I want to talk about a crypt im, going to start the day off with a crypto. The reason is ive been. I was actually looking at this crypto like five days ago was the first time i discovered the script when i was looking at it five days ago. It was like it was about a dollar something, and i thought okay. Well, whatever ill do some research on it and ill get back to it and see if its uh worthwhile and so on today its i mean its been taken off and i dont know where its, where its headed, but this this is definitely exploding worth noting. So i wanted to show it to you so were looking at loop ring looping is the coin lrc its a 3.19 cents. Like i said five about five days ago. If im, i remember it was like a dollar something all right, so it has really taken off. Unfortunately, already up a lot all right, so lets look a look at some other things, so three dollars and 28 cents. Another thing we can see here is the total supply is at 1.3 1.3 billion right. One 1 billion 373 million coins whats circulating circulating right now. The the circulating supply is at 97, its 1.33 billion past seven days what its done it went from 144. It must have been somewhere around here where i side, and maybe it was because it was going downwards that i thought.

Okay, i got time ill cover ill. Do more research on it? Theres no need to rush on this, and it just sometimes thats what happens with cryptos cryptos. You never know what will happen, they will catch you off guard and it just took off really um. So what is this? What is loop ring? Well, its a decentralized exchange built on the ethereum platform. It provides the zk roll up layer, 2 solution. It has both automated market maker based on overbooked, basic changes. It is an ethereum l2 scaling solution that migrates computations off the blockchain. So uh lets look a little more loopering is a layer 2 protocol based token that is built on top of the ethereum blockchain. The aim of loop ring is to act mainly as liquidity for its decentralized exchange that can be found uh. Obviously, there are other utilities for the token on the exchange uh, but in simple terms, it is a native token to help users, trade cryptos for minimal fees, but loopering as a whole as a company. What is it what was founded by daniel 1? According to his linkedin profile, he went to the university of minnesota. He is a co founder in 2014. He co founded coinport technology. In 2012, he was senior director in engineering for jd.com, a chinese company in beijing, china. He co founded vp of engineering in in in china in 2010, back in 2006. He he was a tech, lead and senior software engineer in the united states and going even further back 2006 uh 2003 boston, scientific, lead.

Software engineer so looping, like we said, is a software running on ethereum that aims to incentive incentivize a global network of users to operate a platform that enables the creation of new types of crypto asset exchanges. So quite interesting right, its not just here im a token buy me lets, create an army and so on. What is blueprintcoin used for lupring is an erc20 token that this that describes itself as an open source audited and non custodial exchange protocol and on their website, says here. Secure loopering is an open source audit non yeah. What you said that high throughput loopering powers, highly scalable, decentralized exchanges, low cost, uh their vision to build protocols, infrastructure user facing protocols, uh products, im sorry for the future of finance users of decentralized finance need not choose between security and performance. Loopings l2 provides low fee high speed platform for trading, swapping liquidity, providing payments without sacrificing ethereum security at all. It inherits a hundred percent ethereum level security guarantees all right. Its quite interesting. To be honest, quite interesting, i think and um i my opinion. Is that the way its going and from what im reading the project is very serious, it seems very nice. Five bucks easily can probably reach. I think you know easily reach five dollars before the end of the year, thats, just my personal opinion. Of course. Thank you very much for watching this.