I did some, but not as much as i should have was uh not buying enough bitcoin not buying enough crypto, and you know at sixty thousand dollars a bitcoin im still not sure that one should aggressively buy it. But surely what it is telling us is that we are at a crisis moment for the fed. It is a canary in the coal mine, it is uh. The crypto market is the pure money market and it is telling us that the um epistemically closed bubble around fiat money in the u.s is uh is heading towards some crisis. Point all right. Welcome back everybody to altcoin daily, my names austin. That was, of course, billionaire investor, peter thiel, saying now is the time to own cryptocurrency as money, printing and inflation in this country continues to get crazier and crazier bitcoin and cryptocurrency need to be a part of every portfolio. I am going to hit like hit subscribe and turn on the bell notification. I want to support this content and at the end of todays video, we are going to finish this clip and talk about why? Because, first i want to share with you the latest news involving ripple involving ethereum involving higher cap altcoins, as well as lower cap. Altcoins lets jump in first piece of breaking news involving ripple ripple to launch liquidity hub for finance firms that want to offer crypto trading and for perspective. We know that ripple right now offers software for banks for cross border payments.

What this is is them expanding to not just banks, but enterprises as well. This is a new service aimed at finance companies that will allow them to offer cryptocurrency trading to customers. Let me play you the official announcement this just got broadcast on yahoo finance earlier today. From ripple nets general manager watch this yeah uh im excited to announce that uh. You know this morning, 9am we announced our newest product uh called liquidity hub and uh. You know, as we were talking earlier ripple, has been building a cross border business payments business. For a number of years now and in 2018 we started sourcing liquidity for moving cross border payments from crypto exchanges. We built up that expertise uh over the years and, more recently, some of our enterprise com customers have been asking us: hey we source cross border fx liquidity from ripple. Is there a way that we can source bitcoin and ether and xrp liquidity for our customers, and that really gave us an idea of bringing something like liquidity hub to the market? I mean we already have the expertise, weve integrated into exchanges for our on demand, liquidity product as part of ripple net lets, give customers what they want and uh, and we brought it to them and announced it this morning. Okay, very interesting, so basically ripple will be sourcing liquidity from a number of different venues through relationships with these different venues that they have built up over the years and liquidity hub will initially support.

Bitcoin ethereum litecoin ethereum classic be cash and xrp, with availability varying by geographical location, so xrp does not need to be used within the system. Although the option is there and an example of a business that is already signed on americas. First licensed bitcoin atm company coinme is the first partner for the alpha version of liquidity hub and, if youre saying austin, i dont get it cant businesses right now, just by over the counter at coinbase or other exchanges, i mean theres plenty of options really. What is this solving and again lets? Listen to ripple nets, general manager explain why and we become experts on handling all sorts of things like what happens if a crypto exchange goes down, what happens you cant yeah? We cant tell our customers that hey you cant uh. You know send cross border payments today. I wouldnt have a job uh and just uh, like you know, one of our customers that we announced this morning coined me if theyre sourcing, a bitcoin transaction for one of their atms, they cant just tell their customer its down. So weve built that redundancy by integrating into a number of different exchanges around the world. If theres, not enough liquidity, we know how to bring liquidity to the market and were going to make that a enterprise grade product with liquidity hub that, i think, will take to our customers, our existing customers, new customers, like coin me that we announced this morning and In the future, i think every corporation in the world is going to want to source crypto liquidity for their business.

Okay, give me your general take on this, but lets keep moving next up. Big news for ethereum ethereum, name service tokens soar after a 500 million dollar plus airdrop, and just to clue everybody in what is ens ethereum name service is a protocol that issues non fungible tokens nfts that can represent ethereum addresses as well as web domains. So, instead of having to send your friend cryptocurrency and having to ask for his complicated public address, which is a bunch of numbers and letters, he can just send you mikey.eth, for example, and that represents his wallet, much easier to use and ethereum name service which used To be controlled by a centralized company formed a dao and airdropped tokens to the people that use the platform, so the people are now in control. Ens nft huddlers are currently eligible to claim tokens with many users reporting allocations worth upwards of twenty thousand dollars, so only people that actually used the platform got access to this airdrop, but how they made users claim. The tokens is something i found really interesting in what may be a first. In order to claim allocated tokens users had to vote on four articles of a foundational, ens governance constitution. These four articles were as followed. Ensuring governance cannot revoke ens ownership, allowing governance to alter registration prices if you want to buy the domain names, allowing governance, the authority to integrate with other software naming conventions like dns and allowing governance control over a grants program.

