As always, it is nick here back today, the crypto news and analysis, and today we are going to be talking about a touchy subject that is flowing throughout the entire world. Pretty much everybody is aware of it, and that is inflation. I know a lot of individuals who you know are starting their families, that you know theyre pretty much. You know trying to rent an apartment and the rent to income ratio is just not there anymore. Okay. What a typical individual is making at any sort of job is really not good for, or i should say my age, because my age group is like around the 20 to 30 year old level, uh. So a lot of individuals. My age are not, you know, pretty much getting a college job right now. Anybody who is in college is obviously suffering a lot as well in terms of school cost. With you know, housing cost. It is astronomical right now. Inflation is pretty much a big problem right now for anybody. Actually, i shouldnt even say my age group, because realistically, if you go grocery shopping, you could obviously see the food prices are skyrocketing. Consumer products are skyrocketing and its only going to get worse and worse, especially considering the fact that a lot of the supply chain is being you know, disrupted right now, especially with those cargo ships out west theres problems happening around the world, and inflation is not getting Any better with especially the excessive spending now obviously were going to be talking about xrp and were going to be talking about the main point in terms of a lot of these dlt assets in the space that are helping a lot of these foreign countries.

Actually, hedge against inflation, because a lot of these other countries – arent printing money right now, but considering the fact that the us dollar is the dominant fiat currency. You know most of these other countries are taking a beating as well in terms of inflation percentages. Now, what does the cbdc you know help these foreign countries do? Well, it again is a hedge against inflation. It helps them pretty much counteract any other countrys spending limits. So you know if i was the uk with the british pound right and its backed by you know, for example, the currency of the uk. You know it pretty much separates them from the us at that point, its pretty much you know pegged to their currency. Instead of pegged to the u.s dollar and, of course, were going to see a lot of demand growing for cbdcs because were even seeing it right now, especially even russia, theyre trying to pull out of the u.s dollar and pretty much make their own cbdc. This is going to happen a lot as we do move forward now before we fully jump in this video. I just want to ask if you guys are new to the channel. Definitely consider subscribing turning notifications on if you guys, arent, new or even new, definitely hit that like button. If you guys are enjoying the daily crypto content now, you guys could also check out my website and for my personal exit strategies as well.

As you know, a lot of other content um, you guys – could pretty much check it out if you are interested into that. I also have this crusader trading bundle pack, which includes all the products on the store, as well as all feature products for free. So if you guys are interested to that some, you know something like that. Definitely go check it out on or links are down in the description below as well as in the comments below now. I do want to talk to you guys a little bit about this, so you are right. Governments are robbing people by printing money to overspend and passing on the cost with inflation. Now i do not agree with michael saylor on a lot of things, but i do think that this is fairly reasonable. In fact, inflation has been a permanent fixture of all fiat currencies. The actual inflation rate is far in excess in the consumer rate of 4.4 or the housing rate of 14.4 percent mentioned in this article, it will be impossible to print housing or houses fast enough to counteract the printing of money. Now, just so, you guys understand back in 2008 um we had a massive housing market crash that bled into pretty much every other. You know market. It was a huge black swan event. Now, in terms of this okay, we are seeing a lot of you know. Elites buy up a ton of property and the reason why is because when inflation hits – and you know, inflation numbers are rising and rising those housing prices rise and rise and, of course, theres, not enough house houses to counteract it.

So people are pretty much buying up this property at astronomical rates, who will take a beating when the housing market corrects because they think that theyre getting a good deal, especially with these you know, majorly lower. You know interest rates, but theyre, not understanding that theyre buying a house at a hundred thousand dollars, plus what its actually worth thats the problem right now now we also see your inflation is far worse than the government admits. Ive always said that even going back to the summer time, when you know jerome powell was saying that you know, inflation is transitory its, not a problem right now. We dont need to worry about it. Blah blah blah ive always said. Listen theyre trying to throw this under the rug, but its not going to work, theyre continuing to print trillions and trillions of dollars, and nothing is counteracting that. In fact, we have seen a large percentage of the u.s dollar thats in circulation. Right now be printed in the last year alone, which were going to obviously be talking about. I have it open up here on the other screen were going to be talking about that. Now. We also see here, inflation is happening globally and it ranges from 4.4 percent to 1946 percent. This is bleeding throughout the entire world, and we see no wonder why bitcoin, i would say, crypto in general, is being adopted everywhere, because its not just bitcoin being adopted its pretty much every other currency as well in terms of the scene.

