The first ido project that you know, nick and myself really like is nunet and uh were already involved in this one uh we got in on the private sale, which is the same price as the the ido. So i dont feel like weve gotten at a cheaper price um. You know we just really like the the singularity um projects right, singularity, net singularity doubt and now. Nunet right were investing in all three of these projects and we really do rate them right and um. You know for those of you that dont know nuna is a global economy of decentralized computing and uh. We expect this one to do really really well theyre, being really conservative with their their goals around. You know, expectations of price and all that sort of stuff. So do dig into this one and um. You know this. One is going to be launched on the singularity dao launch pad, which is also new, so thats coming soon, as you can see on the screen. So you know what i would say is uh. We do have a discord. The link is in the description of the video. We have a chat room, thats set up specifically for singularity and so thats singularity, dao singularity net and new net now as well, where we have all the details of how you can partake in this one. One thing, i would say is um: you know you do have to get your tokens: uh, singularity, dow singularity net uh tokens onto say, metamask wallet, for example, right um, but do dig into the discord or head over to their telegram group.

So you could head over to singularity dial, singularitynet all new neteller telegram groups, and they will have all the details there and obviously the team can sort of help you if youre unsure, but do dig into this one looks like a solid project is a long term. One uh for me hold wise. You know. 2027 is going to be a really interesting year for this particular project and guys. This video has been sponsored by cheeky crypto and specifically the cardano ada pool. If you are looking to support the channel and our effort here to communicate out all the recent kind of news, articles, price changes and price action of your favorite altcoins, then theres no better way than delegating your ada into our stake pool. By doing so, youll. Not only support the channel, but you will also earn a juicy return and a nice passive income on your ada holdings. Its really simple to do guys just load up your uri or deadliest wallet, drop your ada into the wallet and then find the cheeky crypto pool via the ticker cheek. In doing so, youll earn a nice juicy return and support the channel. There is no better time to do so, so why not delegate to cheeky crypto today right moving on so elrond, so this is also like theres. So many new launch pads right, so the lron launch pad is um gon na sort of uh have this project on it, which is hollow ride right, and this is a really interesting one.

We know – and we hear about metaverse quite a lot now, but i havent seen a project or a metaverse project using gps, and this is really you know. What for me, sets this one, apart from for many others, is youll, be able to sit in a car as a passenger put your vr headset on and um. The gps signal will monitor how fast the cars go in um, whether youre turning right or left and so on, and then you know, whilst youve got the headset on youve got this metaverse um. I guess its submersifying, you in the metaverse, as you drive as youre. Being driven right so really interesting projects or sort of around metaverse and nfts do go. Do your research on this one? Obviously you see the price uh. The price of the the token is four cent per token really interesting. Youve got your your public sale here, um and so on. Right, so so do dig into this project looks interesting, uh. Obviously, none of this is sponsored content right. Do let us know what your thoughts are on these projects in the comments below. Okay. Just want to be really crystal clear that this isnt sponsored in any way right: okay, moving on uh, so this is uh libra um, and this is a d5 project again, this one looks really interesting. Obviously you know youve got the team and everything looks really solid. So do dig into this one um.

It is going to be on avax launcher right. I get all these launch pads right and you can see it here coming soon, so its none of the details are live on here. Yet i just think that these three projects look really really interesting, and this is like a prime opportunity for people to get in super early on some of these projects right and theres lots of gains to to be potentially made. If you pick the right projects when you get in super early, so you know, obviously none of this is financial advice and you should go. Do your own research dont take my word that these projects are going to do remarkably well um. I believe they are um, but do let me know in the comments below whether you agree or disagree with me and uh. Both of those uh situations are, are fine right. Um everybodys got a voice here at cheeky crypto. So do let us know in the comments below um, but you know for for me. You know its these projects looked primed to do really well, they might be longer term depending on their roadmap, so do dig into those see if they align with you. Obviously, im not a financial advisor, so none of this is financial advice and should be treated as educational purposes.