None of that nonsense. This is a real device from a real company. Gold show weve talked a lot about mining here on the channel before my name is vosk hello, nice to meet you. If you dont know me. Basically, i chase passive income returns with crypto mining youll see some mining rigs behind me. Actually, some of those are mini. Gold, shell miners, so i can assure you that gold show is a real asic and did you just ask what an asic is its an application, specific integrated circuit miner, its a purposeful machine? All it does is mine, one specific, cryptocurrency mining algorithm. Nothing beats an asic right, but theyre rigid. They can only like you know, say mine, one algorithm, thats thats, what it is its purposeful machine, so the gold show kd5 is gon na, be what were reviewing today. This isnt, like oh its coming soon or oh. These are some numbers that leaked on the internet. These devices are real. Okay, you can really plug this in and start making 421 a day and thats after you pay your residential electric bill. Those kinds of earnings are insane and youre, probably like yeah right, dude, thats, ridiculous whatd. You guys find the cheat code, um yeah, basically the coin of mine pumped like crazy and now it these miners are incredibly valuable or previously they were just we could say expensive. Oh and their uh mining profitability skyrocketed but lets jump into all the technicals today, but first 10 seconds of tales of resident achievement and doge rfp the technicals.

My name is voss. Youre on the vosscoin youtube channel, make sure to slap that subscribe. Button lets jump into another fun and well profitable. Crypto video passive income is the name of the game. If you want to achieve financial freedom, its, how the rich get richer, they get their money working for them and they basically just make money 24 70. Even when youre sleeping and its that exact appeal that really got my interest peaked in cryptocurrency mining earning 421 dollars a day after you pay the elect the residential electric bill which understand that like, if you make yourself a business and youre, making big money like this, You should its not tax advice. You know seek professional input on that, but basically so you got ta youre gon na make over a hundred fifty thousand dollars and have an electric bill. You can write off and by the way, you wont even care about the electricity cost when you just realize the insane profitability of a crypto mining rig like this youre like dude like this, is ridiculous. Well, welcome to a crypto bull run. A lot of people talk crap about crypto because they dont know what it is. They dont understand it and then honestly, theyre all losers. Going nowhere. Dont see crypto advice for people that dont crypto dont ask people for business advice. They dont run their own business right. People over sitting on the sideline whining crying, never getting anywhere doing nothing.

Congratulations, youre, a loser: okay, people in the game playing it well, thats. The only way you can win and its not guaranteed and, like the shirt says its not financial advice, but i just see so many whining crybabies in this era me and the squad passing them right by because we playing the game so lets run the numbers 422 Dollars the most profitable mining rig that exists right now publicly that we know about its not such an insane machine as it is that kadena, the coin, the main coin, the really the only notable coin. This miner mines kda, is pumping like crazy and its, not just a you know, quick pump and dump right. These volume levels are insane. This has broken out over the last year. Just understand that you could have bought this for months and months and months and youd be up with just a cool ten thousand percent. Congratulations and enjoy your. You know two three x, maybe that youre getting a doge and she banned or ship token i mean. Obviously, if you bought in earlier that could be a different story, but how about we talk about what we can do right now, but then youd be like boss, thats already pumped. Maybe you can pump more okay, its already down 12 from its all time high, but understand the cryptocurrency is volatile. Lets look at this miner. So again, 422 bucks a day uses a measly in comparison. Five dollars a month in electricity, residential rate of like about 10 cents right.

This is the gold shell, kd5 kadena miner weve talked about gold show so much on the channel. We even have worked with them and released our own vos coin branded mini doge miner, which obviously were very proud of. Ironically, i just crop talked doge, but, alas, maybe we should have released a boss coin branded kd box, which we did review the kadena box. But the takeaway is: is that wow, the the these kadena miners have just gone insane. 18. Tear hash second, 2. 250 watts. If you dont know how to set up electricity for your crypto mining rigs, good news, we got a full video guide on how to set it up and get started with that stuff, and speaking of you know, good beginner advice is i mine, all of my cryptocurrencies Into my blog fi account and instantly start earning interest on them thats. The way i earn money. With my, i got my passive income making me passive income but youre like but wait boss. They support kadena. No, no. They dont support that one um, but they support the bitcoin, the litecoin, the etherium that i mined so so we got that going for us link down below you get up to 250 bucks for free shanes. Plug lets. Talk briefly about the history of kadena mining. You know how do we even get here so kadena kda, one of the things that really made it not interesting to me in the beginning was how quickly it became fpga mine which spoiler fpga mining sucks and its the worst form of mining, and most people do Not break even with that pga mining and im gon na hurt some feelings.