Now, of course, were going to be talking about other hedges against this, because we already know that crypto also took a beating during uh the march of 2020 crash. In fact, we could go back to the covid crash and pretty much address that so heres. The all time chart or lets actually yeah lets go to the all time. Chart lets go back to march of 2020, so here is uh heres the march of 2020 crash. Obviously you know: crypto took a beating as well um weve, seen bitcoin pretty much peaked down to about three thousand dollars. I dont know why this is showing 4 900., but it is what it is right. Um in terms of crypto crypto will also take a hit, because not a lot of people will be. You know pretty much huddling crypto or you know, risk assets in fact, theyre going to pull their money out of stocks, theyre going to pull their money out of crypto and theyre going to huddle the u.s dollar, not knowing that guess, whats happening with inflation, their us Dollar is dropping in value as well. Now, within this okay, you might be seeing people also rush to crypto to actually hedge against it, but my personal you know choice, for that would probably be commodities which were going to be talking about now. We also hear you know in in terms of inflation: you might not see it too much um now. Obviously this is a little bit of a joke realistically, but in terms of inflation, a lot of people might be going to the grocery store, and you know they might be buying the same thing that they bought.

You know a year ago at the same price, but what theyre not seeing is the volume in it actually got. You know smaller, okay and ive actually seen this with a lot of things. Um, you know, toilet paper is actually a big uh. You know concern actually because when you go – and you know you used to be getting a 12 pack for i dont know like five bucks, six bucks whatever now you might be getting a six pack for three dollars or something like that or they just take one Out you know, you see the volume changing, but not so much the price, but theyre charging you more for less volume than what you used to get and thats pretty much whats happening around the world, and this is pretty much. You know what inflation it its theres. Nothing, you know happening with inflation, thats pretty much the joke here and its actually happening right now. Now we also see here bitcoin surges, amid inflation fears, theyre starting to get it and yeah i mean crypto is deflationary, but we also know that when inflation actually happens, when you know major markets start to crash in terms of people realizing how bad inflation actually is, We will see you know crypto also take a little bit of a hit, but i will say this: the way that we counteract this is we make as much money as we possibly can during this bull run on crypto and we bleed it into commodities and while Everything is crashing right and while it gets to the point of it bottoming out okay – and this is what a lot of people did, you know – probably during the 2020 time i mean i personally did not, because i mean i was just buying the dip around this Point um, but you could have sold all your crypto holdings somewhere around this point and bought down here now.

Obviously not you know, nobody really knew that this was gon na happen. It was hard to pretty much. You know predict, but i will say this. You know we obviously can see whats happening around the world in terms of inflation. We could expect a market crash, anybody who is um. You know an analyst could expect a market crash very soon, because it is showing us that massive spending is exceeding any sort of goal that anybody had in mind. It is way too much right now and were obviously going to lead to a massive correction. So what we can expect to do is sell during the topping point of this bull, rum, okay, and reinvest that money into the dip when we know that crypto has officially bottomed out, and while you know before we invest it or reinvest it, we need to reinvest Into something thats going to make us money um, while everything is still pretty much dropping, were going to be talking about that here shortly as well. Now we also see here weve come full circle on inflation. This is exactly what i was talking about right: the inflation scare, doesnt really or doesnt match reality. This goes back to may 1st inflation looks bad now, but its pretty much sticking to the script. Okay, back in june opinion, republicans are scare mongering about inflation to derail the democratic agenda opinion dont rant about you, know short staffed stores and supply chain woes.

Try to lower expectations why the inflation were seeing. Now is a good thing. I mean listen honestly. In my opinion, the inflation right now cannot be compared to anything else. I mean its honestly worse than the great depression era. Inflation is getting to the point where its fairly bad and we havent even seen hyperinflation kick in just yet, but it is getting fairly worse and worse by the day in fact, check this out. 40 of the us dollars in existence were printed in the last 12 months. This is a problem if you cant realize that, and you cant see that. Obviously i dont know what you were. You know wondering about. I mean this is seriously a huge issue. This is a problem. You cant see that you have issues um in terms of whats happening right now: u.s inflation surges to a 30 year high, protect your money with xrp and crypto. Obviously listen in terms of crypto. I think that cryptos a good hedge against it for the short term, because in the short term, we will make money off of crypto and be able to actually sell it, and then we will be able to reinvest it into other things and again, like i said, Were going to be talking about what that thing could be, but i do want to talk to you guys about two other things: real quick before we get into that. So we do see our tax brackets will be higher in 2022, due to surging inflation.

