I took a bunch of other miss baby because its about to get hot in the kitchen now lets come in hot, the first bang on the list. Is she being new? The next banger on the list and the third banger on the list is loop, ring and saitami new ive been getting so many requests to cover those. So now were going to get to the research. So i could show you what i found but lets get to it. Shiba new is currently four zeros and four nine is down nine percent on the day, its basically down 20 on a week and its basically up 87. This month lets get it now lets get to the call options like we always do. We just recently ran a ford call option like you already know, and it went up 120 on a discord. I showed the family how to properly take profits when you have multiple contracts, so then you could play with house money if you leave some of it in the game right so then just know we got into a neo call option. This one is currently down 24, but we have months to go and were using this to play neo day, which is coming up in september. If you want to be up on a play as early as we are or learn how to do, options for the first time then hit the discord link in the pen. Top comment well see you there baby and we welcome you with open arms now whats going on with sheba inu and before that, what i want you to do, if you have not done so already, i want to give a major salute to everybody.

We are now over 400 000 subscribers, and i appreciate yall for that. Weve been growing like wildfire hit the subscribe button hit the notification bell, turn it on all, so you could be up to date on all of the hot play. Shiba new loop ring saitama new. You know i just dont: have it tomorrow to leave you on that form now lets keep it going. Fortune.Com posted this and they said robin hood says it might not need coins like she knew on this platform. They posted this eight hours ago. Now i just want to tell you here right now: they do need it on their platform and were going to show you exactly why. But i want you to understand, even though they said that notice that shibuya knew didnt come crashing down after robin has said that, because its showing a lot of resilience – and we love to see it but lets get to the details, it says that and lets start It from the top robin hood says it might not need coins like shibay, knew on his platform. The coo well talk about what that is in a second of robin hoods, cryptocurrency branch. They basically said theyre prioritizing user experience over short term gains. They posted this on november 10th. Lets get to the details, tuesday, christine brown, who is the chief operating officer. The ceo of robin hoods crypto branch, basically said that robin hood is in no rush to add new cryptocurrencies because they keep getting oppressed about adding sheep.

They knew because we know how much money they made on dogecoin right, but well get to that and they said brown declined to speak about the prospect of listing specific tokens or specific coins like shibuynu, and then she said that the firm and they try to add Some fear allegedly supposedly right, hypothetically nobodys, trying to get sued but lets keep it going. In my opinion, they said this because theyre trying to add some fear into the mix, so they can pick it up for real, cheap right, but lets talk about it and again, allegedly nobodys trying to get sued. So it says the firm is weary of listing volatile coins that might be dangerous for customers or consumers or violate regulatory compliances right. So i really want you to understand. Why are they saying something like this when they know they can make so much money if they just list it lets, keep it going? They said this. Our strategy is a little bit different over here. They call this throwing shade. They said our strategy is a little bit different from other players right out here who are racing just to list as many assets as possible. Theyre talking about public theyre, talking about theyre talking about weeble, all of the other coinbase talking about everywhere else, where you could buy cryptocurrency theyre saying everybody else is rushing to get. She be new, but theyre not gon na rush it because they want to take a different approach and from what im.

Seeing every approach that robinhood has been taking has been losing them money consistently and were going to tell you exactly what they have lost because they have not added sheba. You know i got the receipts, you ready, so robin hood may benefit from an immediate influx of trading if they listed the coin. Shebay no right, but recently learned after listing dogecoin. That is short lived according to what theyre saying here but watch this were gon na get to the exact numbers and how many hundreds of millions of dollars they are losing because they did not do it, so they keep making these poor business decisions. In my personal opinion, but take a look at this robin hood says: dogecoin accounted for 62 of his crypto revenue in q2. Right now, robin hood. This is more up to date, robin hoods crypto revenue fell 78 as the dogecoin frenzy, where it wore off right thats. The dogecoin frenzy – we know people were loading up on shiba, new and trading. It like crazy to the point that it was the most popular crypto in the world now watch. This lets get to the exact number that robin hood is losing basically because they have not listed. She been new. It says that robin hood had a 51 million dollar crypto revenue. Third quarter sounds great right, but watch this theyre down from 233 million in the second quarter family. They basically are missing out on 200 million dollars in revenue for the sole fact that they have not listed.

