After year, well, this is going to be the right video, for you were going to talk about what you can do to make sure you actually have enough cryptocurrency in the long term, to make you guys rich as a retirement rich in the next couple of years. In the next couple of bull markets and really why i have done what ive done to be successful in the cryptocurrency space, so lets take a quick look at the very very first thing, so we have about a 4.14 increase in the market. This is not the time to buy if you guys have been buying thats, perfect, thats, great, because the currency cryptocurrency itself, you know its all coming to closer to its all time highs. A lot of these have had new all time highs like avalanche new. All time high weve seen a lot of coins like polka dot, reached a new all time, high solana new all time high. These have all reached new. All time highs just in the last couple of months. However, if we take a look at the entire market, you know a lot of coins have not reached an all time high in the last couple months. Thats chain link specifically – and this is the long term coin – that a lot of people have yet to get involved with. I will say a lot of you guys make the mistake of buying coins in the green. I will say always: buying coins in the red is much more beneficial and you want a dollar cost average in dollar cost averaging means basically spend the same amount week in and week out so lets say you have 30 to spend week in and week out.

Well, spend thirty dollars or spend sixty dollars up it and because youre not gon na have every week youre, not gon na have a dip, but you know spend about thirty to sixty dollars every week on a dip on a red market dip and thats exactly what Youll see here so i actually make these videos called top five all coins at perfect targets now by the bottom, and then i talk about those tie, fi or really top five currencies that i believe, are at bottoms at those points in time during that week and These are great opportunities for you guys to really buy in, and you know i three to four percent decreases or even more depending on that type of video, or you know whats going on at that point in time, but you can see here in this video a 2.6 decrease in the last 24 hours so youre, seeing at least about a two to three percent decrease across the board for most altcoins, then even more for some and those are the ones im gon na pick out. So anything around a five to eight percent decrease is going to be very, very solid. Four dollar cost averaging in and thats. One thing i just want to say basically is dont. Buy green candles always buy the red dips. The red market, dips, dollar cost average in thats one way to make sure you will have a future that is going to continue to hopefully rise in value when it comes to cryptocurrency another one guys is you want to buy currencies or cryptocurrencies that have value long Term so a lot of people are buying things like shibuyunu and yeah thats great for short term trading, its great for trying to make you know just a little bit of a fun or kind of a gambling side to crypto when it comes to things like uh Or meme coins like shibunu or dogecoin, or some of those other ones that dont really have as much value when it comes to utility but have value because of the mean behind them.

So you can see here in the last month about a 152 increase, which is very, very, very solid, but uh i do want to say. For the most part, these are not gon na make it long long term, most likely uh. They might, but most likely have a better shot with coins, like i said, like polka dot chain link, solana cardano a lot of those have had their all time highs, just in the last couple of weeks or months and thats exactly the type of coin that you Want to get invested in coins that have utility coins to have benefits and reasons to be invested in so this kind of jumps me into another one uh. This is kind of the third way to be rich in cryptocurrency and thats going to be passive rewards. So some coins, like cardano, have passive income, so you can actually stake your cardano, for, i believe its about four to five percent uh over time. Its its a very, very gradual increase or passive rewards there and im staking my cardano and its definitely been a great thing to do same with polka dot. You can actually stake your polka dot for up to, i believe about 12 to 14, depending on where you stake and then theres so many other great options as well: im not going to go through them all because sama you know is another one. We talked about some of these great staking capabilities.

Well, one way to do this with even like chain link, and some of those that dont even have staking is through block fi, so your cryptocurrency can earn up to 9.5 apy with a blackfy interest, count or bia account. Interest occurs daily and is paid monthly. There are no hidden fees, no minimum balances and no reason to wait. So you can see earn more from your crypto is exactly the whole key here. You want to make sure to earn that passive income. Passive income is definitely going to be one of the biggest reasons as to why you will become wealthy when it comes to cryptocurrency and when it comes to just in general later in the years, you know as we continue to grow as we continue to see more And more retail, as well institutional investors investing into cryptocurrency passive income is going to get you there. Passive income is going to continue to grow your wealth. I do want to talk as well about you know a lot of people talking about trading right short term trading. Well, trading cryptocurrency is very very hard because of how volatile it is. You can get chopped up pretty quickly. Definitely if youre a new trader, i would really say the best way to actually make it rich, is to invest and hold holding and then selling your profits is definitely the safest way, in my opinion, to actually get rid of your cryptocurrency, but also earn on the Way up you do want to, you know, continue to sell you and get profits.

