Your money. That means one thousand dollars could turn into five hundred thousand to a million. If youre excited to learn more, you are going to love this video. My name is the superman, your superhero of 100x gems. If you love content, like this, make sure you smash a like on this video, if we get 2 000 likes im gon na, do a giveaway on one of those gems and hit the subscribe button to join team super. There are still 40 of you watching videos, but not subscribing to the channel. So if you subscribe make sure you tell me you are new and you have subscribed and i will respond to you and its only me responding to you if there is a gray border around my username. All those people saying whats at me are scammers, do not fall for it ill, never whatsapp you, and if i can get to 60 000 subscribers within the next two days, then i will be making videos on a daily basis and hit that bell notification, because timing Is everything in my opinion? We are in the optimism phase. That means that we are soon going to really take off. Ethereum could go from the 4 000 into the five figures. Bitcoin could go from 60 000 to 200 000, and that means a plethora of gains. All across the market were currently in a greedy market and we are not yet even in altcoin season. So all coin seasons have not even started to flourish, but we are in this period where the market can take off at any point november and december are pivotal months.

As far as the ball cycle is concerned, i imagine we are going to be hitting euphoria stage. The latter part of december, so this is still a great time to get into crypto currencies. However, i think the best gains are to be made investing in new cryptocurrencies and idos at this point, because otherwise you are just opening yourself up to maybe 10, maybe 30 x gains, but the massive 100x gains are really in ideos a disclaimer. I am not a financial advisor and all cryptocurrency investments are risky. Do your own research and use me as a basis for that research and all views and predictions expressed here are personal opinion and for educational purposes. The first crypto im going to bring you is this one dope wars now dope wars is inspired from grand theft. Auto is a virtual drug dealing game based on 1991s drug lord game. Grand theft. Auto is an incredibly popular series where the more crime you commit. The more money you earn and the higher you rank up in that video game. Now what you do in dope pause is you buy, make and sell drugs? You also can do money laundering its an nft game, and there is a black market marketplace which gives their experience of a crime related cryptocurrency. The token is going to be dwz. This is going to be the staking and governance token, and also the marketplace token, and there are going to be other rewards tokens such as blocks and dopes, and this is going to be via staking nfts.

The investors in this are gd10 and network and they have got grow. Who marketed star atlas now? Star atlas did incredibly well at 200x. Now a gta style game mixed with grows. Marketing could elevate this to a hundred x grower. Now this is going to be on game station and this is going to open up a 386 000 market cap. This is based on three cents per token and a 12.8 million initial supply, so this needs to get to 38.6 million to be a 100x now given, this looks like a fun and addictive game is based off crime and grand theft. Auto is extremely successful. This could be a massive hit with the gen, zed and zuma bunch. The next crypto currency is one which i personally believe is gon na, be one of the biggest hitters this year, and that is meta v pad meta v pad is a metaverse launch pad theres. Also, an incubator, its deflationary and cross chain, which means price can appreciate. Well, because demand can overtake supply and cross chain means that this is going to be open out to solana, avalanche phantom and many other blockchains and its going to be metaverse focused metaverse is easily the biggest trend in cryptocurrency. Definitely the most appealing trend to the younger generation in cryptocurrency, so this could do extremely well. They are looking to incubate and launch ar and vr games, so virtual reality and augmented reality. These types of games give you a very immersive experience.

That brings the virtual reality directly to your eyes: theyre also going to be launching nft, identity, apps and also crosstrain infrastructure. Now theyve got 25 early unstaking fee as well, so this is whats going to lead to the deflation and thats a quite high fee. So what that means is is that it should be able to keep a very strong price point, because if you stay for great ap wise, yet you want to unstate, because you want to be able to sell your tokens youre going to have to pay a quite High fee for that, it should, at the very least, either maintain a solid price or deflate in supply. Now theres going to be three tiers, these tiers are going to allow you to have an allocation in the games and metaverse projects launching out of meta vpad. Also youre going to be able to stake these tokens, which means good apr. If you look at any of blue zillas launch pads, they give you fantastic, apr and youre going to be able to have access to the games because theyre incubating these games. So you could be able to play them on the platform and theres going to be steak drop, so its an airdrop on those that are staking now. This is going to open out at a 170k market cap the exact same as pulsepad its bluezilla back, which means its gon na get the full force of their marketing power. Now, for meta v pad to 330 x, it would equal what game zone is at now game zone, i think, is still on its trajectory up.