She be new. That sounds like a poor business decision. On my personal opinion, not facts, nobody trying to get sued, you know what time it is. But bloomberg said this and remember: they got a lot of revenue off of crypto trades and they also get a lot of revenue as from what is called payment for order flow now watch this, the eu is set to ban the practice of treatment or payment for Order flow – and it says here in green – this parallels potential us move, so the u.s is also looking to ban payment for order flow. Why is this important? Even if you dont know what that is, robinhood makes a lot of money. This way and theyre looking to ban that, so they wont let sheba knew they already lost 200 million. They might lose the revenue on payment for order flow as well family. I dont know if theyre trying to rush to go out of business for the sole fact that theyre too stubborn, unless she but new, but we love to see that sheba, knew they dont even need robin hood listing, because even this news, didnt crash it down right. So now lets look at some other news, and this says from fxs. They said that sheba news price prepares for a 220 percent breakout from the buy zone. Now remember: im gon na read this to you. I always want you to take any price targets with a grain of salt and remember nothing.

I say here is advice to buy, hold or sell im, giving you the facts. I want you to be the judge, so now it says it might break out 220 percent from where its at and now lets go to the details. Sheba news price is consolidating above what theyre calling a bull flag. When you look at the technicals theyre seeing a bull flag right and then that means that theyre seeing a point where it should pop up and just run now, it says that its expected to break out in an explosive uptrend from where its at at about four Zeros and 50 to three zeros one: nine seven so basically lose a zero and go from 50 to 197 compared to where it is now. However, they also wanted to just temper your expectations and give you a number that would show you that the trend is no longer viable, so its this, it says if she produces a lower low below the four zeros and thirty two. So right now were at four zeros and fifty theyre saying if it goes to the 4 0s and 32, and then it breaks under that theyre saying that this is the floor. So you want to be mindful of what the floors are, meaning that this should be a strong support level. Theyre saying that if it breaks that four zeros and 32, then this would invalidate the bullish thesis aka the bull flag trend that they see it will break out of that trend.

Now this is the second time that weve seen that number. So if it comes down to 45, it comes down to 40 or something like that just know. We are still in a strong trend up, but we are just headed towards at least in this case, to see if were going to test the flow or not, but understand 50 in this range 45 were showing support here too, but we also saw this exact number. Four zeros and three two: we saw it from coindesk, they also told us, so this is the second time we got a confirmation from a source saying that four zeros and 32 is going to be a very pivotal number. So since we know were near their family, its all good, so lets take a look at this. Remember robin hood lets not let them off the hook just yet they were trying to troll the sheba new army saying the cryptocurrency is almost as strong as who the number of ship comments that it gets and now theyre starting to say that theyre not interested in Shiva new, i think that they they full of it but im going to leave it alone, but lets get to loop ring which were going to do some research on. If you want me to do even more research on loop ring or you want me to do even more research outside timeline new, let me know in the comments so loop ring well cover it real, quick and then well get the site.

Timing, new cover that real, quick, too so loop ring basically its three dollars its up 10 on the day at the time, this recording up 150 this week and its up over 646 percent in the last month, but you may be asking yourself if it already ran Up like that, how does it have any more room to run? Lets take a look. Currently. The market cap is four billion, keep in mind something like sheepy new, something like dogecoin and things like this. They have market caps in the 20s and 30 billions family. So something like this having such a low market cap shows you that it would only take four billion more dollars for this to add in in order for this thing to double now that might sound like a lot right, but lets look at the volume the volume Of dollars being traded back and forth in this is almost double the market cap, meaning that this could really swing like crazy, so its at 7.2 billion families thats a lot of dollars being traded in and out of this in just 24 hours. So now lets look at the circulating supply. They say that is 1.3 billion according to coinbase. At this time of this recording and theyre saying thats 97 of the total supply, and then when you look at the popularity of this coin, its still 31st, it hasnt even broken into the top 20 or in the top 10 of popularity.

So everybody is not even up on this one yet now lets get to what are the benefits of loot brain, because this is actually a utility type of a coin, meaning it has uses so theyre saying this low cost and payment on ethereum. So if you tried to switch ethereum for anything else, youll notice that you got to pay what is called gas fees which basically costs a lot a lot of the time so now lets see this. It says first of all, loop ring is secure and im not telling you to buy this im, telling you to just listen to the research, and then you be the judge, so they said its open source, everybody can see the code and and so on and so Forth they said its audited, its double checked. They said that its basically on ethereum level security guaranteed. They said it has a high throughput, basically its very, very scalable. So, basically, if a company wants to use this to process payments and so on and so forth, they could scale it way high very, very fast, and then it says the performance of ethereum would no longer be a bottleneck. Ethereum can only do so. Many transactions per second but theyre, saying that this one is extremely more scalable and can do way more on ethereums blockchain, just like a layer over it. So then they said that it has a low cost, dramatically, reduces the cost of overall transactions and brings it down to small fractions comparable to ethereum but youre, using ethereum but youre, using it in a cheaper way, thats.