But this was cool to me because, unlike the uniswap airdrop, for example, where you could literally just claim the tokens as long as you had used uniswap their governance, tokens and ens is saying we want you to actually participate in our governance, pretty cool. Let me know if you took advantage lets keep moving if you missed out on that ens airdrop. Do not worry. I want to share with you news on the upcoming metamask token airdrop stay tuned, but first lets take 60 seconds and thanks sponsor of the channel cryptocurrency exchange okaycoin a better way to bitcoin join the fastest growing global cryptocurrency exchange with the lowest fees around. So, right off the bat, the three things that i was drawn to for okay coin number, one: they are fully regulated in the u.s, which i like thats important to me number two. They do have much lower fees than the competition, because theyre trying to give you every reason in the world to try their exchange test out okay coin or better than the competition, so their fees are cheaper and to go along with that. If you use our link its linked down below, they have something called zero fee staking where you keep 100 of all, staking rewards earned. So if youre looking for a great place to buy, sell or stake cryptocurrency that is fully regulated, there is a link down below right now, check it out, and next piece of news involving tezos cambridge university will build a decentralized carbon credit marketplace on tezos.

That will support reforestation efforts worldwide, so they didnt choose polka dot, they didnt choose cardano cambridge university chose tezos, and this stems from a recent climate change conference where world leaders have agreed to end deforestation by 2030, but there are deep challenges remaining on how to fund And verify progress towards this goal and they do go on to say why they chose tezos. The marketplace is built on tezos. The choice for tezos came naturally due to its low energy consumption, which is in line with the centers vision to support a sustainable future through technology. Additionally, tezoss decentralized nature and battle proven and functional tech, combined with the ability to evolve in a swift and forkless manner, are qualities that do not remain unnoticed. So that is the news. If you hold tezos, you are clearly having a good day. Today, we will have to see how this evolves next piece of quick news for avalanche tethers, usdt, the stablecoin to launch on avalanche, and essentially what this means is one of the top stable coins in the industry right now sees a strong future for avalanche for those Who believe in the development of layer, 1, blockchain platforms, avalanche, represents an evolved project that boasts ethereum virtual machine compatibility and could be an essential driver for developers looking to port decentralized applications over from ethereum and now tether wants to be a part of the growth of The avalanche defy ecosystem, pretty interesting next piece of the lower cap.

Altcoin news, a meta mask token – is coming ethereum, co, founder and head of metamask parent company consensus, joe lubin, says stay tuned for metamask token. Now this all started from an interaction on twitter. The comments came when a coindesk journalist andrew thurman said that metamask will never issue its own digital asset. As investment bank jpmorgan owns at least 10 percent shares in its parent company consensus. Here was the direct statement not going to happen. Jp morgan owns at least 10 of metamasks controlling entity. They do not want tokens on their balance sheet. I bet well the man that would know joe lubin replied. Andrew consensus has thousands of tokens on our balance sheet. Consensus is vigorously controlled by its employees, which includes me, and we are driving towards decentralization on several of our projects when mask token stay tuned when objective journalism, sir. Now, what this tells me is when he says decentralization of several other projects thats. Why mask token a governance token presumably would be created to give the power to the people and not a centralized company, but if this is happening to several of consensuss ethereum type projects, this could be many many airdrops in the future for metamask. Specifically, i bet all you need to have done. Is you know download it interact with the protocol? I would guess, but we will see as we get more info ill, keep you updated and next piece of a lower cap, altcoin news from launch pad crypto pokestarter in less than a year since the launch of pokestarter 80 plus projects raising on our platform have now Reached a combined three billion dollar market cap and continue to make progress, we couldnt be more proud, so this is one of the top launch pads in the space, its great to see a milestone like this and speaking of low cap altcoin news from d travel.

We are excited to officially announce the launch of travel token on pokestarter later this month, im an investor in d travel for those of you who may not be aware its like a decentralized airbnb and as they put it d travel is the future of the home. Sharing economy, where hosts earn more and travelers pay, less travelers booking with d travel, save up to 50 percent compared to other home sharing platforms, hosts pay, zero percent in fees. Our community owned home sharing platform is governed by the network of hosts guests and community members. Via the travel token so, like i said, a decentralized airbnb where the people are in control, the token holders at least are in control. That is the video. My name is austin. Like always see you tomorrow, you know. The wizard of oz is always this metaphor. Unfed on central banking and ive sort of thought that maybe were were close to a total moment in the fed where the little dog is pulling the curtain.