Whats up everyone randall here from crypto love, todays video were taking a look at the top five hidden low cap, gems that could 10x by the end of the month before we get into it guys make sure to like subscribe click. The notification bell also come join us over on twitter at the crypto love, where we give away one of these sweet shirts and guys bitcoin ethereum new, all time highs. This is awesome because once they start pumping, then everything else starts pumping along with them. Bitcoin new. All time highs appear to have been triggered by dramatic reduction and active supply over recent months. If we take a look at this chart down here, this is the bitcoin revive supply last act of one plus years 30 30 day, moving average you can see the supply has dropped significantly and the last all time high was right before the peak there. Similarly, with right here and right here, well, as the price comes back down to these lower levels, right here, guess what the price tends to go up after that, so things are looking good for bitcoin and following bitcoin, ethereum and all cryptocurrencies simultaneously, however, the fed is Printing 300 billion dollars every single month month after month after month. You can see this all right here. You guys remember covid when they printed a ton of money. Well, as you can see here, the trajectory of this one, the slope is a lot steeper than the stop the slope pre covered, so they are continuing to print a ton of money and right now that ton of money is going into assets like cryptocurrencies.

So that being said, what are some of the best cryptocurrencies to pick out? Well, guys weve been fortunate enough to write out a lot of this kda kadena ride, thanks to tokenmetrics, picking that one up weve been able to write out a lot of this mana and sand, and also engine coin. Thanks to the metaverse index that weve been talking about, weve been able to write out a lot of this helium thanks to token metrics and roon thanks to cointelgrass markets pro. So all those things have been great indicators which have told us that hey there are a lot of big gainers right here. Even secret right here is another token metrics pick. So, all of that, what shall we use to pick out the next most likely coins to go up insanely? Well, why not continue using what already works, lets take a look at toad, metrics and see which undervalued projects are out there right now that we could? Potentially i dont know maybe make a lot of money from so if we go to token metrics, we go to insights, we go to ratings and then we go to all and on a monthly time frame. We take a look at these and also what we do is we do market cap less than 100 million dollars find us those low caps and also 24 hour volume greater than a million dollars just to give us some liquidity. Well, we have a whole bunch of awesome coins to look at, and this is one of the best things about token metrics.

Besides, having i dont know, probably hundreds of different categories, you can look at for different types of coins, anything from gaming to privacy, coins to rebase tokens, to metaverse, to solana, to polka dot everything they have it all there. Well, aside from that, you can check it out, theres a link down in the description, and you can comment – and i highly recommend it, because you can do this stuff on your own, but heres, how i do it so, like i said i just went, i found The ratings, the top rated tm grade tokens in all categories, with a market cap, less than 100 million dollars, 24 hour volume greater than a million dollars and heres what we have the first one black eye galaxy guys. This is already up over a hundred percent. Since the video i made five days ago, when tokenmetrics was saying hey, this is one to keep an eye out for already doubled and all that, thanks to tokenmetrics, well decentralized, crosschain virtual world, its basically the metaverse going to different worlds, high level overview each planet and Spaceship are nfts, each planet has its own set of resources, it can be mined or staked and then sold on the market. Mining resource will be represented by separate tokens. Yada yada civilizations, crawl, shane planets, and you can see all that theyre doing there tokenomics, but because the metaverse is becoming huge, because nfts are huge because everybody loves elon musk going to mars, even though we cant solve problems here on planet earth were going to take Our problems to another planet.

Well, you can do that in the metaverse with black eye galaxy and if we take a look right now, its at 40 cents, when i made that video the other day at 18 cents, so the price has gone up significantly right now. Still ranked 1’7 with a market cap of 7.9 million, so definitely a lot of room to continue to go up, and we were talking about it way back. I dont know somewhere around here 18 cents. Well, it has gone up significantly since then, and could likely continue to go up significantly, not available in very many markets. Avail available on pancake swap dextrade and walt swap so thats, the first one to keep an eye out for the next one, similar trend. How about ever mars were on a mission to mars? Take a seat. People love elon, musk, sperm, doges, shebas mars its just like you. Just the trend is your friends sometimes and right now, thats the way the trend is going: elon, sperm, mars dogs, whatever so that being said ever mars, another one welcome to evermore in our innovative tokenomics, ambitious ecosystem, automatic buyback contract, anti whale dumping, martian and a revolutionary Ecosystem, so they have an anti whale dumping proven tokenomics. Nothing will keep us from going to mars uh an out of the world buyback system that punishes any whale. Who would try to dump the price of ever mars? So hopefully the price will continue to go up.

