My name is donovan jolly and welcome everybody once again for another amazing video of diy, investing for todays video im going to be dropping some major alpha on the markets to keep you guys on the best path; profitability that i foresee happening by the end of the Year, i have two ecosystems that i believe are about to see one of the biggest alt seasons inside of each of these ecosystems that weve ever seen amongst the rest of the market. We have so many different cryptos that are popping off when this happens. The underlying ecosystem of tokens do phenomenally well and for todays video im gon na be sharing with you guys, two of my favorite ecosystems that i think are gon na have one of the biggest rises in value over the next couple months and some of my favorite Tokens built underneath each ecosystem that you guys can go out, do your own research and actually check these out. I firmly believe were going to be seeing some easy 10 to 20 x, plus gains over the next couple months in some of these ecosystems and so understanding exactly which ones are going to be. The best of those to invest in is the most important part. So, im going to be sharing with you guys, all of my picks, giving you guys an update on bitcoin so that we can stay as profitable as possible to close out the end of this bull run.

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Bitcoin has now gone back into price discovery, weve pretty much flipped. The all time highs, uh previous. All time highs now has support going into new all time highs, and this is literally just setting us up for the biggest rally inside the crypto markets that weve seen. Maybe not so much as far as percent return with bitcoin, but when you come to the final end of the blow off top in each cycle, this is where the most amount of new money floods into the market. This is an opportunity for us all to make a ton of money off all coins, theres going to be a ton of opportunity in nfts, literally anything with crypto its going to be very profitable, because this is really the ending of all of it. This is where all of the hype kind of comes into one big mania blow off top, and then we end that as the bull market, then we go back into the new bear market. And so right now guys, where were at today is an exciting point, because we are now entering back into price discovery. This is where were gon na see, bitcoin make that leap upwards of 100k plus and its gon na happen really quick. I still see people doubting the end of the year blow off top how bitcoin could hit 200k within just a month or two and im here to tell you guys that im still very confident with that analysis and well get through here just barely by talking about One of my favorite little bits thats easy to understand its anybody can follow along.

You dont have to have a ton of expert trading knowledge and background to go off of understanding this, and so i like to use this a lot, its basically just mapping out the fibonacci relationships. If we come all the way back here to the first cycle, where we ever had a bitcoin having and we measure wave three the entire length of wave three back down to the bottom point of the sell off thats, what gives us our end of the year Targets – and we can see that all the way back here in 2013, our targets were the four two three six and the three six one eight we saw bitcoin rally all the way up and hit the very edge of these fibonacci targets. Now whats interesting to me is how we did the exact same thing in 2017. If we measure how late, if we measure the length of the three wave back down to the low point of the selloff, that gives us our fibonacci targets for the end of the year. And once again, we topped at those exact same points of time right between the 361a and the 4236 thats, where bitcoin got the top of its bull cycle. Now guys were following the same time frames once again, we measure from the low of wave three down to the high back down to the midpoint, and we look at this were looking at a four two three six to the three six one, eight, just as we Always have which is going to be taking us to 250 000 upwards of 290 000 per bitcoin.

I still firmly believe that this is going to be our targets to close out the end of the cycle. The cycles are so identical up to this point, with 2013 being the easiest to identify between the similarities here and so guys. We have so many great tools, so many different analysis, so many different analysts are kind of showing the exact same thing through a multitude of different uh ways of actually showing that through technical analysis. But one of the things i can say without a doubt guys is historically we have topped in between these fibonacci levels. We topped each of the last two cycles that way now, if were comparing the current cycle that were into each of the last two cycles. Thus far, the time frames are the same, and so im going to continue to stick to these three six one into the four two three six, which should be taking us around. These time frames close to the end of the year as we get closer towards the beginning of 2022. We should expect some major cycle top with bitcoin kind of doing it first and then the altcoins following after and so guys were still right on path with everything. Now the bitcoins breaking those all time high now that bitcoins breaking those all time highs were about to head into price discovery. I honestly think that 100k is going to be coming really quickly and it might be 100k before bitcoin sees any type of major sell off and it might be a little bit earlier.

