Do not forget to subscribe to this youtube channel and also do not forget to check out my twitter and instagram, where im making daily content on the market and finally, do not forget to like this youtube update and that is free, doesnt cost. You anything helps me a lot. That would be great if you do it so first, one we have to discuss is litecoin and, as a matter of fact, the price action is comparable to any of those that have been happening in 2019 and 2020.. If we are looking back in history, um weve seen this sell off happening in may 2015, as well. Weve seen a massive run since, as the price has been accelerating quite fast, into a run of more than 400 percent, we did see the exact same happening in 2017, in which we just had a massive sell off, resulting in the big breakout after a new level. Has been reclaimed through which iran was ready to happen as we see with the support resistance flip, and then we started to accelerate with a very comparable amount of percentage right. So we did see the exact same happening here in which weve had a run of 600 percent 2018. We also know that we had a massive sell off during the fact the bitcoin reached all time high and after that, weve also had another massive run up, which were the two big old seasons. Back in the day, 2019 weve also witnessed such a run, in which we reclaimed a very important level, after which we started to continue, and that is the essence of the current update.

The markets and most of the older altcoins and thats currently like litecoin, has been trending south since the all time high in 2018., so we didnt really see any massive old season. Yet it has been a selective one in which layer ones were moving last year. It was defy, and apart from that, weve seen a slight run of litecoin during march and june of this year, which resulted in a massive crash since because of the correction of bitcoin taking place. But what we do see is that the trend is still moving south and history has been giving that too, in which yes, im also bullish on litecoin. As a matter of fact that i still believe that those older altcoins are going to have that big run. But why would i want to chase the trade right now, if its also possible to look for a trade based on the fact that i want to see a level being reclaimed for support? So we did see this sell off. Weve had a nice week due to the fact that walmart did not accept litecoin and right now were still trending south. So even since 2017 weve had minor run ups, but we didnt really get any any trade going at all. We could be adding some moving averages soon, as well. Moving averages that can be taking place as important here as you can see that the breakout, through those moving averages, results in a big move up.

So the moment that light coin is going to bounce back up. In which i want to see it, bounce back up towards 4 000 sets im going to look for that re for that higher low im going to look for that flip and if that flip is going to take place, i think we are in for that big Run but the question here is going to be not whether litecoin can break that area. But the question is going to be whether bitcoin is going to break the the all time high and starts running swiftly. The moment that bitcoin starts to accelerate for a little while um, the actual momentum will drain away from the altcoins and thats. What weve experienced previously thats. What history also says, but the actual important part is that if we want to get into any position of those altcoins, you might be facing the time to get into those. So right now we might be facing a period where you want to get into the altcoins. At this stage – and we can see that the accumulation period might be there so the trigger for litecoin when it comes to the bitcoin pair is when it breaks and flips a very important level. I really want to see the higher low happening so im not too much interested when its acting at those lower ranges here. Looking at litecoin against uct big breakout, very comparable to the price action, the chain link has been showing earlier and actually today, as well chainlink had this sideways action too broke up retests, and now we are fighting resistance once again, if chaining is going to break through This resistance, i think we can see continuation with an update on trailing, will be happening at a later stage, whereas chain link at this point, i think, were in this part here in which we are also still in for a corrective move, and then the real art Season is going to happen until probably may litecoin against uct similar figure.

We did see that breakout, just like chainlink has been doing, and we do see a crucial resistance that we have to break through at this point. We are not, but if we are going to break through that resistance, thats the point where you want to get in whats the area where you want to search for longs, i think you still want to focus on the bitcoin pair most. But if you want to look for uct youre, looking for a retest around 210 bucks um until like uh 195 thats, probably the area that youre looking are looking for for entry points and when were getting expansion happening in the next bull cycle of litecoin. We could be seeing the fibonacci extension taking place here once again and then the 1618 is 600 bucks and the second one will probably change towards a thousand bucks. So, yes, im very bullish on those older odd coins, especially given the structure that they are giving us. But i think you should be aware of the fact that bitcoin is currently taking the spot and while were looking back in history for litecoin against bitcoin, we see this choppy area um when bitcoin was accelerating up until the later part in which we also did have A flip of a level and then we start overshooting. If i remind you last part of last year, we did see some run ups, but overall ethereum against bitcoin has been trending south too, and right now we do see a small balance, but is it enough thats? The question so i think you still want to wait a little bit when it comes to the altcoins.

Second, one um, i do see lots of foam about this. One too is xrp and xfp has those weird explosions out of nowhere right. So, yes, we could be having that at some point again, but its the same figure as when it comes to light coin. You want to see crucial levels hold for support and when crucial levels hold for support. That is the moment where you can get continuation happening on the markets. So when you see continuation happening on the markets, thats, where the point is of taking the entry point, so when markets are showing strength, ethereum against bitcoin is continuing, we might be having or face a corrective move overall um thats the moment where you could be looking Into entry points, second, you could be looking at the moving average once again when it comes to xrp. If we break them off were going to have a big runner. Two interesting points previously e2. So at this stage we are fighting those credos moving averages right. Does it mean that you could be getting a point of entry? Well, actually, xrp looks better. We are still holding crucial support here, initiating potential strength in which we could be getting strength towards the upper momentum. So, yes, we might be facing that. But when do you want to get it or when do you want to step in well theres, a few levels that you could be looking at? Of course, this entire region is step one if we do crack a level which is this entire level here and flip that zone.

That is another trigger to start running into a position on xfp, and, if i want to to summarize this update, litecoin and xrp are into that accumulation or corrective mode for a few years once it breaks out of it, you clearly do not get any chance. Two things i want to add one is many altcoins look like this, and most will be probably starting to change towards a project that is fitting into the variables that we have right now or any cool words that they use into that project, but still are garbage. But those have been moving sideways for two to three years as well. It could be a nice gainer. Second thing i want to add the moment. It starts to run, and you theres a plenty of people that will be chasing a trade, but the trade is actually gone. The only reason why you want to get into those altcoins when they are running already is when youre a sculpt king or when youre day trading. That is the option you can get, but if you want to invest in an altcoin and start overshooting to the upside, this example shows you enough: altcoins will go to back to zero or back to the levels where they come from when the bear market is going To take place, so if you want to get into those get them when they are still low and those are the chances right now, but do not start chasing them when they start to pump because the pumps will be crazy, but the losers or the losses will Be crazy as well before were going to continue, do not forget to subscribe to this youtube channel.

The camera will be back tomorrow. The live stream will be back next week and i hope you have enjoyed this update.