My name is carl and im going to bring you yet another big boy, crypto collaboration, and today we are going to go straight into the crypto market and talk about. Where are the opportunities, and i know that many people are talking about specific coins and im gon na ask people crypto about these coins. But, first of all i want to ask you: people crypto, how are you doing today, yeah, im, doing uh really well im coming to you live from las vegas here at the venetian hotel in casino uh playing in the world series of poker over at the rio Todays my day, two so uh you know, hopefully i made it to day two so well see how i do um. You know its gon na be hard to to win theres like seven or eight thousand people that entered but doing pretty well right now were im. Really excited i mean this was something that was always on my bucket list playing the the main event of the world series poker, so excited to be out here. Doing that and uh still talking about cool and weve, seen many many cryptocurrencies break into all some highs in the past like couple of days or so so uh. My other very important question is: are you staying in the presidential suite or not? No im, just im. Just in a regular uh, regular suite here, uh basically longer than short of it is i get a lot of comps here at venetian, but we had our whole team out here.

So i use a lot of my comps or my teams, rooms and stuff like that. So, im not that fancy. My wife was here over the weekend. She actually she did two things for the first time ever in her life uh. She gambled at a table game, so we played ultimate texas, hold him and she also went to a club. My wife has never been to a club in her entire life, so she her eyes were like that white. She was like what is going on out here. So uh were not clubbers, so thats cool, okay, so crypto is booming and, and everyone is wondering where, should they really put their attention right now uh? Could you give us your analysis, kind of of whats happening? Currently, yeah i mean were seeing a lot of really interesting things developing as were seeing a lot of projects hitting new all time highs that have had a lot of momentum and, over the last few days, weve actually seen a lot of projects that havent had a Lot of momentum for this bull run like litecoin and base detention. Token uh get big movement, so i did a video recently where i talked about uh. You know three different types of altcoins people should be looking to invest in, of course, not financial advice. Yada yada um, you know three different types of coins number one would be coins that have just absolutely crushed it and continue to crush it.

The entire bull run. You look at coins like finance coin solana, ethereum avalanche, tara, luna polygon. These are projects that have just consistently done well with very few moments of stagnation. Polygon has had some stagnant moments, but its rises have been absolutely monstrous. Uh one of the other types of coins you should be looking at are uh coins that at different parts in this bull run, have performed extremely well but have gone through longer periods of stagnation, uh that would be coins like xrp uh, binance coin kind of fits That one as well cardano these are projects that they tend to have like uh stair steps up, but theyre really long steps. So itll itll rise up – and this is really particularly telling. If you go look at the 2017 chart for cardano, it only took it three. I think it was three moves to go all the way from uh two cents, all the way to a dollar thirteen. It was three moves, it would go up, go sideways up, sideways and then up one more time. So those are projects you should be looking at. As well and then, of course, other projects uh would be kind of niche projects. If you look at what loopering has managed to do here recently, uh were seeing a big explosion in each layer, two solutions, and so thats one loop ring was one that got a lot of traction. When you look at the layer, two projects or ethereum.

Obviously, the higher the ethereum price gets, which should be five thousand dollars here soon the the higher the gas cities get and you got ta look for projects that do things to combat those gas fees. When you look at loopering, obviously polygon, obviously or maybe not as obviously a project were an advisor for cartesia thats done really well during this bull run. When you look at these types of projects, if you find niches that are exploding, find other coins in that niche, that maybe havent hit the jump point yet so metaverse is another category. You can kind of look at that in as well and then uh. You know even the meme coins on my channel. We dont really always we dont suggest investing in meme coins, but you know when you got two of the top 11 projects that are mean coins its hard to ignore them. At this point, yeah now that you actually spoke about gas fees and and everything i mean, i think, thats a good opportunity for castle as well that im building with my co founder yeah. So i mean, i know exactly thats thats how thats whats happening right now. We have a high gas fees, and i i think someone told me on twitter today that um that one swap on unisport was like 500 for a swap and its just like. It just means that its a whales game right like, but even for the waves like 500, just for a swap its like its a lot actually so uh.

Definitely something has to happen. That is for sure. Well, i think we were. We were looking at our fees. This year our gas fees uh, we paid six figures and gas fees this year. It is insane, so something has to happen there. For sure i mean, if i send you money, i cannot pay, i shouldnt even have to pay a dollar like it has to. It. Should be like not even a cent it should be, we should be allowing for micro payments. I should be able to pay one cent per millisecond. If i want to do that in like uh for three weeks or something micro payments, normal payments, i think thats, the future of crypto and, i think, were getting there at some point – um. Well, it defeats it. It defeats the the point of crypto. You know when were having to pay more gas cities, then youd have to pay to send money on western union, so yeah. So right now theres a big price to decentralization but um. I hope that in the next couple of years were gon na see big developments. There and i mean thats what were trying to build also too but um. I want to talk about also um, specifically meme coins, because we did see in the past like seven days how shiba inu made massive uh movements, actually flipped dosh and then came back down below dojo like. Why did that happen? Is it just pure speculation or that or are there any fundamentals behind shimano that i am missing? Well, you know it started out with nothing.

