If you find it useful and informative hit, the like button do really appreciate that if you happen to be new to the channel, why not go ahead and subscribe tap the bell select all notifications, all that good stuff and do let me know in the comments down Below what altcoins are you buying today right lets, get right down into it? Okay, so to start things off with guys were going to briefly take a look at ada here. This is an interesting opportunity. We were tracking quite nicely with a bit of a breakout and obviously the pullback yesterday did hit ada quite hard pulling us right down into that two dollar range once again this hour. She has recovered reasonably well, but we are expecting a bit of a pullback still to occur here, so i think theres an opportunity to pick up more aida at a discounted rate before it continues. This growth to the upside, ultimately pullback that we had yesterday was a bit of fud from china, again um going on about evergrade and whether i know defaulted or not defaulted, all that kind of good stuff um. But again you know after pushing up quite significantly with bitcoin, a correction was due anyway and here with ada. We can actually see the correction occurring a little bit ahead of time, so we can actually see ourselves coming in for a bit of an abc right. A bit of a steeper c wave than we would have liked, but nonetheless it is there and we are moving up now considering were moving up.

I am expecting a small pullback before we continue that growth to the upside again an a a b and then a c so theres an opportunity on the next pullback for ada to potentially get into a bit of an accumulation position before that. Next step to the upside, so i do think that aid is an interesting proposition. Uh love it or hate it. Its got a lot going for it and lots of things in the pipeline that are going to make car dino very, very interesting as a project overall and something i do think is going to be. You know something that we want to be kind of paying attention to for the long haul. With that being said, the artificial intelligence will provide. The io has also got some insights for cardano, so right now we can see that mark is actually still reasonably greedy um for um ada, right its its actually more coming down towards the neutral areas, but its not fearful, which is the point here. Okay, so thats an interesting thing just to keep an eye on now, the sharpe ratio has taken a hit yesterday, um, ultimately bringing it down below the 50 day average. The artificial intelligence is actually saying. Actually the risks might outweigh the rewards for the short term. So again consider your position so being objective about this um. You know this is why im saying wait for a pullback before potentially piling into ada, if thats, something that you want to do.

Obviously, im not a financial advisor chris is not a financial advisor and divide to io and not offering you financial advice. What we are doing on the channel here is pointing out things that we are seeing in the charts and for you to go and do your own research doing their own research might be a part of that might be using evidence. I o right theres a link in the description down below and its completely free to use and youll get a little bit more insight into whats going on with your cryptocurrency. So we have to be aware that the sharpe ratio, the risk reward ratio, is not in our favor right now for ada with that being said, though, we have not actually dropped down, a rating were still b2 overall, so um. For the most part, the underlying data is actually looking pretty reasonable. The moving averages have been obviously negatively impacted recently and but the profitability, the ami had ratio and the fear and greed index all looking, okay, okay, so for an ada, i do think theres an opportunity to potentially build up a position ahead of that next step to The upside so thats, the first alt coin, im really paying attention to right now. The second altcoin is a v chain, so v chain had a bit of a run recently. Obviously we had some pretty good growth and then obviously we had a natural kind of pullback. Now i think, weve actually completed that abc again uh.

We can see that we pulled back in the same way that we did with cardano uh, reaching a little bit steeper on the seaway than wed have liked. But again you know theres flood in the space that caused that and ultimately we allows us to think that weve corrected now. This yellow box would be my kind of buying area um. We are obviously just above that, but i am expecting a pull back. Okay, as we continue to head up into this overbought area, okay, so we went from oversold we pushed up and so weve actually just removed that, and what were actually looking for now is to find this area of over ball and bring it back down into our Oversold area this is going to be the opportunity, as we potentially bring up, come back down into our buy zone ahead of a big move to the upside and obviously you know we are tracking towards our six one, eight seven, eight two, seven, eight six and the Cup and handle pattern at 22 cent, so overall everythings looking pretty good for for v chain here and but do expect to pull back back into my buy zone um and then from here were looking to track up um and again. If we jump over to the avid.io dashboard check out that underlying data, we have actually dropped down a rating. We were topped here, um, you know an a2 rating, which is the best weve ever seen a cryptocurrency get on the platform right um, but weve actually dropped.

