Were gon na obviously be going over some of the safer uh safer projects that will guarantee almost guaranteed nothings guaranteed im, not a financial advisor but almost guaranteed to have some upside in the upcoming months, as well as some more speculative plays that, i think, could potentially 10, 15 or even 50x in value, were also going to be looking at two different projects that have not icoed yet, and i believe that they will be successful. Long term picks so without further ado leave a like on the video, if you guys enjoy this type of content subscribe for more hit the post notification bell down below. I also have trade alerts. If you guys hit that join button down below where i mention every single coin that i uh invest in and we actually have a few picks that i invested in yesterday that are up about 20 today. So without further ado lets. Just take a look at this bitcoin chart right here. You guys can see that bitcoin is kind of in this purgatory state, where its at its previous all time high and it doesnt know quite what to do so. This is the point right now for bitcoin, where it either rockets up or it crashes down back and does a nice little mean reversion back to about 53k and then it would find its next leg up or potentially dip down even lower im not going to try To act like i know how to predict bitcoin, we also see bitcoin not really having the same volume that it did uh back in its previous cycles over here.

Um not cycles, but previous previous run ups, even when bitcoin was at about ten thousand dollars per bitcoin. Had tons more volume on it – and i guess now were just going up on a bit uh lower volume, but that could potentially be a risk as well so im not going to try to act like. I can predict bitcoin here because i cant, but obviously, if bitcoin decides to just die off, then all of these coins will probably not do too well so thats your warning right there, but if bitcoin does decide to bounce off of this 20 ema right here and Explode up find new all times highs, then i definitely see a ton of upside in some of these kryptos heres, the coin market cap, its pretty flat here for normal crypto currencies uh. Besides, for a few, i guess avax is up about 15, so avax is doing well. But if we look at these gaming cryptos right here, theyre all pretty much up – i mean its green across the board. Besides, for a few, so the metaverse cryptocurrencies are really going to be the ones that are benefiting in this altcoin run. So this is why im talking about some of these metaverse ones, so we can go over the basics right now: axe infinity, probably the safest bet. They have the largest community and they are likely going to benefit the most out of this stuff. Theyve released some new features, such as axe infinity, land and even though im not the biggest fan of like their games layout.

I do think that since they have such a huge user base, thats going to be the forefront of this gaming bull run. We also have the next two up here. These are also blue chips, decentraland and sandbox im, a large sandbox holder, myself, the central land. I do not currently have a position in right now currently, but perhaps in the future i could get one who knows, but i think the central land and sandbox will be for performing pretty pretty similar, and you can also see sandbox is a bit lower of a Market cap, so i do see slightly more upside in sandbox engine coin. I think this is one of the biggest blue chip – altcoin gems, not just in gaming cryptocurrency, but the entire cryptocurrency market. This is going to be the backbone of a lot of these nft gaming projects, and i can easily see this thing going to like a 20 billion dollar market cap, no brainer like no brainer to get a little bit an engine coin, especially if youre a bit More risk averse ultra uos – this is another one this is about. This is essentially steam for blockchain gaming steam said that theyre not going to allow any blockchain gaming on their platform. Ultra is the sympathy to that because ultra is developing ultra uos, which is essentially kind of like a backbone to the gaming on their platform, its also similar to engine coin in that regard.

But i do believe that ultra will be building this entire ecosystem and its only at a 400 million market cap compared to engine coins 2.5 billion, so i do see tons of upside in ultra. But again this is a bit more high of a market cap alluvium. This is another one right here. I really like alluvium veracity is another good one. I skipped over this one by accident, so this ones finally breaking out here its actually been getting beaten up recently and its finally breaking out. So potentially there could be a bit more upside in veracity, but alluvium. I absolutely love alluvium. It has almost a three quarters of a billion dollars in market cap, but alluvium is going to be creating an rpg type gaming experience, uh and its similar to pokemon, but 3d great graphics, great team. Behind it great backers. This one should be a solid 2x from its current price point. Gala and vulcan forged are two cryptocurrencies that i actually purchased yesterday and i alerted the nighthawk trade alerts again join button down below theyre, both up almost 20 today, but i do believe these projects will benefit greatly from a metaverse gaming. Crypto bull run just because they already have a huge system, working projects and tons and tons of money to invest so gala games already has an entire ecosystem of games and a ton of users that are on their platform. If we scroll down right here, youll see it right here.

