Vpn ship holders rose by 30 in a single month. As of today. Shiba inu is ranked number 11th two positions behind doge, but the scary thing is shiba only has 931 total addresses, whereas dogecoin has 4.5 million unique holders. Dogecoin has almost five times as many holders compared to ship, yet we are neck to neck in comparison to their prices. What would the price of ship look like when we add 10 million or even 100 million holders? And today we have a cryptic tweet from shaitoshi kuzama, good choice at kanye, west and speaking of high profile people apple. Ceo tim cook says he owns some cryptocurrency, which do you think he owns. The most of the social media tends to think that he owns ship and shiva inu is still making history. Shiba inu leads as the most valuable coin one year after inception, and this one is going to be. Heavy impact for ship coinbase is seeing record revenue income due to the raging crypto market and, as an indirect result of ship, were going to have a look at the current ship holder numbers and why this is important to you. Im also going to have a look at coinbases, shiba gamble and why this is going to be important for ship stick around to the end, because you dont want to miss this well, be giving away 100 to a random subscriber to kick start their crypto journey to Enter this giveaway simply like and subscribe and comment your favorite crypto in the comments below.

So, according to coin market cap, the total number of shiba you know owners increased by 31.1 percent from 706 000 to 926 000 from october the 10th to november the 8th in the same time, frame shebas price has grown by almost 111 percent, and i mentioned earlier On in the video that the current number of unique holders for dogecoin is at 4.5 million addresses, this is important because dogecoin and inu token shares a common demographic. So if dogecoin was able to have 4.5 million unique addresses by all means, it is also very possible and very likely at some point. Shiba inu will be able to hit the same milestone, but the big differentiator right now is that the price of shiba inu the market cap of shibuyinu is already similar to what dogecoin currently is so right. Now the market cap for shibayunu is at 29.8 billion dollars, whereas dogecoin is at 35.6 billion dollars. Thats a market cap difference of roughly 15, so by using this example, where we saw a 30 increase in holders will yield a 100 increase in price. A 400 increase in its holder base will mean over a thousand percent increase in price, using this example, and it makes perfect sense, because we know that dogecoin holders would a pin into something like shibe inuizo, given how common the demographics are and what were currently seeing. For coinbase is going to propel ship even further now before i get on to that, i want to talk about todays, sponsor big thanks to the sponsor of this video alice vpn in cryptocurrency.

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Q3. 2021 earnings release shows larger than expected loss. So if you guys arent really connecting the delta have put forward, essentially robin hood and coinbase will have people that talk to each other and upon seeing the results of coinbase robin hood gon na look at their competitor and go huh. I wonder what were doing different their investors and that board will want to pressure robin hood to liz shiba inu in order to recuperate some of their losses that theyve experienced in q3 coinbases record success is a testament to a lot of the other exchanges that have Not yet listed ship in showing that what you could potentially earn for that particular exchange when this particular crypto asset is listed. So when robin hood lists shibuya on their platform were going to see another rally in the price of ship. Now, before we move on, you can support your favorite crypto projects such as sheep ethereum and more by getting your own physical crypto coin. To add to your collection, you can find a link in the description, so taking a look at the one day, time frame for shiba uni. We can see that the price of shipping is squeezing pretty tightly into this triangle pattern and in fact we are likely to see a resolution to this particular triangle pattern very soon. It seems like over the next day or two. We might see an outcome with regards to this triangular pattern and, while were here, i wan na answer a few questions that you guys have had in the previous videos.

A lot of you are asking why we dont see a spiking price when a whale purchases ship. So when a whale or someone with a lot of money wants to buy or sell a financial asset, it is in their best interest to do so with a minimum impact on price. They want to buy at the cheapest price possible and one common strategy is buy near the support level. So we can see here that when a price touches a support level, we can see almost a pretty sharp bounce into the price. So we can see that here we can see that here and we can see that around this point. So we can see that when the price is at a very good value at a very cheap value, we see a larger than normal jump or bounce back in price. And these are the typically the most opportune spots. A whale wants to purchase their ship and to do this, they use the algorithms to accumulate their positions over an extended amount of time. So they will pick up a few million today, maybe a few million tomorrow. They will accumulate over time, but they will never buy 10 or 15 billion all at once. So sometimes theyll do this for days or weeks and the algorithms are programmed to buy or sell at the most favorable price possible and if they were to buy a lot. All at once, you wouldnt make sense for them, because theyre going to be moving the market, so, for example, if i bought 10 billion dollars worth of ship, the price of ship is essentially going to be like this and ill be paying, maybe more than 6 000 Or even 7 000 for ship, and that is not profit for me, so instead what i want to do is buy every time small amount of gets sold.

So i will buy a little bit here at this particular point. Maybe a little bit there and a little bit here and accumulate my position over time so that i make as much money as possible. So what we sometimes see as support, which is at the moment this level here, could be seen as institutionals buying when the price is cheap or fair in their opinion. So what were seeing right now is a bit of support for me at the 5300 mug and weve, seen people and weve seen buyers pick up more ship at these particular levels, and if you want to be rich, you want to be doing exactly the same. You want to buy at the cheapest point possible, and that is just a bit above the support level when the trend is moving up anyway. Thats all from me. Let me know in the comments what you think my shoe size is and, as always take care and well catch.