We have so many different cryptocurrencies that we need to talk about in todays video, including bitcoin, including ethereum, including chain link, major solano news, major phantom update, even some revealing statistics on shiba inu. Of course, the top story of the day is that the apple ceo tim cook has revealed his cryptocurrency investments. If you appreciate our content, smash the like button check the timestamps below, because we have a lot to talk about and if youre new to the channel make sure you subscribe, we drop one video every day, keeping you informed as to everything going on in the cryptocurrency Space and all our favorite altcoin projects which are making news, lets dive right into it again, like the video. If you appreciate us coming at you top story, is this apple? Ceo tim cook has revealed his personal cryptocurrency investment portfolio. The apple ceo says hes actually been researching cryptocurrencies for a while, so he has yet to articulate what apple the company is planning to do with cryptocurrency, as far as which ones theyre actually buying, but the key takeaways for this story are as follows: apple, ceo, tim Cook has stated that he owns cryptocurrencies cook has also stated that apple is looking into allowing bitcoin and crypto payments through apple pay. Whether cooks, allocation in his personal portfolio means that apple will also invest in cryptocurrencies remains to be seen. Lets get right into it. With this first hand, primary source, cnbc host hosting the deal book online summit, puts tim cook on the spot.

How do you feel about crypto? Are you invested, which cryptocurrencies do you hold? He answers the question in this clip then well discuss any bitcoin or ethereum. Would you play around with this? I i do yeah, i think its reasonable to own it as a as a part of a diversified portfolio and im, not giving anybody investment advice by the way when, when did you get interested in it, ive been interested in it. For a while and uh ive, you know been researching it and and and so forth and so uh. I think its interesting koi, sir very coy, almost seemed embarrassed to admit that he holds both bitcoin and ethereum. What do you think his tonality and body language was signaling when he admitted that he personally owns both bitcoin and ethereum and which other cryptocurrencies? Do you think that tim cook personally owns? I mean i take him at face value. I do truly believe that the majority of his portfolio is bitcoin and ethereum, like so many others of us allocate to because theyre the market movers, but i would suspect that tim cook, most likely at least owns one other cryptocurrency, if not many more now, the question Is is it a defy coin? I think thats highly possible. Is it an nft platform, i think its highly possible? Is it another dap platform like ethereum competitors and interoperators? That is the question. Then, of course the bigger question is yes. The apple ceo owns bitcoin, but i want apple to own bitcoin when will apple allocate a certain percentage of their treasury into bitcoin, which is honestly the smart thing that companies do and i think, were going to see more and more companies do this anyway.

Thats, the news with apple: we will continue to keep you updated, as this story develops, make sure you subscribe lets, get to some altcoin news, phantom wallet, which is probably the most popular wallet that solana users use phantom wallet preps for mobile launch after reaching major milestone. Not 1 million, but 1.2 million users on solana. The phantom wallet is a popular way for solana, traders to navigate defy it says. A mobile version is coming soon, and the facts you need to know are this: the wallet right now is actually only currently available on desktop phantom is planning a private beta release this year with a full mobile launch in january solana. Many metrics their whole ecosystem cannot be ignored and this mobile wallet probably cannot come at a better time, especially when we see stuff like this reddit co founder, who is a huge ethereum, bull, hugely bullish on ethereum reddit, co, founder and solana ventures, team up on a 100 million web 3 social media initiative, reddit and solanas founders have teamed up to announce a 100 million initiative for web 3.0, specifically social media technology. So the reddit co founder already understands what it takes to build a successful social media empire right its a great platform teaming up with solana to launch a web 3.0 version. Will this work out or not im, not sure we need more details, but the fact that theyre doing this with solana huge green flag. In my opinion and whether were talking about solana or whether were talking about ethereum, we continue to see, updates and adoption developments.