I couldnt care less thats truth. There you go, they would have been much better off as focusing on being a cpu model coin or a gpu monetable coin, and you know, asic mining has its own pitch and it is asic mine now and once a coin is asic mined its. Never anything else. Again, at most its mined by multiple hardwares, like you, know, graphics cards on each hash, as well as asic miners on eth or ethereum, but ive actually been mining kadena on and off for a few years, and another thing to understand is that kadena is weird its Multi chain kadena has been gaining a lot of interest, even though the premise, i think, sounds relatively generic theres a lot of projects that basically talk like this like build. The future build on kadena kadena is a platform thats, something you should definitely understand. Kadena makes blockchains work for everyone. They have safer smart contracts, no cost transactions, energy efficient at scale, industrial scalability proven securities. Their founders experience that jippy morgan revealed the limitations of existing blockchains, our partners, your products, companies, you probably heard about, but really theyre, not all that notable. But you know what is notable: the recent price movement, the fact that kadena is about to be a top 50 cryptocurrency and obviously the insane mining profitability and well maybe we all were sleeping on kadeem a little bit too much because it looks like kadenas here to Play my friends: oh man, im going crazy today, d5 nft and payments thats the direction theyre scaling there faster payments using kuro layer, 2 technology, 500, 000 transactions per sec; second tps, the upcoming kadena down making this decentralized that governance level theres multiple blockchains and layers at Play here, kadena has been building why we have basically been sleeping on it.

So youre, like okay, im, gassed up im interested. How do i get one of them? Cadenti, miners, okay, great great question, great question: weve talked about them numerous times before. Well, theyve all been available to buy, but you know we cant focus on the past and ill be honest. I wish i had more kadena miners, but we talked a lot about compass, theyre, a big supporter and sponsor of the channel. They specialize in bitcoin mining hardware. They have hosting deals as well as ship to home deals which is cool again. They mainly focus on bitcoin. They do not carry any kadena miners right now. Weve talked about coin mining, central they resell miners, they mark them up and they are out of stock. On kadena miners, the kd5 they last sold it at 17.5, but these kadena miners were sub 10 000 miners previously right and you could just buy them. Direct from gold show. Weve talked a lot about. The gold show asic miner manufacturer, but the kadena miners have been flying off the shelf because kadena then the kda has been trending upwards in price. Over the last couple months, i mean look at this low price point of like 40 cents, where i traded there for a while. It was a dip down from a dollar and then it trends up over the last month or two trading at about two dollars. A coin thats a huge increase in price, just from the 30 40 cent.

Now, trading 10x, the two, the two dollar price, so yeah demand – is absolutely through the roof and gold show will bring more kadena miners back in stock and i will drop their link down in the video description below and all you can do is just check that Link constantly ill post, an alert on twitter and in our discord, server and here on youtube. You know in our recent content, say: hey theyve got some new stuff going on, but the fact of the matter is is that these devices are insanely profitable. So what do you think everybody wants them? Theyre real theyre, not speculative theyre, not coming out. You know kind of soon or pre order or nothing. The way they deal is theyre like hey. These are for sale and theyre, pretty much ready to ship or theyll. Be shipping soon now that you know six month, pre order, nonsense like bit main and other. You know shady asic miners, like asic miner manufacturers like to play with their consumers. Another thing to note here is: if you do want to jump on a gold shell, miner direct from the manufacturer, which is the only way you get the best deal. Okay, you need to have cryptocurrency ready. You need to ideally just simply have usdc right. You need to have that dollar peg stable coin ready, because you can only check out with crypto currencies on gold show. Just like you can only check out with the best helium miner you could ever buy ever the bobcat miner 300, which weve talked about before and helium, is bouncing off the charts as far as mining profitability goes as well, so, basically its a hell of a time To be an asic miner and a helium miner here in this crypto bull run, so you know shout out to everyone participating if youre not participating yet look im not here to shield it im, not trying to create fomo again its not financial advice, but the people Out here in the game, making plays theyre, making money theyre having fun, and i mean its its an incredible time and opportunity.

