Today we are going to dive into exactly why uh i am so heavy on the smart nft sector. As far as the gaming niche um ive, obviously shared my favorite gaming projects, ive shared my top part of my gaming portfolio, my largest holdings on my gaming portfolio uh, and i want to kind of dig into why im honing in on a couple different nft platforms. That are going to really be the foundation of these blockchain games and metaverses that are really going to be taking over the future. I want to get into some stats on gaming that are very bullish for the future of in game assets, which is what these smart nfts will be performing. These smart nfts are going to be able to transact within games with digital items that are evolutionary over time. Uh imagine where you can rank up your asset in a video game and then youre able to sell it as an nft thats. What a smart nft is going to have the technology to be capable to do were gon na get into my three favorite nft platforms for gaming, um and well get into those here in this video, and i wan na also go over just a quick market recap. Some assets that weve talked about here on the channel that are up greatly uh and stuff, like that, so lets go ahead and get into it. If you are new to the channel be sure to drop down and hit that subscribe button, we come out a brand new cryptocurrency crypto gaming videos here every single day on the channel and be sure to like the video.

If you enjoyed the video, if you are bullish on crypto gaming, i am absolutely locked in on crypto gaming, 4q4s bull run uh and we are going to get into it here in this video. So really looking good on. You know the watch list today we have missed up another 38, a 4x on missed, since we got into it here right on this channel, uh, meta wars, good bounce, back on a little sell off after the ido, and that was expected ultra is up 20. Today, the gaming distribution, the steam of crypto gaming, we have super farm, absolutely pumping today, 17 up as well. We have touched two dollars today on super farm, uh nft champions, my favorite low cap, blockchain game. If you havent checked out nft champions, i have a video on that on this channel as well. Uh up 15, today up to 50 cents, absolutely love to see that and a lot of other assets are performing really well. We have atari token up to 17 cents up 11 today overall good to see a lot of our projects. Doing very very well today, as bitcoins trending up ethereums trending up and i think were about to start seeing the run that everyone has been expecting here. Very very soon, i think this could be the start of it potentially um. So i want to go over this article here as well on coin telegraph, why blockchain based games? Economies are the future, but i really want to get into this.

Uh experts predict that the number of streamers of online games will rise to 1 billion by 2025.. The market for global gaming is 180 billion, the fastest growing for form of global entertainment for reference. The global film industry is only worth 100 billion and all north american sports bring in 73 billion dollars in revenue. So you can only see the niche market that gaming is guys. A lot of people sometimes dont, really understand uh the market that gaming provides and how many people are really involved in the gaming ecosystem, whether its playing the game or watching streams, and then you see travis scott did a live performance in the popular online game. Fortnight. Last year that was highly publicized. If you have a twitter, you probably saw something about it: uh it received over 12.3 million views and netted scott over 20 million per tech crunch in game industry, so that is kind of like a metaverse example fortnite having a travis scott concert. So these are all the things that, for example, facebook sees in the future and a lot of these metaverse projects are trying to perform, but theres one platform that they cannot perform. Their key functions in game assets, the swapping of in game assets, leveling up in game assets without one key function, and that is smart nfts, and i want to get into this little brief article. A couple just a couple excerpts, its incredibly interesting about the world of smart nfts that are multi layered nfts.

They are netted with other at like other digital assets. They build on current nfts because, instead of the nft representing ownership of the digital art, the smart nft is digital art. So imagine you know youre playing this game. Obviously, in this car here your your little racer is an nft and you can customize your nft inside of the game. You can uh level up your car by winning races, and then you can eventually trade. Your car, uh goatee gaming have produced a futuristic next gen video game where the cars themselves are smart, nfts made possible through the netted asset idea, where nfts are built upon another, with digital asset incorporated into each layered. Nft people often compare this content to a russian nesting doll. This would allow users to both protect assets through creating digital padding that limits access as well as gives access to others quickly and easily, and then it kind of shouts out fantasma back here, which we will be talking about in this video as they have been at The forefront of advanced nft technology – and this has been made possible by its unique blockchain infrastructure – put simply fantasmas blockchain was designed for this specific purpose to meet multiple nfts at a low cost. Obviously we brought you seoul here right on the channel fantasma at 80 cents. It is about 2x right now um, so that is an awesome awesome performer as of now and lets go ahead and dive into it and well start with the coin.

