Every second is precious lets, make them count in todays video im going to review and cover meme pad. One of my favorite launch, pads meme pad, has been on fire guys um its been an interesting road, but um meme pad has really recovered well and has become really one of the premier launch pads and they have the tribes launch um officially on pancake, swap tomorrow, Guys i wanted to start here at meme wars right. This is a launch, a very successful, highly successful launch by meme pad just last friday right so meme wars was an internal launch, its an actual play to earn game that is uh being launched uh december 6. Officially, but the uh launch of the token was just last friday, and i want to show you guys this right, so the the launch price was 0.06 right and that was less than a week ago, and here you can see current time uh the current price of Mean wars is 0.16 right, so significant um increase, as you can see, is a straight bullet up and its still continuing to not just consolidate, but its actually still going up in value guys. So you know these low market cap launches by meme pad are really catching. The attention of everyone and theyre highly successful and, like i said this launch, was only um a week ago right. It was last friday and uh very, very successful, very impressive, and the reason i want to start with the memes war launch was to just show prior uh performance and history from meme pad, and literally it was just a week ago.

Meme pad is, is on the radar of almost everyone uh. There are huge influencers that are talking about meme pad that are actually investing large bags in meme pad and the next launch, which is tribe, which is through meme pad once again its an ideo thats coming out tomorrow, so thats. Why? I wanted to get this video to guys as soon as possible. Youll still have time to get involved uh, even if youre not um, actually going through meme pad. You can actually purchase on pancake swap tomorrow, and here we are at the tribe, telegram and tribe was founded by uh federico and his partner as well and federico is always in the telegram very helpful hes, actually a part of the mean pad team, and you know Ive been associated with him and with meme pad for at least seven to eight months, so ive had a lot of good interactions with uh, frederico and freddies very passionate about this project, and these are the pin messages within the tribe telegram. A lot of great information and, as you can see, there are countdowns uh in regards to the launch everybodys highly anticipating the launch right. So this is important here right. The total raise is 120 000, the ido price will be 0.01, and the listing price to the public will be 0.01 as well, and this is important because the investors that got in before even the mean pad investors will still share the same pricing that were all Purchasing right, these are people that actually helped fund.

The company help get the company up and running uh. These people were able to um purchase early, but the beautiful thing in regards to how they set up the tokenomics is that theres a vesting period as well as the same pricing that we all can um enjoy right, its a its a very much a level playing Field thats, something i really like in regards to how freddie and his partners um set up tribes, very exciting uh project, guys and once again, this is in the pinned. Messages always go to the pin messages. For any token, let alone you know this launch here its vital that you get here, youll get all the vital information, all the information that makes sense all the information that you need to make an informed decision. Uh. I see it a lot and its kind of a pet peeve of mine is that people go to the main telegram and they just ask the same question over and over and over and over again, and i think thats really redundant. And i think, as adults and as investors, people are actually investing their funds, its important to to know where to go so thats. Why? I really always try to point out the telegram, and it really gives you a good guide in regards to the information that you need to make that informed decision, and i want to continue to go through uh the pen messages and show um eclipse who runs um.

Memepad he posts a lot of um. You know tweets from from really influential people in regards to this launch everyones still talking about meme wars, which you know the game, hasnt even been released, but the um, the launch of the token, was uh last friday and its highly successful, i think its over 200x At this point, so a 200x in less than a week, i i dont know what to say guys. I think thats uh, some really bullish information. I think its worth um the risk of investing even a hundred bucks right into this project. Tomorrow, right, uh, im going a little higher but uh ill, just say this um. If the a project is very similar in regards to the initial market cap and it was launched by meme pad those are kind of the variables involved. If that project has another uh project, thats similar uh, i think its a good best practice to probably invest in the next project. Coming down the line and as you can see here, you know it was meme wars. Last week, back to back uh launches, which i have to commend meme pad for that theyre theyre picking up the progress in regards to launching tokens and theyre theyre on the radar theyre really on the radar of a lot of people so uh this. This launch here also with tribes. It has a lot of hype behind it, uh its really a celebrity driven type of token, the celebs that are actually um, signed up and ready to go with launch with uh tribe.

They will on their social media as well as other outlets theyll, actually be pumping. The token as well so thats something to keep in mind and something that you know i took a consideration with um. You know how large of an investment im willing to go in myself right. So this is very important. Uh meanpad is pumping out idos pumping out launches theres another one coming up, as you can see here, but ill go to meme pads website to show you know uh prior launches, as well as uh launches coming up, but hey you know, like i said, im gon Na continue to say it mean pad is back on the map and theyre making some serious noise guys ill go through the telegram, a little bit more but ill move on to the meme pad website. But once again, uh tribe has had all kind of amas. They had theyve had all kind of things to prepare. You know the the market, the crypto market, for an explosion with the token thats, something you you know you want to have hype around a token. You want to make sure that the founders are doing everything they can to make sure that you know that the launch is very successful, that the buying pressure is there that people feel comfortable and safe uh purchasing your token, and these guys have done a great job Here is a great example of freddie and his team, creating materials that you know you can understand their tokenomics its updated.

