So in todays, video were going to look at a very simple and easy way to invest in cryptocurrencies, especially if you are new to crypto youre new to trading. You dont have a lot of time and you just want to make the most of this current situation. Also in this video ill share with you, where i am using this strategy that im about to share with you here in my retirement fund ill show you the numbers and how much of each of the cryptocurrencies im holding in that portfolio. I believe this is probably the first time ive shown it on the channel. However, you can follow me on twitter and on instagram to see regular updates of the retirement fund portfolio. So if you want to join us for the journey, this bitcoin bull market journey make sure you check out the links in the description down below for instagram for twitter, the official link so that youre not getting scammed by the numerous scammers that are out there check Out the links, and also, if youre interested in setting up your own retirement fund in australia to buy cryptos metals and property, theres a link to new brighton capital in the description down below use that for 150 bucks for free credit. When you go through the process, 20 minutes free phone consultation, so lets have a look at this strategy and also my portfolio lets start with the portfolio and its currently sitting at 453 000 aussie dollars.

Now, of course, this is just going to fluctuate with the price of bitcoin and ethereum, but you can see that i am holding far more ethereum than im holding in bitcoin now. This is part of the strategy. I believe ethereum is going to move higher and faster than bitcoin at this stage and thats why more of the portfolio is weighted in ethereum. At this point, when this started, it was at around twenty six thousand two hundred dollars, so the gains have been quite good. Getting very close to that half a million dollars at least aussie dollars for the americans, maybe thats only a few bucks. I know the jokes, but at this point, im still willing to hold ethereum and ill show you. Why on the charts in this video and how you can implement it so easily in your own portfolios to make sure that youre going to get some gains at the end of this bull market now well get onto the charts in a minute. But before we hit the charts its important to have your understanding your plan of what youre going to do when you get profits in your cryptocurrency portfolio, what are you going to do with them? Are you going to sell it out to pay yourself to build your business to put into an investment plan thats the sort of thing that we look at here on the profit distribution? Now you guys can find a link to this in patreon and, of course, premium as well theres a link to this in the description down below they are paid courses down there so check it out if youre interested otherwise follow along on the channel.

Stick around to the end of the video, because there will be a playlist at the end that you can click on and check out more of the videos. Now i know ive talked for a fair bit at the beginning, but it is important to get an idea of what youre doing because, like we said at the beginning, this is a strategy for bitcoin beginners. You cant just dive into something and throw your money at it. You have to have a plan set up and you need to action that in order of the steps – and this is one of those ways that i action it – i invest the capital and then i sell out into different areas of my lifestyle and my business so That i can enjoy the profits now on to the charts and what cryptos do i want to hold with this, and why and where am i buying and selling them thats? What you guys came here for as well so make sure you got the plans initially, if you dont, already check out patreon check out the end of the video, but in terms of bitcoin. Now the red line that well see on all of these charts is ethereum and the blue line is the u.s dollar value. Of course, us dollar value is great and you can convert that into whatever fiat currency youre in, but the main thing is at least for my strategy. My plan is, i want to end up with more bitcoin and more ethereum at the end of the bull market and if im just holding bitcoin, then i can see from this red line that its basically gone dead at this point, which means ethereum, is the better Hold compared to bitcoin now the flip side to this is that you want to ensure that what youre investing in for a longer period, whatever time period, that is, 12 months 5 years 10 years, whatever it is for you that it is a safe investment.

Now, of course, this is cryptocurrency, so you dont know if this stuff is going to be around in two years or five years time, but im making the bet that it will be, but im also an active investor. So this is not something that ill just sit on for five or ten years and not ever look at it and im sure you wont either im sure youre pretty much stuck to it at this point in time. But when the market goes dead, thats going to be an important time to continue to be active in your portfolio so to the lines now, if the red line is going up, that means the cryptocurrency that youre trading in is doing better than ethereum. If the red line is going down and trending down and staying down, that means the cryptocurrency, the other cryptocurrency, that youre holding the alternate in this case is doing worse than ethereum. So if youre holding this other crypto, you want to see this red line going up and it just crushing ethereum, if its, not then youre better off, holding ethereum in this case and ethereum seems to be having a better return than bitcoin, especially since around 2016. If we look at it on this particular chart, but more recently, definitely over this last period of the last couple of years, since around 2019 you can see there was a little peak out here, uh in in august and july it was around 68 for one bitcoin.

