This will become very obvious very soon, Music hi. Everyone welcome to the channel if youre new subscribe hit, the bell button leave a like make sure you do do that, because this is a three part series. This is video number one out of a three part series. Why were gon na talk today about btc pairs in terms of why these ones are undervalued? Tomorrow were going to talk about the btc dominance chart in terms of how to read it because its been a while since ive covered it im going to go over it in a bit more detail with a lot more structure and then on. The third one were going to talk about all seasons. Why theyre apparent why people get it wrong and, most importantly, what they actually are and how they are kind of commencing make sense cool, so make sure you do that. So this video alone ive picked out five outsides that look obvious. Theyve had a bit of a rubbish week, but im also gon na, say that, depending on the dominance chart, im gon na go over a little bit of a tease on it in terms of what that does well independently make these charts do something: usually, okay, so Dont, just go: oh its going to hit a level lets, buy it because as much as the 618 level on the fibonacci as much as a certain point of a correction with a reversal sign such as a narrow side diversion so whatever that might be, you can Find that btc will just absolutely ruin you doesnt matter right.

This is a metric that i think a lot of people still dont understand and dont get kind of my edge away in terms of timing. I will go over it tomorrow in more detail, just to kind of give you an idea. But if you want to learn even more on my patreon im going to be doing a full case, study of it so in terms of a full breakdown of what would have happened. If you did this, what would have happened if youve done that and what the results would be utilizing a lot of pairs so without further ado lets go into the charts. Lets look at these five assets very, very simply and lets go from there, hello, im back. So lets talk about this. This is a btc domain chart. This is my overall bias at the moment. I believe we are going to go and reach new levels. What does this indicate ill? Keep it simple keep it brief, because you need to watch the videos tomorrow. Btc is going to become dominant, its going to be bitcoin season. Youve probably already noticed. I spoke this morning. People are getting confused between all season versus bitcoin season. We are currently in bitcoin season right now. We are currently on a run which would indicate that chart right on the screen will start going up. Historically, we know that this is a strong month. If i just press a refresh button, bear with me ive not done this for a while itll refresh and itll tell you some rubbish data, its died, great, oh, its gone, dark mode! Go to the moon! Please! There you go were currently up 10 of the month.

We knew historically, that november is quite a good month, anyways right, so with all that, bearing with all that information, it gets interesting. Oh the freak, okay thats, why its called coin glass now cool anyways, so we talked about it. Should we talk about these assets, so they are quite interesting, theyre, not great, but the reason. Why is because? I feel that, if that chart on the screen right now goes up and continues to go up. Well, these opportunities are going to become very, very apparent in terms of the growth of your bitcoin lets talk about them, so the first one is actually quant. So its been a while since ive talked about quant dont have a lot of data on it, but you can kind of see its doing this right. So when were talking about realistic expectations, the bgc pair is the main metric that you want to kind of go on now in the current phrase fa. Sorry, since august its been pretty mental, it has fully corrected right fully corrected. So if were going to find and try and pick a bottom weve got to be careful, we are in an obvious downtrend right why its because it is losing traction against btc. This is where you grow, your btc ill. Keep it simple. If these goes up and you are holding it happy days, you will grow a bitcoin but, as i say tomorrow, ill go over in more detail. So what can we look at? We need to look for a correction where we are looking for a potential reversal.

Theres, potentially a reversal coming i.e that is kind of showing that theres a sign there that theres a potential bottom here on the rsi as the price is going lower. This is relatively stable, but we need to be careful we need to see, but for me, in my opinion, if btc season really rocks up were going to start seeing this continue to melt, however, lets just say it doesnt melt and were going from this point alone. You know if we are going to correct back up theres some potential gains here: theres a 55 move and there is a 100 move. So just to kind of give you a bearing here. If youre putting btc into this and youre going to grow 60, you got 0.6 btc added to your pot right, make sense cool so thats that, but the bottom i dont thinks in yet. So this is why this list might be good for the future. In terms of looking at quality assets, essentially that are deeply undervalued versus b2c, because when it flips over and the old coins are running against btc, these charts will start going upwards, which is where the money is right always grow. Your bitcoin so thats very, very simple. Not much data to go, and that was always gon na be the shortest one. The next one is actually matic network, which i have mentioned before my channel before, as you know, but this actually looks relatively good, so zooming out, warmth, weve had this massive correction right, but even recently, from this impulse, going down, weve actually had quite a nasty correction And we are going hurting towards a 600 level.

We could go much lower than this, because we have been much lower in the past. We could actually see this totally melt even lower down to these levels. Potentially, who knows depends on how aggressive bitcoin is so for me if im looking at this theres, definitely room to grow youd be hurting right now, if you were buying these tops now this is the thing about this metric. Sometimes you dont look at this side. You look at usd or you look at low value usd and you think, oh cool, happy days. The usd goes up im making money, but sometimes you buy these tops and youre like. Oh, you look at your delta or your blocked body like im bleeding. You only just realize that recently, so its not good, so it has had a nasty correction anyways if youre going to go from the wick to that bottom level to this area, its actually corrected from that top to bottom 69 in btc value, thats. Quite a lot. Uh really anyways moving on to this. That is kind of the situation right now, but what i want to look at more than anything is actually if we go to the three day chat. I want to see where this actually, because it looks like its stopped, and it has look at that nearly on the nose. So if were looking from this high to this low weve went towards that 382. So what it already has done and already has given potentially, is an 85 correction anyways.

