I really talk about cryptos in the very, very short term, because its almost impossible to know where the markets going to go in an hour a day a week, its really hard, but there are a couple, big events that are happening tomorrow. That could definitely push up this crypto uh, specifically ethereum. So this is going to be fascinating, because if you dont have ethereum already might make sense to dollar cost average now ive been buying ethereum over the last year and ive been talking about it for a very long time. But there are a couple specific events tomorrow that could be huge for it now, with that being said, bitcoin is so close to all time. Highs. Ethereum is at all time highs today, its a great day for the market. Ive said that in every single video today, but i need to bring this to your attention because again just something thats, very thats, going to be very interesting to watch for all cryptocurrencies, but specifically ethereum tomorrow. Now, if you guys dont mind hitting the like button, this is my fourth video today and ive done other videos that i had to record and not post so uh. I i appreciate you hitting the like button hit the subscribe button. Let me know what cryptos youre watching and what youre most bullsh about underneath the video while youre down there. There is a link down there to block fi where you can get an interest rate on your crypto, specifically ethereum and bitcoin and other and other stable coins up to nine and a half percent.

Now, if you already have that consider, checking out the link to voyager because its really important to have multiple brokers open, because when we see huge candles up and down a lot of the times, all these websites crash and they crash slightly different times. So its important to have multiple set up. If you guys want to know when im buying and selling you can check out the link down below to patreon weve had so many people in there. I will add more spots, just enough uh, just just about 50 spots. Here tonight so definitely check that out before its too late. Now, what am i talking about? Whats, a major event tomorrow that could push up the price of kryptos and ethereum? Well, obviously, theyre already being pushed up now, but coinbase announces earnings tomorrow. Now this is going to be super interesting. The reason i say that ill get into, i dont really care too much about coinbases, actual revenue and earnings. Of course, i am a shareholder, so thats great but im looking at it, because there are a couple big things that they have talked about doing recently, that they might unveil tomorrow, which will be huge. So, first of all, theyre going to give us numbers on. You know what are people buying and selling like how much? How much is the volume for retail? How much is it for institutions whos really pushing the market? What is taking the majority of the volume so thats important thats going to be interesting to watch now, just in terms of revenue, i dont know what the revenue is going to be, but if we look at something like voyager, which is a similar app, it actually Had a significantly significant drop in revenue, this quarter compared to the quarter before they had about 40 percent drop in revenue, so coinbase might have numbers fall a little bit, but overall, what im gon na be watching for are a couple other things.

So obviously we know coinbase was number one on the app store recently, which was huge and part of that was because they were trading shiba inu in a time that was very exciting for shiba inu theyre, probably gon na get a nice bump in revenue from that. But, like i said what im going to be watching for is this: they said that last a couple months ago, in august, they said we recently received board approval to purchase over 500 million dollars of crypto on our balance sheet to add to existing holdings. He also said that we are going to invest 10 percent of all profit going forward in crypto. I expect this percentage to be growing over time as the economy matures now they had a huge amount of net income last quarter. So i am super curious to see how much they invest in crypto, so they had net income of 1.6 billion dollars last quarter, which would be 160 million buy. They also got this approval for 500 million. So what are they gon na buy? Well, i think it would make a lot of sense for them to buy ethereum, so they they recently talked about how theyre going to roll out this nft platform and theyre going to have theyre going to have this on the ethereum blockchain. Now, theyre not going to integrate any layer, 2 scaling solutions at launch, but they will add them over time, probably as the as the uh hefty gas fees continue to plague them essentially, but it makes so much sense for them to buy crypto and theyre talking about Planning to invest in ethereum proof of stake, assets defy tokens and other crypto assets, so i would not be surprised if, tomorrow we hear that hey coinbase bought 100 million dollars worth of bitcoin or 200 million dollars worth of ethereum, some other defy tokens.

They want to continue to buy this as time goes on so thats the number one thing they could just announce: hey we bought kryptos. These are the cryptos we bought thats. Why youre seeing a big big jumps in price, maybe its coinbase right, thats, one thing so that could help the whole crypto ecosystem and ethereum. I think theyve specifically named ethereum, so that is something to pay attention to. The other thing is when they talk about this actual nft platform, so we know that they are going to roll out an nft platform on coinbase and they already have 2 million registrations. Now we havent heard much about this. In the last month we had, we heard the news of about 1.1 million registrations in the first like two days, and then it went up to 2 million about 10 days later, so they have a lot of people waiting. I mean thats about 10x. How many people are on openc and this is going to be a huge revenue driver for them and, like i said its going to be on ethereum its not going to be on layer 2, its not gon na implement layer twos at first and thats gon na, Be great for ethereum, because whenever we see a lot of congestion, the burn goes up. The supply goes down more entities, wan na buy and theres just not enough to go around. So, over the last seven days we see 91 net reduction in new ethereum, so for every 10 ethereum that would have been pushed to the market, its not being pushed anymore.

You can see the amount on exchanges the reserve just keeps on going down. The staking keeps on going up theres, just not enough to go around now. The interesting thing is the eve leverage ratio is actually lower than the overall market. The overall markets, like 0.195 ethan, is actually fairly low at 0.13, so its actually not the highest its been. This year, its actually like the third highest point thats been this year, so it is high overall, but when you compare it to other assets, theres actually not as much leverage in it compared to some of these other assets. The other thing to pay attention to is that facebook is going meta december 1., so theyre changing their ticker symbol over theyre, really focusing on the metaverse and theyll only bring more people to ethereum as one of the leading layer ones as the leading layer, one for Nfts and d5 people will look towards ethereum as more and more people come into space and the the amount of people that own bitcoin and own cryptos in general and ethereum only is going up and we see more and more adoption every single day. So i think paying attention to ethereum at this point makes a lot of sense. Now, like i said, dont go through your life savings in there. I cant tell you whats gon na happen, but i think you do have to pay attention to this, because this might be a big event and we might see a 5 000 ethereum very soon so pay attention to that now, of course, if youre sitting there with A bunch of money and youre wondering oh, should i just ape it in here, like i said you probably should have been buying it over the last couple months, but i always say: hey its good to dollar cost to average.

That way you dont miss up or you dont, miss out on some of the gains, but youre not foam mowing in either at all time highs thats kind of my opinion, but i really want to pay attention to this tomorrow. Thank you guys so much for watching. I really do appreciate thank you for in the like and subscribe check out the link down below the video to block fine and to voyager. So that way you have multiple exchanges. Also there is that link down there to patreon.