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So if you are new here, smash up the like button, click the subscribe button and hit that notification bell, so you are notified every single day when i come out with these new videos, i do try to publish them right around 7 30 p.m. Eastern standard time, and if you are a returning subscriber welcome back thanks again for all of your support and if you want more time sensitive alerts and details with cryptocurrency projects, make sure to follow me over on twitter. And if you want to see the behind the scenes of a cryptocurrency millionaire and have your questions answered, i do do questions and answers over on instagram in my instagram stories, so make sure to follow me over on instagram and make sure to only use the official Links which can be found below in the description but now lets dive right into the rest of this video, and why youre here? What are these three hidden, altcoin gems, that can help you earn money with cryptocurrency and actually earn passive income, which is one of my favorite ways of earning money? Those three cryptocurrencies are the grow token, wheat, token and more token, now. Full disclosure, this video is a dedicated sponsored video from the growth defy team, but after the team reached out to me, i took a deep dive into their defy ecosystem and i really liked what i was seeing and the truth is. I will only accept sponsored content if i truly do believe it can help you, my loyal subscribers and followers to make money with cryptocurrency, or else i will not share the project.

So now, let me share with you why i believe growth defy can help. You multiply your money exponentially and in the rest of this video im, going to teach you what growth defy is how you can buy some of these tokens and then how you can earn some sweet passive income. So what is growth defy growth defy? Is a multi chain ecosystem that combines products such as an over clatterize stablecoin more and yield aggregator wheat to provide the highest level of capital efficiency for its users, all products maximize token holder value through decentralized governance. Now, before i share with you these three cryptocurrencies, please make sure to understand that nothing in this video should be considered financial advice. I am not a financial advisor, you should always do your own research and you should never risk more than you can afford to lose. Cryptocurrency in general is risky, so please do understand what you are investing in now, with growth defy right now there are three different cryptocurrencies and each one is unique and does something very special. You have more, which is the ecosystems over collateralized stablecoin wheat, which is the incentives token of the ecosystem and grow, which is the core token of this entire ecosystem. It has governance rights over growth, defys ecosystem, its also deflationary and partial revenue from all growth. D5 products is allocated to grow holders and grow can also be staked on wheat. To earn more wheat grow is the flagship token of growth defy.

It has a fixed and deflationary supply, so scarcity increases forever. Grow has been successfully audited by top audit firm consensus diligence. How holders benefit revenues from the growth defy ecosystem are used to buy back and burn grow, making it a deflationary token grow obtains its revenues from several sources such as profit made from more borrow fees, liquidation penalties and swap fees. On top of all that, every bridge swap between chains, burns grow, grow governance. When holders stake their grow, they are given voting credits to vote on dow proposals. The grow, dow controls, the parameters of the entire growth defy ecosystem. There are no staking or unstaking fees and holders earn wheat as yield from staking while governing the ecosystem. Now one of my favorite things about this grow token is that if you hold and stake it, you will be earning more of the next token which im about to share with you called the wheat token, but before we get into that, let me share with you The price chart of the growth defy grow token and well. It has definitely been growing. You can see just a few months ago. This token was sitting at eight dollars. It went all the way as high as a hundred and nineteen dollars, and now it is definitely starting to trend back down a little bit, but you can see it is still sitting at minus 59 from its all time high. But there is definitely a reason why the grow token is on the move.

Growth defy literally within the next 23 hours and ‘ minutes are going to be launching the wheat and morgue tokens on the avalanche network and, if youve been watching me here on this channel, you know that the avalanche network has absolutely exploded and the avalanche token itself Has also exploded, literally, hitting all time highs just a few days ago now. The reason why this is so important is because it brings a whole new user base into this ecosystem and typically when theres more users, that means theres more growth and more of a network effect and the fact that avalanche is blazing fast and is super hot right. Now i believe this could be one of the reasons why growth defy is absolutely exploding now, while the grow token is definitely the backbone of this entire ecosystem. The wheat token is one to be taking a look at right now as well. Now this token, in my opinion, is a little bit riskier is because it is the incentives token of the entire ecosystem. But now let me share with you more about what this token is and why i do think it still has potential wheat is the yield incentives. Token for the entire growth defy ecosystem, which has also been audited by consensus diligence. This is no ordinary yield token, as it has major advantages over competitors, wheat, vaults and incentives. Wheat is the yield optimizer platform of growth, defy where users can stake. Lp tokens or single asset tokens to earn sustainably high yields, users can also stake wheat grow and more to earn even more wheat.