Now, down to an a3 rating for v chain, so something in the underlying data has changed. We actually take a look at the fear and greed index, and this is exactly it basically, some fear stepped into the market here for v chain. Whilst profits would be intake – and we say this all the time when the market is incredibly greedy – that is when profits are taken and basically when a one from a fee and greed index is in extremely greedy and we just actually pulled down to an a3 were Still, greedy were not neutral and so thats an interesting thing to kind of take note of so thats the reason that weve actually dropped down a rating overall and the ami had ratios in a2, not a problem. The sharp ratio is in a2, so the rewards outweigh the risk, so thats really positive. Well, above the 50 day, average moving averages are looking pretty good and the profitability is also very, very good, so theres, nothing wrong with underlying data for v chain and just some profits were being taken and obviously, whilst were having that correction we did see and that Evergreen fund, basically just pull us down a little bit lower than we were expecting. So i had to just redraw the chart a little bit and but ultimately, yeah were right. Back in this buy zone were looking to continue that growth to the upside, and so i am expecting pretty big things to come in the weeks uh for v chain.

So definitely an opportunity to be had here in my opinion, but that is all it is its important that you do your own research, specifically with any of these altcoins. As i said, im, not a financial advisor, so the next altcoin that im looking at in detail, is going to be harmony one. So how many one pulled back quite nicely right in a very similar way that we saw with many of these other old coins. They peaked up quite nicely up here. They pulled back for a b or for an a then pushed up for a b, a very shallow one, because evergrade actually took advantage and pulled us down much lower faster than i was expecting. I was actually hoping that wed push the b wave a little bit higher up towards our 31 cent before we had to pull back down now. This actually puts us into an opportunity again, as were overbought right now, and weve got this little buy zone kind of scoped out down here. That could allow us to kind of pull back into this zone before going and taking the next level, we can find resistance at 29.5, um, so im now, actually thinking that we are likely to pull back down towards our 28 cent area of support, and this is An area thats previously resistance, as you can see, whats evergreen uh flood brought us down. We kind of got stuck behind this 28 cent block and then we broke through it, but we are expecting a back test.

In my opinion, this could either be 28.6 or 28 flat, and so this is the area that im looking at scoping out to see, if theres an opportunity to accumulate a little bit more harmony. One before that, taking that next step back to the upside weve got a bit of growth. Obviously, in this one before we go ahead and actually take out some new all time highs that we will track in previously and so again, everythings looking pretty good um. You know everything pretty much from our triangular wedge. Our elliott wave triangle pushing up into our impulsive moves, getting the correction and now obviously were just trying to work our way back up and really continue that growth to the upside, so harmony. One is definitely an interesting project that you might want to keep an eye on. Let me jump over to the charts here and take a look at the harmony one underlined data from any video artificial intelligence perspective. Okay, so harmony, one has actually come down, uh from a a3 rating to a b1 rating. Okay, so something has in its underlying data, has obviously changed and shifted and uh what were going to do is actually just take a look, so we obviously have the fear and greed index at a b3 rating. We can see this has taken a dive and its definitely below the market here in greed, and so ultimately, what were actually looking at here is um.

You know a bit more of a neutral position, almost fearful for harmony, one right now and honestly. This comes as a lot of people were following in potentially at those highs that it was being set only to see those profits get taken off the table and the price to fall back down, and obviously everything thats been going on yesterday increases that amount of fear In the space now, ultimately, this is just shaking out return. Investors who do not really know whats going on and right now, all youre really looking at is a potential opportunity, because our sharp ratio is actually an a2 above the 50 day average. The rewards outweigh the risk, so if theres fear up for sale, the sharpe ratio is indicating that you might want to buy it up, obviously not financial advice. If i do, i o they want to give you the tools to make your own decisions, but they dont. Actually give you any buy or sell signals or anything like that, but the tools are very, very good. Theyve been more accurate than i can count. Um so definitely worth checking it out. If you havent done so already now, the profitability is right up there as an a1 and the moving averages are an a2. The ami has an a2, so basically theres nothing wrong with the underlying data. Weve come down a rating for no other reason other than fear. So right now, thats the only metric thats really been affected by what happened yesterday.