You know it definitely started out with absolutely no fundamentals and just pure marketing and hype um, but what these coins have really done is theyve been able to capture entire communities, the entire tick tock community, the entire wall street vets community theyve been able to capture these Communities – and it really shows what can happen with price speculation when you have a lot of people working towards the same goal and thats been very interesting. To see i mean dogecoins, you know, probably its greatest quality over the years was its community, even when it wasnt even doing anything with price. There was a great community behind it. If you go back uh, i think in 2018 there was the dogecoin summit that was in vancouver. If you guys go, look that up, it was just a bunch of people dressed up in costumes like doing the harlem shake like all this nut stuff. It looked like a really fun conference to be at and those people they have fun with it. You know i mean those coins are supposed to be, for fun, mean ones are supposed to be for fun, but those people were like kind of living that in real life, and i think, really with sheba theyre trying to do more, though theyre trying to build it Out uh and they even have a decentralized exchange, coming called uh, sheba, swap and im kind of holding back my judgments on sheba for the moment to see what happens with this decentralized exchange, to see what they can build on top of it and to see if It actually can have some use and can have some fundamentals.

I think thats their goal. I think theyve seen what dogecoin has really done wrong. I mean the original developers left dogecoin, the the co founders of dogecoin dont have anything to do with it anymore. I think thats really hurt the project, whereas with sheba, even though i think the founders are anonymous, they want to push it further. I think they looked at dogecoin and they said it could only get so far because it doesnt have fundamentals in use case. Lets build out something so shiba doesnt get in that same situation. So i know over the last year or so dogecoin has been trying to add developers to do some of that stuff, some of that same stuff, but they havent been successful with it. We know that because whats built on dogecoin, nobody could say anything so sheba is trying to build and you got to kind of give them some credit for that. But i think the the most important part of this whole entire memecoin mania is to like is crypto. Investors were always trying to look at trying to be visionaries and trying to look into the future and saying what can we learn from this? That can give us a leg up on the next meme coin, or the next run up or the next big niche, and i think the thing that people should really take away from this is that community coins are going to be huge in the future.

When you see how much community support comes out for these coins think about other types of communities, whether its the sports community or the gaming community, like what happened if there was like a gaming coin, that came out that all the gamers supported. That thing would go to the moon. I mean same thing with people who, like sports or sports betting or whatever it might be. Ralph powell was on my show uh about two months ago, and he said he believes that for the next bull run, community coins are going to be. The number one coins were seeing mean coins. Now, community coins might be the future, so i would say uh you know, people should start looking and positioning themselves to figure out what kinds of communities are going to come out with their coins and what you guys should support. We have our own community token here at bitboy, crypto, the bit token its been around for about a year now uh. This is something that we dont advertise and we dont want people saying like youre, just trying to move the price up, but weve integrated its got. Use case weve integrated into our new, its also integrated into, its going to be integrated into our sandbox land and the metaverse. So a lot of really exciting stuff, theres, all kinds of things that you can do with community tokens and ive also had uh celebrities, rappers uh. Some sports athletes ask me some sports athletes.

I guess you have to be an athlete to be in sports uh, but some athletes have some professional athletes. Ask me about how they can build out their own community coin. So we know this is something these people are are looking at, and thinking about definitely something to keep your eye on. For the future nice yeah there have been a few projects that have been tapping into that community coin. This bit cloud was that the name of it, i think, yeah a little bit like that right, um. I have no clue how that one is doing. Is that doing well? Do you are you following that? I dont think so it was kind of the rage. No, its got really big investors behind it, yeah, but its also super sketchy, yeah neval, hes, hes, hes, really big into that one. I think the winklevoss twins are big into that one. So theres a lot of big things behind yeah. I think so. I think he was involved in or maybe his investment group so theres a lot of big money behind it, but i think i think thats a good point when you start looking at hasnt performed well, people havent been excited about it, thats because its too early right Now were just starting to see this community token and thats kind of a social currency is what big clouds supposed to be, and also were just starting to see. I i put in, like i put in a couple of bitcoin there, but i couldnt withdraw them and thats when i felt what is this, this is shady i felt scammed, so i just stopped looking at it, but um but yeah.

