But what? If there was a way to play fantasy sports with crypto im here to tell you, there is, and its called coin league lets get it welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bit squad, the largest crypto community in all the interwebs. My name is ben every day. On this channel, i show you how to make money in crypto, if you like, money in crypto, then make sure to hit that subscribe button in this video, we take a look at the hottest new blockchain game coin link its no secret im, a sports fan, but Im also ethereums biggest fanboy 2.. Is it possible to love both sports and crypto? Is that even a question thats like asking? If you can love pizza and birthday, cake, yeah ill, take both vanity? Football is popular here in the bit boy, crypto office and the competition gets pretty intense. I do have to say i am in first place in the office league. So one day i had a brilliant idea: why not merge the intensity of fantasy football with the awesomeness of crypto, the rest of my laughably poor employees that cant even afford a pair of gucci, slides heartily agreed and coin league was born in coin league? You go head to head against other crypto digits in a battle of tokens. You can select from over a dozen coins with more being added every day, just like daily fantasy on sites like fanduel or draftkings.

There are different game time periods four hour, eight hour daily and weekly matches that test. Your predictive powers matches can be bull or bare, so you make your teams based on who you think is going to moon or which coins are going to be seeing red. You can play coin league for as little as one dollar and the price of games will change dynamically as the price of matic. Does that way, your 10 matic game doesnt end up costing you some serious gains down the road. All the action is over on coinleague.com. Now youll need a metamask or wallet connect with somatic tokens in and ready to go. If you need some matic, you can purchase some from your favorite exchange and send it to your meta, mask or trust wallet make sure you purchase your matic on the matic network. Not on ethereum thats, crucially important because we decide to build queen league on polygon because it provides the best of both worlds: ethereum, smart contracts and very low transaction times, and costs dont get blasted with gas fees. Moving your matic on the ethereum blockchain stick to the polygon network, while youre playing coin leak, if youre using trust wallet, good news, polygon network is already installed on it if youre using metamask youll need to add in manually, but we have a tutorial on how to Do that on the coin league website, the back end and pricing and tracking is all backed up by chain link oracles to give the players the most up to date, prices on their teams performance not only is queen league built on these blue chip block chains chain; Link and polygon are promoting coin league to their communities, so expect the competition to be fierce and the prize pool still only get bigger.

The rules are. Coin league are simple. You pick a captain token that leads your team. That coin carries a 1.2 x multiplier that helps offset the possibility of a tie game after youve chosen. Your captain coin pick your team. If youre in a bull game choose the coins, you think will pump in the time frame for your game. Thats, where the skill comes in the players who are doing the best research will be set up to make big gains for bear. Games choose the biggest losers, not just dead projects like eos, who wont make gains ever again. Coins that have been pumping for a while may be due for a private taking pullback, and that could be your key to success in the match. Match your wits with other players to win the cash prize for each game paid out in polygon right to your metamask. But coin league isnt just a trick, play its got all three phases of play covered and the road map for coin league is full of amazing potential. Nft minting on polygon and revenue sharing for coin league and ft holders will be coming this year, and many games based on league play will be popping up in early 2022. You get started playing coinley today by clicking the link in the description below thats.