Actually, this is a very good read ill leave in the description, the tribe telegram, as well as the mean pad telegram, but hey guys. This is a really bullish project. Im im super excited. I dont know how much sleep im gon na be able to get because im purchasing at launch, as well as my allocation, but um lets go to the meme pad website. These are upcoming launches uh, like i said, meme pad, is doing a hell of a job uh, really producing and pumping out very successful ideas and launches. You know we have tribe coming up. You have vagalia tools coming up, you have memes, which i mentioned on another video. I cant imagine how many um you know xs were gon na have and how many zeros are gon na get deleted on that launch. Just because you know they have a huge following and also you know, with tribe as well. You know its its really a celebrity based nft type of token, that uh will have serious hype uh throughout not just the process of the launch, but the celebrities that actually are validating and supporting the nfts will continue to pump and hype. The token, throughout the life of the token right so thats something to really to keep in consideration, thats, something to think about with meme wars here, which is highly successful. You can do your own research here, like i said, 200x im thinking its gon na continue to x and um.

You know you can do your own research here. This is the section you need to come to to look at um previous launches, very successful launches some kind of middle middle tier launches and some launches that just werent very good, but were on the path of uh, really knocking out all the kinks and and launching Highly successful small cap gyms right, this was a perfect example with uh what meme wars did just literally last week, and i anticipate the exact same thing here with tribes exact same thing here with these next two launches – and here i want to show the staking section: Meme pad allows you to stake your tokens and lock them in, and they give you a high apy or annual percentage yield, uh, usually its um in the hundreds right, sometimes its in the thousands. This pool here actually is for a meme war, its very lucrative, very successful in its passive income, which i love and always talk about. So i would highly recommend you know doing your own research coming here to uh meanpad.co. Then you enter the application and then you go to the staking section right and well go to the meme pad main page. I kind of want to talk about the tiers in regards to getting in for pre allocation before the launches, which is highly uh advantageous to you, guys as uh investors. So here are the tiers. Once again, this is my fourth video on me pad, but um ill go through the tiers again, so a pleb, you have to purchase 10 000 meme pad tokens and your allocation.

You know with the pleb you can, you can purchase multiple plebs, so you can have twenty thousand tokens and get credit for two plebs and pool weight of twenty. You can or you can buy. You know up to sixty thousand uh tokens and thatll count as six allocations in regards to the pull weight so thatll be a 60 pool weight, so um its a great option to start to come in uh one of the videos i did before the mean pad Token price was down right so to get in the initial floor as a tier youre able to get in for less than four hundred dollars. Right so now mean past price is close to eight cents. So youre talking eight hundred dollars now so um its important to you know when these videos come out its a signal right, its a reason why myself, i personally uh produce these videos for people to make gains right their time with uh what i see coming or What i predict coming uh, a chad right, thats, the second highest tier, you know from the pleb, so chad, you have to purchase 69 000 tokens. Your pool weight is 100.. You can also stack chats right. You can. You can have multiple chads as well and elon. The creme de creme de la crim uh, you have a high pre allocation amount of the token thats being launched on meme pads launch pad. So 420 000 tokens uh a pretty penny now, but guess what? If you 200x from a launch that they do uh with this high allocation and high pull weight, uh its worth it right its something to really think about in regards to the future uh mean pad should be producing uh two to three.

I would think ideos every month so thats something to look forward to and theyre high quality now were getting to a point where every launch is going to really produce and yield a lot of xs and were going to delete a lot of zeros guys. So its a really amazing opportunity and keep in mind, you can always stack these. So if you have ten thousand tokens the next week, you can buy ten thousand more and you continue to build up your you know your meme pad allocations uh for for the for the next launch, right, thats, really, the concept here in regards to launch pad and And the way, i think, i think its a good idea to always have passive income coming in, so you can stake with meme pad, which is giving me pad your the custody of your tokens and they pay you in the native token of meme pad or the Token, that theyre launching the idea that theyre launching so thats pretty much the uh, the routine and its a very successful, very look at a lucrative way to you know have be involved to be involved with launch pads a lot of launch pads. I wont name any, but you can do your own research, but just to get uh. The basic uh allocation, just like the first tier with meme pad, will cost you 150. 200. 000. This is a great way to kind of dip your feet in the launch pad.

This is a great way to understand what staking is and advantages of passive income by just purchasing and holding a token. So this is a great opportunity. Meme pad is a very respectable uh token company, a very respectable um launch pad its something that um. I would definitely dip my feet in here at the pleb level and i wouldnt be afraid to go all the way to the elon level and you know maybe become a double e line, a triple e line. I even know a couple ten time, elons guys so people understand this concept in regards to the tiers, and i wanted to make sure i over emphasize the tiers its nothing wrong with coming in as a pleb watch the mean pad price. Do your own research dollar cost average in uh? You know get yourself a position in meme pad, because when when mean pad is producing 200x projects, uh thats very unique right, its, not something thats uh that happens every day guys. This is. This is a bullish opportunity. This is a very good opportunity. All right hope you, like the video on meme pad and tribes, feel free to smash your like button smash the subscribe button and hit the bell button for new content were dropping jewels.