Now, with each transaction, two percent rewards to holders three percent marketing tax. Six percent buyback tax will be utilized to keep the price of token in check by buying back the tokens and burning them also audited. Smart contracts and theyre already well on their road to mars. With 5 000 space travelers all ready, you can book your seat to mars. You dont even need to buy one from spacex. Well, if we take a look here, the price is something very, very small because they have an insane amount of tokens, but market cap unknown at this current time rank unknown at this current time, and as we can see, the price has shot up significantly, but its Well worth one taking a look at again, not on very many markets, pretty much on pancake swap and coin tiger. Now the next one is a very interesting project. Ad shares web3 protocol for meta metaverse space, monetization ad shares ad server platforms, allow users to rent space inside metaverse, blockchain games and nft exhibitions and websites. You can basically all of your metaverse assets. You can then rent them out, share them advertise on them all types of different things, so very interesting project that they have going on there. And if we take a look at the coin right now, trading at two dollars ranked 769 total market cap ‘ million dollars. But we take a look: the price has just been kind of steadily rising. I imagine that advertising in the metaverse is going to be as popular as advertising anywhere else.

So you know why not once their eyes in the metaverse well, advertising in metaverse would probably go up along with that as well. The next one would be poker play poker on polka dot, im guessing well poker.game, the first blockchain based free to play and played earn an nft game that uses unreal engine 4 for immersive and powerful gameplay, while utilizing a provably, fair system and trng technology. Poker.Game plans to launch on platforms such as ios, android and streaming platforms with the intention of next gen vr stunning, 3d characters, visual effects and environments. So you can see all that stuff there play to earn your nfts and you know on unreal engine. So it should be pretty darn awesome, trng, an approach to rng poker uses trng to create a truly randomized gaming environment, fully backed by the unlimited potential of the blockchain, so that one poker right now at 40 cents ranked 983 market cap 23 million dollars. And if we take a look at it, this one has been seeing a little bit of a run up as well. Now this one as well only available on plant pancake swap unit swap and bitmark. So not very many, as you can see, theres. Definitely a trend with these small coins. Theyre not limit theyre not listed on many exchanges, but when theyre out of the limelight before most people are talking about them and trading them and buying them thats. When you want to put a teeny little bit of your portfolio into that way of the 100x or 1000x or whatever you stand to benefit, which brings us to our last one, which i think is very interesting, yell yield enhancement, labs or yell dot finance its a Multi chain yield enhancement protocol whose core mission has helped projects gain liquidity across multiple chains, while building self sustainable token economics with constant and organic, buy pressure for yell token yelp plans to accomplish this by the incentivization of investors and simplification of the research process for best Apys, so you can see that they are involved with a whole bunch of different protocols.

Here we can go down here, spooky swap spirit, swap hyper jump. Paint swap swap swap tone. Finest, quick swap macaron swap pickle finesse, mushroom, fine, sushi swap harvest beefy. So all of those aiming to bring liquidity to all those different exchanges, which is awesome, because a lot of central exchanges are starting to suck a big d like im, not going to talk about the big b right here. But you all know the exchange im. Talking about well, because of that, you have to go to decentrals changes, especially if you want to find some of these hidden gems to get them before. Everybody else can get them because yes theres a teeny little bit of a learning curve to learn to use decentralized exchanges like literally 5 10 minutes of your time. But you do that once and then after that simple, as can be so yell finance right now, trading at 20 cents ranked 698 market cap 49 million dollars. As you can see, the price has come up quite a bit, but you can probably see the little wedge right here that will probably break out of eventually and on the market. This is available on all those different swaps. We talked about like spooky, swap ape swap sushi, swap that would probably be the biggest one sushi swap where you could find it so definitely worth taking a look at all of these coins just to review all of them. For you, we have black eye galaxy.

We have ever mars, we have ad shares, we have poker and we have yell. So those are all awesome. I expect that they probably will do good with the market continuing to go up, because, while bitcoin and ethereum go up, these smaller cap coins go up even more significantly. So if you want to find your own low cap, hidden gems, that you can find and trade every single day make sure you check out tokenmetrics, there is a discount a link down in the description, any pinned comment – and i will see you guys later – thank you. So much for watching i love you ill catch.