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However, once we did of course hit that high at sixty eight thousand five hundred dollars yesterday bitcoin did a bit bitcoin and we dropped all the way back down to the dramatically low level. We crashed back down to sixty six thousand dollars. Bitcoin man bitcoin absolutely love it now. We of course have to start watching out for areas of price support. Weve had this beautiful move up now, we might just consolidate here before pushing higher. We could end up getting our bull flag scenario kind of coming in here and then, of course, blast up a bit higher. However, if we do not get that that sort of scenario coming through well, we should start watching out for areas of price support. The next one, of course, down at 65 000 dollars the next big one after that is that 62 000 and that ones actually very very interesting, because that would actually be a retest of our major, symmetrical triangle breakout that we had here right. So if we actually came back down here, retested that and then bounced back up thats, of course, a technically bullish move for bitcoin, so therell be nothing to be scared about. If, of course, that does end up happening already. Of course, bitcoins down a few percent and you have the bears already starting to clamber out of their caves. Oh its all gon na go down again. This is actually a double top. There is not enough price action yet, in my opinion, to say that this is a double top.

We could easily push up beyond this. I think we need a bit more confirmation before we can start saying that yeah were getting a double top sort of scenario coming in here now the price is going to come way way back down here bears man bears theyre, just no fun arent they, but look If there is a sell off event, im a buyer as always on massive sell offs, when you have flash crashes and stuff like that, that is when ill add to my position. I tend not to buy at all time highs. Most you guys, probably shouldnt, either thats, not really how the game is played. You try to buy low and then sell high and look bitcoins a long term wealth asset for me im not really selling my bitcoin. We talk about the bitcoin charts because it is indicative of the general direction of the market. It is the bellwether for crypto, but with your alt coins and stuff, like that, when theyre raging up to new all time highs, you know, look sometimes theres a good case to made for theres going to be a continuation. The price is going to go higher, but, generally generally speaking, you dont want to buy things when theyre hitting the new. All time highs, you want to try to buy them on the dips. Buy low sell high, not the other way around thats how people get into trouble fomoing into tops and then, of course, panic selling dips when they inevitably come because they happen all the freaking time in the market.

Remember we just had a pretty significant dip. Recently, we saw bitcoin back just in mid october, go from uh its previous all time, high all the way down, uh 14 tip, which isnt even that dramatic for bitcoin. To be honest, usually in a bull market we have 20 30 percent dips, thats, very common stuff and of course, wasnt all that long ago we did have a big, dramatic 20 daily candle right here boom. So just expect those things to happen, but right now its a time of happiness and joy, as of course, bitcoin has smashed into another new. All time high now lets talk about ethereum ethereum, again, absolutely killing it with investors. So the q3 earnings report for coinbase has just come out. You can see just right above my head. Here is the q3 column, most important things to note here: percent of trading volume, bitcoin 19 ethereum, 22 other crypto assets. Of course, 59 coinbase lists a lot of different alt coins these days, but were witnessing something very, very, very important happening here. We are seeing a shift of money from bitcoin in to ethereum. Now weve talked a lot about the big money guys coming into ethereum. Coinbase is one of the premier destinations for institutional investors who are buying cryptocurrencies. They go there, they buy their bitcoin, they go there and they buy their ethereum now also retail traders, obviously, but thats a pretty interesting thing. This is the second quarter by the way go back to q1 of this year, ‘ was bitcoin, 21 was ethereum, there was a flip in q2 and you could see the narrative flip when all the big banks, jp morgan and all these guys started talking about how Amazing ethereum is not ethereum is going to go to the moon.

Well, here it is heres the actual trading volume we are seeing, ethereum beating bitcoin for the second quarter, this time buying even bigger gap. Three percent versus the two percent gap back in q2, very interesting, very interesting people are starting to get the message about the uh moon juice combination that is going to push the price of ethereum up much much higher than it currently is. So this staking contract for ethereum has just hit 8.2 million ethereum locked up for east 2.0 staking we have more than 8 million ethereum sitting in d5 right now, weve had 860 000 ethereum that has left centralized exchanges. Since october 1st, since october, 1st weve had almost a million ethereum withdrawn from centralized exchanges thats just over the last five weeks, holy cow man, not to mention of course, right now were burning, like 80 to 100, 000 ethereum a week with eip1559, and i know i Know using ethereum its, not super awesome right now, because the high fees – but you have to remember these institutional players and stuff like this getting in they dont care. They dont care about the high fees, theyre betting, on innovation, theyre betting, on the fact that ethereum will continue to deliver moving into the future that they will upgrade. That 2.0 will be a success and they dont care to have to pay the high fees on chain, because when youre dealing with five 10 20 million dollars of ethereum, you can pay 200 bucks or whatever to use some d5 protocols.

