Im michael and in this video were going to look at bitcoin breaking back into fresh. All time highs back into price discovery. The bull market that weve, been following along with for months, is still in full swing, so now were going to check out how far how long it could run for and im going to share with you, the most important thing, at least in my opinion, the most Important thing that we need to be watching as this bull market unfolds, but first i will remind you that everything i say is general information. Only everybody must do their own research and trade and invest at their own risk. Just a few hours ago, i put it out there to twitter. How long does this bull market leg, starting from june this year, the leg that started just a few months ago? How long does it have left and you can see that about 60 ive only had 300 votes, but 60 are saying about one to three months, so lets jump into the chart and ill also share with you, like, i said, probably the most important thing to look Out for as the bull market unfolds before speculating how long this bull market could run for, i always go back to the past. Technical analysis is based on history, repeating so thats why we get things like double tops and double bottoms, or we get the market correcting to 50 of the ranges, which is something that i show on this channel over and over again.

So if we go back to history, to look at the last bear markets, how long the market moved up before seeing a significant bear market thats what these numbers are on the chart. So we ran up for about 114 days before seeing over a 12 month correction. It ran for 410 days down, then the next bull market that we had ran for about 1068 days. Now, of course, there are a bunch of corrections along the way, but were looking at macro time frames and macro bull markets, then thats. What im checking out here, but after we put in another 1068 days, the market fell for 364 days just under a year, so where we are right now were getting to the upper end of the previous cycles. Of that 1100 odd days give or take. You know 100 days looking at some pretty macro things here, so we do need some fair tolerances. But what we also know about technical analysis is that we can get expansion and contraction. We can get lengthening cycles and shortening cycles and, as we know its something like elliott wave, we can get wave extensions. So all of this has to be read in conjunction with what the markets actually doing, but thats what ill be showing you later in this video. So if youre already running the numbers through your head, you can see that were about nine days off this cycle and were about 80 days off this cycle.

So everyone on twitter, thats, looking at about one to three months, is pretty close. If were just going off this, but before i speculate on how long this market could go well just check out one other chart first. So what were looking at right now is what bitcoin has done before putting in a massive crash bear market 80 or more thats? What were checking out here and the numbers are representing how long the market ran up for, without basically putting in a lower price at all, at least on the weekly chart. So weve got nine weeks of almost consecutive high prices week over week. Then we had 13, 8 and 13. and if you look at the incline of the line, weve got these lines that are going pretty much vertical and what thats telling us is thats. When the market is euphoric, price discovery is when the market breaks into fresh, all time highs and theres, no previous history to go off and why thats important is because, when there is previous history say we hit bitcoin at 64 000 bucks. Then we fell below, as the market started to climb again, the masses and the retail can see were getting to 50 60 grand and they can kind of price and start telling themselves that this is expensive. Now this is too high. The market has to fall whether its right or wrong is another story, but this is the narrative that people tell themselves, but once we get into price discovery, theres, no previous selling, nothing else to value bitcoin against or whatever the market is at that price.

And what also happens at these times is the mainstream media will pump the crypto, the bitcoin narrative and, if its, not crypto, if its the stock market, it can be any market property. The mainstream media will pump it and then the masses also start getting on board. They can see that theres, no previous history, or at least its the highest price, thats ever traded and then greed fomo, all of that kicks in and that just causes the masses everybody to just keep buying, no matter the price because theres no history of whats expensive. Now these parabolic moves like we can see on the chart here. This is when euphoria sets in and if were looking at history and bitcoin in particular, right now, the euphoria theres always been a euphoric move before the market has crashed its in these periods that its the easiest for the market to move up. It can move up very quickly and much higher than anyone ever anticipates if youre starting to look at the chart at where we are right now and youre thinking were not seeing any of that euphoria. Yet we could have a lot harder to go. Then i tend to agree with: you were not seeing that extreme pump were not seeing. The euphoria were not seeing the parabolic move. So these numbers that we want to keep in mind now are between 8 to 13 weeks. So does that mean weve only got 8 to 13 weeks left before this market tops out? Well, no, i dont think so, because we havent even started to go vertical.

What i think we could be seeing is something similar like we saw in 2017, and this is a pattern that ive brought up before this helped us realize that we could be seeing a correction when we broke into all time highs. A few weeks ago, at 67 grand and this pattern is what helped us identify that and keep on top of the market and im saying i think we could be seeing another pattern somewhat like that and what i mean by that is. We may see the market just kind of creep around and creep up and, for me, thatd be an incredibly bullish, sign, even more bullish than being in all time highs, and we could do that for the next couple of months. Maybe – and it could be from that point after creeping up for just a few months – that we do start to go parabolic and looking at the incline. The consecutive weeks up on the chart is going to be so important as this bull market unfolds. So nows the time for some speculation for how long how far this market could go so where we are right now lets say that we did kind of track around continue to climb, or you know, just kind of hover – around steady modest gains for the next one. To two months lets call it about two months: thatll get us to about the start of january, then lets say from then we get this incline.

We get this parabolic euphoria into the market that could get us out for another. We looked at 8 to 13 weeks. Lets call it about 10 to 12 weeks that will get us out to around the middle or end of march, so that means theres still over three months going off these rough calculations, based on what some patterns have done in the past, that we could be seeing In this bull market – and obviously this is just speculation for a bit of fun, but we do have some data and some history that were working off to give us a framework of what could come up now. Theres, always conditions involved. Of course, as technical analysts were looking at support and resistance and were looking for levels to hold to continue the narrative that were looking at and what i mean by that is provided important lows. Hold such as the forty thousand dollar low or the fifty eight thousand dollar low, provided they hold that its going to keep the market putting in higher bottoms and in a continued uptrend and thats. Obviously, what bull markets need to continue the bull market narrative and keep putting in higher prices? We dont want to see lows broken for a bull market that would obviously change the definition of the market structure, but from where i sit with bitcoin and heaps of crypto. In price discovery, its obviously a fantastic time to be in cryptocurrency now, if this video has helped you in any way or you think it could help someone else, whos, questioning, bitcoin or crypto, or how long the market will go.

Thinking that the top is potentially in. Please do share it around because itll help the crypto community. It may even help the channel get to 10 000 subs, but my aim is for it to help people for something clear and definable to look out for, and that is the parabolic move. The euphoria the time not to be suckered in too much as the market climbs really high with it really quickly thats. My aim is to help people have a clear path and a plan. Something to look out for as the bull market unfolds share it around.