Today right i mean uh that sure escalated quickly. Have you been? Have you guys been looking at the price im sure most of you are aware, but if you are a person that happened to look at the price of xrp 24 hours ago, and then you looked at where it is today be like oh yeah, its about the Same, do you know what happened in between its been completely ridiculous? So i want to highlight some of the things that analysts have been saying here, but um before going any further. I do want to be clear that i do not have a financial background of any kind. I am not offering financial advice and you definitely should not buy or sell anything because of anything that i say or right im just an enthusiast who enjoys making youtube videos about crypto related topics, but just as a hobby and just for fun. Now, at the time im recording this xrp is at 1.22 cents, but damn it was rallying. Today we had a high today of 1.35 cents, and so i i i was like. Oh, this is kind of exciting right. I, like upward price action. I was tweeting about it this afternoon and uh the last time i looked at the price uh, it was 1.35 and so i happen to see it like right at its height for the day and then i was like you know what im tired im going to Take a little afternoon nap, i dozed off, is probably for a little over an hour hour and a half, and i was like huh.

You know what im going to go ahead and check the price of crypto, because its way up from where it was yesterday, was it down as low as about a buck 20.. It just got up to a buck 35. Thats kind of neat lets see where its at right now i havent checked it in an hour and a half. What could be that different right and then it was down to extra p again: 1.35 cents. I saw when i checked my phone after waking up from a little nappy nap. It was at one dollar and 20 cents and i just started laughing. I was like thats thats about right. Yes, that is about right, yeah. Let it not be said that uh that volatility uh is is dead. No there it was. It was ridiculous, so i was like yeah thats thats about right, thats, thats crypto, for you of course. Of course, oh my gosh, what a fun time! So all you can do is laugh like i just this stuff, doesnt scare me at all, like this doesnt phase me in the least ive been holding xrp for almost four full years in fact never sold a single xrp, so ive been through this, like umpteen million Times right, so it it doesnt matter but its amazing. So, according to live coin watch here, xrp actually got down to as low as one dollar and 17 cents, but i saw a tweet from my fellow xrp youtuber alex cobb and he said that and im not sure he was looking to see this but uh.

He said that uh xrp actually whipped down as low as one dollar and 12 cents, so think about that from in a 24 hour period, 112 to 135. thats uh that thats definitely crypto for you. All you can do is laugh like thats. Why? I feel for all the people that dont know what the hell theyre doing or if theyre new to krypton they dont understand, like volatility, is to be expected when you jump in uh, because there are all sorts of people making uh terrible financial decisions today, based on Emotion, you know thats happening right, uh, its ridiculous. Now bitcoin did hit a new all time. High uh got up to this afternoon, seven hundred 68, eighty dollars and seventy seven cents uh. Currently at sixty four thousand nine hundred and eight dollars, um and uh. It got a little bit lower that 63 727 um after the after the crash happened uh worth pointing this out also um im just gon na. If you want to look at your screen, feel free to, if not its not gon na be in the world, but im gon na scroll through all of the coins on the front page thats 50 coins here, look where im circling here. This is the weekly chart. I know it looks small on your screen if youre on a phone or something like that, but just notice how they all dip, with rare exception right, obviously stable coins dont, but the crash it happened for all at exactly the same time, led by bitcoin, of course, But theres just about no exception here.

Folks, the market moves in tandem and lest ye be concerned about xrp, not participating this market cycle. I know its its down price action, but it moved up today and it moved down today with everything else, and if you think that humans are going to treat this one cryptocurrency xrp different than the roughly 13 000 coins in existence. You watch oh damn mind as far as im concerned. I just i just dont see that happening. Xrp is going to have its day in the sun where it actually goes. Parabolic and analysts, despite whats happened like theres still nothing but optimistic. Of course, xrp structurally. Nothing has changed just some short term one day volatility. Yes, of course, its going to hit its all time high and im still seeing analyst after analyst after analysts state that, including today and i dont, normally see this much activity around xrp. If i follow these analysts regular basis im, just seeing a lot of them specifically talking about x, repeat about the same time that doesnt normally happen, and so if there is indeed any sort of wisdom to the group of analysts that i follow, then in the not Too distant future well be seeing some fireworks that make xrp stand out a bit more than what happened today in terms of upward price action. Market cap for the asset class, 2.9, trillion of bitcoin dominance at 42.17 percent and heres, the crypto fear and greed index. And i dont know if we could read too much into this today, so its at 77 out of 100 indicating the markets in extreme grade but thats for a 24 hour period, um and so where i live its central standard time here.