68Th for one bitcoin, if i sold one bitcoin, i could get 60 eth. Now. If i sell one bitcoin, i can only get 13.68. That just means that ethereum has become that much stronger against bitcoin and if you look all the way back here in 2015, 2016 youre picking up 600 eth for one bitcoin. So you can really see how strong ethereum has become against bitcoin now. Well, use the same strategy against litecoin, so the chart looks pretty similar at this point. You could have bought a lot of eth with uh, with one litecoin at around seven, eighth or so, and now you can barely get point zero. Four of an eighth with one litecoin, the next strategy or the next chart, were looking at for this strategy dogecoin. So this looks a little bit different. We had the pump and then we had the sideways and down with a few little pumps in between this just means that initially ethereum was pretty weak, dogecoin was strong and then it fell and uh. It was basically ethereum. That was the strongest here, so um eth was weak. Then eth was strong, strong, strong, strong, strong and then dogecoin was strong and eth was weak against those those pairings. Just for this period of the pump in early 2021 and now weve seen it begin to fade. The blue line is the u.s dollar value. So, at the end of the day, if you get it wrong, then youre still going to at least be holding the cryptocurrency and over time, weve seen a lot of these cryptos go up against the usd values so youre still going to be making some money on The fiat, but you want to be able to a reduce your risk in the market by holding too many different cryptos, because then your mind is spread across.

However, many it is youre holding and that takes a lot more time and energy in the market, and that leads me to these points here. Some or all of these may be something that you are looking at as a beginner in the space. You might be new to investing, you might be new to crypto. You might have not have too much time to study or to research, and there might not be much understanding of portfolio management so, like we just looked at there, holding bitcoin holding litecoin holding dogecoin. All of these have been around for many many years and then youve got ethan ethans just crushed all of them over the last six or so years since eth was first released. You might not have much understanding of when to sell either. So hopefully these charts will help you out with that. So if youre finding yourself to have some of these attributes or all of them, then this next part is really going to help. You because now were going to look at cryptos, which bounce around you might be able to look at some areas of where you could sell them, and this is quite straightforward. If were looking at range trading, because you might not have much time to study your research and you might be new to the whole game of buying and selling, so if we go back to the charts and weve got dogecoin here, you can see that this was The time to be holding eth and then, as the market started, to break out and form a higher low, then you want to switch over to doge and sell, as the market comes back down very easy to be said in hindsight.

But if we take a look at some support and resistance levels, you can see that dogecoin came out to point zero, zero, zero, two of an eighth and it happened again back in 2016 and uh late 2015.. Now this is a pretty extreme example, because even myself i wouldnt be able to hold out and then all of a sudden expect the dogecoin pump for this one massive period and then start to die back out. So if i look at something else like v chain, i can see that there are several periods of strength against v chain and weakness, so i can then use v chain to flip, so i can swing trade it to hold v chain. While it goes up and realize that maybe theres going to be a period that its going to be overvalued against ethereum and then i can sell out and buy back when it comes back to some support levels, now this isnt always guaranteed to work, as this is Always a support at the bottoms here and then this is always a resistance at the tops and the resistance is different in many cases you can see these two are pretty similar and these are a little bit higher back here in 2018 and then also 2020.. So you could have a signal to say well ill sell when it only gets up to this point, which is point: zero: zero, zero, zero four, instead of these higher areas, so youll just miss out on those gains, but its a difference of a few x and If youre making gains youre making gains, i dont see where people have to try to sell the exact top and sell and buy back in at the exact low, its just a strategy to have a look at so that youre not holding or buying something at the Peaks, if its like for v chain back in may, if its peaking out against usd value, if its peaking out against ethereum value its peaking out against its bitcoin value, then you probably have to ask yourself.

Maybe this crypto, which doesnt have as much history or community as some of the bigger cryptos its starting to get overvalued against these, maybe its not the safest time to be buying these smaller cap cryptos. And that was the strategy that i use specifically on zen and ive done a video and some posts for the patreon community and the premium members that are learning about trading cryptocurrencies and investing full time uh. I did this because it was a crypto that i had held and you can see the blue line was the dollar value went all the way down to about three dollars during 2019 and 2020, and then it took off to about 180 dollars was the peak, but I was looking at the eighth value and back in may, i saw it start to peak and you can see a pretty clear downtrend across these highs just getting lower and lower, and i saw that this was pretty overvalued, even though the dollar value could keep going Up, at least, if i trade into eighth, then if the market keeps going up ill, still make some gains against fair value by holding eth but im not taking the risk of holding this cryptocurrency, which doesnt have the community and the longevity of something like ethereum. You know the the development of eth, and so i can then sell out, which is what i did got my extra eighth. So at these points, zen was stronger than eth sell out here and then i get to buy back at the lows.

