Video were breaking that down for you, as well as massive terra, luna news, massive ethereum news, massive bitcoin news and much much more so make sure to stick around for the entire video to get all of the goods. My name is lark everyday. I make videos talking about cryptocurrency, investing so thats. The topic youd like to learn some more about, maybe just stay up to date with they should definitely subscribe to lark davis channel. Also, if you take a second to tap on that thumbs up for the youtube algorithm, i would massively appreciate it also for anybody who would like to get notification. When i put out a new video, you should consider clicking on the notification bell by the way, if youd like to earn a safe and simple passive income on your cryptocurrencies, then you need to get yourself an account over on celsius. You can earn 6.2 on your bitcoin 5.35 on your ethereum and 8.88 on dollar stable coins up to 17 on some altcoins use the link down below to start your account and youre going to get 50 bucks worth of free bitcoin by using either the promo code Or the referral code that you find down below in the description now lets go ahead and get into the news so starting off in the ethereum verse. This is news from arbitram. Now, in case you are not familiar with arbitram is arbitrary, is one of the biggest scaling solutions right now for ethereum this news just come out.

There are now more than 2 hundred different d5 projects live on arbitrum, so that means you can go to layer to ethereum and use all of these different applications and pay a fraction of the gas fees that you would pay on the ethereum main chain. Now its still not as cheap as some other block chains right, so its going to cost you more than a penny to use arbitram but way way way cheaper than using the ethereum main net right now. All you have to do to use arbitram is to send some ethereum from the main chain over to the arbitram layer. 2 scaling solution. Once your money is in that environment, you can just go around and use all of these different defy protocols. Obviously, the big news that we are waiting for is for a major exchange to implement direct withdrawals of ethereum and probably just like usdc. If you just get those two to go straight to layer, two game changing now, coinbase has already said that is in the plans. They are definitely going to do it, starting with polygon, uh, arbitrary and optimism coming shortly after that, but this is just awesome because it means that layer two is actually taking off. People are actually using, i think, theres about two point: five billion dollars in total value, locked on arbitrarium right now as well, so people are moving to layer two because of course they are the layer. One gas fees are freaking absurd right now, when and where possible.

I avoid using layer, one ethereum, but unfortunately, some of the stuff that i still want its just on layer, one ethereum man. What are you gon na do use it pay huge gas fees thats? What? But at least layer two is taking off thats good news. We also see uni swap has been going insane speaking of ethereum based news, so yesterday, ethereum zuni swap v3 crossed over four billion dollars in total value lock for the first time. V3, of course, is the upgraded version of uni. Swap though, a lot of liquidity is still sitting over on v2 today, uni swap also traded over 4 billion in 24 hour volume. For the first time now, we have of course seen uni swap get integrated with layer, 2 scaling solutions, so you can use uni swap on optimism. You can use uni swap on arbitram now uni swap at any given time. Right now on the ethereum main net, a swap on uni swap costs 100 bucks, 200 bucks. I saw up to 500 bucks. I think earlier this week, depending on how busy the ethereum main net is at any given time, which is, of course, completely freaking absurd. Thankfully, of course uni swap is on layer 2. So you can actually be using uni swap at layer 2 right now, which is a very, very good thing, its amazing to see how much volume is being done on layer, two or sorry uh layer, two, but just undecentralized exchanges.

Overall, it just shows the strong demand for the products, because people can get access to all kinds of coins that just arent listed on coinbase theyre not listed on binance and, as ive always said, if you want to make the big gains in crypto, you have got To get off coinbase youve got to get off binance. You have to be willing to go over and start using decentralized finance. Look. I know that it costs a lot to use uni swap on layer one but youve got uni swap you have uni, swap it layer. Two, you have pancake swap and trader joe and orca over on salon. All this different stuff you can be using. You want to get the hot new sexy coins before they get listed on coinbase. You need to get on decentralized exchanges and need to get your hands dirty and get involved in whats going on in d5, because heres the secret by the time something is listed on coinbase or binance. The people who bought on uni swap a few months before you uh, you know see it get listed on coinbase theyre using you as exit liquidity. You dont want to be that. Do it the other way around get in early sell on the exchange listings? That is how a lot of people are making a lot of money by using d5 to get themselves in early next up lets talk about elrond. The first stable coin is going live on the l run network.

Of course it is usdc my favorite stable coin yeah. I have a favorite stable coin, well, its just the one i use the most, i would say, although ive been using a lot of other stable coins, recently ive been, you know, getting die from putting it in maker and been using mim to farming. Convex finances a lot of different stable coins out there. Usdc is my go to its probably the one i use the most its nice to see it launching on lrond. Of course, if you want to have a big defy ecosystem, you have got to have stable coins. Now, of course, we have the my r exchange which is going live. You can now actually claim your my r exchange tokens, so i hope that a lot of you guys took advantage of that when i was talking about it a few months ago that hey theyre doing this airdrop of the my r exchange tokens to anybody who is Staking their lron tokens in the my our wallet, so i hope that some of you guys got on board with that got that sweet airdrop, hopefully its going to be worth a lot of money. We do love free money here. Of course, air drops are amazing. So really excited to see all this starting to happen for elrond, so we have the mayar exchange. We have the meyer launch pad. We have our first big token sale on the elrond network, which is hollow ride, which is like the super cool, augmented reality.

