If people rake us over the closer things we do what we say that we do and youre over here saying that i sho coins and yesterday you were saying like we just dont. We say you know, go buy this and we sell bags never in the history of this channel. Have i done that? No one time, not one single time, have i ever done that and the stuff and the words that come out of your mouth, that buy into the mink culture in the echo chamber that you live in its asinine punk. It really youre out here assassinating peoples characters. All i said was i didnt agree with the way that you worded that video, oh man, were really in for a treat today. So the man you just saw having a mental breakdown is bitboy crypto. This guy is basically one of the largest crypto channels, but has also been known for being a shady dirtbag who milks his audience for a quick buck rather than giving them genuine advice. Ive been compiling this video for a while, but ive been waiting for a good reason to drop it, and i might have been given that reason served on a silver platter, because in the last few days, bitboy crypto went on to anthony pomplianos podcast and said what We heard in the opening of this video and hes actually been on plenty of other podcasts, like graham stefans and coffeezillas, but sadly these guys didnt have the correct ammunition to actually call him out for his bs, including pomp.

So today i thought wed just open, pandoras box and expose this guy for the dirt bag. He is hes been giving out a bunch of financial advice by framing it as not financial advice, but this is not someone you should be looking up to for any advice whatsoever, especially when they do what were going to be covering in todays video. He simply cannot be trusted with financial advice, because you dont know if hes trying to enrich you or himself heres a prime example of that, so he made a video a while back on a token or a cryptocurrency, where the price could only go up. What if i told you theres a project guaranteed to increase in price? I know you would probably want to jump in, but im sure the first thought you would have would be wait a second that doesnt sound right. Well, this is where we get into the complicated gray areas of decentralized finance. What was that big boy, a project thats guaranteed to go up in price lets, see where this project is today wow. Would you look at that now that we see that this is a scam lets see how hard he pushes this onto his audience all right guys. Today we are going to discuss pamp network and whether or not it can pump up your portfolio get used to that joke. Could this be our next hippo pump? Pamp has been one of the most requested projects to review for my telegram group and beyond.

Luckily, pam. Actually reached out to me about doing a video, so thanks to pam for supporting this channel and everybody gets the video they want. Dont believe that for a second, i severely doubt that people are asking in his telegram for him to cover this token. It would be pretty easy to see because im, assuming you can just scroll back to before he made this video to see if anyone were asking about him making a video on this token. But what i think happened is he got paid to make this video because whoevers paying him to make this video clearly needed some exit liquidity if thats a foreign term? Essentially, if you hold scam tokens, you need a sucker to buy it from you. What these people normally do is hire dirtbag influencers to then shill that to their fans, so the scammers can then find suckers through them. Who then buy this scam token off of the scammer thats? Why you can see the volume is going crazy around the time he released this video, essentially bitboy and other dirtbag influencers brought the scammers to the inexperienced investor, who is in this case? Sadly, the sucker and bitboys audience was left holding the bag. You definitely dont want to miss this one. I do fair reviews with my team and i wont promote something that we dont dig deep into and thats exactly. What we did the way pamp is designed is great for staking.

If you missed out on tezos or chain link, you dont want to miss pump. I mean pamp im pumped up to talk about this one pumped up with pams money to talk about this one. This is so deceptive and misleading to new investors. Im surprised this is even allowed on youtube. To begin with, this guy is allegedly being paid to shill this token to his fans and hes, comparing it to two of the greatest projects out there. If you know you know, and if you understand either chain link or tazos, you would laugh at that comparison. Thats, like saying oh, hey, look that nine year olds lemonade stand over there. You should invest in that its probably going to become the new nestle or minute maid. This is beyond misleading, but were only a minute into this video and im sure its gon na get worse. Pam networks, token contract rewards toddlers when the price increases and penalizes sellers. When it doesnt, when the token price appreciates token holders receive staking, rewards based on numerous factors, including the percentage, the price increased, how long theyve been holding pamp for and how many tokens they hold whats more is the rewards are distributed on a daily basis. So this coin is literally a pump network, see theres a method to my madness, and you have to just trust me when we find these coins im baffled. This is a real video and it was up for as long as it was buy, this obvious scam coin, because trust me with these coins, guys totally not paid to say that so in case, you didnt know what an absolute sleazy dirt bag of a youtuber is Heres bitboy crypto because hes a prime example of that bit boy, you always say: do your own research and dont trust anybody in crypto, fair enough voices in my head, fair enough, but let this be an exception.

But of course do your own research on pimp. After all, im, not a financial advisor im, not a financial advisor but im, making an 11 minute video on why you should buy this complete scam, its basically inevitable. The sec is going to get involved because dirt bags like this cannot resist the urge to take that quick buck and just milk their audience for some extra money. Even though theyre self proclaimed deca millionaires, because this is whats currently going on but notice the tactics hes using here to pitch this coin, you should always do your own research, but let this be an exception, but do your own research? How is this man a reputable source for crypto investment advice, and i hate this so much because i i absolutely love cryptocurrencies. I love everything about this space or well. I love a lot of the stuff about this space. I love. I love new technology. I hate sleaze bags like this, because theyre ruin it for everyone. If i was going to give any advice when it comes to looking into crypto stuff look into projects that have natural developer growth, not price growth, developer growth, those are the ones that are likely to stick around and steer clear of any coins that various influencers are Pumping just to pump because they are most likely trying to enrich themselves and not you, but lets go back to this video and see what other red flags he tries to defuse in an attempt to trying to get his audience to buy the scam token.