How holders benefit every blockchain growth d5 builds on, has its own exponential buyback collectors or ebcs. These smart contracts buy and stake major native blockchain tokens such as cake and banana on bsc and joe and avax on avalanche, and then use only the yield earned from staking to buy and burn wheat. This snowball effect grows exponentially larger with time, as the states principle only increases and is never sold along with other burn mechanisms. As the collectors buybacks outpace, the wheat emission rate, wheat becomes deflationary. Now i wanted to share with you, the wheat vaults and what this kind of looks like behind the scenes and how you would actually use this to earn some sweet, apy and passive income. If i scroll down, you can see right here, the vaults. This is where youre able to compound your earnings to earn wheat and the fact that wheat is a deflationary coin and just the way everything is set up its designed for wheat holders to actually benefit one of the biggest problems. Some of these new cryptocurrencies have especially if theyre an incentives, token is that people will just take the incentives and well sell it. But the fact that this is a deflationary token shows me that there can be some stability here, which is what youre looking for in the long run. You can see right now at the time of this recording this is the wheat auto compounding vault. The apr is 47 a year and thats just approximately 0.

1057, each and every day, and they also give you a 25x multiplier, and this multiplier represents the amount of wheat rewards from each farm right now, theres over 8 million dollars worth of wheat. That is sitting in this pool and right below it. You have the grow token pool. This will give you 35 apy and 0.0823 daily interest. Now, as you can see, these apis are actually fluctuating around, and this will happen as more and more people stake and unstake. These tokens theres over five million dollars worth of liquidity with a 10x multiple. Now, our third and final cryptocurrency that im about to teach you about – which i think has massive potential, is the more stable coin right now, the apy on that cryptocurrency is 144 thats, literally giving you a 0.2445 daily interest just for holding a stable coin, and more Is an over collateralized stablecoin and if you dont know what a stablecoin is, a stablecoin means that it is pegged one to one to the us dollar. Now again, there can be some slight fluctuations in a stablecoin as buyers and sellers traded around. But the point is, is that it is pegged to one us dollar for one coin. So now let me share with you more about this more token and how it works. More is an over collateralized stablecoin and is the only protocol that allows users to leverage both their yielding and non, yielding tokens and lps with low fixed borrow rates.

That means that users can purchase and farm more yield, earning tokens and capture higher yields all without needing the capital to do so self repaying loans. More is one of the first d5 protocols to offer truly self repaying loans. When a user borrows more, their debt immediately starts to decrease and continues to decrease every second. The loan exists. This essentially means the protocol pays the user to borrow more to earn extra yield from their collateral. It does this by keeping the ecosystem revenues greater than the interest paid to users for borrowing more. These parameters are controlled by the grow dow, how more benefits grow and wheat holders all revenues earned by the more protocol are used to buy back, grow and wheel. Part of the fees more charges, users go to wheats ebc, to increase wheat, buybacks and burns to give an idea of the magnitude of moores efficiency for every 1 million in tvl. More buys back grow at an annual rate of 70 000 extrapolating that to 1 billion dollars and more tvl. The protocol would yield 70 million in buybacks annually for growth, in addition to multiple other revenue sources. Now there are a few things that were highlighted in this video that i thought were absolutely revolutionary when it comes to defy and is something that im not seeing a lot of around the space, you could literally get some negative interest rates or self repaying loans. This allows traders and speculators more of an opportunity to then take the loan that they have and create more yield.

