I really appreciate it lets jump in the video market cap just a quick glance. I i got ta take a quick glance: three trillion dollar market cap. What what boggles my mind if you just open this up and and take a glance – and we ive been doing videos right for almost four years here, almost every day, daily, crypto videos talking all through this area, like just look at this december 2018: 103 billion dollar Market cap and look at the path that we just took through a trillion through two trillion up to 3 trillion, like sometimes i just sit here im just like. Are you serious? Did that really play out the way that a lot of us were really thinking? It would a lot of us were really hoping it would, and the answer is yeah so far it has and i think its going to continue. Everybody lets go to bitcoin on the weekly and then well pivot to cardano. Just please note. This is not financial advice. Everybody says me tracking the data, its extremely reliable on these macro charts. It has been reliable. Will it continue to be so we will see, but this is not financial advice uh. This is just my journey. This is my crypto journey, and this is what it looks like on the weekly all time high right there. What i want to talk about real, quick is, is, and were going to dig into this move, but coming down off of that recent all time high to a very pivotal area which im going to show you on the daily and then just this move right here.

Right here, coming back up and then coming down as a consolidation, a higher low right here at this 20 week, moving average very, very similar vibes to this move and were going to dig into this on the daily coming off of this move. This is a 1618 macro bounce in july of 2017, but coming off of that move, right up and consolidation to the 20 week moving average. So this consolidation move right here very similar, in my view, to right here and continuation lets, go to a daily chart and talk about that real, quick, so heres, actually thats a six hour lets go to the daily chart. Heres the daily chart and a couple things are going on here and i want to just really paint the picture very nicely because it looks like theres a lot but check this out. If youve been watching my youtube channel. You know from the last bull market high to the bear market low. You know about the bull market door area, this november, breakout this green rectangle, the bull market doors but weve also tracked this the one six one eight of the same fibonacci and that one six one eight got a balance of support that we were tracking. This was our case for the continuation of the bull market. Even after this huge dip, we were tracking the one six one eight bounce and it happened beautifully now, keep in mind the same exact with the same exact fibonacci on the macro.

The same exact type of bounce happened off of 1618 in the middle of the last bull market. I talk about this often but heres. The move off of that balance, bitcoin continued up and then kind of consolidated back down before continuation and in the process. Breaking all time highs off of this bounce consolidation up to break all time highs its a very similar move, and if we go to the weekly now – and we illustrate this – let me close this six hour because i keep opening it. If we illustrate this on the weekly chart, this is what im seeing – and this is kind of where i think we are in this bull market, so theres that one 618 bounce back in 2017 – and here right here. Let me get my brush right. Here is the 161 bounce 168 bounce right now, 2021, so theres, the bounce there heres this upward consolidation to the 20 week moving average and then boom and then back here, heres the 1 618 bounce right here, theres this upwork and upward move and then consolidation to The 20 week moving average similar to what we just had off the 20 week moving average and then boom to new all time highs. So in terms of where we are on these charts, it very much so looks like were right around here from a technical area. Not so much from a time frame area. What i want to do is look at the daily chart and keep this in mind back then, when we got the one six one eight bounce, and this is kind of where i think we are in the bull market.

It was 363 days post the 2020 or im sorry 2016, having 363 days for bitcoin in that bull market, to get this 1618 bounce this time around the 1618 bounce from the 2020 having took 500 and 32 days im. Sorry it took 421 days, but it was definitely longer its definitely been a longer cycle, as we all know what we all have realized. Weve all talked about its been a longer cycle and so to get that one six one, eight bounce it took longer after the 2021 have or 2020 having, therefore, from where we are right now, theres quite likely a bunch of bull market left in my opinion and To dig deeper into that that notion real, quick uh this area, this 168 bounce was 70 percent of the way to the bull market high, so basically from the 2016 having to the one six one, eight balance, that was seventy percent of the way to the all Time high, if we do the same thing, take the same logic, this 2020, having to the 168 bounce, if that was 70 percent to the next bitcoin all time, high bull market high that would take us into january january would be kind of that that top off Area for bitcoin many people, probably thinking it, could definitely go longer and it very well could. But the data suggests that january meaning a couple months at the very least, very, very, very possible, and i dont want to say likely, but in my opinion, likely for bitcoin, especially when youre looking at the weekly and youre.

Looking at all these other indicators, youre looking at on chain, metrics theres a lot of awesome talent out there watching that stuff. I dont cover the on chain metrics that much, but when youre looking at all these things, youre looking at the demand of bitcoin, there is such a case that bitcoin is going to continue up in the next uh couple months. So will it happen? You got to be careful everybody you really do, but the data is suggesting its its in play and the data has been very reliable everything from the bull market doors back here in november, the one six one, eight bounce – that we got uh when we were saying Hey were still in the in the bull market. Lets see continuation of the bull market. We got the balance, and here we are all time, high months later, patience of course, but here we are all time high lets pivot. Now to you know it cordano. I left this open real, quick, just i wanted to leave it open. The cardano was a stable coin. This was from my last video. I wont have this there, every video, but i just i thought its really glaringly uh obvious – to put this here to illustrate that cardano is not in fact a staple coin. So actually, while im recording the video ill delete it right, so cardano is a stable coin. Cardano was a stable coin, cordano was a stable coin and the whole point is what happened after after all, that market sentiment about cardano being a stable coin.