If i want to continue trading in zen to get more eth, but if i dont want to trade in zen – and i want to look for something else – then i go to the charts again and i can see ive got xrp so im looking at these spikes. So these are the times when xrp is stronger than eth as its starting to run up and its running up here, really big spikes. And then this is the time when its absolutely useless against it. Its going down down down down down so, unfortunately for the xrp hodlers, they have lost out really really really big time. I cant stress that enough. Since 2018, 2018 was the time that xrp had its high and against ethereum and then its just been down and down and down, and ever since, just with a couple of little peaks here. But if we start to get a bit of a turnaround. A bit of a floor happening here, and then we get the peak. Then that might be a good time to sell out the xrp for eth now youre going to have to unmarry yourself from the cryptos. If youve fallen in love with xrp but thats going to come down to your plan, so what im anticipating there with xrp is possibly i dont know for sure, but possibly something like this. We just get this long period of down and then eventually we just get this quick spike.

It performs better than ethereum for a very short period of time and then sell out hold my eighth because i believe eth is a better project long term than bitcoin. Now, if you dont believe that then youve got to keep holding whatever it is that you believe is better than eth and just put up with the price dropping against you cardano another one of those it has peaked out against eth, and it now is back into A range trading period here these were the highs, good sell and buy areas so buy at the bottom, sells at the tops. But again, hopefully this floor is getting higher, which means carano might be a better hold than eat. Well have to find out down the down. The track this is what it takes to build a good cryptocurrency. You want to see the floors getting higher against the bigger crypto projects, and that shows some more strength coming to these other projects. Another crypto here is solana and you can see that the floors are getting higher and higher and higher, so this just means that its better to be holding seoul than eath for the time being, we dont know what its going to go through when we get to A bear market, so weve got to make sure that we keep our eyes on the lows and thats. Part of the easy strategy is just to keep watching the eth chart and watching the lows. If, whatever cryptos youre holding start to break down against eth or bitcoin, then maybe it might be time to sell out back into that bigger portfolio similar to what ive got here on my self managed super fund.

So, like my retirement fund and the simple, the really simple part here, if im going back to these points here, new to investing new to crypto, not much time to study or research, not much understanding of portfolio management and not much understanding of when to sell, then I play it safe and just hold bitcoin and ethereum and remember this is my retirement fund, so i cant touch this until im, 60 or 65 here in australia, so it doesnt really matter as long as im holding stuff, which is going up over time against u.s Dollar or at least fiat currency, and then of course, if ive got one other hedge to bitcoin, because bitcoin is the slowest mover at the moment which we could just see on the chart here we can see that eth is outperforming bitcoin, then at least ive got My hedge here of ethereum, just in case bitcoin, doesnt, make it and in terms of the active side of this portfolio over time, youll get more research and youll understand more about the markets. The longer you stay in them so to keep it really easy. At the beginning, look at bitcoin look at eth. If you want to trade a few of these other cryptos like solana or dot as we can see here, then you want to make sure that youre buying in at the lows of this eighth chart otherwise youre better off just holding eth keeping things really simple and Not worrying about your portfolio too much and just coming back to it on a weekly or a monthly basis, so that you can see that the gains are going up and that the market isnt breaking down against your lows, so lets wrap that up.

One last time to make sure its nice and clear its the easy top best strategy that ive found to allow me more time to study and research, but also get myself in the game to make sure that im getting some of these profits. While the markets are favorable to us, the markets are going up. So if you enjoy that – and you want to see more of this content – make sure you stick around to the end of the video like the video so that pushes these videos into your newsfeed on youtube, follow the channel subscribe, hit bell notification, icons and all so Again, you can see it come up and, of course, this portfolio will be posted on my instagram, so check out the links down below for this portfolio. Its currently got 1.9 bitcoin in it and 43 ethereum and im not touching this on a regular basis at all. I account for taxes in this, so if i do sell it its going to be 10 on the capital gains of this portfolio because it is a retirement fund and if you want to know more about the cryptocurrencies that im trading and what im holding in my Portfolio check out the patreon link down below and also the investor accelerator premium, which is the course to learn how to trade. Both of the links are down below ill see you guys at the next video or on twitter or instagram use those official links.