That expedia would work to find the best deals for travel bookings. Optimizing your activities in the space and giving you the best bang for your buck, but c5 and d5 very much run in parallel. Universes defy has aggregators like one inch and paraswap, and then there are etoro and for c5 exchanges like binance, its always been one or the other, that is until open ocean entered the space. This is the first defy c5 crypto aggregator its actually been out there for quite some time now, but were excited about it right now, particularly because it just underwent a major upgrade which seems to be providing maximum returns and swap rates which are outperforming most other dex. Aggregators, so what does this upgrade actually mean for traders like yourself like myself? How does it work and how can you maximize your trading returns using the openocean dex aggregator lets dig in Music, hey guys, my name is matty and we are altcoin buzz. A crypto investing research company were very proud to say that weve been in this cryptocurrency space, its been a wild ride, weve been in it for a few years now, and we have been making millionaires since 2017, not by accident either weve been successful because weve made A lot of public very high profile bets on major winners like ethereum, binance, cardano,, engine matic network chilis, quant network polka, dot, uni swap and many many many other 100x return projects. And so, if you guys, dont want to miss out on the next potential, altcoin, gem or moonshot be sure to like this.

Video subscribe to our youtube channel. That is, altcoinbuzz also hit the bell to receive notifications, because some of this content is time sensitive and by clicking the bell youre. Basically, setting up notifications such that youtube will alert you every time we publish new content, but if you want to go to the next level and gain access to our early research tips on the next 100x crypto thats, where you need to be part of our paid Membership program, which is called altcoinbuzz access, it is now live and you can find the link to this service if youre interested in the description below. As always before, we proceed, you guys know it by now, but yes, investment of any kind really has corresponding risk. Your best to mitigate that risk with due diligence and research, but the risk never goes to zero, and so just so you guys know this. Video represents neither financial nor investment advice. Id never dreamed to give you guys. Financial or investment advice its not what this is with that being said, lets talk open ocean, so by way of introduction, why exactly are we so excited about open ocean? Its pretty simple? Actually, because when we get great pricing plus cross chain swaps on all kinds of different blockchains, its actually pretty easy to get excited when we get maximum returns that outperform other dex aggregators and the dex aggregator is still free to use. We continue to get excited and when we get 10 to 15 percent rebates, while trading on binance chain and ethereum, we get even more excited.

Can you blame us lets talk broadly about the project here, the c5 and d5 thats centralized finance and decentralized finance worlds. Rarely collide since the big three benefits of blockchain, or also known as the blockchain trilemma, are security, scalability and decentralization. Some of you, perhaps those more technically inclined, are already aware of this. This means that their priorities are different and their use cases are different. Various blockchains were talking about now. D5 goes for decentralization first and then often its followed by security and perhaps scalability, whereas c5 has a bit of a different approach. C5, prioritizes scalability kind of at least usually to the detriment of decentralization well open ocean seems to represent the rare financial exception, an app in the crypto economy that can appeal to both, because it offers both c5 and d5 options. In fact, some are calling it c d. Phi thats, centralized decentralized finance lets talk, value proposition now its actually pretty simple, because sometimes the reality is, you can get a better price to buy or to sell on binance than you otherwise would, for example, on pancake swap, and sometimes you can get a better price On sushi swap than on darabit or kraken, so openocean says why limit yourself to only the decks or centralized exchange pricing when you can get the best of both worlds? The enormous increase in defy and financial apps in the crypto economy means there are exchanges and amms thats automated market makers that are constantly looking for liquidity and great pricing for themselves and their customers, and this is really at the core of what aggregators are trying to Do an aggregators job is to take the many requests to buy and sell crypto and route them to the place where it gets.