90, 000, but id say 90 to 100 000. Well see bitcoin go up really quickly, it might get a short term liquidation event where a lot of people take profits. It causes a big wick, but i think immediately were just going to keep going up in this cycle, and so, while this happens guys, the point of me talking about this is to pretty much just summarize why i believe that theres going to be so much new Money coming into the market is because bitcoin has proven us that these all time highs are no longer resistance and were now going into new all time highs. This is when we see all of the new money flood into the markets and understanding where the bulk of this value is going to be flooding in is very important because thats how we can go about investing into other opportunities and making and compounding more wealth along The way – and the thing i want to talk to you guys about today is actually the two chains that i think are going to be providing some of the biggest gains as we wrap up the end of the year. Now these two cryptos have been on a nice tear over the last couple months, some of them even longer than that, but the tokens inside of the ecosystems have kind of been uh overlooked. Theyre not talked about very much and thats. Why? I wanted to get to those todays video, so lets talk about the first one on todays list and that is going to be solana.

So guys solana has been on one of the greatest rises in price that weve ever seen in the history of crypto. Really i mean this is right up there as far as what happened with ethereum and solana. When i look at this chart, it honestly kind of makes me sad because i bought salada at 60 cents and i sold it uh. So right here is where i bought my solana literally almost the exact bottom. You possibly could and i sold it over here like an idiot, so i mean i missed out on. You know itll probably hit a thousand x by the end of this year, from where i bought. I honestly think six hundred dollars will get tagged. You know thats not that far off from here, and so i missed down on a thousand x potential, but you know nonetheless, even though it sucks i missed out on this ive been looking heavily under the ecosystem of tokens built on solana. So guys, as you guys know, all of these major cryptos that are ecosystems basically like ethereum, where ethereum allows us to build our own cryptos, you know create our own smart contracts and all of that good stuff. Ethereum is an economy right all these cryptos that build under ethereum over all of these cryptos that build on ethereum, ultimately help ethereum grow. So if one of the cryptos under ethereum does well, it automatically helps ethereum do well, and so all of these different cryptos that have underlying ecosystems, ive always said that those were going to be the best investments, because they have the highest upside potential.

When you have so many other cryptos being built under you lets, say a handful of those tokens underneath the ecosystem do really well thats automatically going to make your overlying ecosystem. In this case, solana do well as a whole and thats exactly what weve seen except weve kind of seen, the opposite. There really hasnt been there really hasnt, been very many tokens underneath solana that have exploded its really just been solana itself and so thats. Why? I believe were actually going to see a ton of new money, trickling out of solana and start going into these underlying tokens built on solana and so its really important that we understand this, because when this happens, when all of this new money starts to trickle back Into the underlying ecosystem were going to see some massive returns to be made in some of these underlying tokens and thats. Why? I wanted to cover in todays video? So if youve been watching solana – and you want to get exposure to some of these different tokens under solana, ill teach, you guys a really good way to go about finding some of this stuff. So if you come over here and you go to so, if you come over here and go to coingecko and you come over to the top, where it says coins, you can actually come back down to where it says categories, and you can click on this now Guys this is where youre gon na get all of these different kinds of categories.

Now the one that were talking about right now is solana ecosystem. So, if you guys come down here, these are going to be cryptos that are built on the solana ecosystem. These are all going to be tokens available inside of solana and you guys can actually come all the way down here. You can look at the market caps. You can find some of these lower market cap stuff and you can buy some of this stuff, because at the end of the day, its going to start doing phenomenally well were going to see a lot of these altcoins do really well, and so i wanted to Give you guys one for days, video and that is going to be step finance. Now this one in the short term is pretty close to where i originally bought im up a little bit in profit but im, giving you guys an entry thats, almost the exact same as mine and the vips. Now i wanted to give you guys this opportunity, because i firmly believe that were going to see a big rise coming in step, finance price – and i like this chart, because when you zoom out its got a lot of upside potential, theres, not very much resistance. Theres. A ton of volume that came in here and this entire move is just a one wave right. Weve only ever had three impulse waves, which means that the next one coming is most likely going to get very parabolic.

