Today we have a video about the centerline or mana and were going to talk about the next price targets for the price of this coin, as well as my mana price prediction. So yesterday i did a video on mana guys and it was trading at around cents, and i said that if we ended up dropping below the support targeting here that we had on man at that time, your next support target was maybe going to be the 618 And below that target we had this landing here at around two dollars and 20 cents right here you can see the price okay. If you see what happened on mana look at this guys, we went down to two dollars and twenty cents. The exact line that i had in here for mana and we found perfect support. This was from the sell off that we was having on bitcoin today, okay and guys use before i start the video keeping keep an eye on bitcoin every time. Guys bitcoin is like the boss of the crypto market. Okay, if crypto falls, then a lot of coins will come down too. Okay, so keep an eye on bitcoin thats. The only tip that i wanted to say before getting into the video okay, so mano right now is holding support at this area that weve been holding support previously right here. The same support target that we had yesterday on mana, okay, so um we found supporting here.

We draw below it and now it is acting as some resistance b, but we see that we are trading inside the box, so the support target that we have right now you see the tail in the candle is the bottom of the box located at two dollars And 46 cents: okay, your resistance to break on mana will be the top of the box, anything from two dollars and 51 cents to around two dollars and 55 cents. Okay, which was a huge support that we had in here, was also resistance back here. Supporting here and resistance in here in the mid in the middle for mana, okay, so if we end up breaking above this level, let me actually put another line at around here um. If we end up breaking above this target, your next resistance for mana will be 2.60 cents, which was the previous resistance in here, was also supporting here. Support right here, resistance in here um some resistance in here and a huge support area back here: okay for mana, before having a continuation to this im top side here; okay, so after breaking above two dollars and sixty cents, your next resistance will be this box that We have for mana anything from two dollars and seventy cents to two dollars and ninety one cents, okay, and we also have the 50 moving average of the two hour chart trading at the bottom of this box. So this can be a huge resistance at around 270.

We see that it was previously a good support level in here, then we ended up breaking below it and finding resistance in this area. It was also resistance back here, supporting here, supporting this whole area and some resistance in these two candles in the middle on the green candles. Okay, so this now it will be another resistance target because were still trading below it and basically anything inside this price range. Two dollars and seventy cents to two dollars and ninety cents should be your resistance target, because it was a great support for mana here. It was also some supporting here in the middle and here support after breaking below it. It was resistance, and after breaking above it, it was support once again and then resistance and now anything inside this area should be resistance area for mana and after breaking above that um, it would be very good for mana. This will be the very um. The first step that we have for mana to have a continuation to the upside okay, breaking above this area that were having here now. If we talk about the downside, if we end up breaking below two dollars and 46 cents, your next target for mana to find some support will be at around two dollars and forty one cents where we also have the six one eight of the fibonacci right here. Okay and this level was the previous report that we had on mana in here before having a nice pump to the upside okay.

After that, your next support target and mana can still find some support at around this candle that we have in here guys. This is where we found support at around two dollars and 34 cents: okay, but if we dont find support in there, your next support target will be this line that we had in the previous video, where we found support today. Okay at two dollars and twenty cents – and we see that we also have the 200 moving average of the two hours short trading in this area. So this can be a huge support area um. The targets that i have for mana for the long term to the upside will be eight dollars and thirty four cents, the first one, ten dollars and eighty seven cents, the second one and sixteen dollars will be the the third target for mana to the upside. This will be for the long term as long as we still trade above one dollar and fifty cents, then these targets will be valid. Okay, if we drop below one dollar and fifty cents, then these targets will getting validated for mana, because at one dollar and fifty cents we have the 382 of the fibonacci, which is the last step of the golden package. Okay, so if we go below it, it would not be a healthy retest. Okay for mana um. If we talk about the short term, mana is obviously in a downtrend look at these guys.

Weve been creating this trend line of mana, creating lower highs and respecting this trend line as resistance, okay, um so right now, mana also created a new lower low in here in this support target that we created, so mana is basically im doing this kind of the Descending watch. Okay, if you look online on google guys, just look it up online and descending watch. Is the bullish pattern? Okay, so um! This can be something good for mana, but keep an eye on bitcoin guys keep an eye on bitcoin. If bitcoin falls, then a lot of outcomes will fall. Okay, so keep an eye on bitcoin always but thats. Basically it. We also need some volume of mana guys. The volume is looking flat if we can get some volume that, like the bone that we had back here, then it would be great for mana and maybe we can start getting back up and breaking um outside of this and descending wedge so thats. Basically it guys. Thank you so much for watching the video. If you liked it please subscribe, leave a like and put in the comments any coins that you guys want me to check. I also do live streams from 8 30 to 10. 30 p.m.