Overall, we do have some all coins surging as well. Uh litecoin, finally catching up here up 20. So in this video, just a quick update on the markets and some news – and i do want to talk about the launch of my nft – set coming up very soon as well. So before we get started, i do want to remind you guys, im donating 25 cents to charity and 25 cents back to the community for every new subscriber on the channel. So i do appreciate you guys, subscribing and helping spread the word Music, so everythings. Looking pretty great in the crypto space, everything up a few percent across the board bitcoin broke all time highs. Ethereum broke all time highs around the same time as well. We have bmb up to 650 dollars. We have solana around 250. uh, the only one thats not catching up here is tether and cardano right now uh, but i did a recent video on cardona when i actually think thats going to start recovering so uh. Besides that, uh surprisingly, we do have litecoin up 18 um closing in on 250 right now, and we do have avalanche at 90 dollars getting very close to a hundred dollars that just broke all time highs once again as well. I have been holding that out. So very likely that avalanche will be breaking a hundred dollars soon, especially bitcoin is testing seventy thousand dollars, so that will be crazy, seeing bitcoin break seventy 000 for the first time.

We also have ethereum approaching 5 000 for the first time ever and something else crazy that just happened. Crypto global market cap just broke three trillion dollars for the first time ever as well. Things are looking great here, as you guys can see after that market recovery. So, with bitcoin continuing in this uptrend continuing to break previous, all time highs its looking more likely that bitcoin will be back on that stock to flow model that we have been talking about since the beginning of the market crash. So new, all time, high renews faith in plan bs prediction of 98 000 bitcoin by december, so thats the low target, as well as 98 000 minimum very likely to be breaking a hundred thousand dollar bitcoin by end of year. It could even happen uh in this month with the way that things can go in the crypto space, as you guys have seen, and if we do get bitcoin at doing that were gon na be seeing some all coins going parabolic doing much higher return on investment Than bitcoin, which is always what im looking for, instead of investing in the top cryptos like we talked about in yesterdays video, the higher risk, the higher reward so uh, with less risk in bitcoin and ethereum since theyre the top cryptos, everyone trusts them the most thats. What institutions invest in it also takes much more money to pump those cryptocurrencies as well. So when things are looking great for all cryptos, some all coins are going to go parabolic in a short period of time.

So another very bullish, article on bitcoin analysts expect parabolic bitcoin price move. After the last resistance at 67, 000 falls. Bitcoin did break that things are looking good, so theres just one final resistance level, which was 67 000. According to that, the sky is the limit at this point, so the bulls are in control and will probably remain as such by end of year. So a hundred thousand dollar bitcoin is definitely still in the cards, as you guys know, with how the crypto space acts. This can happen by end of week, even so um we do have to keep that in mind. We can also crash at any point as well with some really bad news, so the squeeze is just beginning and now that we did break previous all time highs. Theres. No resistance left bitcoin is in price discovery mode and we can see this skyrocket in a short period of time so where this actually lands uh, we have no idea. I do think theres gon na be resistance at seventy thousand dollars, of course uh. But beyond that, we could be jumping upwards to eighty thousand dollars very quickly, as weve seen in these last bull runs here that it is comparing to historical fractals suggests an approaching price spike. So, according to this, if history repeats bitcoin will be spiking above two hundred thousand dollars, very temporarily, of course, i dont think this is going to uh repeat exactly the same and going forward.

I think things are going to be much different as well. I dont think were going to get parabolic moves like we used to for bitcoin and then correct into extended bear markets for three to four years, and i do think we are gon na uh continue getting bear markets here and there, but theyre gon na be much Shorter as well with so much mass adoption happening, i think uh, just negative things with regulations and laws are gon na, be what uh sends bitcoin into temporary bear markets. But i really dont think theyre gon na be lasting three to four years, like they used to with previous cycles. So something major right now thats happening for mass adoption is all the major payment processes across the world. Uh, visa, mastercard, paypal and others are all getting into crypto related services, because this is the future of money. It is going to be on blockchain, whether its stable coins or cryptocurrencies everythings, going to be on the blockchain and uh. These payment processors do have to adapt. We do have news today: breaking mastercard launches crypto, linked cards across asia, pacific and uh were continuing to get news from mastercard and visa visa even bought a crypto punk nft. So we do have accessibility to cryptocurrencies, only increasing at a very rapid pace. At the same time, we do have governments printing trillions of dollars, inflation kicking in very heavily so everyones, looking for alternative uh solutions to store their money, where theyre not going to lose purchasing power on their savings, where theyre actually going to gain purchasing power thats where People want to put their money and all of these payment processors are making that possible.

The more accessibility we get, the more people that will be able to invest in cryptocurrencies and the bigger the space will get overall, so thats pretty much it for the crypto news. I do want to quickly go over my nfp set, which is launching very soon so i will be launching the discord chat as well as uh the website that will reveal the utility and more information about the nft, hopefully tomorrow, if not then probably um on wednesday, But everythings, looking good to go were just doing the final touches on this and uh. We do want to wait until gas fees do go down a bit before doing the actual mint, so the mint could be by the weekend. It could be sometime early next week. Its really going to depend uh when gas fees go down, so more information will come with the launch of discord and the website. I will post links to those on my official twitter account and possibly do a video on it tomorrow as well. So follow me over at jrny crypto. There will be links in the video description as well make sure its. My official account always verify your sources. There will be scammers out there, especially after i uh reveal the card and everything so just be very careful. Only follow links from my official twitter and youtube account and dont believe anything else, and i will be posting uh more information about the mint from my official twitter account as well.

So im excited to finally get all of this going and have you guys on the journey with me? I do have some big announcements. I will be rolling out over the next couple weeks and everyone that does get this nft, keep in mind its like getting three nfts in one, because having this nft will be a mint pass to my next two sets and i will be doing quarterly road maps For this, as well, uh hiring a full team to deliver as much utility and value as possible to you guys so really looking forward to all of this and right off the bat. When you guys get the nft, you will be able to enter the private channels and discord where i will be posting uh, private, nft, update videos and uh. You can chat with everyone else in the community as well. So thank you guys so much for watching.