It can still do incredibly well this bull market. Therefore, if this is just an even match game zone, then this could 300 to 500x and possibly more by the end of this bull run. Now, how do you get into meta v pad? Well, you buy it via bsc pad adapter, lastpad, nft, launch and game zone. Now it could be the case that kcc pad and tron pad also give an allocation, and these were announced later for pulse pad, so they could come later for meta v pad, but these are where you buy it for now so meta v pad metaverse has become Huge in cryptocurrency – and this has been reflected in the outside world, where facebook have changed their name to meta because they are going full virtual reality and mark zuckerberg is big on that space. So this has good long term potential, even potentially through the bear market. Then the third opportunity is dex sport. Now dexport is a decentralized online betting platform. You are going to be able to bet on sporting events. Esports nfts nft prices, crypto prices, its going to bring another element and spicy element to price predictions. Now this is to solve the monopolistic power given to gambling companies. They do have a monopoly, and small startups have to go through legal barriers to be able to set up what dexboard does. Is they disrupt those barriers? Theres no kyc theres, no withdrawal problems because its just going to be from your wallet to the platform back to your wallet, theres, going to be no legal sanctions, its going to improve on the difficulty and inaccessibility of gambling platforms at this present time that exists in Cryptocurrency, i personally have not invested in any gambling platforms and the reason why is because theyre hard to use theyre cumbersome? They are not simplistic in design, but dexport definitely have that quality.

Now the token is going to be desu and with that youre going to be able to stake the token to earn more tokens, youre also going to be able to use that token to partake in big events contests and gaming contests the gaming element, and particularly because The gaming trend is so high at the moment could lead to deck sport having a massive multiplayer coming out the gates, so the relevance of gambling has definitely improved because deck sport is very much a play and earned game and gaming is all about play to earn. So this has got a new relevance in this current culture. Dex sport could release to a very high market cap. Now its initial market caps going to be 318k, which is, in my opinion, quite high for it to 50x. It would equal ridotto, which came out recently via card starter and if 82x, it would equal. What polka has done and polka is an immersive poker based game, its going to be launching on bse pad now. I personally think this could 20 to 30 x easily – and i think best case scenario – 50 to 70 x. If this was coming out on a chain like velaz pad, then it would have an even greater demand on it but being on finance smart chain. I still think this is excellent, its going to be quick, its going to have no problems with scalability and speed or security. However, it may not necessarily be exceptional enough to go out to 100x, but i do think is going to have a big multiplier now.

Pulsepad is going to be coming out in just two days now. Pulsepad, i imagine, is going to be the most likely 1000x coming out of bluezilla. The latest, which is wagyu swap, has 720x and that i think, has been the best multiplier and now pulsepad, i think, is going to eclipse that with a thousand x now, pulsepad is currently on fantastic momentum. Theyve got over a hundred thousand followers on twitter and theyve got 50 000 people in their pulse pad announcements group, which means that its almost equal, the size of pulse chain itself. The community is huge and i think the amount of buyers getting into pulsepad is going to be astronomic. Now the price is going to open out at is going to be a tenth of a cent. So i imagine that this is going to either go straight up to kind of 50 cents or its going to kind of go up to around about 10 cents initially and then thats going to be an opportunity for early investors to get in and potentially make a 10X, as this goes from 10 cents to one dollar, so if you are not able to get in – and this is going to be available on all the bluezilla launch pads, so with that in mind, this is going to have about seven prongs of attack its going To be seven, lots of people wanting to get into this theres going to be a number of people that are going to have small allocations for what they have state and theyre going to be wanting more because pulse pad is not merely the opportunity pulse pad and Its projects are the opportunity, so the more pulse pad you have the more opportunity you have in getting into pulse pad projects.

Therefore, it makes sense that theres going to be demand for this token off the bat, even if it makes a 200 to 300 x initially. So people are going to be wanting this token, especially in the lead up to pulse chain coming out. So this could be a great opportunity for scalping if youre not able to get into the ido. But my recommendation, if you can, is to get into the idea, because i think this is going to do incredibly well, so there we are peeps that was todays episode. We have got two powerhouse hits literally coming out very soon and theres gon na be more so make sure you subscribe to the superman, because i like to bring you early gems way before the demand is there for them, so that you can get into them. Asap the launch pads to get into pulsepad were super low price before pulsepad came out, so make sure you follow me if you want the inside track on what is going to go up, and let me know what is your favorite project that i spoke about in Todays video ive been superman, you have been fantastic and i will see you next time.