Um driving sort of thing where, like your kids, can sit in the back seat and like look at dinosaurs and stuff around them. This is actually backed by some of the biggest car companies too. So a lot of stuff is happening. Well, talk more about hollow ride! Closer to their token sale here in a few weeks, but a lot of big things are happening out here in the market. Right now, so very, very excited to see elrond moving forward man, i love it. I love it. Next up lets talk about tara, so they are doing a massive massive massive burn, so in total they are burning an incredible 4.5 billion dollars worth of luna tokens. That is crazy man thats crazy. That is absolutely out of control, so we are seeing um. Of course, a lot of burn pressure coming for the main luna asset, which of course its its this beautiful combination with the relationship between luna and the ust stable coins. So when they burn luna, they make more ust the more demand there is for ust. The more luna gets burned. Of course, the demand for ust right now is very, very high. We are seeing the ust stablecoin go crosschain. You know im using ust in anchor earning 19.5 interest on the anchor app im using uh ust on convex finance, with the mem convex mem ust convex finance, uh, curve, finance pool d5 man a lot of stuff going on, but theres a lot of demand right now.

For the ust stablecoin that demands growing all the time, the more the ust stable coin is used, the more luna is burnt the higher the price of luna goes. This, of course, is a mega mega burn 4.5 billion dollars worth of luna. That is a significant percentage of the total market cap of luna, so this is a mega burn. This is uh taking it to the next level. The name luna, of course, means moon, and that is exactly where it is going to go with these kinds of mega mega burns going on so wow as it says here. The burning marks one of the largest, if not the largest layer, one token burn in crypto history single burn. Of course we are going to see ethereum pass over the 4.5 billion dollar mark pretty gosh darn soon. I think 3.8 billion dollars where the ethereum has been burnt so far with eip1559, but its a pretty damn big one, its pretty damn big, so thats super cool to see next up lets talk about miami miami is going to start giving out bitcoin yield from miami Coin to its citizens, so thats pretty damn crazy, so miamis going to start paying out a bitcoin dividend uh from the staking rewards made by miami coin. This is a pretty innovative idea by the city of miami. Obviously the the mayor of miami in case you didnt, know hes, like super super, like red pilled on bitcoin hes, just going crazy for you lets make bit lets make my own the bitcoin city, im gon na, take my paychecks in bitcoin, and that, of course, then Spurred other mayors across the u.

s come out and say: hey actually, im gon na take my next paycheck and bitcoin too. Now we have this where yeah bitcoin yield going to the citizens of miami, pretty cool man, pretty cool, pretty cool. This is uh some next level stuff here for uh crypto adoption, an entire city adopting cryptocurrencies. I love it. I love it very, very cool, just a short story there, but its neat its neat to see innovation happening at the city level, where different mayors are. You know bringing things in to make their local city, or we have governors making a local state or small countries, whatever it might be, innovating at a regulatory level to bring cryptocurrencies into peoples everyday lives and its gon na be everywhere its gon na be everywhere by The end of the decade, cryptos gon na be so mainstream. Its not even funny were starting to see the first building blocks of that happening right now. Sixteen percent of americans say they have invested in traded or used crypto currency, its quite a few people. Now its interesting four percent of americans have quit their jobs because of crypto gains, so sixteen percent have invested of those a quarter have quit their jobs because theyve made so much money investing in crypto wow, just wow its actually a pretty damn impressive number. I was um thinking earlier. You have all these play to earn games and, of course, d5 and the potential to earn just like stupid, stupid, stupid amounts of money from this defy stuff and the passive income, and just even investing these early coins getting the big gains in a few years time.

Theyre going to be struggling to find people to work, regular jobs because ive raised me playing play during games and making so much more money there. Why would you be? I dont know anything. You know whos going to be cleaning houses or working mcdonalds or doing any of that stuff, because everybodys making so much money from crypto everyones getting hilariously rich now. Look lets. Keep it real here for a second. If youre quitting your job, because your cryptocurrency gains you have got to have a plan for that situation, a lot of people are going yeah. I made you know a hundred thousand dollars im gon na quit my job and then what and then what thats the question you know i quit my job back in 2017 went full time. Krypton was the best decision ive ever made in my life without a doubt. However, for a lot of people, you know unless you have a plan to follow that up with you know, you might be out of money in a year or twos time right, so you need to keep investing trading is a not a surefire way to make an Income, maybe youre getting into d5, maybe youre using all your extra time, not working. You know at your crappy job in order to find those low cap, gems, keep investing, etc, etc, but you always have to remember there will come a day when everything will fall apart. We will have a bear market situation, so you have to have a resilient portfolio.

You have to be ready for the worst case scenario in the market, its all good. When were in a bull market, you know everyones getting rich. The money is pretty easy at this time, but will you still be able to make gains or will you hold on to the gains that you made during a bear market cycle and look if you are one of those four percent of people who have quit their Jobs because your crypto gains, if you have a million dollars in whatever cryptocurrencies sitting in your wallet and you havent, clicked, sell yet heres a news flash for you. You have zero dollars in realized gains until you click sell and make some of that real. You havent made anything so if a bear market comes and all those assets drop by 99, like happened in 2018, would you be ready for it? Would your portfolio be resilient enough to go through that, its a question to ask yourself before you decide to quit your job due to your mega mega crypto games, my hats off to the people who have of course been doing that your question for the day? How much would you need to make with crypto gains in order to quit your job? Let me know down below or if you are a person who has already quit their job because of their crypto gains. Let us all know that down below as well thanks.