Is it time to freak out gary gensler talks about enforcement in the sec, a title company offers the ability to buy real estate with crypto. Does the sec have more bullets for its war against ripple and xrp and xr doge? Has it been sent to the dog house or taken to the pound if we havent met before my name is frank, cho and im here to help you leverage your life on this channel? We talk about cryptocurrency, personal finance and investing if you havent hit that subscribe button. Do it now that way, i can keep you informed of all the latest news and updates, and tomorrow i plan on announcing our next big giveaway so make sure youre subscribed. So you dont miss out on that now were about to dive in but hit a like. If you find any value here in this video and lets, take a look at the crypto market. We are red today down about four percent to 2.8 trillion. Lots of panic. It seems like, but when in doubt zoom out thats always the uh the catchphrase, i guess, of the crypto market here remember last week we had not even hit 2.8 trillion, so we had a little bit of a pullback today, but that was after reaching new all Time highs for bitcoin ethereum xrp had broken the dollar 30 mark, so a pullback its normal. Its part of the course of business with the crypto market were not going to always go up uh.

There are pullbacks we test new levels and well be able to come back from todays red day. Weve had a few green days in a row, and so what you normally see is some green and then some red pullbacks and then we test new highs and so on and so forth on and on, but dont freak out too much over a red day. Bitcoins down under 65 k, ethereum at 4, 600 xrp is retraced to a dollar eighteen, but again, remember when you take a look, we may be down seven percent on the day for xrp, but were only down two percent week over week and we were back again Over that dollar 30 mark earlier in the day, so just put it all into perspective. Remember what youve invested in remember your long term strategy and dont get shaken out just because of a single red day. Now gary gensler, our favorite person, uh, impacting the crypto markets right comment. Your thoughts on uncle gary down below, or maybe daddy gary. If you recall his uh testimony at the hearing, gary gensler has said, enforcement is one of the fundamental pillars in achieving our mission. At the sec, without examination against an enforcement of our rules and laws, we cant instill the trust necessary for our markets to thrive at the sec. We follow the facts and the law comment below. If you think the sec follows facts and law in their process, wherever they may lead on behalf of investors and working families, that means holding individuals and companies accountable without fear or favor across the approximately 100 trillion dollar capital markets.

We oversee, if you think, the sec doesnt favor certain entities over others. Then i have a very nice lake house to sell you in the middle of the nevada desert here. That is just absolutely crazy. Uh. The fact that we have the uh whole sec fiasco playing out before our eyes, but gary gensler, coming out and saying these kinds of things in a public forum is just crazy. Its just mind boggling that he can stand up and even think to say that they follow facts and the law and they dont favor. Anyone, because we have seen the exact opposite play out and the evidence has piled up of this. This isnt one persons opinion this isnt just a random occurrence. There is a protracted history of this happening and going back for years, especially when we look in the crypto space, so uh. Let me know in the comments what you think about garys comments and feel free to tweet at him on twitter, and let him know what youre thinking about this now crescent title in louisiana has said. It is the first real estate title company in that state to allow customers to make real estate purchases using cryptocurrency. The company will facilitate transactions using bitcoin, ethereum litecoin dash ripple. They mean xrp, but well, forgive them and bitcoin cash and has plans to accept more cryptocurrencies. In the future, this is really exciting, because what youre seeing here is the opportunity to purchase a physical asset real estate with a digital asset cryptocurrency.

This is really exciting, as we continue to bridge the digital and physical spaces, and i think this is a fantastic opportunity. As we continue to move forward that well see more and more of this come out in the future and bigger and bigger companies taking part in this, and it will be a great opportunity for you to roll those digital assets into the physical. If you so choose more to come, is we see stories come out like this, but on a red day, its nice to see um some exciting news that is really bullish for the future of crypto, as weve seen many of those announcements in the past weeks now, Regarding the ripple versus sec case, we looked previously at the sec uh ruling from uh judge netburn that was favorable for the sec regarding those audio and video recordings again, that was that text only order. We reviewed just a couple days ago. I wont rehash it here. Other than to remind you that the ripple side does have to search its recorded meetings to find any evidence that might be relevant for the sec, so they have to do what is a reasonable search of those recordings and then produce those documents. So the court suggested that they meet and confer together to narrow down the scope um. It was over 60 000 recordings, and so what the courts opinion was was that they could work together and narrow it down. The sec and ripple could come up with some dates, or maybe some particular meetings or conferences where they could narrow the scope of that they could use some transcription software to be able to get a actual printed copy, then or digital copy of the transcripts.

That could then be searched uh to find key words and phrases the sec might be interested in. So well have more to come on that, but uh on amb crypto. Here they have a nice quote, citing jeremy hogan, who were all very familiar with. Who said we expected this order to go against ripple, and i think that was of course the general sentiment. I mean ripple uh, their search parameters were maybe not as good as they could or should have been an order like this might give the sec some bullets for its gun and vice versa when ripple wins. But the next big order is on the secs motion to strike the fair notice defense that is the bazooka, so remember, even though this was a small victory for the sec. The fair notice. Defense is the big item that we are waiting for. We need to see an answer from judge torres on whether or not the fair notice defense will be allowed. That is what a lot of this case is going to hinge on and if ripple wins that, then we will see a major swing in their favor and the sec will have to produce even more documents so much more to come on the case, as we continue Through time here, as we reach some of these upcoming dates and deadlines more to come, make sure you hit hit that subscribe button, so i can keep you informed now at the end here i thought i would just give you some quick xr doge updates as the Entire market has fallen, xr doge has pulled back 35 percent now that could be scary to some people, and i totally understand that for me, im not worried.

I havent sold im still holding the same amount of xr doge right now, as i was holding when i uh started the day. Uh i didnt initiate any sell orders im, not worried. You can see its even starting to tick up a little bit as were watching it im still up a significant amount from when i started, and so i am holding because i think its very bullish going forward and, as you can see here, uh on twitter today, The xr doge dex is being set up, so this is the decentralized exchange you can see here that there has been some amazing design work done here. It looks really sharp and i will be excited to see that dex launch. We have utility coming to xr doge that i think will be very exciting uh for the future. Again, i want to remind you. I am not compensated in any way by any of the developers. Ive, never gotten any free, xr doge. I even missed the airdrop, which i know some of you were able to participate in all the xr doge ive purchased. I bought in the open market because i thought it was a very interesting project and i believe the developers have some great ideas with the decks with the nfts and with the continuing ongoing prospects here of building this out on the xrp ledger. Bringing attention here to just how easily transactions can be facilitated and how inexpensive they are so thats.

My take again, no legal or financial advice. Invest at your own discretion. Do your own research, no financial advice, all that good stuff, but theres lots of opportunities in the crypto space. Do what youre comfortable with and, of course, as always, never invest more money than you are willing to put at risk, because losses are common and possible so make sure youre doing your own due diligence and do again what youre comfortable with as an investor. I hope that you found this information to be helpful here. If you did hit that subscribe button again, weve got the announcement for the giveaway coming up, so dont uh miss out on that hit that subscribe button and then well uh be talking about that very shortly. Hit a like, if you found any value here in this video, thank you so much for spending some of your time here with me.