If you find this useful and informative hit, the like button really do appreciate that, if you happen to be new to the channel, why not go ahead and subscribe tap that bell select all notifications, and in doing so you will be kept up to date with everything That we do here at cheeky, crypto right with that said, done and out of the way lets dive on down into the charts and take a look at whats going on with these two old coins. Okay, so the first coin, guys that we want to talk about is a v chain, so v chain has been uh performing, really well pretty much through this ball run. Just by you know what you might see in some of the comment: sections of the videos or across the internet in general. Ultimately, if youre a very patient investor and not looking for instantaneous gains, then you would have noticed that youve seen over 18 000 in gains from the lows of march 2020 and, of course, the highs that we had up in april of 2021. This is basically comprising of elliot uh impulsive waves, uh one through two three okay, we, obviously, if you were buying at the top of wave four, you had to endure wave four so top of the wave three it hadnt injured, wave. Four all the way down to these low points, but this was a fantastic accumulation period for many people in the space. Now again, if youre looking to get into v chain, this is a good space to have done it.

Okay, we had a cup and handle pattern. Uh lets just kind of come across that that peak area were looking for that neckline. Looking for a push to the upside um and uh. Basically, the month of september was a bit of a pullback as well, so it came very frustrating. A lot of people can claim that vechain doesnt do anything, but trade sideways now on this weekly chart its actually quite difficult to find sideways trades. There is this one down here when were exiting out of wave two going into wave three uh. Obviously, there was um some little kind of traction here where we kind of push up. It was quite volatile around the bottom of wave, four um and other than that. You know to be honest with you. These are patterns that have been playing out and actually theyre moving quite nicely. The other thing thats also important to acknowledge is that um, every wave that we have here, this uh with one two, three four and five are comprised of waves in themselves. Okay, and so, for example, youd have uh wave four here, uh being a abc wave. For example, okay and uh, you would also have uh an impulsive five waves inside our fifth wave, one two looking three back for four and then top with five right and thats how these things work and obviously, if you go into them and no matter what different Timeline you go into be that the hourly the daily, the five minutely uh theres, going to be lots of different waves.

Okay and you can get into a lot of detail of it, but try to keep it simple. Zoom right out pay attention to the weak legal good structure. You can see where things are going now. We also have on this weekly chart the trend based fibonacci extensions, okay. So basically, this takes a look at the trends of the ball run and tries to predict out that last wave. Where do we think um? You know v chains actually going by the end of the ball run by the peak of the ball run and uh. What we do, if that we take the low area of wave 2, the high area of wave 3, the low area of wave 4.. We take three trends into consideration, as in downtrend, two up trend, three and down trend; four uh take all three of them and you end up with a four point: two three six extension at one dollar, twenty, okay, so thats kind of where we think things are Likely to end up going and well have to see, see how things play out, but thats a good kind of target to have in our mind by the peak of the ballroom. Okay, so obviously thats, just your weekly chart. Now, when we come into our daily and we get a little bit more clarity over whats, going on with each candle and but we also changed the fibonacci here so here we just have one trend: the high of way three and the low of wave four okay.

When we take those into consideration, we get a more conservative target of one dollar one cent for v chain: thats. Why we put the fifth wave, okay and its important that you have a strategy about how you want to get out of this market. Have a good idea of where youre going what you want to achieve: dont just hold on to a bag and never sell. You know see all the games added to your portfolio and then on the way down in the bear market, see all those games come out. Its important that you do lock those profits in. We obviously like to sell at these key levels of the fibonacci areas and on the way up alongside many other kind of support, resistance lines, um and obviously taking into consideration other trading patterns. So make sure you have a good strategy around it and uh yeah. You should be okay, now, obviously on here. As i said before, we had that cup and handle right um. It is a sloppy cup and handle now because its been going on for such a long time – and of course this is more of a v bottom on our handle, and we try to avoid these things when it comes to um cup and handle patterns. Theres a reason that this particular type of pattern is only 60 to 70, accurate, okay, its basically um people that maybe identify a cup and handle, but actually it isnt, quite where it needs to be.

A good example would be that if you actually have a handle that retraces more than 50 of our cup, then that is not going to actually be valid. I would invalidate the entire thing so for v chain here, i think, actually uh its. I think it was like 48 down here, um, so very, very close to being invalidated on that kind of regard, and i think actually the v bottom here for this uh handle and arguably cup are things you want to generally avoid i dont think cup and handle Pattern is what weve actually now seen here. Instead um, i think, were just progressing nicely to the upside in an impulsive way. Uh the target still stands at 22.1 were gon na pass that anyway and again, these are the key fibonacci areas – uh 0.16, 0.782 and 0.786. As well so uh key areas on there now, this is not what im coming to talk to you about today. Today i want to talk about the more um you know, whats been going on very very recently, so were going to jump down into this hourly view. Okay and before we actually talk about this were going to jump over to the abide to io dashboard and also take a look at what the artificial intelligence and machine learning is telling us about v chain and so right now we can see that we have downgraded Right so weve dropped from an a2 rating to an a3 rating.