We saw five impulse waves. We got our abc correction back down, however, you want to draw that, but this is literally just a w a one wave and so honestly guys, i really wouldnt be surprised to see this thing go all the way up back to those previous all time highs and Potentially, making a new all time high, i fully expect this will make a new all time high at some point. The question is: how many pullbacks do we get before that ends up taking place, but i love this chart guys. I think that this is a really undervalued, crypto thats, going to do really well from where were at today. If we manage to come all the way up to the top of this wick thats, like a 3x return, if we retest the all time highs, thats just under an 8x return, so i think that this ones gon na be a really good pick to actually get. I know a lot of really popular influencers are jumping on board with this. I accumulated this one a couple weeks ago, so im currently just sitting holding uh gon na see what happens with it, but if you guys are looking for exposure to an underlying solana ecosystem token, i think that this ones a great opportunity. I like this one, not so much, because i know exactly what it is from a fundamental perspective, but i love the chart of this. I think the chart really shows us how strong this actually is and were about to see a big move.

Coming with this new volume were starting to see an uptick of volume coming in here with this breakout were starting to flip this previous resistance at support. I bet theres a huge move that comes, and so, if you guys want to get uh, so if you guys actually do want to manage to get some exposure to this, you just come over here and you search up step its a little bit of a higher Market cap i mean its already at 177., its already at 172 million so thats. Another reason why i wanted to give you guys this one, its higher cap, its a little bit safer pick, but i still think its going to go on a massive run now, if you guys come down to markets and you scroll down, these are actually going to Be the places that you can get it if you have a gate, dot, io thats, the centralized exchange that you guys can buy it from mexc is a decentralized exchange. Um. The one that i personally used was orca and orca is pretty much my favorite decks to use inside of the salon. Ecosystem. Radium works really well as well, so i mean you guys can go for that too, but at the end of the day i use orca a lot of the time. It seems to be the easiest one for me to use its most user friendly. So if you guys are looking to actually pick some of this up, i would go between either gate radium or orca.

These are all going to be solid, picks, and so you guys are going to have to actually use um a solana, ecosystem wallet and so for that you guys are just gon na go and download the phantom wallet so phantom go and search that and ill link. All of this stuff in the description, so you guys, can actually go ahead and find it, but its just going to be this one right here: and if you guys download the phantom wallet deposit, some um yeah it doesnt really matter. I guess you just deposit solana to make it easy, if you guys do if you guys deposit some solana inside of your wallet, you can actually go ahead and use orca and buy um step finance. So this is just a way that you guys can get connected in with solana, theres gon na be so many other tokens under solana that do well so remember guys to use your resources come over here, um to coin gecko, go under coins and then go to Categories and find solana ecosystem. You guys are going to be able to find a good. You guys are going to be able to find a ton of undervalued investments that are surely to do very well now. One other thing i want to talk to you guys about is actually the avalanche ecosystem, so right down here, this is avac, so avalanche is another crypto that you know is really superior when it comes to the transaction fees and the speeds ive used it, it works.

Really well, i love it way more than ethereum, and i believe that as i and i believe that, as avac starts to really do well like it already has. I think that the underlying ecosystem tokens are going to do well as a whole, so heres once again, where you guys can find the top avalanche ecosystem tokens. You guys can come down here scroll through all these sort by marquee cap sort by volume. Whatever you guys look for – and you guys can find all of that stuff here once again, the same way that salon is going to take off and its going to have a ton of alt season token its going to have a ton of tokens going into alt Season inside of its ecosystem, i think the same exact thing is going to be playing out for avalanche as a whole, and so finding these two chains specifically investing into some of the picks inside of them. I think theyre going to provide some of the best gains to close out the end of the year. Some of the safer gains, because weve already seen how well avax and solana have done now. The token that i wanted to share with you guys today for the avac system is actually going to be joe. Now this one once again is pretty close to my initial entry price. This is one that i think is going to be a really solid bet. Its very similar market cap to the last one i just gave you that was built on solana.