So again, this makes it a really interesting proposition. When we take a look at the charts we look at were looking overboard were looking to kind of pull back as we find resistance at 29 and potentially come down to 28 cent before pushing up past 29 in the future. So i think overall, um harmony. One is a project that potentially has some opportunities in it and something that im looking at purchasing up today, and so, as we come back in, we have one last one i want to kind of talk about. This is a project that was tracking really well yesterday from a chart point of view, if i dot io were indicating some potential problems with the sharpe ratio and obviously the flood came in and brought this right. The way down, obviously weve covered quite well, and i am expecting to find resistance at 12.3 with the opportunity to bring this back down and pick it up, maybe around 11.7. So i think theres an opportunity in anchor before we get this back on track. As we were looking to track towards mushing up towards our 618 area of the chart, anger has been tracking quite beautifully for quite some time. As we had the breakout over here, we tracked down. We pushed up into our 786 and got rejected uh pushing back up, and then we started to track this again. Uh were looking ready to take that next step to the upside before the ever grade news broke and obviously that has affected us quite negatively, but ultimately things are looking pretty interesting for anchor.

So when we jump into the evade dashboard, we take a look at the data for anchor well see were still an a3 cryptocurrency rating. Overall, the fear and greed index is a b1 which is meaning pretty neutral right, its not fearful its, not greedy. The sharpe ratio has taken a hit and it is indicating that the risks outweigh the rewards and therefore we might not want to have exposure to anchor right now. This is why im saying expect to pull back and accumulate in these key areas right now, this artificial intelligence is saying that this is not an optimum time to potentially have exposure to this asset. With that being said, though, as a hodler, i think that you have to ride through some of these things and for anchor, although the sharpe ratio is not necessarily aligned to my personal thinking is something that we should seriously consider and just because im investing does not Mean that you should be in this particular project either so do use evidence io to make your own decisions um. For me personally, i think this is a small blip on the anchor radar. After the recent moves. It has been making its understandable that um. You know that theres, a reasonable amount of fear coming in profits were being taken, but overall, as the fundamentals of this project are very, very solid. I do think long term, and this is a project that i want to have exposure to.

So, although the sharpe ratio is talking about more about here and now today, tomorrow um its important that we obviously acknowledge that thats a very short term time frame and short term thinking and for me personally im a long time investor i like exposure to anchor for The long term so at least for the end of this ball run, and so, although the sharp ratio is indicating and that we dont necessarily want to be buying right now, im looking at this in an interesting and different way and other than the sharp ratio. Everything else is pretty much on track right, its the only metric, that is concerning me from the underlying data perspective and when we come into the chart, obviously taking a look at the opportunities that do lie here. Personally, i think theres an opportunity to be had here with a big push to the upside overall. So obviously we track this uh. This bigger a wave down were looking for a b and then eventually well potentially come in for a c which might be coming down. Much lower this could be what the artificial intelligence is indicating to us. We could be looking at a 10 cent anchor at some point in the future and with that being said, there was also the ability to say that this was a freak uh occurrence and actually this will not form an abc move. Instead, this could have been the end of an abc okay.

So, in order to do that, wed have to check some different time frames like the a hourly um and see that actually we have up here, we had the a we had the b and we had the c. It could actually be that this move completes a bigger, abc. Okay, so again, you know one to kind of be mindful of um, and one thing that well know for sure is whether, when we kind of continue this growth to the upside, what happens next and so again, this is one im watching im keeping an eye on It and i would like to extend my position with it, and i am looking at uh 11.7, but if we do dip down lower than this, i will probably hold off until i actually get a bit of a clearer picture as to what is going on with Those technicals – i was quite happy when we were up here before evergrade everything was tracking quite nicely a good push to the upside was expected, and but that has deviated away so now, im just going to give it a bit of time and to see exactly what Happens, but if we do end up resting on 11.7 and were oversold that might be my entry point so guys im going to leave that video there. Those are the altcoins that i am paying attention to today.