This is coins kid im just going to dive into the chain. Once again, thank you for support. Okay, pick up the coins kit crew. Thank you to each and every single one of you. Thank you for liking. This video. Thank you for sharing the video and thank you for your subscription. Most importantly, okay do check out all the communities that were running right now. Weve got a patreon weve got telegram, instagram twitter. The job lot get involved in all the communities theres, absolutely some brilliant content. In the patreon honestly im not trying to sell you anything, but there just is okay theres, some fantastic technical assets in there that are posting around the clock. Trades and people are making some serious money in there. But i dont im not trying to say anything im. Just trying to say get involved in the communities: okay, fantastic communities, honestly youre, not just supporting myself in there supporting a team of technical analysis that working around the clock and posting amazing content; big up all the admin team in the in the patreon right now: okay, Theyre doing an amazing job, an amazing job. Unfortunately, i did a live stream last night and i didnt record my mic. I could absolutely shoot myself but moving on ill make sure that next time ive got everything set up properly. Um ive been all over the place. Today, lots going on, but right now, v chain if youre looking on the weekly, you know look at that: its beautiful isnt.

It look at that since that low down there, that beautiful double bottom re test down there, which i did say to you, know if youre coming up again overextended put some cheeky bits down here on that w bottom uh on the daily. If you look at that, you can see what i mean. Okay, look at that beautiful double bottom down there. Boom boom boom fell back to support. Look at that amazing from there. You know, if you put some cheeky bits down there. You currently have a whopping nine percent on b chain, its amazing, so the balls are going upstairs its doing really really well so wheres the key level resistance moving forward. Well, at the moment, you are smashing through the fibs you can see youre running through the hips youve come back to the zero six one, eight just there. Okay, youve, not necessarily retested this trend line and support your share that that could be on the cards effectively and a deeper retracement, because you do know you know from experience right now. Look at the waveforms. The chain does correct, quite hardly, but it equally goes up. Quite impulsively as well, you know and quite a big whopping wave. So for me i think a kilo resistance. Just there is that trend line. I think youre in a technical target right now: 35 cents, so youre well on your way, because youre broken out of a horizontal, uh inverse and shoulders a couple handle.

It gives you a technical target all the way up there: okay at 35 cents. So you know the continuation from here right now is a further appreciation of around about 108 for v chain, okay, so its doing really well and with that youre going to break this high, and once you break this high youre, putting a confirmation, repulsive wave which bring You all the way up to these technical targets. Okay, these these levels. Are you one, two, seven, two, forty three cents to one four, one: four, fifty four cents and the one six one eight at 75 cents as well, so its doing what it needs to do? Okay, but you will run into resistance and you will retrace dont be dont, be disillusioned because you know just move to the left its. What you do you come up retrace come up retrace, come up. Overextended, going vertical retrace hold the key love support 55 ema on a daily look at that you know so right now. You know if you start to go parabolic and you start to retrace. You look for the 55 ema to hold on the daily. It really is that simple, because you can see since you broke out down here, you was holding it the whole way, okay, its when you started to get a bit vertical and start to go to parabolic, which i think is coming. I do think were going to sort of look at that towards the end of december january for these projects youre going to start to go parabolic.

But i do think in the meantime, youre potentially putting in legs like this. So, for example, youre breaking out just there. Yeah and youre putting in a new massive move here for v chain breaking this eye. So again, honestly, nothing to say is financial advice, but v chain is extremely bullish. So, for example, you broke in there okay and you can see youre coming up and down like that im, not saying youre going to come up there and wick all the way down to there. You can see it did it, but it might not do it again, but look at that so imagine catching that wick down there was amazing, so you know if it does start to run into the high and rolls over, and everyone thinks its a double bottom. Just put some cheeky bits on this trend line. Imagine catching that you know imagine catching that wick down there to for the continuation, its wow 525. So stranger things have happened when you look at the charts. Look at the whip down there. You know that level of support – i must have put the phrase on everybody personally i wasnt involved in v chain here. You know i wasnt charting it. I do hold v chain ill, be honest with you. I do ive got a small bag of v chain. Never really invested massively in it, but i was investing down here, okay, because it is one of those projects that you do need to pay attention to so yeah its doing really really well.

It is doing really really well and its moving upstairs isnt it. You know youre going to run into resistance and youre going to retrace thats how it will work. So for me right now, a key level of resistance is this white line and the reason is obviously youre in technical tolerance to the upside, but youre going to run into resistance. We traced key level support for continuation, basically, so a kilo resistance, the reason im targeting that is the vp vr. Okay, the volume profile you can see theres a little node sticking out just there, okay, so for me, thats a key level resistance. Just there. Okay, its a click, a key cluster like i said, youve got thin air here. Okay, youve got thin hair, so just here – and here i do think youll move up impulsively to that level of resistance just there and thats. Why you, when you might get a little better, extended and thats, where you might start to put in a bit of retracement here, coming down to a key level, support? Okay, so at that point you know i would. I wouldnt anticipate youve got a couple of levels of support. Youve got this trend line just here at 14, 506, 9 and then youve equally got this 1618 fib target, which youve broken through when its at resistance potentially fall back to that support. Okay. So, for me not to be greedy, i will put some cheeky bids on that.

If you do start to run into that and youre looking for retracement, i think this might be a beautiful level that can hold for for v chain. You know essentially cool down a little bit, get the ema to catch up. You know, cool down in the market a little bit retracement hold a kill of support, then continue with the trend that youre in right now, because youre breaking out youre doing really really well. You know youre doing really well and im, not surprised, because wee chain is a fantastic project, uh and its its looking for continuation. It was the whole time you know, im super bullish on v chain. One thing to keep an eye on like ive shown you so many times is the weekly rsi. Okay, look at that. Look at that wave that that that sort of gap there that we can actually start to go up here. You know start to go up to that level there where you meet that overbought and that could be a potential. You know signal there to kind of think about your position in b chain without me, even showing you the charts. Basically, you know just the rsi and the weekly come back up to that level. There think about your position, but again nothing to say is financial advice. You know you can even see on here when you started to come up. You were putting in waveforms in the rsi. You know like that so potentially mirror that come down like this boom and eventually get to there who knows, but so far, bullish doing really really well, nothing to worry about, be chains, melting faces, isnt it – and i did say this to you, but anyway take care.