So in todays, video were going to look at a few mistakes that people make time and time again, especially new investors, when this is the first time they have ever put money into assets. Well, look at those today and how to avoid them and of course follow along with these mistakes throughout the market, so that we can avoid them and make the life changing wealth in the markets. So that sounds like something that you are interested in, make sure you are smashing slapping destroying the like button down below and, of course, subscribing to the channel. So you can see this content pushed through to your news feeds and mobile phone notifications. If you want to follow the journey as well on twitter and instagram, make sure youre following those use, the official links down below and dont get caught out by scammers, and if you want to further educate yourself, there is a patreon link down below and, of course, Tia premium, which helps you learn how to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies now lets crack on with the video weve got the mistakes. We have some cryptos, which you want to have a look at all coins in particular, and how theyre setting up for the next big runs in this market bitcoin. We just saw the new all time high uh, closing out yesterday, but for us you know its just the last few hours weve crushed through to 67 800 and were just finding our legs and some support zones above this new all time high.

Before what looks like well make this next leg up, if i drop it back to a daily chart, you can see that the volume has finally come through. You can see the volume back here, as well as the market tried to push up and were just following the volume down here on our bitstamp chart now, of course, go and use other exchanges as well use coinbase, which has a lot of data use. Binance also has a lot of data, and you can see the volume coming in here at the lows again, as the market tried to push up, we didnt get a lower low, good sign and then again the next push through to the new all time, high higher Volume in the last few days, so we want to see it hold at these levels to continue with the momentum. If we start to close back underneath these levels, then i think that just means we are going to prolong the build up before we get to break out again now. The other big news is the weekly crypto asset flows were at 12 straight weeks of money pouring in to cryptocurrency, as we can see from a medium post here from coin shares, always filled with great information weekending 5th of november inflows year. Today, 8.9 billion has smashed last years, record 6.7 billion, and you can see the cryptos which have had the most amount of money coming into them and going out of them this week month to date year to date, litecoin is the one you cannote here in red Money is flowing out of litecoin now im, not saying that litecoin wont get a pump, but money is flowing out of it.

So maybe it wont be as big as some of these others, which are having, which are getting a lot of money flowing into them. Celina 9.6, us million polka dot 8.5 cardano 5.0, also looking pretty good its cracked through our support, our resistance levels, our 50 level, which was on yesterdays video, stick around to the end of this video, because there are links to watch other videos on the channel that Explain whats going on as well and of course, playlists if youre, just starting out in cryptocurrency, tron interesting one here nearly 22 million coming coming in this week, so litecoin the odd one here losing money and assets under management, 331 celinas catching up pretty well to litecoin And same with polka dot, and i daresay kadana will jump up again once it starts to fix its problems. In the background, lets turn our attention to four common mistakes which come up and theyre so easy to do when the market takes off, because the emotions get involved. Most people come here under prepared no plans and let the emotions drive what they are doing. First, one shuffling so youre getting cold feet in something because its not moving, maybe its been a few hours, maybe its been a few days, maybe youre listening to some people on twitter or in your workspace and theyre saying my coins going up 15 25 and yours Is not dont get cold feet if you have conviction on what you are holding for a particular reason, eventually, it should work out if its the right trade, if it doesnt youll, soon know because itll start to break through its lows and well look at that on The chart with a few examples in a minute, so shuffling, is something you dont want to do, because as soon as you shuffle guess, what your coin or the coin that you used to hold probably goes up, and the next one that you bought into is probably About to rest and wait around until it has its next move, and so then you get bored in that one and you sell out and move into something else, and you miss out on all of these pumps, because you are always shuffling now.

This is your channel of opium, free content, and yes, sometimes, the titles are absolutely chock a smashed full of hopium, but what you dont want to do in these bull markets is believe that a bear market will never come. Super cycles are here. The prices can never go down because theres too much institutional money here. All of this stuff has been said before. The time is never different, its always a repeat something that rhymes, so eventually the prices will be too pumped up and the new people into the market will believe that the prices are too cheap for what the project is offering. But remember people have been here for months or years before and they know all of what this project is about, and so they have bought in on those hopes and dreams early on and youre, seeing these hopes and dreams later on. You can see this on, the chart, charts will go parabolic and things get absolutely nuts and people still believe that those hopes and dreams arent priced in, but eventually they are, and the market reverses. So number two is opium dont get sucked into any of this nonsense. That carries on in the market. You will definitely see it in comments sections. I havent seen it so much in the comment sections on these videos, so maybe you guys are catching on to it. That leads me into number three, which is holding garbage and dreams, and i would say this for 99.

999 of altcoins, you could even say bitcoin. This is going to get pumped up to some point and then eventually correct, pretty big corrections. 50 60 – maybe 70 percent. Who knows, and even the good stuff solanas polka dots, cardanos ethereums avalanche vechain, whatever it is that you love these projects will probably have some legs in the future, but then theyre getting pumped up on dreams. So dont. Let yourself huddle the dreams of others throughout the bear market and number four. This is a big one. This is getting fomo once youve taken profits, because you see the price continue to go up without you remember youre only here just to take a nice big chunk. There we go out of the market, you dont need to sell the top. If the market keeps going up. Maybe you miss it, but did you make a profit? Yes, move on and start to learn come back this isnt just a short term day trading strategy. You can be here for a very long time and make a really good career out of it if you dont, get sucked into a lot of these mistakes here is an example of people getting sucked in real bad in to a recent cryptocurrency hex. Now, im not saying hex is bad im, not saying that it wont, go up and surpass its all time high of around 50 cents. But you can see all of these problems happening as the market filled with hopium, that it should never go down and then its the best performing asset of all time, and it should always be that way.