What this is all about now this is currently the 47th largest cryptocurrency in the world, and here are some price targets on it. The first price target on loop ring, and we have a few. The first one is like a bear case, and other ones are a bull case. Remember always take price targets with a grain of salt, nobody but nancy pelosi and her husband, allegedly supposedly hypothetically nobody, but them could tell the future. So, according to walletinvester.com, they basically said they see it going from like where its at now to three, they see it going to 180 in a year right, but theyre, the only ones who say they see it going down. And then you have uh coin quora and they said that they see it going to five dollars by the half of 2022 and then they basically have digital coin price. And they said that they see it rising to about 480 by the end of 2021. But they see it going to 9 42 by the end of 2025.. I do want you to keep in mind. This coin is made to help ethereum and im, always gon na keep it real true its made to help ethereum more scalable and more easy to process with lower gas fees, and everything like that, ethereum 2.0 is coming out in the future. So just be mindful of that, when you get into this one im, not saying dont, buy it im, just saying be mindful of this, the discord to me.

We got some skin in the game, so here we go according to price prediction.net. Basically, they said that this is going to 1240 or 1234 by 2025 and again nobody can tell the future but lets get this like tommy knew inside tommy knew yall know i like to shoot these straight through, but i got interrupted and my audio cut out. So i had to cut the video were going to keep it real were going to keep it raw. So now its like tommy new lets talk about it. Currently, we understand, because a lot of people been asking me to do research on this, because many of them are invested and again im not telling you to buy, hold or sell, but i just dont have it in my heart to leave you on a form. After you asked me to do research on this, so its like tommy knew its based on the ethereum blockchain. What is the key to this whole cryptocurrency theyre, saying that it claims to be a store of value and they put two protections in place. One of them is, for example, two percent of every token transaction is burned, so it tries to encourage you to hold on so you dont do transactions, and then it gets burned right, so its encouraging you to hold it. The second one is – and this is according to benzinga – it says that it claims to have an anti whale procedure in the hopes to prevent large investors from drastically affecting the price which we know when a whale splashes everybody gets splashed right.

So then it says, however, this feature is not fully functional and remains unclear again. This is according to benzene im, just giving you the facts. Many people like this cryptocurrency because it has so many zeros and then an eight and its gaining a lot of popularity. So lets keep it going. I want to show you this and again. I just dont have it in my heart to leave you on the forum. If i see it good, bad or ugly ima, let you know so. It says this and i this is from coin market cap, they put a little flag next to the circulating supply number. They must be doing this in reaction to whats going on with sheep they knew and when the circulating supply was unclear at a time right. So now it says the circulating supply is about. I want to say this is 44 quadrillion right, so you have billions. You have trillions, you have quadrillions after that, so its a huge number. So then they even have a little note and it says the coin market cap team has not verified this projects. Market cap. However, according to the project developers, its self reported circulating supply is that 44 quadrillion tokens totally and then it says it has a self reported market cap of 3.4 billion and again if this gets audited right, if they get double checked and something changes, i just want. You to be prepared for that. Remember, proper preparation prevents poor performance.

We want to be prepared, not surprised similar in the way that it happened with sheep. They knew where they got audited and then next thing you know the circulating supply market cap. All of those things were just different. This doesnt necessarily shine you away from it, but if anything changes you need to know if its able to be changed and now, according to coin market cap, they may change this one day, so just be prepared for that. If you want to have a group of people who talk about sheba new, get in the discord with us, we have a section in there where theyre, just primarily sheba new conversations. I want you to hit the coin based link hit the public link. All of these links in the top of the chat, i want you to take advantage of having multiple brokers. So then you can spread your money out and diversify. Just like the big dogs do like the rich folks do when they try to protect their money baby and again, if you cant, handle the heat of these hot stocks and stay out of the kitchen consider investing in index funds. But if you want me to do even more research, i just did some quick research outside tommy new and some quick research on loop ring. Let me know in the comments i got you and again. I love yall.