Okay, and so this is indicating that uh theres a down trend, potentially here right and weve, seen that in the charts on the hourly and were looking for the reversal, and so basically the reason that we see this downgrade is not because the liquidity is a problem Or the sharp ratio is a problem, moving averages have changed or the profitability has changed were seeing this downgrade because the fear and greed index has changed. Okay. Basically, we can start to see. Some fear has seeped into the v chain market. Now, ultimately, um you see a downtrend that weve kind of seen at the moment, and you know in abc correction. We obviously had the stuff going on with evergrade and uh. You know pulling the market down a little bit. Ultimately, what were actually reviewing is sentiment in the space now when youre, incredibly greedy uh, the way that we were um its basically a big signal to pro traders to take profits and um. You can kind of see that happening anyway, thats kind of quite natural in the space if youre following the patterns, and so basically as a result of that some fear has stepped in after the price has pulled back a little bit. People are getting frustrated with featuring specifically with lots of kind of. You know, fake news. I want to call it or fudd where they say you know its china centralized and yeah yeah. For starters, its not china, its actually based in singapore.

They do a lot of work in china, but theyre also worldwide. So you have to understand whats fact from fiction uh when it comes to vechain um and actually you know, i think, a lot of that stuff compounds fear so right now that is whats going on with the underlying data. We have dropped down a rating overall and it is pretty much just a fear and greed index issue. So when we come back to the charts here – and we take a look at whats going on – we can of course see that we are uh, basically tracking. This uh bigger, so this is where basically, profits were being taken. Anyway, we had the a and the b we were looking for, the pullback of c and the news or the flood that came out about evergreen, just pulled us down deeper than we were expecting. As you can see, our yellow box is right here again pulled back a little bit further than we would have expected it to. But again it completed our abc correction, okay. So again that was very much in line with what we were kind of expecting. But what does this mean? Well, it means that we are now looking for an a were looking for a b and were looking for a c right. The question number comes: where do these things go? Okay, so what were going to do is were going to take our high our low area of wave c here, and this is basically going to form a new wave, a okay, so wave a would form.

Uh, oh weve, completed about 16.9 thats, our wave a and were looking for a pullback theres a pullback potential here, although we have seemed to have the reversal already, it could actually be that we wouldnt actually come down to this level, but its possible at 15.6 would Be an area of interest for me: okay, thats, the six one, eight um, so what well do is well just grab a horizontal ray and well just quickly mark that there right. So that would be our low area of our wave at b. Okay, but it actually might have already come in okay, so what well do is well grab hold of this fib, because wave c should equal exactly whatever wave a is if we were to put that onto the six one eight here. It shows us breaking this down trend and moving out to 17.7. Okay and again, 17.7 is a key area of resistance as weve seen previously. So that is an area that well be looking for a wave c to kind of come and push up to so ill. Do is ill, remove this quickly and now actually draw on our abc. So now we have a technical area right. We have the a wave coming in here: im not going to put this bang on im just going to give them an area, so you can see now. If this is our wave b ill leave it there, and then we are looking for wave c to breach our downward trend line and approach that resistance at 17.

7. Okay, so right now, this is actually an interesting point for v chain because were looking for a reversal when were looking for a push up after this profit is being taken, but its also still part of a bigger downward trend. So the artificial intelligence is absolutely correct and saying profits are being taken, theres, a slippage in our fear and greed index and we are pulling down. But we dont move down in straight lines and what were actually witnessing here is an abc up which will then obviously pull back down into another abc to the downside. Okay, so profits can be taken here for v chain over good push to the upside and around this area of approximately 11 or say percent before we actually then go ahead and slip down down into another, a b and c again where this actually will land it Will have to obviously analyze closer to the time and but for now this is an interesting kind of move for v chain, so thats all coin number one. I really wanted to kind of just bring that up to your attention so youre, aware of whats, going on in the space of v chain, its looking pretty good for a push for the upside on the smaller time scales. But do expect some volatility to the downside. On the slightly larger time frames of the daily with that being said, though, weekly is looking very, very good and is still on track for 1.

20, okay, so the second old queen that i found interesting and im going to start this up with the weekly is xlm. Its stella, okay and so stellas, usually that slower moving coin right, its one that can frustrate people ive been invested in stella for a very, very long time. Dont tend to talk about it too much uh. It goes quiet for a long period of time and then something happens, and then there it heats up again um and in the case of uh stella. Here we can see wave one two, three, four: five in the same way that we had with v chain now with this one. Obviously wave two was quite shallow and sharpish to a degree and then it traded sideways. And then we went into a nice wave three where it went. Uh really really well all the way up to a 77 uh yeah uh wait. Let me just check that a second uh a height of 79.8, sorry, okay, so that was your higher three and then we pulled all the way down here to 19.6. Okay, frustrating people specifically if they are buying at the top, because youll find is a lot of retail. Investors will chase the green candles, and you see this with solana right now and uh theyre chasing those theyre chasing the money and then the rug gets pulled from them and uh you pull right back, okay, so its important that we acknowledge that um.

