Resistance into support as the bone zone we discussed weeks ago, was literally the exact bottom of this move. As we discussed and now with multiple weeks solidifying support, you will physically be unable to keep your pants dry after you hear this Applause im your host glizzy gobbler and after you watch todays episode, your pockets will be stuffed, your heart will be full and your trousers Will be absolutely destroyed were going to be talking about exactly how big this move that has just occurred is, and after weeks and weeks of tedious boring price action, it will soon all pay off as well. If you guys understand, bonuses, make sure to check out the pinned comment below and as well uh check out the description if youre interested in joining our pool to earn rewards with any. Furthermore lets pump on in humpity pumpity doodah. Absolutely so big. So guys, as you can see on this chart here, weve had this chart unchanged for weeks and we had talked about the bone zone long before we had entered the bone zone and, as you can see, there were only minute occasions where we dipped right into this Level, basically, between 57 to 58 000 us dollars – and i said i was saying for weeks even when we were all the way up here – that uh. If we got to pull back to this level. This is exactly where id be entering a long position and good golly gracious.

That is exactly what i did and she shluish hasnt been paying off. Okay, that was literally the exact bottom. Okay, its very hard to call exact, tops or bottoms, and very rarely is it even possible to do. However, the bone zone was literally the exact bottom and, for example, i mean this chart, or this video from october 27th. Uh literally, is called the bone zone and we spent the whole video talking about the bones. I mean we spent a lot of videos talking about that, but uh that is exactly right and now after watching this happen, guys the reason this is so big. Okay, uh you look for macro setups. You look for big patterns. You look for small patterns. You look for tiny patterns, you look for sticky patterns and sometimes you find a pattern that just hits all the spots and im going to come out and say it right now. This pattern is hitting all the spots okay. So if we take a look here on this weekly chart for pizzas sake, we had three months where we faced resistance here and then we ultimately got a massive gigantic dump. Dumpathon confirmed – and we found the bottom exactly at 30k, which, by the way we called as well, you can go back and watch. The videos bears were screaming for 10k and below and now theyre back in their mothers house, eating macaroni and cold soup. But after successful and painful months, what is most important is that over the past uh couple of weeks, what weve done is this we initially broke above this level and we can go over to this daily chart, for this actually lets go to the six hour.

This was our first break instead of all time high. This is back on october 20th, very big. This was huge that we did this, but as you notice after that, why did we spend a little bit of time, dumping and trading sideways because we broke above this? We set a new all time high. We broke above this insanely hard level of resistance that we could not do back in the summer. We broke it and then what we did over the past few weeks is come back and retest it. Okay, thats exactly what we did and now after doing that for multiple weeks, its a picture, perfect situation, its a picture, perfect resistance, flip to support it could not be more beautiful. This could not be more bullish and i want to clarify if you are not bullish. If you are not a moon boy right now, i suggest you schedule an appointment with your physician and make sure that your brain wasnt swapped out with a babys brain. But i guess the moral of the story is sometimes it pays to be a moon boy and really the whole point of this video is one uh. The bone zone was literally the exact bottom, which is very impressive. Okay, to be honest, lets be honest. Pretty pretty impressive but, most importantly, this uh weekly chart flipping this level of resistance into support, which again we can still continue doing this. You know im not its, not guaranteed that were just gon na shoot up tomorrow, but uh.

This entire experience is the most bullish macro situation that you could ask for. Okay, i mean how how stunted do you have to be to look at that chart and not see wow? This is clearly bullish, okay and then, if we go to and actually just reset my chart, if we go to the ethereum usd pair as well just continuing to set new all time highs, it just reset my pattern there, but breaking out of this gigantic uh symmetrical Triangle uh, like six month, symmetrical triangle here, just like a rough, its, not perfect. I had to redo it, but roughly like this guys again, bullish, insanely, bullish, five digits for ethereum, i believe, absolutely meaning 10k for ethereum 5k. We came within 200 of it. Ethereum has been setting new all time highs multiple times over the past few weeks and a lot of these alt coins just look so absolutely ready to bust, and all of my charts are resetting as im clicking on them for some reason. So im gon na have to redo some of these but yeah, my goodness insanely bullish, very bigly bullish electricity. This is absolutely time centered as well.