Market cap well take a look at altura, 31 cents right now: 186 million dollar market cap. If you dont know alter, they provides tools, infrastructure for developers to create and integrate smart nfts into their video games and applications very, very straightforward, and you take a look at their website where blockchain meets gaming. The next generation of gaming nft platform and they claim to be the future of nfts theyre kind of, like you, know the really hot one in the industry right now. As far as smart nfts, their names been really really thrown around lately and i am super bullish on altura, their nfts, their smart nfts. Imagine a video game where your sword, that gets stronger every time is used to slay a monster that is used to slay a monster. Smart nfts have properties that can change based on certain conditions. They have transparent protocols, open source, simple apis cross platform, items, low fees and true ownership. They have their loot boxes coming out in a little over a day as well, where they create truly random loot boxes that drop nfts with varying rarities when they are unlocked. They also have their nft marketplace live right. Now you can go, take a look at all of their nfts and their top monthly sellers, their altura punks altura penguins. All that good stuff. You come back over to their website. They are partners with chain link: cdfi crypto, blades, nf, nft trade, ox bull, wizard, roon, so deep space.

They have a lot of solidified partnerships. Uh their team is fully docked and then you take a look at the road map by the time. It is 2022 here. In this extended q2 q3 timeline have major gaming companies, utilizing our sdks and apis and have major gaming companies. Roll out nfts on altura have indie game developers adopt altura in their video games, so they have a solidified, a solidified road map, a fully docks team and a vision that i completely love. Altura is forming a lot of good partnerships. They have 10 000 users already on their altura marketplace, their nft marketplace, their loot boxes are getting good hype and they have recently partnered with polka city. Another trending, i would say a very trending uh project, a metaverse, a gta style metaverse built on polka dot. Uh altura has recently partnered with polka city, and there are recently also 50 000 altura holders. Welcome all the new devs artists, gamers nft enthusiasts investors and supporters, joining alturas community next up 100k very bullish on altura, and i still think, despite this weeks, little dip and it was expected guys. This thing literally went from four cents to 40 cents in a matter of what are we talking like from four cents down here in two weeks, it went up all the way to 40 cents. You know thats. Basically, i mean it was a 10x in two weeks. It was a 10x in two weeks, so it was due for a consolidation.

I think a 20 a 25 pullback from 40 to 30 cents has been very healthy, and i think that this market cap here safe to say, is going to be. You know north of 500 and potentially a billion dollars by the time that this bull run comes to an end, and this all season comes to an end. I see altura getting close or over a dollar in this run and i dont think thats overshooting. I dont like to try to provide hopium as far as projections im, not that type of you know im not im, not that type of you know hype. I dont like to just blatantly hype coins and tell you theyre all going to the moon, um so thats. Why you know im? Not you know 50x gains, but the one thing i will say altura has billion dollar market cap potential and i think this thing legitimately can get up to a dollar and i think you will see a bounce back very, very soon, with altura and to get into The next one money has been flowing into the other smart contract platforms, the other smart nft platforms. Fantasma, has literally ran up from 80 cents this last week to all the way to a dollar 53 nearly and it was over a 2x but weve 2xed. Our position. Basically, here on fantasma seoul already sitting at 158 million dollar market cap – and the difference here is fantasma – has their own layer, one blockchain for smart nfts built on gaming, and i absolutely love that it is not just the backbone, its not just like integrating their nfts Into their games its a literal layer, one blockchain that phantasma has built for smart nfts to integrate into games.

So i absolutely love that – and money has been coming into these other platforms, its not a coincidence here. It is not a coincidence that alturas dip coincides with another smart nft platform like phantasma running up and then weve also seen the other coin. Well, talk about effinity, really running up so well get into it here, uh very, very shortly: uh, smart nfts, gamings and daps. We connect you and create and control uh and get tokens gaming non fungible tokens, dapps developers and connect with us built for gaming. The technical lot, the technological backbone for the future of gaming, enabling a silky smooth user experience while its while increasing developer revenue and empowering gamers through the uh through the world of true digital ownership, and you take a look. They already have all these dapps uh ghost market, their in game pavilion, wonder man, nation, 22 racing series, the gardens between, and they have a bunch of stuff in development. Here i love to see that and then you just go to their gaming section. Blockchain enabled gaming new revenue streams for developers to earn royalties on second hand, sale of game licenses or in game assets. I absolutely love that it gives builders and developers of games incentive to build on phantasmas layer, one smart, nft blockchain to be able to incentivize them that they will not only get the potential royalties and sales of the initial sale of their games or of their licenses.

In game assets stuff like that, they will be getting second hand royalties on all of the purchases within the marketplace, so that is definitely incentive. Uh. You can change tournament. Entry fees attract users from other games through enabling cross game asset usage, so theyre enabling their smart nfts to be utilized across different games. Thats absolutely revolutionary, and this is the whole concept guys owning your assets not being at the prisoner of a company. Thats sucking money out of you to get the assets to get a skin in fortnight to get a gun in war zone, to get a character in a game or to unlock a sword, its just the concept of giving money to a corporate centralized company. That is extracting the money from their players for assets in game that dont have any value once theyre transacted. This is completely a paradigm shift, and this is the movement that phantasma and all these smart nft platforms are going to be the complete foundation of, and this is why im a hundred percent backing phantasma altura affinity um. You know this is going to change the game in a blockchain unleashed friction free, its fast, inexpensive and feature packed uh and from the ground up. Fantasma has built with the gamer in mind from the super fast transactions to the industry leading native smart nfc standard. Neither gamers nor game developers need to make compromises. So i absolutely love phantasma and theyre super active on twitter as well.