So if i could recommend anything, you know youre looking to get into mining grab a helium miner for 500 bucks. It makes no noise, it barely consumes any electricity and it has very good mining profitability, but the way thats calculated is kind of confusing, which is why we literally have videos breaking all that stuff down um. As far as the kadena miner, i mean we reviewed it previously and kadena was a very stagnant coin, but a lot of these mineable coins have really been on a tear. Recently, you want to say, oh alt seasons. Finally, here right, like nervo ckb, we just went up over 40 percent, making it like much more profitable to mine and gold show has the best nervous network, ckb, eagle song, mining, algorithm, asic miners. In case you missed it. We recently put out two videos on the nervos network ckb, including a video review of the gold shell ck 5, and when we published the video, the miner was still in stock, its going in and out of stock right now. But the takeaway here is that this is another cryptocurrency up and coming that is starting to shoot up. You know we could say parabolic in price theyre, adding d5 daps dexes nfts. If you know what all that crazy, crypto stuff is theyre, adding support for it and its easy to trade, ill drop the link for both of our videos down in the video description below for the ckb miner review, as well as just the nervous network.

What is going on and why this looks like its going to explode, video review and ill also include the link just to take you directly to the nervous network. They also make the best kadena miners, which is on the blake 2s mining algorithm. But again i mean its really just a kadena model. This only notable coin available there, hey guys its miss vosk. Have you heard of ass? Okay, we all know one but im talking about the nft and pretty sure youtube wont. Let me say this one so were gon na have to get creative here. This uh bootylicious nft markets themselves, as the premier nft that focuses on the backside of the solana blockchain, i see what they did there. This nft was made not only to have a humorous plan, the name, but also to bring a fun and exciting project to the cryptocurrency community. Donkey souls goes back to the retro world of the 80s, with their pixelated nft that focuses on the derriere of the subject. Each nft also comes with its own backstory, describing who they are, where they live, their favorite hobby and their favorite beach. Some of their more rare nfts have gotten into some unfortunate accidents that have caused them to lose one of their limbs. If youre lucky enough to get one of those youll find out what caused their accident and youll get a special air drop of the missing limb to see what its currently up to there will only be 4550 of these unique gluteus, maximus nfts.

They will all have over 110 attributes across eight different categories, including the background body style, skin color, swimsuit stamp and more. These butts just ended their pre sale, but theyre now minting for 0.6969 souls, which is about 165 usd at the time of shooting. This video users can buy these nfts with soul, using the phantom or solid wallet after the public sale. There will be a contest where holders can exchange their nfts for new ones and get a real life suit of their model. Swimsuit members that choose to participate in the burn will then be tasked with taking a real life photo of their models wearing the suit in interesting places. Members photos will mimic their nft in funny places. They think the community would like. The community will then vote for their favorite, which will be minted an airdrop to the winner with a prize in seoul going forward. They plan to have two additional generations, as well as some burns and airdrops for their gen 1 holders. Honestly, i think itd be pretty funny to have a second generation of these nft dogs check out the link in the video description below to learn more. As always, this is not financial advice, so the end summary is that this is very real and if you have a kadena miner, youre a happy person right now, theres other kadena miners that you can look into like the gold show kd2 the gold shell kd box, Which we have a full video and tutorial guide on here on the channel and it wasnt all that profitable back then wow.

Has that really changed? We also covered the link, bmk1 and theres other iblink kadena miners, and i can tell you that everyone is going to be trying to make release and sell, or even just simply produce and plug in and mine, kadena miners, because kadena is crazy, profitable to mine and At the end of the day, theres a couple reasons you might you get into mining, earn passive income with cryptocurrency, make money its a great way to stack coins, everyone who had these miners and stacked the coins and were sitting on them now they could sell on A massive 20x or more pump: do you understand the you know what a financial play that is like thats, crazy? They were profitable before the coin pump. Do you understand that, like they were making 10 20 30 40 50 80 bucks a day and now its like? The difficulty the mining difficulty rises as the price increases, because everyone that has a miner or can get a miner theyre all fly off the shelf. There will be no idle miners, they will all plug in or turn back on. Also, manufacturers will be scrambling to make more because the the demand here through the freaking roof just like. I hope that your demand for subscribing to the channels to the roof. After watching this video, my name is boss. Ken youre on the bosscoin youtube channel make sure to slap that subscribe button. We are chasing 500 000 subscribers which i still think is so crazy to say and were getting pretty close help us get there hit the thumbs up.

Leave a comment below. Let me know your thoughts. Let me know what you want us to cover in the next video. As always, i appreciate you guys. I will see you on the next video we upload daily, now its crazy, its intense im, tired, ill, see you tomorrow, please be advised. There are scammers impersonating us on multiple platforms. I dont want your money. I just want you to smash that subscribe button. Everything in this video is for entertainment purposes.