So this updates at 6 00 p.m, every day, this time of year, because we just had daylight saving time so that affected its normally before that was 7 p.m, now, at 6, 00 p.m. Every day by the way. If i i want to make a video where i can just rant about daylight saving time and how stupid it is because its really its really stupid s, t o o p – i d stupid, but i digress fear and greed index 77 out of 100. Well, i i certainly suspect that um, that number would be a bit higher. I think that the like the way that i dont know exactly how they collect data they they talk about it and ive, read through it here, but i still dont know like the inner guts of how, because the crypto fury green index works their proprietary algorithm uh. That that calculates all this through social media information so on and so forth. Well, uh you its not surprising that the markets an extreme greed, but this is also factoring in that for the few hours before we got this final update, because it updates once a day thats factoring in all the negativity that would have been there. So, who knows like what would this have been like 88 or something like out of 100 indicating extreme grade instead of 77, because you know that had to have rolled back to some degree right? I would certainly think so.

Um also, i wanted to mention this uh today is kind of a cool day for me, because it was four years ago, on this day november 10th, that i bought cryptocurrency for the first time ever and uh. It has indeed truly been life changing. It has like the degree to which i never could have fathomed directionally, where its changed so much stuff for me, um its its shocking and so theres still plenty of time for me to run this into the ground and ruin it all. But no, i think i think ill be fine. I think itll be fine unless im actually wrong about crypto. It all goes to zero and i dont get out okay, then maybe but uh, but wow its just im telling you like theres, nothing special about me, but i think its so cool to just know like the average person, if youre just diligent and you uh, you Invest over a sufficient period of time, and you understand market cycles and you dont emotionally respond. If you just understand some of the very key basics you you. Yes, you listening to this, you can achieve life, changing wealth, much faster than you could do in anything else. In life with just about zero exceptions, which isnt to say, theres, no risk, of course, theres theres risk associated with it. But my gosh, making an absurd amount of money has never been so easy because all i had to do was precisely nothing im not getting in and out of positions im, not a day trader hell, no im, not a day trader ive, never even cashed out into United states dollars, which i will be in the future, but uh, never sold a single xrp.

Then this four years to the day, because data shows that you know if you behave like this investing in the stock market. If you behave like this, also investing in the crypto s class, the data proves those are the people that make the damn money now here i am four years later. The answer is yes like absolutely. The answer is yes, and it is such a cool and empowering message. Anybody can do this, but you do need to be very diligent you cant, let emotions get the best of you and its its, not some sort of pipe dream like it. It is a real thing: theres, there are almost no humans in crypto right now about three percent of humans on the planet. Its estimated have ever held crypto at any point in time, and you already have a roughly three trillion dollar uh asset class here for the market cap. I you understand how big thats gon na be another five or ten years, and how much opportunity is for you. Listening to this, its gigantic, so im gon na keep doing this thats. What im saying like even when we enter the bear market? Oh you better believe im gon na keep running this youtube channel im going to do it all over again. Oh absolutely! The opportunity isnt going to go away after people panic, sell and you see an 80 or 90 plus drop. No, no, that is when i will be buying all sorts of fear from people ill, be snatching it up dirt, cheap.

