This video that i personally think is gon na make some serious serious gains in the six figures. So, with all of that said, if you dont know me already my names connor and of course i am not a financial advisor im, just a guy sitting in his room talking about different ways to make money online. Now, if that sort of thing interests, you smash up that, like button hit that subscribe button, remember nothing in this. Video is financial advice and lets jump straight on to the computer. So, first of all i wanted to look at this tweet from plan b. He said like clockwork as you can see. In the overall cryptocurrency market we are having a little bit of a pullback overall thats 1.14 in the overall market on the 24 hours were seeing a lot of red, but remember on the seven day we are still seeing loads of green, so dont panic. One thing to keep in mind at this point: if you are panicking, it probably means you have too much money in the market. So with that said, when we are green again, remember how you feel today add it into your game plan. If youre super super worried about losing money in your portfolio, maybe you are too exposed and some profit should be taken, but, with all of that said, lets jump straight on to the bitcoin chart and, as we can see today, we are still sitting at almost all Time highs: 66.

822. So, like we spoken about on the channel, when bitcoin tends to pump the other altcoins tend to either dump or go sideways. Basically, because people are moving their money from altcoins into bitcoin, totally totally normal, nothing out of the ordinary and nothing at all, scaring me on this chart. If anything, i am super super bullish, as always, even in the short term. Now, if we were to come down and even test this level of 57 000, i think that would be totally fine and actually pretty healthy for the overall market. If we do check the dominance of bitcoin, you can see were having a little bit of a pullback which is good for the money to now flow back into old coins. Well have to wait and see what happens with that, but hopefully we do see. This continue to go back down and the money flow back into those old coins, because i, for one lost quite a significant amount today and not really lost unrealized lost quite a significant amount today. But if we do check over the greed and fear index, we did have a slight pullback from yesterday. You can see were at an 84 yesterday, like i said this indicates that we are in store for a pullback when were at 84. even now at 75. I still think we are in store for another pullback, but just keep that in mind. Take it as a learning curve. Yesterday at 84, you can think to yourself next time were there for sure, were gon na have a pullback, and you can act accordingly right now, if we just head into the news today, so you guys can stay fully up to date, so you can make the Best possible decisions with your cryptocurrency portfolios.

We can see that bitcoin dips below 67k as tesla stock slumps and combines with the apple ceo denying crypto plans so apple. Ceo tim cook said that apple doesnt currently hold crypto and probably wont, but he does personally hold it himself. We can see this tweet over here. Tim cook confirms he personally owns bitcoin in this interview here, which is great right, its just more mainstream media. Getting access to the fact that someone linked to a huge company is involved in crypto now. This just helps the mass adoption now sure you could consider this a slump. I just love the way headlines and markets react to small small, healthy pullbacks. This is totally normal and, of course, this is something that we all signed up for. So moving on, bitcoin cash in fraud out criminals, target bitcoin atms as crypto popularity surges as a number of bitcoin atms around the country. Skyrockets criminals increasingly use machines in schemes, including money laundering and drug trafficking. Listen people use normal money in money laundering and drug trafficking and all of these crimes its the same theyre, using it for the same theyre using it. In the same way they use cash. They scam people through cash atms. They scam people through bitcoin atms, theyre gon na scan people in no matter what kind of atm, no matter, what kind of financial standard we have scams? Criminal activity are still gon na happen, its nonsense to blame crypto for that and thats all ive got to say on the matter now.