What happened after cardano took off, cardano took off, cardano took off, cardano took off, and here we are cordon is a stablecoin. Well lets see what happens so here it is on the weekly chart, the just a couple things i want to note. We talked about how the last weekly candle was going to close. Basically, yesterday we wanted to see a green candle. We wanted to see it above the 20 week moving average, as i zoom in here. You can see that green weekly candle closed above the 20 week. Moving average, its a green candle and now cardano, even getting some separation above and away from the 20 week, moving average on the weekly really important for cardano the thing im watching is this: this downtrend that weve been in on the momentum, oscillator slower moving momentum oscillator, The downtrend since february, can we break this trend line? This could be the parabolic phase for cardano were going to continue monitoring that if you look at the macd, a momentum shift is in play could take a could take a couple more weeks. You can see kind of a very similar upward shift here in the last macd in august um, and here we are its starting, the histogram, starting to kind of turn back to a light red as we approach the zero uh, hopefully on the histogram, so thats, the Weekly there could be a huge huge shift happening, but where does it start? It starts at resistance, and it starts here on the daily chart.

The daily chart first piece of resistance that blue line that blue line everybody the 50 day moving average for any cryptochart. It is so big so huge, we call it like the i. I call it the ocean of resistance, because its just such a huge indicator and a helpful indicator in terms of what is next for any crypto. So if i go to settings real quick, this is how i kind of like to illustrate it. If i open the histogram on this check, this out were in the ocean right. But in these these bullish moves. You see, you see, bitcoin, you see cordano, you see whatever any car any crypto in these upward trends. You see them just exploding out of that ocean. Its like a dolphin is how ive always explained it and seeing support above the ocean right so thats. The move were looking for and you can just see right now on cardano right now. It is right below the 50 day moving average its right around two dollars and thirteen cents now confluent with that is very important resistance on the six hour, which is literally what im just im watching its. What im watching right now its what we tracked in the last video? It is this range and its this last fibonacci uh before the drop off right. This last consolidation swing high to the swing low. We already saw this resistance one time right here. This range 212 down to around 205, this green rectangle of resistance cardano on the six hour grappling with it right now and right now.

Actually, as i do this video, we just opened a group, a new green six hour candle. So the first thing that i wanted to see number one is: where does this six hour candle close not very far? Above it? It is literally at 212, just slightly above the exact 786 line. So right now for me, were still in resistance right so because we have the 212 at the 786. But remember on that daily chart right. Around 213 is the 50 day moving average that we just looked at theres the 50 day moving average, and you can see cardano with this new uh. This new candle opening on the daily chart guess what we are just below and its a red candle right now, but it literally just opened like one minute exactly ago. So we have to see how this plays out. But what im watching for – and this is pretty much why i want to do this card on a video. I want to see what happens at this exact moment the 50 day moving average. Can we get a? Can we get a daily move, a daily candle, a daily green candle above and closing above that 20 that 50 day moving average? This whole entire downtrend were talking about all the way back from all time. High all the way back here, beginning of september, cardano has not done it right, so we are very close, because this daily candle has just closed it.

It almost closed above the 50 day. Moving average and now were in a new daily candle. What will the next 24 hours bring the next 24 hours? I think ill put it in the title of this. Video are important for cardano, and that is why now lets note something real, quick from just a pattern perspective if were looking at what actually is taking place cardano, even though its in this resistance area, it did break out of this upper trend line of this descending Triangle that you see here in yellow its a very good sign do not be surprised at all if theres resistance at the 212 213 area that we just tracked and were coming back down to trickle along this entire upper trend line, do not be surprised at all. If cardanos testing two dollars once again, but can cardano make the move, can it can it see the breakout that were all waiting for uh? This is what it would look like: theres the daily 50 day, moving average – and here is the six hour chart currently sitting at resistance and remember that resistance is this little consolidation area to that swing, low right back up to the 212 area? To that put that a 213 but 212 to 205. were in resistance lets see what cardano does everybody. I really appreciate you cruising by. If youre not staking your cardano stake with ccv3 were growing. These pools theres a lot of really cool things in the works.

Um. Really cool things in the works that were going to be talking about, hopefully, in the next couple of weeks, in terms of uh participating in you know certain projects that are doing certain things right. Many of you are aware ill just say i mean we we applied for the sunday swap the iso, but also just on the other end of the equation. Uh, what were doing is just really cool stuff with place of hope. We q and 2. We q and t stake, pool weve been doing stuff with um, but place of hope. We have a cool announcement coming with them uh and what theyre doing and all of your support as we grow these pools as we grow, crypto capital venture were doing really cool things with it and i think theres a lot more to come. God willing so lets see what happens everybody. I really appreciate you uh subscribe.