It says: 1.3 million active, monthly or monthly active users, 3 million dollars for their most expensive nft sold a large team and also 26k nfts in total that have been sold. So gala games is going to be a very nice runner. I love seeing that it has 1.3 million active monthly users. Some of the main important aspects i look for in some of these projects are obviously having a lot of monthly active users, a great team and then also the investors that are behind the project. I want to look for legitimate investors in the project. Vulkan, forge is also another nft platform of the nft marketplace. They develop games as well. These are the games that they have right here: vulcan versus berserk, forge arena, vulcan, chess and the rest of these ones right here they have an anvil which is a instant decentralized application and nft creation. So you can create nfts for these games. They also have a marketplace which we just saw and their vulcan forge account. They have some great partners, including the polygon matic network, and i just think this is another one of these coins that will benefit greatly off of this metaverse bull market. What i like about gala as well as vulcan forge, is that they already have multiple different working games, and these games already have users so, and it gives you diversification in that aspect its not like its going to be a single game. I dont know if any single game is going to be successful, but when youre creating a basically a decentralized organization of these game creations, then it gives you a bit more diversification and a bit more legitimacy because well lets just say forge arena right here fails then, Maybe vulcan verse will be a massive success, so thats why i like gala and vulcan forge pyr another one of these currencies that i really like right here is yield guild games because yield guild games essentially invests in some of these assets uh.

So we have the coins right here right. You see all these coins, but a lot of these coins actually have assets behind them in the form of nfts and yield guild games theyre, essentially investing in land across the metaverse, so theyre going to be buying actually infinity land decentraland sandbox land. All of this, some some assets in engine coin theyll be diversifying that throughout the metaverse and just building up assets, so its almost like a real estate, investment trust for the metaverse theres another one. That is not in the top 100, which has a much lower market cap. That does a very similar thing, which is called good games guild and that one is also very, very similar to yield guild games, which i have a small bag in as well. The next one that were going to be talking about a little bit here is well scroll, all the way down d race, so d race is essentially a horse racing nft platform. They have nft horses and you bet on these horses. You can buy the horses and its going to be this whole gambling system and, if youre, not into just investing on your own, you like gambling. This is going to be an absolutely amazing success. I mean ill probably end up buying a horse. I dont know if ill be gambling it, but theres horse breeding horse races. Obviously you see the layout right here. People are going to be addicted to this type of stuff.

Right, i mean people already gamble on the internet all the time we see this throughout. Like twitch, you see twitch streamers, gambling on the internet. This is just another way for people to gamble, but fortunately you can invest in it right. You can buy de racecoin and get some of the upside there. I think this can easily go to about a billion dollars in market cap, which would be a 5 to 10 x from the current price. The next coin that i have right here is called refinable. This is on the binance smart chain, so youll have to use something like pancake swap in order to purchase it, but it has only a 16 million dollar market cap and it has some amazing investors. So you can see this is their front page of their website. They have a whole nft marketplace, so their whole goal right here is to be the open sea of the binance smart chain, but they also have some amazing investors. If we scroll down here, you guys can see that they have financed themselves, investing in them uh during the seed phase, as well as mr beast right here. Its also been mentioned in multiple different media sources, including bitcoin.com, cointelegraph and investing.com. The token itself has benefits such as increased distribution and royalty limits, access to exclusive sales and listing upgrades, and it can be used to settle fees on the refinable marketplace and for governance purposes, and this is likely the perfect time to invest in something like this.

As you guys can see it idod at four dollars in nine cents, so it was actually pretty expensive at ido and it recently in uh october, it found a high at around 79 cents and its at around 40 cents right now. So if we put the one month on a chart, it is, it has really sold offs from its highs over here. So there could definitely be a lot of upside in refinable. In my opinion, now two projects that i think have massive potential upside and have not icoed yet would be guildfy and mythical games, so guildfied has a seed. Investment from coinbase as of recently and mythical games also has a seed round investment from binance and its actually pretty cool. If you use this website crunchbase.com, you can type something like coinbase in and find coinbase ventures and see exactly what theyre investing in. So if you look right here, they recently invested in fight just uh two days ago and guildfi even announced on their website. That coinbase ventures has actually invested in the project. Now they dont have the ido as of yet, but they will be having it very very soon. So this is a very, very legit company right here and they will be great in terms of the play to earn ecosystem in the future, and you can read their white paper if you guys want. You can see right here that they aspire to create guild 2.0. An interconnected ecosystem of games, nfts and communities to maximize players benefits and enable interoperability across the metaverse and mythical games is an absolute powerhouse theyre somewhat of a gaming studio.

They have a magnificent team, and this is the one that has a binance investment and again they have not icoed. Yet you can read right here. The mythical platform is a full service system for developers and publishers to build or integrate blockchain based play to earn economies into their game, increasing engagement and locking new business and game models by making blockchain accessible and allowing players to become stakeholders in their favorite games. So thats all i really got for the gaming cryptocurrencies that i am currently watching. Obviously, all of those picks, i think, will be benefiting in this altcoin run that were seeing right now. Today we are up on a bunch of these different gaming cryptos. So if you have been listening to me, saying saying that oh these are going to benefit the most during all coin season run, then you have been handsomely rewarded. Bunch of these coins are up if youre, a nighthawk trade alert member youre up about 20 on your investment that i alerted you guys of yesterday. If you guys wanted to join that by the way hit that join button. Next to the subscribe button down below and yeah guys, i really do think this metaverse thing is not a trend, it is going to continue. This is the way technology is going, and it is important that you find the winners in this space, because there is a massive opportunity to make a disgusting amount of money. So with all that being said, i hope you guys have enjoyed like the video.