I really appreciate you stopping by my channel today to all my viewers watching my video anna. Can i please ask you guys to smash that like button and hit the red subscribe button, if you havent already, this does help with the channel tremendously, and it also keeps me motivated on making videos for you guys, but with that being said, lets jump right in Todays content, all right guys before i begin, i would like to say the disclaimer anything on this channel should not be taken as financial advice, because i am not a financial advisor cryptocurrencies are super volatile, so please do your own due diligence and research before investing in These markets, looking at the overall crypto market cap today, guys you guys, can see we are currently sitting at 3.7 trillion dollars. Three point: zero, seven trillion dollars and we are up three point: two percent in the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, btc dominance is currently sitting at 41.7. Looking at the overall markets, guys absolutely crazy games being made across the board guys. You know its literally green across the board, and this month of november has been nothing but extremely bullishness for the entire space, and one thing to point out right now is: you know: bitcoin has smashed past its all time high once again, crypto zx community. You know i have been talking about this for quite a while. I did say guys: the steam is still there for bitcoin and we could take off any second and thats exactly what we have were seeing happen, and you know its not coming as a surprise to any one of us as we speak um, but guys overall, the Markets we are seeing some mild right across the board in altcoins, but overall guys zoom in now this month.

This q4 has been nothing but bullishness for the entire cryptocurrency space, but today guys i want to talk about none other than one coin, and that is harmony. One my harmony one family, first off right before we begin, i would like to say thank you. Thank you so much for all the support that you guys have been showing you guys are absolutely killing it with the support, and i just want you guys to know. I do this, for you guys so continue doing what youre doing, and i will continue on delivering these videos for you guys on a daily basis. If we are looking at the harmony once price, guys harmony, one is trading at thirty two point: three cents. We are up seven point: three percent in the last 24 hours in usd comparative were also up 3.1 in bitcoin comparative over the last 24 hours. Harmony ones rank on coin market cap and on coin, gecko is at the top 59 spot market cap. Right now is 3.52 billion dollars and the 24 hour trading volume is at 237.52 million dollars, um right off the bat. You know we are seeing harmony, one outperforming even bitcoin, even though we are seeing bitcoin hit all time highs and that itself guys. That itself should show you, you know the momentum that really is building up for harmony, one which i have been talking about literally since sixth sense level and now were seeing way more eyes coming into harmony.

One, and i believe this is only going to get bigger. As you know, we approach you know december and close off this year. If we are zooming out and looking at the bigger picture guys easily easily without a doubt, harmony, one is still one of the best performing assets over the past one year up 6 359 and in just the last 30 days we are up 47.9. So lets not forget that when we are looking at the prices of harmony one but now lets get into the exciting stuff that everyone is here for the price the chart whats exactly going on and where is harmony one going in the immediate short term. So again, guys same old, but this time around we could possibly see harmony, one you know to get out of this 23.6 fibonacci retracement zone and actually get uh toward newer. All time highs. You know price discovery mode, and i am still saying that the next target for myself is 50 cents for harmony, one and guys the chart. The chart is literally screaming for a breakout, and this by far has been harmony. One has been by far one of the most bullish charts over the past two months. If you came up to me two months ago and asked me hey cryptozx, just by looking at the charts of other alt coins, if youre charting and looking at the charts, which chart, looks the most bullish to you and without a doubt guys without a doubt, i Would have said harmony one, and you know we are seeing harmony.

One make all time highs. After all time highs, you guys get to see the pattern over here. You guys see we are having a nice pattern building up and the next. You know price point. In my opinion, the next target is 50 cents for harmony, one great project. You know, and this is why we are seeing a lot of momentum kicking in and building up and uh. Imagine you bought back around here guys. Imagine you bought back. Just on july 20th, at 5.4 cents, you know this is where this is where there was major major major fear across the board around this range. You know people were giving up. Hope people lost. You know interest people thought cryptocurrencies are over, but there is a famous saying and the famous saying is bree be greedy, while others are fearful and you know its vice versa – be greedy, while others are fearful and be greedy. While you know others are uh. You know. Oh yeah be greedy, while others are fearful be fearful, while others agree. I dont know what im trying to say, but you guys get the picture so the people you know when there was a lot of fear across here guys a lot of fear. There were a group of you know, investors that believe in the project and they were scooping up the dips and now, if we are bringing out the measuring tool guys, these are the same people that are up as a recording this video.