Just like this discord, ceo teases integration with ethereum wallet meta mask so discord is a huge software platform. Gamers use it streamers, use it. They have a huge audience as way for people to communicate. Well. Last night discord ceo, jason citron shared a screenshot on twitter. What appears to be a metamask wallet connectivity feature inside the popular messaging platforms user settings? This is the picture that he shared. This is what discord looks like and, as you can see, ethereum metamask integration metamask if youre unfamiliar, is one of the crypto industries. Most popular crypto wallets, boasting 10 million active users as of august this year and to go along with the story. You know whats kind of the vision if discord and ethereum were to integrate. Well, it comes on the back of this tweet. Imagine a place built for gamers home to everyone playing the great online game. Has 150 million monthly active users generates 130 million in revenue and is a web 3 sleeper well were talking about discord, partnering with ethereum and speaking of ethereum, since nobodys said it yet, 800 000 ethereum has been burnt since eip1559 has launched our original investors. Thesis is playing out right in front of our eyes before we get to more altcoins. Let me take 60 seconds and turn you on to a major opportunity that most people in crypto do not realize they can take advantage of most people in crypto do not know about this, but this can benefit most crypto holders and traders greatly, and this opportunity is Through a sponsor of ours, choice app, so if youre unfamiliar choice, app enables you to buy bitcoin, ethereum and thousands of other traditional assets, including 22, and counting crypto assets without having to pay a dime in capital gains tax.

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I always get some comments, saying: hey man, youre sleeping on phantom, its actually usually youre, sleeping on phantom or youre sleeping on cosmos. Well, today, we have some phantom news for those of you who are big fans of phantom and im pretty neutral on it to bullish. I dont own any phantom, but theyre certainly doing big things. Following the latest governance proposal, we lowered the amount of phantom tokens necessary to run a validator node, starting today. The minimum requirement to run a validator node on phantom is 500k phantom tokens still out of a lot of peoples reach, but they have lowered it. The community decided this through a governance proposal and now its lowered to this threshold, congrats phantom users and congrats to all the link marines out there. The more i learn about chain link, the more i understand it and the more i like it, and i really liked what co founder sergey nazerov just said. I dont know if youve been watching this chain links sergey nazarov predicts d5 returns through your bank by next year in a few months and actually throughout next year. In 2022.. Speaking at the solana, breakpoint conference, chainlink, co, founder, sergey and azeroth said d5 will continue to attract institutional attention and you know tldr ill sum up. His talk. Institutions are interested in bitcoin, but theyre also interested in d5. You know they really like that aspect of crypto because they like generating heal they like getting returns.

We can see this. We can see mark cuban getting into it. Mr wonderful, getting into it a lot of notable people in institutions and sergey and azeroth thinking towards the future, saying by 2022 im sure you know right now, its still really nascent and people arent thinking ahead but im sure by next year or even at some point. In general, youre going to be able to get the defy yield right through your bank. Why wouldnt your bank offer this as a service to try and get a piece of it and we dont need the bank, but why wont the bank get into it? Clearly, this is the future, so i really liked this lets talk about shiba inu shib. What do you think about chiba inu? Did you realize this, and this is provable on chain 10 wallets hold 72 percent of the total shiba inu supply? Who are they? Well? We dont know exactly who they are. We can see some of their transaction history. We know that theyre big whales. We know that if they ever tried to cash out their portfolio or even a portion of their portfolio, because shiba inu is a lot newer than some projects. Of course they would tank the price because theres not a lot of liquidity compared to like bitcoin or ethereum. So just understand you know this is this: is a risk in different cryptocurrencies to varying degrees in general, this is a risk for all.

Cryptocurrencies bitcoin is the best gini coefficient. Ethereum has the second best genie coefficient, and you know after that you know it comes with major risks like this now shib 72 percent. All cryptocurrencies arent like that. Some are 40. 50. 60. 20. 30. It really depends, but just understand ship holders. Eventually, you know bull markets dont last forever. Shib could 100 x between now and six months. From now for all i know, but keep in mind, you know, in my opinion, have a plan to realize profits. Thats just my opinion, not financial advice. My name is aaron. This is alt coin daily, subscribe to the channel like weve, been talking about all of this here and for years, the cryptocurrency market is really heating up bitcoin ethereum, both breaking all time highs.