It doesnt matter so much for these guys, regular users ethereums not the place for you right now. If youre a non rich user, you need to go to avalanche, you need to go to salani. You need to go to buying a smart chain. You need a polygon phantom wherever everywhere else has cheap fees. Ethereum does not right now, but the price of the ethereum asset. It is just primed for five digits. Basically, at this point, when you look at all this stuff, these numbers are insane and, like i said they didnt even put the eip1559 ethereum burning in here, because thats also just the rocket fuel to light the moon juice on fire is absolutely crazy. Now lets talk about the big news coming out of spain. Spains santander bank has announced that theyre going to be offering a bitcoin based etf product everybodys, getting an etf product except america. They get stuck with bitcoin futures, etfs and the sec anyway. This is obviously big. Big news: spain is one of the worlds biggest economies. Spain is a member of the european union, which means that that can start then trading across a broad range of european exchanges. More access to bitcoin is a good thing. The demand from pensions companies, hedge funds, private funds, family offices, all of this stuff – to have a trusted place where they can go and buy bitcoin, preferably through a brokerage account, preferably through an etf product. The demand is absolutely massive.

Weve seen the raging demand for, like the canadian bitcoin etfs weve, seen the raging demand for the massively inferior garbage, bitcoin futures etf products trading in the usa, the demands through the roof for them. Just imagine what happens when we get a spot bitcoin etf for u.s markets, which of course are more than 50 percent of global equity markets, which is why a spot bitcoin etf in the us market is so damn important. But spain, i salute you. I salute you. Well done on moving forward with the future and bringing a bitcoin etf into the country. Every big bank is scrambling right now to offer some kind of bitcoin or cryptocurrency related service any who are late to the party or simply dont. Do it just read the story of blockbuster man talk about blockbuster a lot on this channel simply because well, movies were cool back in the day, but you got to adapt to the times and you will see a lot of companies not adapt to crypto. Now, one company that is ready to adapt to crypto apple – this is big news. Apple ceo, tim cook has revealed his personal cryptocurrency investments. Well, thats nice thats, nice tim always good to have more rich people on board with crypto thing but uh. The real story here is what was revealed in the interview now in particular that apple pay, which has 383 million freaking users globally, so its kind of a big damn deal.

This is more than paypal, not a lot more than paypal, but a little more than paypal. Theyve said that theyre looking to add crypto payments in the app its something thats under consideration, its something that theyre exploring internally within the company, which means that theyre taking the first steps right now to making that a reality. Apple sees whats going on. They see that paypal is offering cryptocurrency services, they see that cash app is offering cryptocurrency services, they see facebook launching a digital currency wallet apple doesnt want to get left behind the network effect, of course, of 383 million users, potentially getting a pay with bitcoin option. Inside of their apple pay wallets is massive, absolutely massive. Now, look he didnt go into details. He said, oh, were just you know were playing around with it right now, which means theyre doing it its happening. We just havent got to the press release stage, yet he cant say too much, but it is coming. It is going to happen weve seen. A lot of the other big stories happen like this, where its just early stages, oh, were just playing around. Oh were just experimenting and then bada bing bada boom. They release the service. This will be massive together with with paypal and everything else, thats happening. Mainstream adoption is just going into just high gear and its absolutely exciting its absolutely exciting. Now he did say currently no plans to have bitcoin on the balance sheet for apple, but man.

I really feel like apples such a good candidate for buying some bitcoin as a cast diversification. Apples got truckloads of cash on hand; its one of the biggest cash holders of any company tim cook is pro crypto. He holds crypto currencies personally. The company itself is currently working on in the early stages of working on integrating cryptocurrency payments into their apple pay product. Its only a matter of time before they say hey, you know what were just going to throw a billion in cash in a bitcoin that could be a major catalyst when it happens, probably not necessarily anytime soon from what it sounded like in the interview were not Going to see apple buying bitcoin anytime soon, but the sooner they do, of course, the better it will be for apple, but the apple pay news, crazy, big, crazy, big im super excited about that, because it just normalizes crypto it to such a massive degree. It just becomes the regular way of paying for things its, not weird or something for internet nerds, anymore, its, like literally for everybody, now paypal. That was the shot heard around the financial world. That was a big damn deal and then anybody right now doing services playing ketchup, apples playing catch up at this point, apples playing ketchup – and they are catching up. This story proves that so wow big news, big big news here – final bit for today, just a quick inflation funny for you, because, obviously, inflation is hilarious.

Hilarious, inflate inflation, hilarious, inflation anyway, msnbc posted this uh, heidi a shout out to blockchain chick. She uh posted this up and its just its hilarious. Msnbc said why the inflation were seeing now is a good thing. Inflations, a good thing remember that inflation is a good thing. The price is going up for your food, your building supplies the fuel for your car. All this stuff, this is all a good thing, and war is peace. Right. Ignorance is strength. Yeah, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, its an orwellian world sometimes, but here we go msnbc out there shilling for inflation, saying that inflation is a good thing and heidi is absolutely right. Bitcoin exposes this lie by the way. If not following heidi go go, followers hes got a great youtube channel. She has really great content, but bitcoin exposes this lie its true its true its true bitcoin just keeps going up. Fiat just keeps going down. I, like the old saying, theres no top to bitcoin, because theres no bottom to fiat anyway. Your question for today, which big company do you think, is going to announce their crypto play next, i feel like weve, had so many big announcements this year from paypal. Now apples, little rumors theyre putting out here the tesla news, but whos next whos next whos going to be the next big company announcing either a crypto purchase or some kind of cryptocurrency integration.