So todays episode were gon na. Take a look at five cryptos that have been gaining a lot recently, but have the potential to continue gaining with this greedy frothy trend, for i dont know, like 10x gains in the next month, stay tuned, whats up everyone randall here from crypto love, todays video were Taking a look at five cryptos that could potentially 10x in the next month now generally, i do not buy cryptocurrencies when they are pumping, but sometimes the trend is just your friend and theres, a lot of frothiness going on in the market and basically once a coin Gets kind of popular everybody has to fomo into it and as long as you buy before, everybody else is foam out in and then sell before everybody else sells. Well, you stand to gain some decent profits, so todays video were going to take a look at five of the potential next 10x gainer coins. Now, why are we doing this? Well guys, the markets getting pretty frothy right now and it happens, but were nowhere near the top. I dont believe, and if we take a look even in terms of the duration of the crypto fear and greed index, were not seeing anything like we saw back towards the end of last year. Yet so i have a feeling that it could continue going on. For quite a while and weve been picking out a ton of top coins using token metrics, if you havent checked it out, yet there is a discount link down in the description and the pinned comment.

All of the coins i dont know out of out of the top five coins were looking at today. Two of them are from token metrics, one already tripled, since we picked it out on token metrics, the other already doubled, since we picked it out on token metrics. So if you havent done that yet check it out for yourself the link in the description, any pin comment, and today we are looking at this fun website, crypto bubbles to find the top five gaining cryptos that are likely to continue gaining so the first one in The top 100 would be kadena up almost a thousand percent, and this is building the future, so basically could potentially be like the next solana next polka dot. Next cardano safe for smart contracts, no cost transactions, energy efficient at scale proven security, industrial scalability. Now we first made a video about about this back when it was seven dollars and 12 cents thanks to token metrics. This was back on october 26th, one of the top coins for november picked out by token metrics. Well, if we take a look at dana now, 21.73, three cents already 3xed, since we were able to pick it out from tokenmetrics, and you can see the price has risen up quite a bit. But, like i said this helen does have the potential to be like the next big smart contract platform, so because of that it still does have the potential to go up quite a bit like.

If it went up to the level of solana, we could still be seeing a 20x from where it is right now. So that being said, kadena first one to definitely go. Take a look at if you havent taken a look at it. Yet the next one. If we go back to this and then we go to the top 101 to 200, we have elon dojo on mars right behind my head up: 13. 38 percent. So if we take a look at dojolon, this one is just kind of a weird dog. Meme coin: everybody loves, i said in yesterdays video everybody loves anything related to dogs or elon, musk or mars, or sperm coins. So they just mixed everything dojo on mars. They forgot sperm coin in there. So anyways dojolon me personally. I think theres better options for meme coins out there, particularly like flocky enu. They actually have some stuff going on this. One doesnt seem like it has that much going on just yet other than just being a name, but right now price has gone up pretty darn. Significantly so, if youre interested in having like a dog, meme corn coin portfolio – and you love elon, musk and mars, this could be the coin for you now, the next one. If we go from 201 to 300, look at this seek up almost 5 000 percent now seek is basically an established company thats been around for years with vr devices, and you can welcome the seek vr metaverse.

So basically, we all know the metaverse is popular, seek. Potentially has the scalability to do it, the use ability to do it and theres rumors about partnerships with facebook. We all know facebook just became meta, so theres. The potential for that going on now seek is one that i actually talked about way back in 2018. During the token sale, so that was one that definitely could have taken a look at back then and had you have purchased back then? Well, you would be in for a pretty hefty profit because look at how much it has boned gone straight up now, right now, trading at 47 cents, but still ranked around two to three hundred somewhere in that area. Yeah two to three hundred so potentially still has room to go up to compete with some of the other metaverse projects out there and, like i said, theyre a long established company so potentially, and if the. If what the rumors about facebook are to be true, yeah that one could potentially continue to go up now, the next one, if we go up to the next level, that would be hosh up 332 percent. This is from 301 to 400.. Now, if we take a look at hosh well, hosh has a whole bunch of stuff going on. They have charity and events. They have original d5 done right. They have marketplace for nfts in merch, they have memes. So all of that stuff and it rhymes with doge.

If you remember from the intro, if it rhymes its got to be true, and if we take a look at this one right now, trading at a fraction of a penny and the price hasnt even gone to all time highs, it kind of looks like a sideways. Megaphone, where it just kind of keeps reverberating back and forth between these bottoms and these highs until it breaks through to the top or the bottom, so that ones definitely one worth looking at right now: market cap 175 million dollars ranked 3.73, which brings us to our Last coin of these top five in the 401 to 500 – well, none other than krill another token metrics pick now. Krill is automating, trades, 24, 7 marketplace, smart trading drag and drop editor and the most most powerful strategy editor. You can do all types of stuff make more profitable trades stop losses all that stuff yadda yadda. Now we did make a video about this. One thanks to tokenmetrics back on november, 2nd. So a little more than a week ago was at 1.77 now its at 281.. You would pretty much have doubled your money in a week on that one thanks to token metrics, so just to give you a review of the top coins to take a look at cadena, dojolon mars, seek hosh and krill and make sure you check out tokenmetrics, because This picked out pretty much. I dont know two of the top five coins of the past month.

Thanks to tokenmetrics, there is a discount link down in the description. Any pinned comment also guys. It should be said that, as long as the trend is our friend as long as things keep growing yes, these will probably do well, especially the ones lower down like the third, the fourth, the fifth page of coin gecko, because they have a lot higher to go. But i still think that even the big ones like kadena have a good amount of room to gain.