I dont know much about it to be honest, um but um. I guess before we wrap this up. I want to also ask you um about the the debate you had with the anthony pompliano i watched. I watched it and uh. I was just a little bit sad to see that you, you got a little bit of like um like it seems like some. Some people have been just taking your titles and, and they think that the title of your video, which is obviously clickbait um, they say its your prediction and me as a youtuber. I just know the frustration. You must feel when someone takes your title and says that that was your prediction and you were wrong when clearly was just a clickbait. I mean just like my tweets right now. Sometimes i tweet xrp to 589 dollars question mark. I dont think its going to go there, its just a funny tool just like to get some engagement, yeah yeah. Definitely i mean, i think that uh really like. If you look at the the dogecoin video that he brought up the the title that was dogecoin to five dollars, that video was actually about me explaining matt, wallaces, five dollar dogecoin prediction and me answering why i did not think that that was going to happen. So you know sometimes they get these titles they get taken out of context and people say well, then why do you write them that way? Well, we write the titles that way because youtube is a game of attention and the only way to get used and exceed in this industry is to make titles that are grabby that get people in, because we did talk about those point to five dollars in that Video, i just explained why i didnt think it was going to happen and reference somebody elses prediction about it, but heres the thing that the people that get really been out of shape, uh about about clickbait and about titles, its so interesting to me, because what those People are doing is theyre kind of saying, like that investors in crypto are literally making decisions based on titles of youtube like if somebody sees a video that says you know bitcoin to 20 million dollars like the one tom had or mine.

You know xrp to 589 dollars, question mark, but theyre going to take that as an investment advice, theyre going to say: oh its definitely going there without watching the video. I can tell you if there are people out there that are making financial decisions based on titles of videos without watching the the content. I can guarantee you, those people are going to be in and out of crypto very, very quickly because thats not the way. This works. You have to watch the content and consume it and understand what it means to make those kinds of decisions or add those opinions to your to your research. Nobody makes investment decisions based off of titles, and that seems to be the argument. A lot of these people are making is like its bad for the space. When someone gives a prediction like no – and you know this carl, the number one thing that people want on youtube or prediction, they want to understand where things are going to its kind of like in in sports betting, like if people are sports betting, when theyre looking For what you know they can do research, they ultimately want to know what are other people thinking. What are other people? Thinking is going to happen, and that gives you a little more information in your arsenal. As long as you feel, like people are being honest with what theyre telling you about those predictions, they may be wrong, but its just a little bit more to add to your uh.

You know to add to your pack arrows um. You know to to shoot in your investments with yeah i i must agree 100 with you. I think that um, obviously people should not trade based on titles, and i also know how it is being a youtuber. I can confirm your message its like you have to please the algorithm. If you dont do a a cool title with a cool thumbnail, no one will click and the click through ratio is very, very important for youtube. So so, if you dont, if you dont, play the game which sadly clickbait is the game, then you you, you will not grow and uh its. I mean guys. You should be angry with youtube. You should call usually like it has nothing to do with the youtubers um. What ive always said is when the algorithm favors actual content over thumbnails and titles. We will all stop doing it. We i hate doing it im sure you aint doing it too. I dont like it its very monotonous. You know yeah, i dont like it, but but i know i mean for a youtuber. Our whole business is views like you cannot take away our business like we have to draw views without views. We make zero money so its just how just like a movie like in the movies. They make a trailer. They make the trailer as as cool and exciting as possible to get views yeah. The trailer is not the movie its just something to make people want to go and watch the movie um, so they take the coolest points out of the movie, so i think its uh our title and thumbnail its just the trailer cool movie poster um its.

Not the actual content itself – and i think i think 80 percent and 90 of all of our audience understand this. If not all of them, actually i mean were all smart people here, but theres always like those few people that that likes to scream loud but yeah. I just wanted to uh tell you that i agree with you uh, i think uh. I think we shouldnt read peoples, titles and and then based on your opinion on that but well. Thank you. I appreciate the support on that. Yeah no worries. Bro no worries were all here together: right, 100 cool cool, all right guys, uh link down below, as always to big boy. Kryptos youtube channel make sure to smash the like button on this video and subscribe to his youtube channel, and i think this video is maybe the longest collaboration weve done so far. But we had many many interesting things to talk about. If you have a good suggestion on what me and bitboy should talk about in the next weeks, collaboration leave that suggestion down below right now. Do you have any final thoughts before we wrap it up? Hey, you know: bitcoin ethereum, you know ive been pumping this week. The crypto markets are good. The overall market cap for all of crypto is looking great, as we talked about on on my channel with our collaboration that uh came out on tuesday um. You know so the markets are looking good, its exciting to be a time to be in crypto.

Everybody just remember enjoy these times its, not always like this make the most out of uh at this time and enjoy it perfect all right guys. Thank you. So much for watching leave a thumbs up down below see in the next one.