They are up 568.’. If you know uh, if they held after buying around these levels – and i do know some people personally – that were scooping up harmony one around here and they believe in harmony ones future, they think it could be. You know one of the top currencies over the next two to three years and you know if you are thinking like that, then holding is your number one strategy to follow, but you know looking at the charts guys, you know you cant say much like if we Are bringing out the measuring tool for you guys? You know harmony. One is literally like you, cant make this up guys were literally 18.34 away from all time, high guys literally 18.34 away from all time highs, and you know we just need a little bit more buying pressure, kicking in and were off to the races right now. The 24 hour trading volume is kind of little uh low in my personal opinion, but this number will get you know um higher as time goes by and organically, but if were looking at the bitcoin price guys if were looking at the bitcoin price. This is something that we should not be ignoring right now. Bitcoin is hitting all time high. Today, november, 8th bitcoin has hit an all time high of 67 667 and were literally sitting at all time, high guys right now, and this could continue to go up because the tr you know momentum is on bitcoin side, because i have been saying for the past.

You know a couple days that bitcoin has built up a very nice support above the 60k. You know a support level. You guys can see very nice support built up and what happened. We saw a bounce back up towards the upside, and you know the momentum is still there for bitcoin guys, and this is why were seeing btc dominance climb up once again, and this could be something that all coin holders need to keep in mind. Btc dominance is going up and if bitcoin goes above 75 000, i could see btc dominance go up, you know quite sharply which could cause altcoins for the immediate short term to start trading sideways, or rather even you know, bleed a little bit and consolidate very, very Normal this is just something that we have to keep in mind guys. You know we look at all the factors im not going to be a moon boy saying this is whats going to happen. Guys were going to the moon like this. Absolutely not. We have to look at all the factors and right now: bitcoin is nothing to you know, ignore, because bitcoin price momentum is there for itself theres a lot of buying pressure and we could see bitcoin head up towards newer. All time highs uh. So you know we need to keep this in mind right now. So what would this mean for harmony, one so far? Bitcoin all time highs has not been affecting harmony, one as much.

We saw harmony, one still outperforming bitcoin price momentum over the past one a month, and i continue to see that happen for harmony one, even if bitcoin decides to hit your all time highs. You know in the next day or week or so, because one factor guys you guys always need to keep in mind that 41.88 of harmony, one is not available for uh. You know um investors to purchase. This basically means this is off the exchanges. Only roughly 60 59 of the circulation supply right now is available for you to purchase on the centralized exchanges um, because people are staking their harmony, one earning passive income um. You know if you invested into stocks before its basically like dividends. So if you believe in the long term perspective of harmony one you like the project, you have done your due diligence and you think harmony, one can be. You know way bigger in the next two to three years. Then staking is your number one key to follow and a lot of people are doing that 41.88 of the circulation supply is being staked right now and right now, harmony, one is nowhere near mainstream hype, nowhere near main street hi mainstream hype. So imagine when that happens, imagine when the masses start finding out what harmony one is really all about. You guys get the picture as to what is going to happen, and this project is by far one of the best projects in the crypto space, and i do see it having very very nice uh time ahead of itself, but um.

You guys need to buckle up. We do need to keep bitcoin price in mind. Bitcoin is smashing all time highs as we speak, so we need to keep this in mind when we are looking at the altcoin market, including harmony one, but that is it for todays update guys. Let me know in the comment section below: what do you guys think? What are you guys doing right now? Are you guys buying up harmony? One? Are you guys staking where could you see harmony, one go at the end of this year. I would love to know your thoughts down below you guys know my stance, i think harmony. One can easily smash past one dollar, this bull run alone, but only time is going to tell but yeah keep supporting me guys. Your support is been absolutely insane and i love each and every one of you guys keep liking, commenting and subscribing thats literally all i ask for, and that would mean the world to me. I love you all. I appreciate all the support that you guys showed me wrote 200 000 subscriber and i know cryptozx family is going to get there. I love you all stay safe out. There, safety, health and family comes first and everything else absolutely comes later.