Uh theyre super active on twitter as well. You see smart nfts, gaming and dapps. We connect you create and control a carbon neutral cross chain and scalable l1 blockchain, and i want to get into probably whats the project that seems to not be getting the most attention at least publicity wise and that is effinity token affinity. Token is built by engine and it is also backed and built on the polka dot blockchain. I absolutely love affinity, it is developed by engine, it is the worlds cross chain, nft blockchain, and it is powered on the deflationary efi token built on polka dot in partnership with parity technologies and web 3 foundation. It is a new blockchain purpose built for nfts. It is a token highway designed to enable a specific kind of future where nfts as a widespread, are easy to use as smartphones today, and you take a look at infinity. Next gen blockchain for nfts, scalable, decentralized, cross chain network designed to bring non fungible tokens to everyone, and then you go over get started with nfts. This is obviously engine and engine is who is building affinity and engine is huge guys. Engine is what most games go to for their in game: nft assets right now, and a lot of games build on engine. So the fact that engine is infusing, 100 million metaverse fun into infinity ahead of the polka dot, parachain auctions. It is getting more eyes on it now, with the dot auctions, people are seeing that theyre going up for a dot auction and theyre, naturally going to take a look at it and once we finish our work building the my maniverse nft powered app explorer for our My meta games were keen to move forward and focus on contributing to the e finity ecosystem.

It is one of the biggest nft chains in the world and it is not even live yet. This is definitely the sleeper project of the bunch, and i really wouldnt be scared about what youve seen on this chart. Sure it is absolute and you take a look its not near its all time. High still, guy were still literally 2x about from all time highs. 337 were sitting at a dollar 85 right now, uh, but effinity. This is a dot project that i feel like just not. A lot of people are talking about, and everyones really hot, on dot ecosystem. This would be my selection uh for absolute max gains. As far as when it comes to my choice of a potential polka dot project, thats already live thats in the paradigm, poke polka dot auctions. Um thats already has a coin, for example, im really high on moonbeam in the polka dot pair of chains, but as far as a token that is tradable right now i would say: effinity is definitely my favorite polka dot project uh by far, especially with my niche That im, hammering down on gaming and how locked in weve been on the calls and on the coins we have been narrowing down for our portfolio here in q4. But effinity is definitely my top pick as a sleeper uh as far as the bunch, and i think that this has literal billion dollar potential. As far as market cap – and i wouldnt be surprised to see a five dollar plus affinity token here in q4, and that is on the conservative side, like i said, im not trying to provide any sort of false hopium uh or you know anything like that.

I try to be realistic and always set the correct expectations, and i think that youre safely gon na see 500 million dollar market cap here for affinity token very very soon, and i think this thing would be five dollars plus ten dollars plus here in the short Term uh, let alone the long term when infinity token is actually having projects building on it and integrating with their blockchain. I think affinity is going to do really well long term and then fantasma. I think i might have skipped their market cap and price product projection. I see fantasma ending the q4 around 750 million dollar market cap and probably about five dollars plus as well seven dollars right around that area. I think once all season starts at the number 380 coin. I think that youre going to start seeing phantasma really climb up the ladder pretty quickly uh, along with altura and along with effinity and theres, a big reason why this is my most probably my most heavily allocated niche within crypto gaming, its because crypto gaming absolutely needs These platforms to be able to swap their in game assets in and out and allow players to have true ownership and level up ability of true in game on chain assets. So that is why im so bullish on the smart nft sector – and i love all three of these projects, guys all in all, i dont think you can go wrong picking any of these, i think, if you want the most sleeper project, i would definitely go with Effinity and i think if you want maybe uh the most mainstream project, i would say altura and then, if you kind of want to go with that project in the middle, that is literally a layer 1 blockchain built on game built for gaming, i would definitely go With seoul – and i think, like i said, i hold all three – i think all of these have major major potential here.

At the end of the bull run, to do major numbers, i think youre going to see clean five to ten xs on these coins. Uh coming up to close the year so lets go ahead and close it out guys if youre new to the channel subscribe. If you enjoyed the video, if youre bullish on crypto gaming, if youre bullish on altura, phantasma or infinity token, let me know in the comments down below as well your thoughts on smart nft platforms and your favorite of the bunch as well and like the video.