Some people say a red flag for pam network is that the entire team is anonymous. However, the code is open, source and thats important. The team explains the reasons why it is anonymous in a medium post. Writing the team has decided to remain anonymous, so their software can be released to the public freely and without concern for their private lives. Our vision is that the project will take on a life of its own and decentralized projects and do not always need a public leader. We believe that if the code is open source, it shouldnt matter who wrote it, i would also be worried about my private life. If i ran off with that much money, no wonder they took the safety precautions they did. But how does he end the scam video? They have a uniswap mechanism built into the website, so you can actually go directly to the pamp website and buy the token, which is huge. Not many projects have this capability. They also had a brand new website rebrand which looks awesome. So what price can pamp go to? Well, digital coin price predicts? The price will be six bucks by 2027 lol dang it. I said that out loud again, these silly price predictors do not account for parabolic bitcoin cycles. It always makes me laugh when they do this. If pam isnt at six bucks by quarter two of next year ill box a hippo, i would expect it to be six dollars by the end of this year, if not even by november or early, i mean this guy has gone through the entire playbook of tricking New investors, if anything, he deserves to box a hippo because its safe to say that price did not go to six dollars, but this one ive got a five digit backup much more than i was paid to do this video so take that for what its worth Im fully invested in this one theres, no way this guy put five digits of his own money into this project, unless he did it with the goal to dump it on his own followers.

The tokens called pam. Everything about this token is a red flag. One could almost think that save the kids took inspiration for their tokenomics. From this token, oh its a deflationary token that gives you more tokens when you dont sell. Well guess what no matter, how many tokens you have that time? Zero is still zero. It doesnt matter how many internet tokens you have if theyre completely worthless. I havent seen a single apology, video from this guy about this, so he clearly isnt sorry. He just wanted to sweep this one under the rug and not talk about it like hes done plenty of times before heres, another coin he pumped called ink protocol. He did this on a video uploaded july 16th titled three coins to three million crypto get rich quick. That title should be the biggest red flag ever shout out to the youtuber aaron bennett for finding this one, but as you can see on the 16th uh this token, like 16xed overnight, then within pretty much a month, it completely retraced, leaving bitboyz fans holding the bag. Yet again – and this has to be intentional – because the market cap of this token, when he promoted it, was only two hundred thousand dollars with the total liquidity that day being sixty eight thousand dollars, meaning anyone with three followers could pump this token and while were at It we might as well go three for three because theres another token that he pumped called udo or udu heres the chart from the day before he pumped it to a couple months later.

Wow, look at that bitboyz fans holding the bag. Yet again saying this is problematic is an understatement. This guy seems to be using his own audience, like a little bank account to pump his own bags. I dont have his wallet address, so i cant confirm hes dumping, but i wouldnt put this past someone whos getting paid to shill, scam tokens on his fans and why else would you pump up a coin that has a market cap of two hundred thousand dollars? Thats penny stocks on steroids now thats the part i wanted to cover of him just scamming his fans, but theres more. He also just straight up steals from other content creators. Here you can see that i guess bitboy is paying for this guys. Crypto calls and hes stolen the chart that the twitter user smart contractor, had behind a paywall posted it on his own youtube channel, like he made the chart again: dirtbag youtuber, but this isnt the only case heres, a video of him stealing from the independent journalist, vince Ferraiolo, i probably butchered your name im, sorry about that. Its actually just plainly plagiarism and im gon na im gon na show im gon na try tezos like ethereum, is also a smart contract platform, with the exception of proof of stake built in mind. Tezos is a blockchain that is never operated on the proof of work protocol. As a result, the proof of stake environment that teslas built is far more robust.

The current state of creating new ethereum via proof of work, the other big thing to mention here – is teslas applications. Teams and projects are traditionally centered around security and audits or smart contracts. The proof of stake elements of tezos are no exception. Staking your tezos is extremely easy to do and can be done both from a personal wallet or from an exchange such as coinbase or cracking all right. So im not going to go anymore here, but i needed to make this video needed to call this guy out. Uh, this guy just plainly plagiarizes people. This man has enriched himself by just being an all around dirt bag. If you have any friends who watch bitboy crypto send them this video, i feel like its important to know the character of the person that youre taking financial advice from, even though he masks it. As not financial advice, anthony pompliano said he had all the receipts on bitboy crypto, but, as you can see, he was only scratching the surface. If you have any more info feel free to send it to submit attosivideos gmail.com. This video will probably be claimed by bitboy because i wouldnt put it past him to abuse the copyright system, even though this is complete, fair use. So i will include some crypto addresses in the description of this video if you do want to support the channel. But what do you think of all this? Please? Let me know in the comments down below if youre new here welcome to my channel be awesome.