This is going to be important for every one of you watching this, because the issue with the circulating supply and the robinhood saga is what many believe to be the reason why the ship pricing is down, and literally within the hour of this article going live, we Can already see a ship rally on the five minute chart weve already seen relative strength in comparison to the rest of the overall mediocre market, whereas ship is sitting proudly at close to seven percent. This is one of shaitoshis longest medium posts by far and were going to go over in detail of what is currently happening behind the scenes, and i normally dont do this and that is base an entire video around one particular medium post. But i think this is a special occasion that addresses a lot of the issues that have been on a lot of peoples minds with regards to the ship community lately and its important for you guys to notice, because this is price, sensitive information. And we have already seen this ship beginning to rally literally less than one hour of this post, going live all right, so without further ado lets get into it, well be giving away a hundred dollars to a random subscriber to kick start their crypto journey to enter This giveaway simply like and subscribe, and comment your favorite crypto in the comments below so to give you guys a bit of a backstory there is this thing called a circulating supply, and that is this number here.

This number here is incredibly important because a this is the point of truth, where a lot of calculations are made with regards to the total market cap or the total worth of ship and b. A lot of exchanges uses this number for regulation reasons and part of the reason that we havent seen um ship listed on certain platforms was because there is a dispute over this particular number. This dispute caused a lot of confusion on social media and people were beginning to think that ship was a scam. This is because the changing of the circulating supply or the printing of new tokens is typically a symptom of a project that might be rug, pulled so armed with this information im going to go through with you guys what saito she has written about. The recent series of ends so shayatoshi opens his medium post with a quote from santru from the book. The art of war, using this quote as a bit of an analogy, saitoshis trying to explain the current battle between the fear, uncertainty and doubt uh within ship and amongst those who are in shib. So the ship army know themselves only until an article causes doubt that ship isnt exactly what it says it is. So this is in reference to the circularly supply issue, where people who didnt actually know were scared and fearful of what is about to happen, because they dont know the absolute truth for others. They never look past the surface or take the world of authorities who, even i thought would have a best interest at the heart.

So this is talking about the circulating supply announcement from certain authorities who turned out to be incorrect and then shahitoshi gives us the realistic. Take of why everyone is in ship, the reality is, everyone in ship are watching. Ship has their own wish for what happens next to us as a token or to you as a holder, and this is true someone to hack – you theres a lot of them and take your tokens, someone to scare you and cause you to dump, so they can Quietly a maximum, these are the big whales, someone to short the token. Some just want to talk smack on twitter, because theyre actually jealous of our multi million percent rise. But we as a unit are stronger than the theyre throwing at us, which is why we usually hold steady until new catalyst takes us to the next level. And this is what were currently waiting for. Ive also seen the beauty and wonder of the army, those who have my back and those who want us to succeed and theres a lot of you out there theres a lot of you who is believing in the project and believing shaitoshi and believing in the rest Of the team and theres a lot of you holding strong to assist in this move to make sure we all succeed, im arming each and every one of you with the truth. So you can fight any fight. You see in the upcoming days, months or years so shaitushi is going to give us his point of truth and were going to use this point of truth to educate and inform others who are uncertain about the ship project.

So in this section the anti fight patrol explains what is currently happening with regards to the circulating supply, so the biggest thought weve been dealing with stems from the supply of ship. So lets dispel this one first, so this section is quite long so im just going to highlight the important sentences and were going to talk about those so for during the months of our meteoric rights. Uh the amount of ship in circulation changed dramatically due to several factors, and there are a lot of factors at play were not going to talk about that. But one thing that is certain is that everyone bought the tokens from retail outlets and they are exchanges and for each exchange. The authority on the amount of token has and unfortunately remains for the time being, centralized outlets such as coin market cap, which is owned by bonanz and im sure you guys can see where the problem can potentially go with a centralized system, and we have seen other Errors take place on coin market caps website, including putting the wrong contract address, essentially adding another token to hours, and this was fixed relatively quickly. However, the circulating supply chain happened during one of the best bull runs that ship has experienced and we were completely caught off. Guard and ship was given very different reasons as to why this change took place from a glitch to the api change on our part till we fixed it, but unfortunately, the coin market cap is the authority on supply and price for almost the entire industry.