So what this means is, if youre able to borrow against your collaterized crypto, you then can take the loan and diversify and get into more pools and earn even more money within the process. This can have an upward spiraling effect, and this is how you can multiply your money exponentially now. Please do understand if you go and take a loan out on your crypto. This is still very risky, but growth defy understands these risks and it made borrowing against your cryptocurrency less risk adverse. But i do just want you to understand that nothing is risk free. So please do understand the risk before you get involved with anything in cryptocurrency. Now, one of the major key factors here that keeps this ecosystem actually running is that a percentage of the profit from the loans go back into buying and burning wheat and grow. This puts buy pressure on both of these tokens and also makes them deflationary as well, and this is why, if you take a look at this wheat token right now, it is definitely down a little bit but thats, because it is run up like crazy, actually reached New all time highs just a few days ago. So please do understand. It is much riskier buying this cryptocurrency up at this point and make sure to always do your own research. But that being said, i think if people actually figure out whats going on here and the fact that you can come into these vaults and earn 47 percent a year.

On this token, i believe there is some profits to be made here, but again, timing is everything here in cryptocurrency. So if you were sitting at the 2.50 mark – and you were buying this token – you would have not only approximately 10 extra money but also you had been earning some sweet passive income. This is the important of getting in at a very good entry point. I just wanted to make sure that you understand this as somebody whos watching this video, because your risk is certainly higher now in these cryptocurrency coins same thing here with growth d5, but you can see it is still sitting at minus 59 from its highs and the Chart is definitely looking like its in an uptrend, but now let me share with you what brings this all together and what makes it sustainable now. The truth is. Security is very, very important when it comes to these cryptocurrency projects and growth defy has gone above and beyond in my eyes, to be completely transparent and open with their security procedure. In fact, they have a whole diligence guide and audit report. You can see all of the different actions that have been audited. The overall security of the ecosystem is our number one priority thats. Why? All of our tokens and platforms have undergone rigorous audits from leading firms in the industry? Growth defy is raising the bar for d5 platforms, as it offers impressively high yields a sustainable ecosystem and top notch security, and if you want to do more deep, diving into the audits and the security itself, just go on over to growth.

com click. On the view, audits, button and itll take you through an extensive auditing report. Now i also wanted to share with you with the yield farming itself. There is no staking and unstaking fees at the time of this recording. This makes for an amazing user experience. You can come in here, stake your cake, earn this wheat token and earn up to 200 right now, and the fact that the wheat token looks like it is sustainable. You dont have to worry necessarily about it crashing and going to zero. Shows me that, yes, this could be worth the risk and actually staking your cake here in this vault now they also have a lot of other yield farming vaults, where you stake two tokens together, and they also have other stable coins where you can earn ridiculous percentages. Like 65 on your money, so the fact that growth defy is blockchain agnostic is multi. Asseted has been audited by the top tier consensus. Diligence firm has no time lock when staking and rewards are distributed. Every block and has an experienced team with a wide range of d5 products, including the likes of ethereum finance, smart chain and avalanche, has proven to me that this project has gone under the radar, and these three coins could absolutely explode in the future. Even if you had other cryptocurrencies like cake or usdt usdc busd or die, you could start earning some sweet passive income, and this is the real reason why ive decided to take this sponsored content is to bring awareness to opportunities like this because im sure a lot Of you are brand new to crypto, and you have no idea that you could actually earn passive income just by buying and staking some of these cryptos.

In fact, just about a year ago, when i first started learning about yield farming, this is what made me go all in on crypto. I take my money out of the bank and i start staking it and earning it, even if its just in a stable coin, thats pegged one to one to the dollar. Where else can you earn 65 apy on your dollars? The answer is really nowhere, but crypto and growth d5 right now. The time of this recorder is offering you that opportunity, but please do understand just because this has been audited, does not mean that there are not risks involved. Still anything can happen in crypto, so please make sure to never risk more than you can afford to lose. You do your own research and remember nothing in this. Video should be considered financial advice and the fact that theyre going to be launching more and wheat on the avalanche network going to bring in more users in the very near future, and this new integration with avalanche is going to bring a variety of different benefits. To this ecosystem and the wheat token, there will be a supply reduction via arbitrage cross chain incentives. Supply reduction chains can swap earnings. There is also going to be bridge burning benefits, self adjustment, incentives, exceptionally high apys and increased yield generating assets, and this is why i think a lot of people as soon as this news came out, started buying these tokens very aggressively its because they want to earn These awesome apys as soon as it launches on the avalanche network.

