I am going to talk about today, because right now it is going to go down. It is happening. What i was talking about before remember what i said yesterday. I was telling you yesterday until monday, bitcoin and ethereum will break. In fact, let me quickly go over here to the channel and show you exactly what i was talking about. What you can see here, the video yesterday bitcoin and ethereum, will break until monday, and now the most important question, of course, is how high can we go? Is this breakout, which i predicted almost up to the exact dollar, going to continue towards my price target, which i am going to mention in this video? What is going to happen to ethereum? What is going to happen to the altcoins and, very importantly, you guys are asking what is going to happen to my 10 million us dollar trade. Am i actually going to scale it up to 25 million us dollars? Lets talk about this and guys for this video. I really wan na see the feedback smash up the like button towards the new ultimate i dont remember it was this or this video it got like 12 000 likes. Thank you. So much for that lets beat this record. Everyone watching right now scroll down press the like button takes you a second, and it really cheers me up. Thank you so much for that, and now lets go straight into the content and by the way, if youre asking yourself what this thing is.

In the background, this is the codename v group and it is going completely crazy. The link is down below if you want to join the family and be eligible, of course, for the free tokens you have to be part of that group free is free. I think thats something awesome, no matter what it is right and i feel like its going to be something great now lets talk about the bitcoin price. What you can see here is bitcoin was consolidating in this symmetrical triangle breaking out exactly at the time i actually predicted it and before we are getting some doubters here before im talking about the price target. Let me show you this eclipse here from yesterday, where i was predicting this look at this guys, ladies and gentlemen, its the showdown within the next two days. We have to break it. Guys, monday is my guess, where we are going to break this very, very important pattern with this downward sloping resistance here and if this one is going to break towards the upside look at this. The price size is 7, 3, 000, yes, 73, 000 us dollars and, as you can see, we already broke out. We already went almost 10 percent higher here, reaching 66 000 us dollars, putting all the mm crypto family in a significant profit. Now the question is: what is the price target well lets. Do it step by step here, as you remember, i was earlier talking with you about.

If we are bouncing from here, we can expect a strong bounce. However, if we break it, i was expecting a big dump. I told you, though, that we have very, very strong support coming in and that i expect bitcoin to hold it. We held the support multiple times and we are now going higher. The last point of confirmation is when we are breaking above this horizontal line here. Show me a new high ill show you by 67 000 us dollars is the previous all time high the moment we are breaking it dear. Ladies and gentlemen, i am looking out for seventy three thousand five hundred dollars the price target from the inverse had a cup entangled from the cup and handled pattern, the price target from the rising wedge. Ladies and gentlemen, obviously i am also looking out for the 86 87 000 u.s solar price target, the fibonacci golden ratio from bottom to the previous all time high. This is what im looking out for right now. This is where the confluence is coming together, and this is also where i am going to continuously take profits here towards the upside. If you are already in a profitable trade, i want to urge you. We are trading bitcoin settled future, so i want to incentivize you to take profits on the way towards the upside. You are taking these profits in bitcoin and, as you are taking them in bitcoin, even if we were to go higher, you are still generating profits.

Please guys dont get too greedy. Please take already some profits here. This is why we are so um so profitable in the mm crypto community and now let me quickly find where my mouse is. I just have too many too many uh mouse too many screens here. What you can see here is on the ethereum chart. We actually also broke this ascending triangle. We went out and we confirmed the breakout. This is the strongest thing we can ever imagine and well now we are very, very close to my price target. Already almost at 5000 us dollars, so it would be a little bit boring just to repeat that. Let me of course, bring you here, a new price target, actually the next one i am looking out for for this purpose. I really would like to go over to the daily canvas. Let me quickly pull that down and uh. Well, of course, we want to do the magic, easy wins the game, and this is exactly how we are actually succeeding in in the past and hopefully also in the future. The fibonacci golden ratio – 6 000 us dollars close to 6 000 us dollars and well i put my money where my mouth is im, not only bullish. By talking, i am actually in trades. I am having skin in the game myself and what you can see here is this bitcoin trade, 7.4 million us dollars in this trade, 140 bitcoin in total value, 1.

8 million us dollars in a profit. My chain link trade, actually, 750, 000 u.s dollars. This trade people were literally laughing at me. They were spitting on my face. They were spitting on my chin on my chest on my shoulders and now the spit already dried up, and the people stopped laughing. Of course, with these significant prophets coming in and also going over here to the uh to the bible trade, you can see that already almost two bitcoin in a profit also another 120 000 u.s solar saw in total far beyond 2 million us dollars, and i can Really remember how people said chris chris, please take profits. Well, at the mm crypto family, we are trading the trend as long as we are creating higher highs. Higher lows before the trend is not broken. We are not switching our bias. This is what im looking out for bitcoin right now, but also in the altcoin space. You can see it here right now, 2.9 trillion u.s dollar market cap – and this is something i was talking about before. If you are plotting the total crypto market cap, you can see that we just prevented an m pattern unfolding bitcoin reversed and the total market cap reversed and we actually created a new all time high in the crypto altcoin market cap, and this is very, very important To understand, ladies and gentlemen, show me in your hi ill show you a buy and when we ev every time we are reversing an potential m pattern.

It turns into a w pattern. This w pattern broke out. The target of that is another at least 30 to 35 percent pump in the total crypto market cap. This is very interesting dear, ladies and gentlemen, let me know what you think about that, and let me know now talking about alcons. What outcomes are you holding? Obviously, also i wanted to remind you, we dont only have the telegram group where you have to join to be eligible for getting these three tokens. You have to be part of both its easy, as that just one click join the telegram and also join the twitter account. It is in the pin, comment down below make sure you join it. Make sure you like make sure you you retweet, make sure you i dont know share this video among your friends to make them encrypt the family bigger. Thank you so much for watching guys.