representing the 50 ema on the higher time frame, which would be roughly around the 800 ema on the one hour time frame, so just be mindful of that: okay cool next coin, thats. Actually doing pretty well on this chart that weve got for ourselves is loop. Ring lets, have a look at lrc usdt lets bring that up for you, loop ring, okay, so loopering on the hourly right here, ladies and gentlemen, is showing here. We go massive move to the upside okay and containing its gains very well. So this is another example of trying to work out if were going to come back down to the 50 ema because they pulled price back down and showed support within the 5 and the 13 ema. So keep an eye on loot print guys because if loop ring does decide to hold this range, we will then see another move back up towards the previous wick, which is likely to come up towards yesterdays high right there. But it will go beyond the high adr. So just be mindful, they could induce a false move up here, just to contain the zone and then try and bring it back down again. If you go over and look at theta, the same thing is happening right there. Look at that. You can see that theyre trying to come back up to the high adr when theyre trying to pull back by recovering the previous zone right here, okay sxp seems to be doing pretty well across the board as well.

You can look at that beautiful pattern. Formation, look at this. You got patterns within patterns. Look at this. You got a mini w formation right here, which came out to the upside, and they came back down which followed by an m formation, dropped price back down again and formed another w formation and shifted out. This right here, ladies and gentlemen, is beautiful. When you see this sort of behavior, you know, market makers are preparing, you will, by principle, be looking to get ready to make a move to the upside. Why? Because the 800 ema is holding its base and the 200 ema, the 50 ema all the confluences were all coming together. You had previous vectors in the chart right here previous zones, where they could be triggering orders of interest, and you will be looking for the shifting out of the zone, which is achieved right here. Okay, so take a screenshot of this, ladies and gentlemen, because this is a classic example of how patterns develop and when they decide to break away from the zones now whats important is you can see on looping im, sorry on sxp, you can see that weve had A stop hunt rise and hit the high adr and pulled straight back. So what im expecting them to do for the rest of today is either pull back across the board and try and contain the gains that they have made over the last few hours from the asian session and then coming into a new session later on, where we Could see a new reset of the ranges where the high adr will be moved higher and we could see price moving upwards in that zone.

Okay, the next coin that im going to be looking at see a tv tvk seems to be doing very interesting, behavior. So tvk and ted tethers right here here we go look at that wonderful behavior to the upside. Just have a look at this coin itself to see where we are across the board. Okay, so no all time high. Just yet, but weve got a bad boy wick at the top of the zone. Right here looks like its going to do that, but guys. What can you see do i need to say anything else. What can you see a moment ago, on the hour timeframe on sxp, what we were looking for were looking for the shifting out of the zone theres your shift out of the zone on the daily time frame. Okay, when you see shifts happening on the daily time frame, this area here is what you want to be looking for on the daily. If you do come across a coin, that is showing interest from previously moving down and a big green vector candle appearing at the lows. First leg has been taken there, but the second leg hasnt gone beyond the first leg. They are containing the zone. This coin is itching to move higher theyve made the push out of the zone. Retail traders are now stepping in naturally were going to be expecting them to pull things back because theyve recovered the previous vector in the chart right here and then were going to see by principle a retrace and then a continuation to the upside okay.

This coin doesnt even have a 50 ema thats how young it is. Okay, so just keep an eye on this coin. Ladies and gentlemen, moving forward another bad boy coin that we could be looking at is fx s: okay, um. This is a busd, so its going to be a little bit of a different one, but nonetheless 25. When have i missed out on this coin? I cannot believe what im witnessing bit of a long, smooth w formation. Nonetheless, you can see the development of the shifting out of the zone came in with the rise retrace continuation to the upside all time high for this coin keep an eye out for this coin. Ladies and gentlemen, because the retrace is going to happen its just making a run for profit right now trying on its price discovery, so we are expecting a retrace on some coins across the board. Okay, now, first things. First, ladies and gentlemen, we need to also understand whats, going on with ethereum okay, because with ethereum itself im going to be finalizing the video, whilst the theorem is making its moves to the upside. You can see bright as day that shes at the all time highs. As well and we want to know what is it going to be doing later on now look ethereum the last time she was riding this 5 and 13 ema was when she broke out from the 1800 zone, and she did not stop until she got towards the Last, all time high that was made okay, it was right around about where was it yeah? It was about this.

Yes, i believe it was this for all time high about four thousand three hundred and eighty was that from the last move. Yes, that was the last point. Am i correcting that when was that? Oh, this is the hourly. Forgive me okay, then yeah there. It is from the 1800 point in the chart. All she kept doing was just moving and moving and moving holding that 513 ema. Okay, same thing is happening right now: look holding the 5 and 13 ema momentum is moving to the upside. It is a nice slow trend, true trend, movement by ethereum. This is what we want to see. We dont want to see sporadic wild movements like so okay, but just be mindful guys when they start to break things down, they will break it down aggressively. Why? Because they dont want to give any retail traders the time to actually take profits. They want to make them believe that its now buying the dip okay and that point of buying the dip is where theyre gon na get squashed because look the buying the dip idea. They brought price back down very sharply, but then they returned it back up. Retail trader was thinking yep its just buying the dip lets, get involved again and get ethereum cheaper, but then look what happens. The market maker makes them pay and price collapses down. Okay. So, ladies and gentlemen, the video is now 30 minutes long. Please forgive me if it has rolled over.

I want to thank you for listening, thank you for watching and showing the mad love and support on the previous videos.