I just a bunch of other miss baby because its about to get hot in the kitchen now lets come in hot and were going to talk about she being new were going to talk about bitcoin hitting an all time. High were going to talk about whats, going on with tesla and now lets get it ready. She be new, is currently four zeros and five four, its currently down two percent on a day is down twenty percent of last week. However, put things into perspective, always its up. Ninety eight percent this month now lets cover the options like we always do so on a discord, i show the family. How were up over 100 of the option, how you could consider taking profits on an option so that you could play with what is called house money and have literally no risk if you want to join the options and get in and learn options for the first Time hit the discord link in the top of the chat were going gon na. Welcome you with open arms simple as that baby. Well, teach you how to do options or you could get up on the plays when we are now lets talk about it. Whats going on with shiba inu now we talked about this yesterday and i made a video straight up debunking everything that coin market cap was saying in terms of this, not even coin market cap. In this case coindesk, they said that theres, something called the speculative frenzy, and this happened earlier in may, when she being new, came down basically 90 and in that video we talked about all of the reasons that they said it was going to happen and then, in The second half of the video we talked about all of the reasons why they were dead wrong and she bring new is not what it used to be, and now it has way more resiliency way, more brand loyalty and all of those other great factors.

But we did uncover something very, very interesting and what was it? It was this the audit from certain security leaderboard and in that video i told you about this, how sheba swap, which is basically shiba nu. They requested back on may 27th for an audit, but look at this the revision date according to certain security leaderboard, is in not november. I said november mistakenly in last video, but lets clear that up right here, august, 2nd 2021 right but lets go into some of the details, because so many of us wanted to see what did they uncover when they didnt get the chance to uncover what was going On with the circulating supply, so what actually did they find and what were the challenges here? But there are some good articles about it that came out earlier this year and it says sheba new crypto, seven things to know about the sheep certificate audit results and you know we keep. We keep rolling, we shoot these straight through, but lets keep it going. It says this shiba nu has been working hard to upgrade the doghouse theyre talking about shiva knew the coin. Theyre talking about leash, theyre talking about bone, this entire ecosystem right theyve been working hard. So then, what do they try to? Do? They try to launch their own decentralized exchange and then it says an audit by certik and what do i mean by an audit? Basically, having a third party double check: everything involving sheba new, the code, everything going on with the ecosystem, just to see that all of the ducks were lined up and ducks were in a row right, so they can present this to the public and then sir tick.

What they would do is basically try to help the developers make sheba as strong as they possibly can make it so lets keep going into this audit and look at the results. So it says this. This shows that the sheba new developers were laying all of their cards on the table family. They wanted to be transparent with you from earlier this year, and then it says they were working to address internal problems again with the code with the ecosystem and everything now lets get to it. So what do you need to know? It says? Certik is one of the most popular crypto auditors and what they do is their company essentially essentially dives into cryptocurrency. Looking for any fatal flaws within the code, and then it says it publicly shares the scores and gives advice to the developers of sheba knew, and this is what they found. It says the audit found that there were 34 issues with the entire sheba new ecosystem, and it says these issues range from not so serious to some of them being rather serious right, but lets see what happens right. You know we get to the facts, whether its good bad or ugly, and when you see this, you should feel endearment or endearing to sheba new now watch this some endearing feelings is what im, what i mean to say so check this out. It says these issues range from informational aka. This was the first identifier that you know what informational like what is the information on the circulating supply? So then, this was an issue that they kind of almost uncovered, but they didnt necessarily uncover it, but understand the fact that they did the audit they could have had the chance, meaning certic could have given sheba newt the opportunity to say okay.

This is actually what it was, but they didnt uncover it, but they almost did. We see it today because were in hindsight but notice this. It says the lowest in danger, which is informational, thats one of the factors to the most major things about decentralization which well get to again. But it says no critical issues were present even from the jump, no critical issues right – and i highlighted that in purpose. So you can see it and it says, as of that morning, the developers basically as soon as they got the information they resolved 33 of the 34 issues that were recommended to be solved by certic, and then they said the last one is partially resolved and well Talk about what that is so notice this. It says one of the major issues was the centralization issue. How most sheba knew are in one spot but again remember vitalik the co founder of ethereum. He basically put it into a black hole wallet, and then they were saying this is what certificate was saying that basically, a hacker could potentially get in the wallet and then do something like that. But im gon na show you how again this isnt really a problem based on how sheba and new addressed this issue. Well lets talk about it. They said the audit points out that the owners ability to withdraw tokens out of the liquidity pool and then put them into arbitrary wallets as if they could just take the coins out and just put them in whatever wallet they want right but ill.

