Today we have a video about the central land or mana and were going to talk about the next price targets for the price of this coin, as well as my mana price prediction for the short term and the long term. So, if you want to know about this, please make sure that you stay until the end of the video okay, so mana right now is trading at around 2.56 cents, and we see that we drop below the previous support target that we had in my previous video. At around two dollars and sixty cents and right now were retesting this level as resistance, okay, every time that we break below a support target, of course it becomes a resistance to break okay, so right now, this will be your resistance that we have for mana two Dollars and sixty cents, two dollars and fifty nine cents which was supported by here, was resistance in here and a lot of support right here: okay, as well some resistance right here and before having a continuation to the upside okay um. After this, your next resistance target for mana will be anything at around two dollars and seventy cents to around dollars and ninety cents at two dollars and seventy cents. We see that we found support previously support and, after that we retested it as resistance after breaking below it. It was also resistance right here supporting here and a lot of support in this area as well.

Some resistance in here, okay, so right now were trading below it, and this will be a very huge resistance area, two dollars and seventy cents, and we also have the 50 moving average of the one hour chart in this area and probably the 200 moving average is Going to come around here to this area, okay, um, so this will be a very huge support. I mean resistance target because were trading below it and, after that, anything inside this area can pretty much act as some resistance and after breaking above 2.90, your next resistance for mana can be anything at around three dollars which we saw. It was resistance right here. Resistance. Four times in here was also some supporting here, supporting here, resistance and perfect supporting here and after that. We of course have anything from 3.10 to 3.19, okay, which was resistance, resistance, resistance support resistance, resistance, support, support resistance and resistance in here in the middle. So this is going to be another huge resistance. Now, if we talk about the um, the bottom like going to the to the downside of mana, your first support target to hold will be 2.50 to 2.46. Okay, which right now were finding support at around 2.50, and it was previously a good support target. Supporting here and support right here, okay, so right now, this is acting as support and if we drop below it, my next target will be anything at around 2.41, which is the 618 of the fibonacci tool.

Okay – and we see that in here we found perfect support. Three times in here also supporting here and back here, we can see that this red candle found some support in this area. Okay, so this right now can be some support and we see the last time that we came to this level. This line at the six 61.8, we had a nice pump of 20, almost 28, okay, so very good for mana. If we can find support once again in here now, if we end up breaking below it, my next support target im gon na put this new line right here will be anything at around two dollars and 35 cents, two dollars and 34 cents. Okay, which was the end of this scandal – they were detailing here and was also a lot of consolidation in this area for mana, okay um. So this will be your next target and of course, after that, we have this line at around two dollars and twenty cents, which was a good support area for mana. Look at this um before having a continuation to the upside okay um, but as right now, mana is still looking great for the long term guys. If we take a look at the long term um we have these targets to the upside. Sixteen dollars on mana will be the last one. The first one is eight point. Thirty four, then ten point, eighty seven and sixteen point: zero: six, okay um.

But if we drop below the 382 of the feb, which is located at one dollar and fifty four cents, then these targets will get in validated for mana. But as long as we stay above one dollar and fifty four cents, then these targets will be valid for mana, okay um. If we talk about thats the long term, if we talk about now the short term um, we can see that mana in the short term is having a little bit of a um downtrend. So if we put a fibonacci from the swing low in here to the swing high, this um support that were finding here. You can see that your next target for mana, if we end up breaking below this support target, will be anything at the 1.272 right here. I might put a price in here, so you can see it on price label 2.40 at around 2. 2.40, which was also the this line that we have, which is the 618, so this can be a very good support target for mana, okay um. So, after that, we have anything at around 1.414 and which also matches with this target that i just gave you this line at around 2.34 2.35 and after that we have the 1.618 located at 2.25. Okay, so anything from 2.25 to 2.20 will be your next support target for mana if we draw below these um support targets that we have in here, but this matches perfectly with the 618 and the line of support that i gave you.

So i do think that anything here can act as a big support for mana, guys um. We also if we go to the one hour short. We saw it across from the 50 moving average im crossing below the 200 moving average. So this means that mana in the short term, is in a downtrend okay but, as i said for the long term, as long as we stay above 1.54 cents, then mana can still go up even more to these targets. Okay, so thats! Basically it guys. Thank you. So much for watching the video, if you like it, please subscribe, leave a like and put in the comments any coins that you guys want me to check and i will make a video on them. Also, i stream every day from 8 30 to 10 30 p.m.