He said there was a worthwhile trip and theyre bringing in more partners than they expected so ill play that clip for you towards the end. I wont give a brief update on the market, though, before we get into that. So if you guys dont mind hitting the like button hit the subscribe button, this is not going to be a long video. I just want to bring to you the most relevant information with that being said, if you guys want to check out the link underneath, the video you still can get in on this, so block fi is giving away a lot of money theyre, giving away five bitcoin And you can get a slice of it, so every hundred dollars in crypto you buy or trade you get a ticket essentially to get part of this bitcoin rewards. Now. Last time i got six dollars for just a hundred dollars trading in crypto. Now they changed it around. You have to get this email, but i would sign up with block fight underneath the video they pay. You in interest every single month and theyre doing cool giveaways like this, so you can definitely check it out. They also give up to 250 worth of bonus, and, if you guys want to know what im buying and selling you can check out the link down below to patreon now we just did a live stream too. So if you guys want to get like you get direct access to asking questions, uh, you can check out the link down below to patreon, so bitcoin, looking good, the whole market is looking good right were under three trillion dollars, which we passed recently, but honestly, even With the fear of the spot – etf, not actually uh going through right, because we might have gotten a spot etf, i think it was supposed to be for tomorrow or monday uh.

We would have gotten a spot etf if the sec didnt kybosh it, but they did, and even with that news bitcoin still stayed above about 63 000. ethereums. Looking good, too, very close to all time highs were going to talk about cardano cardanos traded sideways for a while, but overall the markets looking pretty good. There isnt a ton of news, but i want to cover this. So we know that, like discord, has talked about getting into crypto their their users, werent really keen on that. They pushed back and discord says that they have no immediate plans, but twitter is allowing crypto tips. We also know reddit is going to get into crypto too, and now patreon is talking about opening the doors to crypto for content creators. They say i really love the idea of creators owning their own media and owning their content. I love the idea of shifting power away from institutions and towards individual creative people, so this is something theyve talked about before and they appear to be starting to look at a way to devise its own social token or create, or a creator token right. So this is exciting news. This is just more adoption, because so many people use discord. So many people use patreon, so many people youve read it and twitter, the more people that use these types of things, the better i mean we talked about that actually earlier this week with miami coin, bringing miami uh, the citizens of miami bitcoin tips, which is huge.

So theres just theres so much adoption happening at every single space out there that i think this is only good for crypto. Now we also have the taproot upgrade going live tomorrow, so thats going to be cool its going to be the first upgrade to bitcoin in four years. Some people are saying that bitcoin is due to hit 90 000 in the coming weeks and uh. You know we do have plan. Bs prediction of 98 000 still looks like it could happen by the end of the month. I think a lot of us uh. You know we. We get a little bit discouraged because bitcoin trades sideways for two weeks, but we dont realize that that is only good for the long term. It means that we probably wont see as much of a dip if there is some kind of dip in the future. With that being said, cardano is what we have to talk about here today, because it is trade sideways for a long time. We had the summit, we also had their smart contracts and a lot of people are discouraged with cardano because it hasnt moved now. Charles is famous for saying he doesnt care about the price he just wants to make the cardano ecosystem and make cardano stronger in the long term. He doesnt care if it takes a little bit extra time if its done right and he wants to make sure that he brings the most value possible to the community.

With that being said, i think we do have to give him a little bit of credit for that, because hes not just trying to appease everyone. He is trying to put the best product forward and hes saying in the long term if he puts the best product forward, it will do well for everyone, and it will help everyone out now with that being said, they did go to africa for a month which Ill play for you here in a second, we do have some exciting news too, for sunday swap we do have that coming here very soon, with the decks for cardano, which i think will help cardano a lot over the long term, and i think that can only Be good for the people in the ecosystem that are holding cardano its really important to get a dex to get d5 going and theyre theyre coming here soon over the next probably a week, maybe two weeks. But they said a couple weeks. And that was a little bit of time ago. So hopefully that goes live here soon and it goes smoothly. I could definitely see cardano pushing up in price because it is pretty far down from its all time high compared to everything else in the top ten. Now you can also see b and bs pushing a little bit too up six percent of the day, which is cool to see. Now let me play the clip from charles hoskinson talking about africa, their visit and also whats in the future for cardano and the achievements that theyve hit.

Recently all things considered uh. It was a worthwhile month and i think well be making some announcements about the africa fund. Weve brought some partners in, i think its going to end up being larger than we anticipated and theres. A lot of great investments were going to be able to make in africa both on the infrastructure side, as well as the crypto side, to kind of harmonize the two and bring things up, but, as you know, its a lifelong pursuit. You know three uh three years to seven years: uh to do a project and uh you get parallelism, but you cant shrink those time horizons because theres education, theres modernization, theres infrastructural development. There are regressions and setbacks, so you have steps forward and steps back, but the direction of the arrow is always the same. Its much the same with the design of cardano. You know uh, we live in such a dopamine, addicted attention, starved world where instant gratification is is the currency and people are losing the ability to do deep work and people are losing the ability to look at long horizons and understand concepts like exponential growth and understand Architectural advantages or design advantages in the long term, the single most valuable thing a cryptocurrency can do and bitcoin did this and its, why its so valuable is constructing a root of trust. Some foundation, where the security of that foundation is unimpeachable, theres, not a single person. In the cryptocurrency space, who believes that when you put something in the bitcoin blockchain, and you wait a little while like an hour or two that somewhere along the road a month from now a year from now, someones going to be able to reverse that chain.

And take that thing out: we criticize the energy efficiency we criticize the use in utility. We criticize this lack of programmability, but no one ever criticizes that root of trust and for good reason, because they understand the mathematics behind reversibility and they understand the just sheer magnitude of trust. This system has over conventional systems and i would argue what weve achieved with cardano is a replication of that the foundational layer or aboris its security is unimpeachable, theres not going to be reverses or hidden flaws in the protocol. We have accomplished what proof of work set out to do for bitcoin with or boris and whats. Nice is weve created such beautiful foundations with it that we understand how to do all the things that you would like to do over an agenda fast finality no reliance on external clocks acceleration through input endorsers. We understand how to bootstrap from genesis and also, if desired, some notion of sharding. So thank you guys so much for watching. There is a link to a video that i made earlier today on how to get a large amount of passive income, and this is not the same cookie cutter put money in block five video that ive talked about in the past. There is something really cool that im going to start doing at the front end that can pay you a large amount. Now there is a little bit more risk to it. So do your research but watch that video on the end also there is that link in case you want super easy, passive income to block fi.