Show you how they addressed this problem. Toshiba koshibanu already had this one just done as soon as they figured out what it was so then they said there was a recent fears of rug, pull schemes kind of like with that squid token that came out where they basically got peoples, money and left right. So then they said look and i want to tell you again. I want to just be absolutely clear: remember what this says: im telling you what the problems were, but shibley knew have covered, basically, every single one of them and then theres, one of them that they cant really cover, but they already covered it from the gate and Ill explain to you how this is looking good, so it says this: a hacker could rug pull the holders, even if the developers mean well but lets watch this. So you can see it says how they decided to mitigate this thing from happening and it says to mitigate these fears. The developers are implementing and theyve already done this a multi signature feature to the wallet, and it says that they have a voting board to make it. So just one hacker could not actually get into anybodys wallet and then do anything that they shouldnt be doing right and then it says the audit shows that sheep team is heating, most of circuits or certix advice and close out the errors. So now i want you to understand and lets go to some of the facts.

When you look at the wallet the main problem, the 34th problem that shiva knew kind of couldnt handle and kind of couldnt change was this and its the decentralization. You see how it has a broken length, theyre saying that this is the weak link. The decentralization mean all of the sheep is in one spot, but again remember they even took it out of their control, so the people at the top could show you that theyre not going to manipulate and they dont even have the power to by giving it over. To this black hole wallet, which was the co founder of ethereum, who put it in there and if you were to click on this link, you could actually see, even if one shiba new coin was moved out of this wallet, you could totally watch it, but it Has been dead and dormant to the point that it is no longer part of the circulating supply, so this one is done from what it looks like and again im not telling you to buy, hold or sell she be new. I want you to do your own research and you be the judge im just here to tell you what the facts are and keep you up to date. Make sure you hit the subscribe button hit the notification bell on for all, so you can be up to date on everything with shiva new, but were not done here. Baby lets keep it going see that the black hole wallet has 41 of all of the sheet.

Being new but notice, this is a dead wallet. Its not returning right and crypto.com is the second largest holder if youve been new, but they only have 4.5 percent of all of it. So theres, no one holder, whos active and again remember this black hole. While it is even called black hole because its done its completely out of the circulation, but no one has even more than four point five percent of all of the tokens, and for that reason you start to get really high price targets on shipy new and remember Always take price targets with a grain of salt. Nobody can tell the future but lets check it out. They said – and this is coin price forecast – remember – take these price targets with a brand with a grain of salt, and it says for 2021, 2022 and 2023. Imagine that sheba knew its four zeros and 55 right now. They said its going from 55 to 214 this year, according to them right, and then they said next year. They could see it going to from 55 to 214 all the way up to ‘7, and then they said they could see it going in 2023 to 6 52. now family. We would love to see it absolutely love to see it, but lets get to tesla and tesla is currently down 10 and make sure you listen to this, especially if you have kids, especially if you have little nephews, nieces, uncles, aunts, right or even people, especially in A younger generation, i want you to really understand whats going on with tesla, because the same way that weve seen apple change the world in our time, theyre gon na watch tesla change the world in their time.

So tesla is down 10 and again im saying this because you want a piece of the pie in my humble opinion, but this is not financial advice. They said that tesla is rumored to have a new model, pi smartphone, so theyre rumored to be getting into the smartphone game. Family. No confirmation on this, but the rumor is there. Now they said that this phone is going to be designed to work on mars. On a whole different planet, and it sounds like something eli musk would want to do you. Let me know if that sounds like something elon musk would do in the comments, but understand that tesla stock is coming down because elon musk, a lot of stuff, is going on with him. In the in the media. Cnbc said this: elon musk faces 15 billion tax bill, which is likely to be the reason hes selling stocks right understand. This elon musk has over 273 or 76 billion dollars. 15 billion dollars is absolutely nothing to a person with that amount of money. He literally earlier today it says that he was he lost 28 billion, so this dude basically had 300 billion dollars earlier today, family. This is nothing to him, but always when youre that successful youre going to have crazy amounts of haters. So then it says: big short investor michael burry says that musk is trying to cover his personal debts. Come on now. Lets lets be absolutely clear: 15 billion in debt to somebody who has basically 300 billion dollars, thats nothing, but people always got to do run their mouth.

You know what im saying so then they try to bring the stock price down because they have major short positions that they are down. Two three four hundred percent in and they just cant help but hate, but lets talk about bitcoin bitcoin hit an all time high again, if you have kids nieces nephews, people that you care about in the younger generation, make sure and again not financial advice. You at least look into buying a little bit of bitcoin. Imagine whats going to happen when it goes up over the next 10 years and for comparison, youve heard the phrase that bitcoin is digital gold right lets, look at actual gold, believe it or not gold. If you add it all up, it has a market cap too, and gold market cap is basically 11.63 trillion dollars for comparison. Microsoft is two trillion dollars. Apple is basically two trillion dollars too. These are the biggest two companies in the world. Gold is worth more than that, but notice that bitcoin has a market cap of basically one trillion dollars so family. If it is actually digital gold, like we believe that it can be, then just know it has a lot more room to grow than you would even believe so now what i want you to do again is hit the subscribe button. If you have not done so already hit the notification bell, so you can be up to date on all things: shiba new amc, everything all of the hot plays baby, but if you cant get through the heat of these hot stocks, stay out of the kitchen and Consider investing in the index funds.

I see you over in the discord.