You better believe that right, uh and so what led to this uh, you know you know me right, like i, i dont typically buy, and to get to the idea that something happened on a day resulting in the price, because really the price goes up. Uh whatevers happening during the day its you know. Oh, it must have been that price goes down. Oh well, look whats happening right now. It must have been that and just i think, more frequently than not um and its not always the case, but i think more frequently than not its its just supply and demand dynamics without any sort of thought around because, like you understand that these are emotional humans. Buying and selling and theyre all impacting each other, like thats, really whats driving the volatility. You guys understand that right its not these bigger narratives by and large, but you can see this headline from you today. Top cryptos peak then retrace as u.s inflation surges to 30 year high, the u.s inflation rate for consumer goods and services had a 30 year high in october, representing an increase of 6.2 percent compared to the same time last year. This marks the fifth street monthly increase of five percent or more, and it was uh the fastest annual surge since 1990. So, even if this is something that set it off like its one of those instances where its a straw that broke the camels back well, okay, then its probably just going to happen anyway, but im, not necessarily convinced of that, but yeah bitcoin hit its all time.

High and also ethereum hit yet another all time high as well. I didnt mention that at four thousand, eight hundred and sixty one dollars and 29 cents that was its high its now a little over 4 600 at the time im recording this video wow. That is its like. I see how high thats going and i think about how xrp and ethereum were really tiring back and forth competing for that number. Two spot last market cycle that might happen again and ive seen how high ethereum is now im. Just thinking look xrp is going to have its day too its just a matter of time. I will patiently hold and tell them, because i cant control that the only thing i can control is the act of nothing which is awesome like i i i can absolutely do nothing. Im freaking awesome at doing nothing. It is fantastic uh, but you understand like that. Thats, what im saying like you start talking about like xrp, hitting this type of market calf, i mean youre going to be seeing over 11 or 12 xrp, and so, if you dont think that can happen. I just respectfully disagree im not making a price prediction, but i dont pretend to know for anything for sure, but damn to me it seems very possible that it could happen. Look at what the hell else is going on here. Look at historically what has occurred. Uh heres a couple tweets from the blockchain backer, and this is before the true mayhem this afternoon, but its still relevant.

So i wanted to share this anyway. He tweeted out the following. After consolidating for two months, xrp breaks above the last fibonacci retracement level in the consolidation range, the 0.786, of course, xrp, is in a large consolidation range for the last seven months and still has some work ahead of it for the fibonacci retracements in this bigger consolidation Range, the last fibonacci retracement level on the bigger range, the 0.786 resides near 1.65 cents and heres. The second chart that he shared with that so its it still is indeed just a matter of time and uh. Actually, ive got a couple tweets here from yeah. Actually hes talking about the incredible crypto uh hes, talking about a similar price range here in this tweet um, so take take a look at this uh range highs met hes talking about xrp. Here we now have some resistance above us um, so uh. So maybe more of a grind up, but downside is generally limited from current levels. Once we manage to clear 1.70 cents on higher time frame, we are going to absolutely take off targeting new all time high, and this was from before the the exciting fireworks this afternoon. But it doesnt matter this doesnt change. Anything the macro structure of this market is still in place. Change is nothing. We just saw some insane volatility today and its it. It was bitcoin leading it. It really bitcoin was leading the market. Xrp was responding. You typically see this nothing weird about that whatsoever.

So again he said once we managed to clear buck 70 on a higher time frame were going to be targeting new. All time highs, dont forget what warren buffett said about the stock market, which is certainly true of crypto as well. The stock market he said is a mechanism for transferring wealth from the impatient to the patient, definitely definitely true of of crypto markets and its even more important to understand that with crypto markets, because its volatile, extremely volatile, most volatile asset class on the planet so easier For people to get the the scary feels and emotionally respond and things happen quickly, but its also like that makes it that much more important that you understand whats happening so that you dont miss your opportunity for life, changing wealth because it can be achieved again. Not without risk theres risk investing in anything and im, not telling you to buy or sell or hold anything, make your own adult decisions here, but im acknowledging and its obviously true the opportunity is there for you for everyone, its its right there uh take a look At this tweet from love, crypto chart analyst bitcoin likely printed november high, oh, and by the way i think this might have been like right after we started seeing the meltdown because it was at 2, 13 p.m. Lets take a look here. Probably was yeah right. Okay, so yeah it looks like bitcoin had started, tanking, probably right around that dude yeah id probably been going tanking for like 15 or 20 minutes.