You know everything kind of moves in waves, so these are almost predictable levels as well. Okay, because you can kind of predict out where these things are likely to go and then uh how far youre going to correct down okay so and for the most part. This is perfectly fine and pretty natural, and then obviously we started to heat up into our fifth wave. Now, as i said before, right everything kind of moves in waves, so youd have one two were in into three now: pull back for four and then push up for five, okay, um. So overall uh on this weekly chart, the structure is pretty good. It isnt as neat as maybe something like adas chart, but its very, very neat, uh or very, very um. You know structured in in the same way. Okay, so we are looking to progress now when we take a trend based fib, like we do with v chain from the low of two, the higher three, the lower four, those three trends that we spoke about previously uh. This actually shows uh this one moving out to three dollars. Thirty, three, seven, okay on the daily chart, though, were more conservative. We take a look at just the higher three and the lower four and again. This allows us to then actually see this thing moving out to two dollars and a 74. okay, so be conservative, lock those profits in and we should be okay. Obviously, here you can see the same similar kind of patterns that have formed many times over and again not a cup and handle.

I dont believe, and we are looking still to track to the upside overall, and but do you feel this one is going to be a slightly slower burn? Okay, if we take a look at the previous ball run with xlm, it was probably one of the last uh coins to actually go along with uh xrp and when it went, it absolutely went nuts so again, something i want to have exposure to, but again also Acknowledge that its going to be volatile and as we come down into our hourly view, this is where we start to see exactly whats been going on most recently and were just going to dissect this down in a in a moment. First of all well come over to our evide.io and actually just click on our seller. Icon here were at a3 cryptocurrency rating, so it hasnt moved up. It hasnt moved down its pretty general overall. Now the sharp ratio is still looking pretty good, but we are getting close to that 50 day, average an a2 rating there, so the risk reward ratio is still working for us. The fear and greed index, however, is of course uh neutral b1 um. We got no problems with liquidity in a2, moving averages at a2 and the uh profitability is in a1 right. So again, its actually looking pretty good, except for the sentiment right. So this basically is just telling us that you know theres going to be some volatility, as profits are taken and as far seeps into the market.

Okay, so, overall we can see that we were tracking, quite uh dramatically to the downside, along with everything that was going on with evergrade right and obviously this pullback and now were looking to try to track this to the upside okay. So here we are looking for a bit of an a a b taking us down to this oversold area and were looking for that c wave again, okay, so very similar to what we just went through with v chain. Now, what were going to do is were going to take this high area here, okay or the low area that we had at 36.3 and the high area that we had um, which came in at 40.3. Okay, this is your wave uh, a okay. This is wave a and then, as we come down, were looking for that six one, eight thats uh 37.8. Now we came close to it, okay and i think thats actually a good point to say that were likely to have a reversal, but do be aware that we could potentially pull back into this area just here. So what im going to do is im going to grab hold of this were going to move this up into our area just here and get that on the line there. We go okay, so this actually then shows us moving out to 41.8 for wave c. Okay, so again, im going to grab hold of a line and were just going to quickly mark that up on stella here so were going to delete this off.

Okay, so heres our trading points right. So now we know whats kind of expected to happen and based on this abc okay, so basically we have our a we have our b and then well have our c okay. Now, obviously, we can go higher with wave c, because in an ideal world we want is an impulsive move to the outside now, in order for that to be impulsive, what we first of all need to do is uh is basically take hold of this area. Here. Let me just do this and grab this and push this over here. Okay, if we want this to be impulsive, we need to push past the 1.382 area. Okay, so im going to quickly grab this and also mark this up and drop it here. Okay, cool! Then we can just remove this okay cool. So basically, if wave c pushes past 41.8 and goes higher than 43.1, then were not an abc correction. Instead, we are a one, a two, a three with a potential pullback for four uh and then going into a fifth wave as well. Okay, and so this is the the difference between an abc and an impulsive move. We are tracking these key levels within our fibonacci areas, which resonate incredibly well with elliott theory, so again were just looking to try to track this, pull this back and then push up again um. So yeah right now were tracking the abc, but we are aware that it could change into an impulsive um one two, three, four: five.

Okay, so im just delete that off and leave that there. For now we have our targets. Okay, we are right at the bottom of wave b were looking to track up to wave c and if wave c continues to push up past 43.4, then we are impulsive and were looking to continue to grow to the upside right. Now the stochastic on both v chain and xlm are oversold, so some good times should be had over the weekend, hopefully going into monday guys im gon na leave this video there. If you have found it useful and informative, then hit that like button. I really do appreciate that, if you happen to be new to the channel, why not go ahead and subscribe tap that bell select all notifications, and in doing so you will be kept up to date with absolutely everything that we do here at cheeky.