How do you know this? Well, when you look at the rsi theres a massive divergence here already, so you look at this level here and that level there thats going up – and this is going down that would indicate a reversal sign so theres a potential levels here and its already been a Level of support, if you go to the daily time frame as well, youll see this whats even more clear. You can see this level here has been tapped. This is kind of lo showing his support and then the divergence has appeared. You can see this low. This is much higher divergence happy days, potential entry there, so already people probably would have acted upon this, but it is still in a downtrend. However, if we go into the weekly time frame, it will come even more clear. Look at how obvious this is looking as a potential downtrend, so wait and find out and see where this can go again. This level, where its been before, could be another level where it could be an entry point, but, as i say, if that btc chart keeps going up and up were going to have a problem. However, this will mean opportunity, if you personally, if you are buying in btc – and you got that btc as usd profit and youre just utilizing some units there, its the greatest place to be for all coins, especially when theres been a big old season. Its usually because theres been a big bitcoin season before it makes sense cool write that down anyways with that thats all we can do theres not much to go on, however, lets just wait and see where it goes.

For me. I think this will go lower than the 618 level in the current phrase, but well see it might react a little bit because theres quite a lot of structure here but well see anyways moving on to the next one. This is more obvious as well were going to talk about atom, which i have not talked about for a while. I do like atom is pretty cool um, but you can see here again look at this, but impulse bang were popped. All the way back down were in downtrend right now, so if were gon na go from lets, just talk about this peak to this low, you can see here perfect right, so were actually gon na go much lower. In my opinion, i think we are going to go down to this level here, potentially right keep an eye on that level as price analysis, because that could be an area where it could go and where you can potentially buy consolidation in the past weve had a Pop we could go from here consolidation and go back up from that point. Who knows but thats the thing youve got to go for undervalued, overvalued or whatever it may be. I feel right now. Itll go to its average kind of price around this point, which is around 3 600 satoshis, so this could drop quite significantly if bitcoin goes for a little bit of a run. That could indicate a 30 drop, which is pretty disgusting right, but you may actually grow your usd in that time, because btc pumping all that good stuff right so looking at the three day, looks even more obvious in terms of the pump its pulling back down.

But weve got to be careful as well. If were going to go from this point here, essentially, we could find it react to this point. However, the downside with this is its kind of already below it right so were below that key level of like previous level support. Now it is at the moment, level of resistance. If you look to the left here, its fully in tune with what candle structure is giving us as well, which is not ideal, so i am expecting this to go lower. So just keep an eye on that one. This one could be the level where it could react, a lot more um, certainly if youre thinking about it but thats. My opinion. Okay, but, as i say, bitcoin looks pretty violent right now, so its looking like these are gon na go down um. Moving on to the next one uh tezos, which again its been a long time – and i know this – has dropped drastically over the period of the last year, so you can see here. This is 2020. whoa crazy. When you look at the weekly looks even worse now, this is a thing right. This is not a bad asset, its not the best asset, neither, but at the same time, when youre, looking at the impulse going from this low to this high, we have pulled back right up to the first level. This is where it gets interesting people buying look again.

Divergence on the rsi looks pretty damn clear in my opinion, but this is a monster move. It doesnt look like it when you go from these like levels here: consolidation, certainly the weekly time frame up to that point, so 156 move. This is where the money is boys and girls. It really is so. It gets pretty damn interesting when you look at it, but this has been much higher, so i dont want to go too deep on that one. But what i will say with this is simple: if were going to go from the daily time frame and looking away, this is already impulsed all the way back back down again its below the 618, its already kind of melting, its already pretty low. So look at these previous levels of where january levels were around 6 000 satoshi, 7 000 satoshis may be the level where it will go down into so just wait and see what happens in and around where this level is because that is like all time, low Levels, so you may well find that on the btc pair it might get interesting around them and react if we do get a 20, a 2018 2017 sort of situation where bitcoin goes berserk for a while. Then these just go waft, because they will that thats. What usually happens – and you know even when were looking at this as a giga pump here – this was our last little season that i had a lot of things went boom, hello, cool, you know its because bitcoin did its thing, it went really high and it just Crashed didnt, it remember, remember that period, no one was looking at these charts back then anyways.

Lastly, lets talk about ave, um again divi, but weve had little spikes, but now were pulling back again, though, this is where it gets interesting. We are in a monster downtrend right now and if we are going to pick up a bottom here, lets go to the daily time frame. We well, we have got an rsi divergence there. Essentially so you know when were looking at where this period was, you can kind of see it its not the greatest, and then we absolutely did a massive monster wig for some weird reason, but this is a bit of an ugly chart right, theres, not much. You can really do with this other than look at the facts here of basically well, i wouldnt even go from that point. Ill, probably go from this point, essentially um down to that level and look at where that wick penetrated up. So this ones a bit ugly, but if were looking at current levels of structure and looking across here, look at where these have been stopped, its going all the way across resistance and also a level of support. So, even when were looking right now, its looking pretty good, but when we start thinking whether the fibonacci levels have landed, you can kind of see where these are kind of prominent right, the kind of big areas. I think this will go down into where these levels are nearly there anyways, but maybe a bit lower, so just keep an eye on it, but this isnt, a monster, downtrend and again d5 – is pretty good, but the thing with d5 thats killing it at the moment.

In my opinion is the fact of obviously ethereum right its a bit yeah, so theres, nothing really much. We can go on other than like just wait and see what happens with our bay. But for me, if were talking about elite d5 protocols, this is probably up there and also you got ta think how far this is already automatically corrected. You know if were talking about btc dominance and the btc pair and then utilizing money flow into certain assets and wealth management. Ave is probably the one that will probably do. Okay realistically, however, that being said, i think this will drop even more so again keep an eye on it if it goes to a certain level where it gets really low and youre gon na start thinking well, actually its quite a good opportunity when that all season Does happen this may be one of them because it is majorly, undervalued versus a pre throughout the year its been pretty crazy, so done. Tomorrows video is going to be interesting.