Typically after something like this happens, the token will trend back down to a medium level and the ap wise will also start to trend back down to levels that are more reasonable as well. Now again, we have no idea what will happen, but i just wanted to share this with you, because ive seen this happen time and time again, with these new yield farming platforms, people come here, buy these tokens very aggressively chase the apys take their profits and then They move on to the next farms and well naturally, so people want to make money and take profits in crypto. But to me the fact that theres still some real sustainability here and these apys are ridiculous compared to the traditional banking system shows me that growth defy. Could be here to stay for the long run now, let me teach you how to buy some of these cryptocurrencies. At the time of this recording and like i showed you in the next 24 hours, youre gon na be able to get these cryptocurrencies over on avalanche. But if you come to coin gecko and simply type in growth defy or grow, you can see the coin right here. Next, just click on the contract address, and this is the contract address for the binance smart chain. You can also click on the three dots and you can see it for the avalanche network, which will be coming very soon next, head on over to pancake, swap and select your currency and then paste in the address.

Next go ahead and click. I understand and click import then, if you wanted to buy lets, say 10 grow tokens. This would cost me approximately 1.34 b b. Then i would just go ahead and click swap and confirm my swap. If you wanted to buy the wheat token, you do the exact same thing. You come to coin gecko type in wheat token and find this contract address copy it to your clipboard click. I understand, then click import you can see. Wheat is the token that i have and if i wanted to buy 10 wheat tokens, it cost me approximately 0.28 bnb and, as you can see one wheat token right now is approximately 17.77. And if you wanted to actually earn yield on these tokens, you would simply need to connect your wallet on their website. Wheat.Growthdefy.Com false then choose your wallet and once your wallet is connected, then you would choose the pool to deposit your funds into then youd, simply deposit. Your funds and then you could harvest your rewards right here on the website and if you wanted to buy some more stablecoin again, you just grab the contract, address and paste it into pancake swap, and you can see. One more token is worth one us dollar, and this is why i believe growth defy and the more the wheat and also the grow token, can help. You multiply your money with crypto. If you want to learn more about how all of this yield farming works, click.

The links down below for my online class, i have step by step, tutorials, showing you how to farm on pancake swap how to buy liquidity and how to earn these sweet passive incomes. You can see here on pancake swap if you enable these pools, you can start earning and you can see the apys are actually lower here on pancake swap compared to those on grow d5. So again, this could be an opportunity and the reason why is because people just havent even figured out that this ecosystem exists, but the truth is theres, always more risk to brand new projects. So please do understand that there is still risk in this project. If you want to learn more about yield, farming and multiplying your money with crypto, the link for my class is down below were sitting at a 75 discount and we cant wait to see you in class. So there you have it growth defy. Is your next cryptocurrency altcoin gems to help you earn sweet, passive income and, if youve enjoyed this video smash up the like button, click the subscribe button and hit the notification bell to be notified every single day when i come out with a new video in the Next few days, im gon na be sharing with you, some more top all coins, i think, are set to explode and if youve been watching me here on this channel, you know that a lot of the cryptocurrency that ive been talking about have been doing exceptionally.

Well. So make sure to smash up the like button, click the subscribe button and hit the notification bell. You do not miss out on our time sensitive videos and if you want to learn more for free here on youtube check out my cryptocurrency playlist. I have multiple 100x gem videos, 3 coins to 3 million educational tutorials and so much more thanks again for all of your support here on youtube and for 200 000.