Irs says now: i personally do not agree with this at all im, totally fine with anything else in terms of inflation. Okay, yeah go ahead, raise uh the food prices; thats totally fine consumer price; sorry about that um, im, totally fine with them raising the food prices and stuff. I get that whatever, but taxing individuals um for inflation caused by government spending thats an issue with me for single individuals. You could expect a 10 taxable income up to 10 275 dollars. This is the income by the way, and these are the percentage taxes um, but we also see here that prices climb 6.2 in october from the consumer price index gouge. So in terms of this were seeing the new federal income tax brackets in 2022. You know were looking at if youre, making anywhere between 41 775 to 89 075 dollars, youre looking at a 22 tax rate. Okay, this is absolutely ridiculous and it goes all the way up to 37 now for even married couples were still seeing the 37, but you know, of course, the taxable income is pretty much almost doubled from what were seeing up here, but its still. Why are they increasing tax rates for government spending? This is inflation caused by government spending and illogical spending. I should say as well – and this is all printed money by the way that they have chosen to print and spend on absolutely nothing, because we havent seen any sort of innovative.

You know ideas or anything in terms of you know: innovation happening from these bills that they have pretty much prospered in now. We also see here inflation crisis, one of the worst in modern retail history. Experts says again: this is the fastest growing inflation rates that weve ever seen in in in the history right, one of the worst crisis in modern retail history that weve seen and it all has all evolved in less than a year. This was not a crisis. 12 months ago, again, like i said, the government spending has been absolutely ridiculous. We actually see her surveyed by uh. Refinitive were expecting prices to rise 0.6 in october and 5.8 annually, thats pretty rough, because if we actually look here that the consumer price index climbed 6.2 percent year over year, okay im just saying it right now – theres a this is one. Second, there we go uh. There is a mass problem happening because, according to the labor department, the increase marked the largest annual gains. Since november 1990, prices rose 0.9 percent month over month were seeing a 6.2 percent year over year. Right now, this is rough. Okay now were also seeing here. Home prices are now rising, much faster than income studies show and again, this is what i was talking about. You know. A lot of people cannot find first off, they cant find houses to buy that matches their income and im talking houses that 12 months ago they would have 100 have been able to afford.

It were also seeing you know, renters right people who are renting houses, theyre. Getting outpaced by the cost check this out above home value or average home values right, which is above average, i should say, and then median household incomes. This is january, 1st, just 2021 alone, so this has probably probably gotten worse since and look at the look at the home values in 2020 all the way going back to 2018 with the median household income. Obviously we were seeing spikes in this. While this was spiking down, this is an issue. Okay, understand what is happening with the housing market. Now, how do we, hedge against this, well first off check this out? This is the inflation of one year on a lot of these things right, first off lumber up 164 in value, okay and, of course, theres. You know food on here too food. You know, u.s corn is up 103 percent soy. I i dont know which th, which one this is, but this is up 132.85 percent and, of course, were seeing. You know, oil gas gasoline is up 80 percent. Almost this is an issue now. How do we, hedge against this, we get into silver? Okay, when were taking our profit out of crypto all right, we throw it into something like silver, because silver has always been the hedge against inflation. Excuse me: inflation, its always been silver gold. You know most of those precious metals right have been a solid point to hedge against inflation.

All right, i wouldnt be holding crypto throughout this entire time, because crypto essentially will do the same thing that did in 2020. If we see a massive crash among the markets. Now also with this, we talk about xrp all right, why what big role does xrp play in this? Well, first off we see here, xrp solves the problems affiliated with the outdated swift system, inefficient payment delays, outrageous transaction fees and inflation risk due to holding foreign currency are problems that ripple has solved. Xrp allows users to send money anywhere on the globe in seconds for under one cent, it allows banks to only hold domestic currency which eliminates foreign inflation risk and liquidity cost. This is why we are seeing foreign countries adopt crypto and adopt ripple net products at a rapid pace right now. They see what is happening. If you cant see it, then obviously you are just you know, pretty much ignoring it or you just dont care, which i get it right, but this is happening right now, okay, and i think that a lot of people really need to wake up and realize what Is happening around the world in terms of inflation, um, obviously listen with crypto. This is what i plan on doing. Okay, i plan on taking my profits and feeding them into silver to hedge against inflation. While we go into a bear market because we are going into a bear market, i am going to be investing in silver.

While i let the profits ride on that im. Gon na wait for the market to look bottomed out and im going to stack my chips in terms of those blue. You know chip assets like xrp, h, bar and so forth, but with that being said, i hope that you all enjoyed this video. If you guys did definitely leave a like subscribe to notifications on, if you guys want more free content, you guys are more than welcome to follow me on twitter and join the free discord down in the description below.