The best price to execute the trade before openocean dex is dealt with. Dex aggregators and cexs dealt with centralized aggregators ocean wants to offer great solutions for both of these markets and many, including binance and crypto vc, multi coin capital. Believe in this mission, and in fact, they believe in it enough to invest in the company and as part of launching the new atlantic, upgrade open ocean tested more than 4 500 swaps to see how its system coped compared to other dex aggregators. And what they found was that 69 of the time open ocean beat one inch on price and on speed as well and for anyone, whether its a trader, amm or individual 69, is a big difference. Its the clear majority and its good reason to give open ocean a try and with over 66 billion dollars in liquidity, thats 66 billion dollars, with a b 1.2 million trades and currently 350 000 customers. The public likes, or at least very much seems to like ostensibly what open ocean is offering lets now discuss the team, so cindy, ing and leo are the co founders of openocean, which started in 2019, but the service did not launch until late 2020.. Ing brings banking and fund experience and cu is an expert in trading systems development. The team consists right now of about 25 people, mostly developers and is based in singapore. All right lets discuss, tokenomics openocean has two funding rounds and the two rounds, total 3.

2 million dollars in funding which took place in march of 2021. investors in those rounds got 5.6 percent and 4.92 percent of the initial supply of tokens or the equivalent of 10.52, which Is equal to 7.89 million o o e, with an initial supply of 78.9 million open ocean tokens again thats ooe, with a market cap of 98.4 million dollars. There are two token standards for ooe number, one erc 20 or the bsc. This is number two: the bsc compatible bep2 token its available to buy and sell on kucoin, and the token has three distinct uses: number one governance. It makes proposals and allows you to vote on proposals to improve open ocean number. Two trading and other services. Ooe helps keep gas and trading fees down, especially for cross chain transactions and number three collateral. Ooe can be used for margin trading or as collateral for margin, lending theres, a total fixed supply of 1 billion ooe, and there is a fixed schedule for releasing new tokens into the market. All one billion will be issued within five years with a schedule that gives 5.6 to the early strategic investors, 7.4 percent to the private placement investors 29 to the development team called openocean lab 33 for liquidity, mining and open to users to get on the open market. Seven percent to the ecosystem, by funding the ecosystem foundation to help other firms integrate with open ocean and, finally, sixteen percent to the management with another.

Two percent for the advisors lets discuss the ecosystem now in some detail, because this is something whose value is greater really than just the sum of its parts. The launch of open ocean version 2 in october, dubbed open ocean atlantic introduced a lot of new features. Open ocean atlantic runs across aggregated networks such as binance, smart chain avalanche polygon, solana and phantom theres. Also support for okay x chain, tron, ontology and heko. Soon they will support ethereum as well. They currently support the binance exchange too, not just the binance smart chain and its the one major centralized exchange that they do support. There is an ecosystem foundation designed to make future integrations of blockchains trading partners and complementary services easier, and the ecosystem foundation currently holds about 10 million ooe all right and as always, no discussion of a project is complete without consideration of its growth and longevity. For that were looking at the roadmap here, this is listed in the documentation section of their website and shows they are in the atlantic ocean stage right now, so, goals for this stage are finishing in q3 and entering q4 2021. Some of these goals include adding more public blockchain networks like solana. They currently support 10 different blockchains, but well be adding more. Another goal is supporting aggregator activities across chains and performing cross chain swaps seamlessly for customers theyre also going to be adding more spot products. So spots are immediately settled in currency instead of futures that settle on a future date, theyre further, adding defy yield products to aggregator services and finally, theyre adding c5 derivative products like usdt and coin based futures contracts.

What does the competitive landscape look like for open ocean? Well on the c5, which is the centralized exchange side of this formula, aggregators like crypto radar, etoro binance, yes, you know technically binance is an aggregator too, and cex dot io. All of these are basically direct competitors for open ocean. However, on the defy side of things, one inch paraswap and matcha come to mind, but theres, not really any one, singular competitor. That kind of does it all both cfi and d5. The way open ocean does so. Yes, you can find competitors on either side of the aisle, but theres no direct competitors thats attacking both sides of this space in quite the way that open ocean is doing, and for that reason we feel they have a pretty strong competitive advantage. Are there any potential risks yeah? There are a couple of risks you may want to keep in mind, aside, of course, from the general risks involved with trading cryptocurrency thats, just a baseline sort of default assumption that you have to keep in mind. This is a super volatile space, but beyond that yeah, maybe a couple of risks. For example, when considering the token itself ooe, there will be 1 billion tokens when issued in total thats a lot of tokens and also while the launch was considered fair with no pre mining or other nonsense. It was highly concentrated which again not quite a major foul or anything, but just something to keep in mind, depending on your profile, depending on what you look for in projects.