But basically, what joe is joe is a decentralized exchange built on avax, and so you guys can use trader joe to go and swap into a number of different avax. Kryptos you guys thats predominantly the one ive used ive actually used two of them at this point. Ive used ive used pangolin and ive used joe, but you know i actually hold both of those, but the one im talking about today is just joe, and i think that this ones setting up for a nice move on the upside. What we can see here is just your classic example of a one. Two three four five impulse followed by an abc correction back down, weve made a higher high and then this most recent move that we saw here is pretty much the exact same thing, its just a fractal of this, and so what you can see is stacking one Wave, this is wave one of one. This is wave one of three and so whats coming next is wave three of three. Where, honestly, i just expect this thing to take off massive green candles into price discovery hard to tell exactly how high its going to go. Hard to tell when theres going to be a dip its just because its super undervalued, this thing hasnt really made any sort of significant market cycle. This is just a short term impulse, followed by a following two wave impulse, and so this is just the beginning of each of these, and so i honestly think were going to see this thing.

Take off really hard. Ten dollars is going to be easy. I far, sir, i see us way past that, at the end of the day, i think 10 is a safe pick, though, which is like two and a half x approximately. I think this thing is going to go a lot higher, guys thats the thing this one in the same way that we saw pancake swap take off once binance coin really started doing well. I honestly think that joe is going to do the exact same thing, and so, with this one being fairly undervalued, i mean if we come over here, its going to have a little bit of a higher market cap 3′ mil. But if this thing starts tacking up, you know 10 billion plus in market cap, which it most likely will thats still a really great return and thats a great return on an ecosystem. That, in my opinion, is a safer bet. If avax is going to keep doing really well, all of the underlying tokens are going to do well and honestly, if youve ever used, avax like i have it works. Well, it works great same with solana. I like to use both of these, especially if youre worried about transaction fees. Honestly everybodys really excited about uniswap, but when it comes to using uniswap, you know you have to pay 200 bucks now at this point just to transact and buy it or sell it. So youre getting screwed over by the gas fees, all of that stuff, really sucks and so thats.

Actually, why ive started using avax and why ive started using solana is because theyve done well phenomenally well from the very beginning regardless, but mainly just because of how easy it is for everybody to use these ecosystems and all the really all you guys have to do. Youre going to have to add these to a meta mask well, specifically for the avax ecosystem, theres, an actual uh network that you can add for the avalanche ecosystem on your metamask. But when it comes to solana download a phantom wallet, if you guys have a phantom wallet, youll, be able to connect all of the dexes with solana to actually connect to the dexes on avax. All you have to do is just add the avax network into your metamask wallet, but if you guys do all of that, its super simple, all you have to do is just google it. Once again, i will link all of that in the description. So, if you guys are interested, you guys want to go, learn more about this stuff, simply just go in the description. This video. I will share all of that for you guys so that you guys can stay a best ahead, but my two picks are going to be joe and step finance. I think that these are great, undervalued, picks that are going to perform really well. I think that these are safer picks. I have more lower cap cryptos than both of these inside of the ecosystems, but i wanted to make sure that i was giving you guys a solid one that i think is going to be.

You know great gains, but a little bit safer of a pick, and so these are two of my picks everythings going to be linked in the description for you guys to go ahead and check out big things are coming inside the crypto markets. As all of this new money, stepping into the market everythings going into new all time highs, expect these two cryptos to do well, along with everything else under these two ecosystems. Thank you all so much for the support. Thank you all so much for watching this video. If you found value in this video leave a like comment and subscribe hit that notification bell, so you dont miss out on any of these amazing videos. If you guys would like to join the discord, server or download my free ebook links are going to be provided for you in the description for the people, whod like to simply just go and join my group, my vip my course my signals all of that stuff. If you guys want to know what im doing with my money, you want to see all of my other picks for solana, all my other picks for avax, all of my other picks in general, along with profit taking at the end of the year and diversifying into Stocks, all of that stuffs, going to be taught inside of my discord server, and so, if you guys want to follow along with all of my money, moves over the course of your life as long as im doing this channel as long as im investing my money, You guys are going to get full access to that its a lifetime membership, one time payment, so if you guys do want to get access to all of that, links are going to be provided for you in the description.