Lastly, we have garyvee a real nft winter and market pullback is coming. I couldnt agree with this more and this right here is the reason i always practice discipline and take profits. I know i speak about this so much on the channel, but right now we are in a crazy bull phase. We had something like this six months ago and we had something like this back in 2017, slash 2018.. Now in 2017 2018 i didnt take any profit. Now, yes, i held through the bear market, and i got that money back, but i could have done so much better, both financially and mentally. If i had just been taking some profits along the way, because then i would have way more money to invest down in the bear market, and i would be way way less emotional about it all right now, theres no way of selling the top buying the bottom Thats not what im trying to do here. What im trying to do is minimize my risk right. Warren buffett did once say the number one rule is making money in the market, and the number two rule is keeping that money or something like that. I say that all the time i dont even know if you really said that, but i do like that line of thinking and thats what im trying to do right im just trying to protect my downside, make the best of the current situation in order to again Make the best if we do go into this bear market, because i tell you right now: if you had a bunch of cash on the side that you made during a bull market, you would be excited that prices were cheap again for the projects that you believed In so on that note of taking profits within my own personal game plan, it involves moving money from my investments into bitcoin ethereum and usd stablecoin.

Now i take those holdings and i put them on platforms like blockfi over on block fire. You can earn an interest that is higher than any bank ive personally seen. Youll get a 4.5 percent return on your bitcoin 5 in your ethereum and 9.5 on your usdt, and if you dont like usdt, you can use one of the other stable coins they have over there. But i myself personally use this to stake. My cryptos hold them for the long run, and then i can use this usd stable coins to buy the dips if we do enter that bear market, if not, im gon na make a sweet, sweet, passive income right here on my long term hold. So if you fancy it, there is a link down there in the description and you can get up to a 250 bonus when you follow that link so thats. What im personally doing, i suggest you go out and do your own research and maybe find a way to incorporate this into your game plan. Now weve done the bearish news lets move on to something a little bit more fun. Now coinbase said they are buying 500 million dollars in crypto and investing their future profits into a crypto portfolio. This was back in august and i remember this had a very nice positive effect on the market and now, if we just check out my friend sams channel over on my financial friend, you can see that in yesterdays earning report they did say that they now hold 541 million dollars in crypto investments, they didnt, say exactly what they hold, but they did say that its pro, they did say its projects on the coinbase platform.

Very very exciting stuff, hopefully well hear what it is exactly they hold, and hopefully other big companies take their lead and put crypto bitcoin that sort of stuff on their balance sheet. It would be great for the overall market. Hopefully we can see other big companies take action from what weve seen from coinbase, and i personally think that will be huge for the cryptocurrency market now moving on, i said i mentioned earlier that tim cook confirms he personally owns bitcoin awesome and, as we can see From this tweet from bitcoin archive all of these guys own bitcoin tim apple, i think thats meant to say tim cook, but jack dorsey, elon, musk, stan drunkenberger, phil miller, paul tudor jones, all of them own bitcoin themselves. Personally, for me thats so bullish. These are guys that understand how money works. They understand how money works, they understand how to generate wealth all of those things and they all hold bitcoin. I myself personally will aim to never hold less than one bitcoin. That is my goal anyway, and i will continue stacking my amounts so. Finally, i just want to talk about the opportunity that i saw personally in the market today. Now we saw a 45 correction on kcc pad. This is a project that i got into around this price. You know it was quite close to this price, a little bit lower than where we are now, but i got involved in this project and it has generated more than six figures in return.

So what kcc pad is is its an ido platform right, its a launch pad. You can get involved in projects early on using kcc pad now kcc pad was created by a wider organization called blue zilla that have a bunch of different platforms but kcc pad. In my eyes was the cheapest way to get involved in these. At the time we already made a significant amount of profit just from holding kcc pad, but they had a launch today of a project called pulse pad which, in my opinion, has another opportunity to do a 100x weve seen 10 to 100 xs. From this platform a number of times right and just today, we saw another one of those opportunities, but this led into a market sell off. We saw a massive sell off, so basically people got involved in the launch and then they sold the kcc pad tokens. For me that seems a little bit short sighted, but maybe they know something that i dont right. I dont know for sure, but i saw this as an opportunity because ive made so much money from kccpad. I decided to buy more on this deal, so i bought more. I will be staking it over on kcc pad and having more access to more ideos, in my opinion, giving me access to more 100x opportunities, which is what were here for right. So if all of that said, hopefully i provided you with a little bit of value today, i had a bit of fun.

I hope you had a bit of fun. If you have any questions, let me know down in the comment section.