Now that the centralized system has failed us again, we have to take decentralized action, and that is basically that everyone has their point of truth and everyone is able to calculate this on their own. So it says here i requested a deep dive into our circulating tokens and the breeze did a great job coming up with the exact total, so um, there is a section at the end that shows us the total again we like to have this validated with the Help of coin marker cap, but this may not be possible. I will add that supply down at the end of this article now before we move on, you can support your favorite crypto projects such as sheep ethereum and more by getting your own physical crypto coin. To add to your collection, you can find a link in the description, so the next section is about the robin hood listing. So this is a bit of a back and forth in this article, so im going to address the important parts here. So this section is a coi, the entire quote from the robin hood spokesperson, miss brown. So there are two important bids here. So the first one is that robin hood wants to distinguish itself from coinbase, because coinbase, supposedly quote, has vowed to become the amazon of assets and list every asset. That is legal and brown, appeared to take a shot at coinbase. In her response about sheba – and this is because robin hood is a safety first company – and we want to make sure that we are working and assessing everything from regulatory perspective really well.

So, to summarize that coinbase will list anything under the sun that looks legal, but robin hood will only list it if they satisfy their regulations and shatoshis fully aware of this too so hero. If you were robin hood and you are assessing everything from a regulatory perspective, because you know amc, scc, etc, whats, one of the main things you need to make sure is 100 correct, and that is the circulating supply and, as mentioned previously, the coin market cap is The centralized point of truth for many of these exchanges, so if cmc had it wrong, then they better get it right. So, as you can see, this simple regulatory red tape problem is really the reason that is holding robin hood back from listing ship. But a lot of people on social media seem to hold the belief that robin hood warned the ship. That is entirely untrue, but unfortunately, the error with coin marker cap didnt stop there theres been people on social media saying the entire supplier is controlled by like eight people. However, cmc has an unfortunate issue here by putting on their page that the top 10 wallets hold 80 percent of the supply, but thats not true at all. The number one wallet is the burn wallet which holds 41 of the supply, and that is the burn wallet and no one has the keys, and we can see that this picture supplied by satoshi is that the top six wallets are all exchanges.

So weve got bonanz, uh weve got the sheba steak token and weve got and the number one holder being 41 is the burn wallet which no one has the keys or has access to super diamond hands. Uh. There is been a thud going around about this multi billion dollar holder, who has held onto his initial ship investment, and that is now worth billions of dollars and what happened after this was recently weve. Seen um, this particular investor split his holdings into various addresses, and i think this is a very smart move, because if he wants to slowly liquidate his assets, he can do it without impacting the market. So hes uh earning income without shifting the market, which is a very good thing that a smart investor would do and thats what is described in this paragraph and even though they are multi billionaire, they still hold a relatively small percentage of the supply in comparison to The holders of saint dogecoin and, if youre, this multi billionaire and at the time shopping for lamborghinis to give away. I would i also like to have any lamborghini of your choice, but just in an orange color to represent shim and shantoshi has decided to launch a new thing called the ship dog park in the sniff school. So theres been a lot of projects out there claiming to be associated to be officially associated with the ship ecosystem, and a lot of these claims are untrue and, as a result of this, shaitoshi has introduced this sniff score to delineate between a token or a business Outside of our core, but still part of our larger ecosystem and well call this special place the dog park.

So this will be incredibly useful for members to individually check whether a project is related to the ship ecosystem and, i think, thats, a wonderful addition to add. Under the ship ecosystem in the next section, basically talk about scammers, so most of you are fully aware of this. Basically never send ship it to an untrusted address. People will try to hack into your wallet and try to steal your ship tokens, but nonetheless be careful. Do your own research and, lastly, no more fun. This is most of the major fear, uncertainty and doubt thats been going through most peoples, minds addressed and as a result of this as a result of this medium person. As a result of addressing this particular fund, we have begun to see the price of ship rally as well. So this has been, of course, in a lot of peoples minds and, as a result, the market has moved accordingly and just having a look at the charts quickly, we see that there was a horizontal resistance line at this particular level. This area here was roughly when the shatoshi medium post went live, and we can see that he immediately shot through this resistance on the five minute chart bounced off this resistance level as a support line, and we are beginning to see a rally and we finally see A first ball back happening here before potentially taking off once again and finally, the token calculation according to ship research.

So again we are requesting communication from coin market cap to confirm, so this has laid out precisely where most of the ship tokens are im not going to go into each transaction into detail. You can look at this yourself on the medium post. All of these are accompanied by their ether scan, so they cannot be disputed with regards to their credibility. But at the very end of this there is a math calculation total in circulation. Right now is 590 trillion minus the 44 trillion above for the ship staked. We have a total supply of 546 trillion and coin market cap. Right now has approximately 549 trillion, so we are still a little bit off anyway. This is taken straight from the horses mouth. A lot of these things have been dispelled and has been addressed by satoshi. Regarding the fud that is currently circulating on social media and online, this has been a long video and to the hoddlers. Let me know in the comments what lamborghini youll be buying with your diamond hands and, as always, take care and catch.