Take profits. You dont want to just you know, continue to hold forever, and then you know during a bear market. You end up selling because thats something that a lot of rookie mistakes are. You know a lot of rookie mistakes. Last bull run actually took place like that, a lot of people held through the entire market and then sold during the bear market, which obviously was not what they wanted to do so do take profits, thats another kind of uh tip. I want to give you guys, but when it comes down to staying wealthy long term right lets say you want to retire and you want to retire with money and well thats, going to be a great option here with itrust capital theres a lot of these out There, but i trust capital is a great one, so it talks about how it works so complete your ira application online in minutes, so its very, very quick and talks about 24 7 trading and secured storage. So this is a really really really cool concept here. Uh, you can actually invest in some cryptocurrencies long term, and i mean long term im talking retirement and it depends how old you are obviously how long term that is, but you might as well start this up because crypto in 20 to 30 to 40 years. You know how big this could be right. You know how big crypto could continue to build up to be, and with that i think getting involved in getting an ira account started with cryptocurrency could absolutely be the way to make sure that you retire with a lot of money.

So definitely take advantage of this. I have links by the way to blackfy and i trust capital down in the descriptions below. If you guys use my links, they help support me as well as you so like block five. If you sign up using my blackfy link, itll give you up to 250 worth of bitcoin when you sign up – and i know a lot of you guys – are thinking – well – maybe hes just talking about these because he has referral links. No, i have referral links for these because i talk about them. A lot, not the opposite way around, so i dont talk about them because i have referral links. I talk about them because or no no, i have referral links because i talk about them. A lot. Thats kind of what im trying to tell you guys but theres also another great way by the way, another great one that actually can grow your portfolio by receiving rewards up to 14.5 on your crypto assets. So another great one here, the worlds fastest growing. Crypto app, you can actually join 10 million, plus users buying and selling 150 plus cryptocurrencies at true cost, so this is kind of another one make sure youre on an exchange that doesnt take too high of fees. If you go to coinbase, coinbase is a great great noob kind of friendly uh. You know friendly friendly friendly when it comes to cryptocurrency, buying and selling its a very, very easy eui.

However, the fees on coinbase are much higher than many other exchanges. So if you want to try some different exchanges, as well as many others, i have the link down below in the description of todays video. Try out some different exchanges, it doesnt hurt to try them out um, see which one you like the most see, which one takes the most fees kind of test it around. I think its a very, very important to have different exchanges, so you can jump around uh and by the way different exchanges have different coins as well. So if you want to invest in certain coins, youre not going to be able to invest in certain coins on different exchanges, so some exchanges are better than others take advantage of the right ones, thats exactly what im kind of trying to give you guys an idea Of today, so when i say, dollar cost average in on some of these low, really, you know red market dips thats exactly what will make you you know continue to buy and actually be able to take profits early because of you know, usually i would say in Cryptocurrency, at least during the bull markets, typically youll have a decrease of about three to eight percent when it comes to all coins. When you see the market down about two to three percent and then from that, youll actually see the next two or three or days, youll have a actually a kind of reverse three to eight percent increase.

Youll actually increase right back up to the top of that and thats exactly what you can take advantage of one during these bull markets and thats. Exactly why i put these videos out if you guys, havent already, by the way, make sure to like the video subscribe to the channel turn notifications on, i will say guys for the most part. We talked about all the things i want to talk about and cover, but if we go to twitter, real quick and you guys arent following my twitter go, follow me on twitter, crypto, profit yt. If we scroll down just a little bit, we have chain links, so we do have a giveaway going on right now. Maybe this wont make you rich, because theres, probably not a you – know a viable, viable way to continue to make a lot of money. But i do have a 40 chain link giveaway if we have 40 link by the end of november. So definitely take advantage of this follow and retweet to be entered uh, its very, very simple, to take advantage of these kind of giveaways. I do them pretty pretty often uh and they usually only get about 500 to a thousand entries, so itll be a great opportunity for you to at least attempt to get in these giveaways. Thank you guys so much for tuning in. If you guys want one more way to make money in cryptocurrency get in early get in early, it is still early for cryptocurrency and its still early for a lot of pre sale.

Icos ideos a lot of those early coins that a lot of people dont have the opportunity to invest in. I give you guys the opportunity, at least about two coins per month on my patreon. Every single one so far has gone positive. Every single one has done well so thats going to be on the patreon down below in the description as well. If you want to help support me also, hopefully help get supported in the idea of you know finding some of those early cryptocurrencies that are going to do big things in the near future. Thank you guys so much for tuning in make sure to like the video subscribe to the channel.