You had a ton of rap videos, rap songs, amateur stuff. Coming out through, as you can see here august september and that led into the high and then the market didnt go anywhere because everyones at the party enjoying themselves, so no one else is pushing the party up and now what have we seen in hindsight? We can see it is all the way down and i was messaging out here. You can see this triangle, you think maybe it has the potential to break down. I had a nice bounce off 50 and i posted this on twitter as well. So you guys can follow along there, and i did this as the market began to break, and i know that the community, the army loves to hate on people who dont agree with their belief system in hex. I honestly dont care. If you look at richard hart, hes all whos the creator of hex hes about making money, he loves the emotional side of things as well, but hes about making money and if youre, only about emotions and youre, not making money. Youre going to get screwed and youre going to be buying the dreams of someone else now were down to 14 cents, probably 15 or 16. At the time of this, video can a pump back up sure, but at the moment the trend is down and you dont want to be caught, holding these massively heavy bags all the way down. When i first started learning how to trade, i started with leveraged trading.

I know theres a lot of fear out there about people losing money with leveraged trading. They lose money because they dont have plans so make sure you have a plan understand where your stops are, how much money youre risking if youre going to trade leverage. This is exactly how i started trading futures and its nice to have a platform that has a clean interface, something really simple, that you can place orders with. You. Have your limits market order, stock market youre – probably not going to place market orders. So you learn how to use stops and limits in terms of your buy your buying positions for long and youre selling positions for going short, so make sure you have a plan check out the link down below if you want to use margex, no kyc exchange, which Is basically know your customers, so you dont have to go through that whole tedious process of giving over all your personal details and in order to be able to trade on a platform so check out the link down below hundred bucks free. When you sign up using that link down below for margix now, lets have a look at some of these all coins, which are in a reasonable good. Looking pumpable 100x position now im going to start with vet vet and vet has broken through its major 50 percent level. These are the big areas that i look at here. So this is something that i would look to trade and enter as the market breaks through major resistance.

So you can see here its tested. The 50 once tested it twice. There was a fake out and then came back under tested a third time and we broke through on the fourth time, so the guys are following over on patreon and premium, which is our trading course for members 12 months course over there go and check it out. Links are down below if you want to learn more about trading. This is one of our major rules, a breakthrough on the fourth attempt, so we had one. We had two. We had three fourth build up here and higher lows: look at that low low low, so its a pretty good. Looking entry from that point, the hopium here is: we could burst up and look towards getting closer to a dollar, but if i want to keep it slightly, conservative then ill just be looking to my targets at around 55 cents, which is a doubling of the current Range now, thats still a pretty long way off 17 cents, its about 200 percent from here, but at the end of the day, were in a bull market, and you never know where these things are going to end up at the end of it. Now, with that said, always have your stops in place, so in case this thing does pump up and goes absolutely ridiculously parabolic, then youre following up and taking profits along the way, no matter if it does go to 50 cents or to a dollar at least youre.

Taking some profits along the way, the other side of this is to always check the btc charts, because you want to see these things. Moving against their bitcoin value as well so were getting close here were passing. The 50 level were testing it once again on the btc value, and this is just showing if we can get past the 50, some strength to vet for its btc value and of course, then it would lean over into the usd value, because bitcoin is going up. As i said before, if you want to learn more about this check out, some of the videos on the channel stick around to the end and look at the playlist, because there are specific videos that talk about what it means to be trading and looking at all Coins against their btc value, you always want to see these go up, especially in a bull market. The next crypto here is matic, and it has just done a 100 repeat. 2.20 of this range, the range from the low of july into those tops in september. So the fact that its done 100 repeat is really nice to know that the market is finding balance. You can see here im just using my gan extension tools again, something that we talk about and learn how to use. You definitely want to see this breakthrough 50 and then do repeating ranges: 100, another 100 thats a good market and again we could get even higher from here.

Look to test our all time, high of 270 and if were looking for those massive 100 x returns. Then, of course, we need this to go to 188 dollars, probably not going to happen, but 2x 3x still possible on the cards, especially if bitcoin does another 2x. From its current point, the upside to this is you want to see the btc chart also take off at the moment. We are finding resistance at around 3 600 satoshis and it is trending down. So there still might be time in matic for some more accumulation before it starts to move again. The main thing you want to note here – and this could be for your plan – you dont, want to see it break down beneath around 2000 satoshis. Its put in two lows already two highs and its were getting a bit of a trading range at the moment. If it does break down that just means that bitcoin is the better play. You want to be trading the projects which are going up against the btc and the usd value which is similar to whats, going on with polka dot, polka dots pushed to new all time highs and on its btc chart you can see its going up and its Starting to push through into new highs and potentially consolidate before it moves again if it starts to break down again, weve got our price targets here, 0.0006, so about 60 000 satoshis is probably the level that you would start to consider.

Maybe this isnt as strong as it once was pushing up from the lows in july, so dot at the moments. Looking good because its at all time high prices on usd, and it looks good because the btc chart is also putting in higher highs and higher lows. Compared to that, you can see on matic youve got similar lows here at a double bottom. So what you want to see next is a breakout of 3600 satoshis, so that would be all your systems go check. Check check lets go to the moon for matic in usd and in its btc value. If you are interested in learning about trading cryptocurrencies and seeing what i have in my portfolio and how im trading it definitely check out the patreon link down below it is limited. So make sure you check it out, while there are still some spaces available stay around till the end of the video playlist coming up for you guys to learn more about the space and, of course, recent market updates. If you found some value from the content, especially those mistakes, please avoid that keep the video in one of your watch lists come back to those write them down, put it into a trading journal like the video up.