I want to share with you the latest news involving ethereum involving solana, the graph v chain, lower cap altcoins and much more. If youre interested in making money with cryptocurrency click subscribe, we drop a video every single day. Demystifying. This cryptocurrency market lets jump in starting with huge piece of global awareness. News involving major magazine. The economist the economist magazine has just released their 2022 cover depicting cardano, ethereum, bitcoin and litecoin logos and, as you can see, the issue is titled the world ahead, 2022 and like right here here are the four logos mentioned: cardanos logo, bitcoins logo, ethereums logo, and you Can just make out litecoins logo? This is pretty cool. Give me your thoughts on this down below huge sign of support from the economist and if they would have added one other kryptos logo, which other crypto do you think should have been added to this cover feel free to sound off down below and next up lets Talk about where we are with bitcoin and this incredible sort of launch pad consolidation. We have built between a 50 and 60k btc from on chain analyst willywoo, using data provided by glassnode. This is a contour map of every bitcoin at the price. They last changed hands between investors. It shows huge price validation between a 50 and 60k btc bitcoin as a one trillion dollar asset class, in my opinion, is now cemented hard to see it dropping below this zone, and essentially, what this shows us is on chain volume based on where we were in Bitcoins price history, for example, in these lighter areas they do represent weaker areas where less actual transactions were taking place and then, of course, we see these much darker areas showing strength, building, support and validating these price levels.

Now, obviously, anything could happen. This is just one metric out of many to consider, but to back this up on chain analyst and trader bob lucas agrees, i think youre right. This is the future bear floor. In my opinion, interesting stuff, just something to consider from two analysts that i heavily respect ill keep searching. I will keep looking for more data and, as i find it ill keep you updated next piece of quick news for ethereum a bullish indicator for eth scaling. Andreessen horowitz has just led a 50 million dollar investment in ethereum layer, 2 developer mater labs. They are one of the blue chips for each scaling matter. Labs is the company behind ethereum layer, 2 scaling solution called zk sync and besides a16z they have other big names, backing them as well, including blockchain.com, crypto.com consensus, ok, x, ave, wearable and much more. And while there are a handful of prominent scaling solutions for you out there, as explained by matter labs, this one is the only blockchain scaling approach that relies on pure cryptography, instead of collectively trusted validators, bridges or watchers. So this in part explains: why were seeing all these major names back this and now that matter labs has this injection of cash? What are they going to use it for the company plans to use the fresh funds to bolster its scientific and engineering teams with new talent, while also adding more focus on its business growth in a direct quote until recently, weve been focused nearly exclusively on technological innovation? Now its time to put a similarly concerted effort into reaching new users and developers which will require scaling our business development and marketing efforts and building out our community and ecosystem.

So if you like, ethereum, you like this, this is a huge green flag for the future of the ecosystem. Lets keep moving next up huge partnership between basic attention, token, brave and solana, privacy, browser brave, expands beyond ethereum, and they have chosen solana. Today they announced a joint integration which will see the privacy browser, add support for solano wallets earlier the next year. Im getting choked up talking about this add support for solana wallets early next year and essentially what this means is. We could see millions and millions of brave users come on and be onboarded onto solana brendan ike, the ceo of brave, said, with more and more users and creators requiring tools for fast and affordable access to the decentralized web. This integration will seamlessly pave the way for the next billion crypto users to harness applications and tokens so plain and simple. They chose the solana ecosystem because of speed, and, like i said, if you hold solana, what this means to you is, this move could prove just as beneficial for the solana ecosystem, as brave currently boasts 42 million monthly active users once the integration is complete in the First, half of 2022, millions of brave users will be exposed to a variety of new solana, decentralized applications or dapps, and in a direct quote from the ceo of solana, labs on why hes excited about this integration, deep integration with browsers is key to helping dapps build The best web experiences braves announcement of solana wallet, support across all versions of their browsers is an important step to onboarding the next billion users to solana very bullish.

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What was accomplished, according to the report, vechain foundation, represented by its cmo, was able to share live use cases of v chain thors, blockchain products and the utility embedded in air trace, which was jointly built with pwc. Very interesting lets go to the direct source right here. This was the official tweet right here and they presented this to a room of large international companies and government officials. Rcmo shared live use, cases of vets, blockchain products, and i would bet v chains. Transparency for supply chain management could have huge synergy with chinas international import. Expo we will see the graph has just integrated with solana as well as announced at the solana conference. The grafs hosted service is integrating solana. Essentially, this integration will enable faster indexing and working with project, serum and solana developers. The ecosystem plans to improve the solana development experience, so this should make it so much easier for developers building on solana to be able to access information thats. What the graph does it indexes it organizes it quarries, information and specifically the integration, will address existing friction points for solana, daf builders. The graph will make it easier for developers on solana to quarry the solana, blockchain access, historical data and visualize data analytics and more additionally, the graph will start syncing solanas subgraphs and begins supporting data needed on the solana blockchain. This will unlock solana quarries at scale. So much easier for developers much easier to find different information.

The graph will make rich historical data available for solana developers so great to see the progress really cool to understand whats happening behind the scenes for these different platforms. Next up lets talk about lower cap altcoins, specifically cadena jp morgan, spinoff cadena hits an all time high after rising over 210 percent in a week. So some of you might have seen this a lot of you were asking what cadenna is because chances are. You might not have heard of kadana before this week. It is, after all, the 64th largest cryptocurrency by market cap right now, but this particular brooklyn based crypto project has high ambitions, cadenas hybrid blockchain, launched in january last year. The project was founded by two former jp morgan employees, stuart pope joy and will martino who both led jp morgans blockchain center for excellence. The american investment banks in house blockchain team, so they left jpm, to launch this and a central component of kadena cadena is the companys private chain bureau, also a public chain and also an open source. Smart contract language called pact that enables anyone with a rudimentary understanding of programming to draft their own smart contracts. So essentially, this is just another smart contract platform that is offering, in this case its own program, programming, language and more scalability than ethereum. Honestly, there seems to be thousands of these, but this ones getting a lot of acclaim because it is backed by former jp morgan employees. Give me your initial thoughts on this.

That is the video. My name is austin.