Those are some tokenomic metrics that you may want to consider between management, early and strategic investors. Advisors and the development team 58 of the coins are already allotted to individuals, and that means there is not really a ton of liquidity in the market and those holders can sell really at any time after their lock up period ends. So, just something to keep in mind. Lastly, all one billion coins will be issued within five years. This means its one of the fastest emission rates, weve seen from a cryptocurrency in a long time, and this could add downward pressure to prices. This is a major inflationary factor here. Lets talk about the major upgrade and our experience with it, so the biggest ever upgrade was represented by the atlantic version and in the atlantic upgrade. There are some great new features. Some of these new features are aggregating more liquidity sources, so pricing is made even better upgraded order, routing so that your orders process faster and hopefully are cheaper. Usually they are adding more trading pairs. So now there are over 100 total pairs. There was the addition of the aggregator services that go cross chain to improve pricing when swapping between the 10 block chains they support, and so we decided to try out the new upgrade ourselves with two particular swaps in the first swap here. We log in we connect our wallet and we do a swap of bnb for busd on the binance smart chain, and you see on the bottom left corner that open ocean itself had the best rate, at least in this instance, better than binance, better than buy, swap Or pancake swap and theres a direct link to the bsc scan explorer to view your transaction after youve signed it into your wallet.

So you can see in the pic that we really got a great price, at least based on our research for the busd and only paid 91 cents to make the swap thats. Pretty good now were gon na. Do an ethereum swap so were gon na swap eth. For stablecoin usdc, but first we have to switch out from the bsc chain to the east main net. Then we load in our 0.03 each we want to swap for 142 usdc. We can also see that again. Openocean has the best price followed closely by both v1 and v2 of uniswap. Although the app said uniswap had the best pricing of the dexes, you see this transaction was routed through sushi swap but thats the cool thing here. We dont really care as long as we get filled at a good price. In this case the price was good, but we did pay 79 in gas fees to send 142 ouch, but thats the entire eth network, not just an open ocean problem. So all in all the swaps were easy fast and were provided to us at very good prices. Just a couple of days, back openocean announced the first round of its exciting referral program. The program will run for one month on two public chains: ethereum and binance smart chain. You can actually refer your friends and both receive free rebates. Referees can receive a ten percent rebate of their referral recipients, trading fees, while referral recipients can receive a five percent rebate.

On binance smart chain and for ethereum its a bit different later this year, openocean is going to add derivative trading products like options and or futures, optimization of gas fees and slippage, which is an ongoing improvement. Of course, since openocean is always working to keep fees and slippage low theyre, also adding an saas product that will help traders arbitrage between cex and dex prices and theyre also adding stop loss and limit order based trading, and these are must haves for advanced and professional Traders, okay lets talk a little bit of price prediction and technical analysis right now. As you can see, the price of o o e has been in a range of kind of really between 26 cents and a dollar for the most part, but for the last six weeks, ooe has been in a range from 60 to 75 cents. The chart today is showing 60.2 cents and things are getting a little bit tighter, which may mean that ooe could be poised for a breakout in one direction or the other in the intermediate term. If youre like us, not financial advice, but if youre, confident in what this project is trying to tackle youre, confident in what theyre trying to accomplish at least, we feel that this coiling up of price tension will result in an upward trajectory. So ultimately, there are lots of things to like about open ocean. The fact is that too many people in cryptocurrency only consider decentralized solutions, but the fact is that very often the best price for a given crypto may well be on a centralized exchange.

So at least as we see it, theres no reason why both shouldnt be considered when trying to make a move its also. Why were bullish about open ocean? Let us know your thoughts about this project, guys in the comments below once again, never financial advice, but hey best of luck. If you do choose to invest once again check out our altcoin buzz access link in the description below.