At that point, then he put this tweet up. Uh bitcoin likely printed november high some more nuking, slash correcting for bitcoin bad for alts short term, then back to consolidating and building a base for its next rise thats when alts have their fav season. Nothing changes with my macro picture and with xrp trade safely. Exactly so, are you going to be patient or not? Do you want to be emotional? Do you want to get in and out of positions, because you dont like what xrp is doing right now and you know best and youre going to try and control it? Well, go ahead! If you want to im not im not going to do a damn thing, i think im going to be just fine um theres, this tweet, also from harry at geraldo xrp charthead list bitcoin nice. Oh actually, im going to mention this too. This is this is also before the fireworks. This is like 1107 am here, uh nice chart. This is bitcoin nice charge, clearing resistance and building a base. A recent buyer effort, far too great to lose 60 000 as major support. That would have been a disaster rally back to the 30. Thousands sellers attack higher, and so he couldnt have known how quickly things would rally and then ultimately crash back down, but uh certainly stayed well safely, above that sixty thousand dollar level that hes citing right there um now heres. What chart analyst michael vandepot had to say as long as bitcoin stays above fifty seven to fifty nine thousand dollars.

All is fine, even some period of consolidation, so his numbers a little bit different but same general idea, everythings fine. This is not particularly scary, so hopefully you arent feeling too terrified out there like im, not kidding like when i woke up, and i looked at the price of xrp on my phone and it it updated. If you use live coin watch. You know this works. It showed 135 and then it sends it loaded up again. It changed from 135 to 120. I just lost it. I was just like i was laughing so hard. I was like this is stupid. I love it. I just i could. I could not help myself right. There crypto is freaking ridiculous, but look if you dont have that type of reaction, its going to be harder for you to make it through this. Like none of this matters, the fact that we saw this pullback this afternoon is not an indicator of whether xrp will or will not at some point in the future, hit its all time high in enterprise discovery. That has nothing to do with it. It doesnt matter at all its worth understanding that uh take a look at this too. I thought this was a cool tweet. This is from will clemente. He wrote out the he wrote the following in the last few hours, my portfolio was down more than what my entire net worth was a year ago. Today we are going to make any rights its like folks, life changing money to be had here so yeah its its down its like okay, whatever, but it doesnt freaking matter.

In the end, it really doesnt really matter at all, oh its entertaining as hell im just saying it. It really doesnt it just doesnt matter so anyway. Hopefully, everybodys uh, okay out there, i im 100 certain that you know the typical person that watches my channel is a bit less emotional and a lot more informed than the typical retail speculator uh. That is very true, especially based on a poll i put out recently where i was kind of taking the temperature of the room, because you all your alls response is as far as how you were emotionally handling. Whatever was going on at the moment. Maybe like a couple months or so ago, um, it was not in line with with the crypto fury in green index, not even close, and so i was like yeah thats about what i would expect from people that would watch this channel people like this. I i would just assume that youre probably a cut above – and you are informing yourself but the typical retail speculator are they. Are they doing anything to learn about human psychology and are they doing anything like that uh so anyway? And so i look and im not saying thats because of me im just saying, like the type of people that are gravitating towards xrp youtube channels, theres a lot of crossover, and i think that our community is a sharp bunch. Thats all im saying so: im not taking credit for that im.

Just saying um i like to share the things that i believe and know, and all that stuff, but uh, but just blessed somebody. I dont want somebody to misunderstand everything that im taking. Oh yes makes everyone better at that. No no im not saying that uh, but what a freaking ride best is yet to come. Folks, let me know how you are feeling drop, a comment below, because when you dont, i feel like, maybe you you dont, maybe dont even miss me when im away. Maybe you dont care, i thought we were friends. Damn it say, hello, im, not a financial advisor. You should not buy or sell anything because of anything that i say are right.